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NDB -> Hairstyles and Revitalization (8/1/2020 0:12:52)

Hairstyles 290-298 cannot be purchased. At first, the price says 995 Credits but when you try to buy it, nothing happens after you click the button. No confirmation screen, nothing. If you happen to buy one of the other heads (285-289 or 299-308), all of sudden 290-298 will say that you can use them for free, as if you had bought them even though you haven't. If you try to use them, you can't. I believe this problem is affecting every class and gender.

The armor sacrifice from Revitalization is not working. It will show on the stat page when you use it but in practice it clearly isn't working. The 25% Defense/Resistance debuff does seem to be working, though. I tried Spirit Meld, which had issues in the past, and it seems to be working fine so I suppose this shouldn't be an impossible fix. PLEASE do fix it ASAP because this is incredibly overpowered.

dfo99 -> RE: Hairstyles and Revitalization (8/1/2020 20:28:15)

lol, if they fix it, the armor will be nearly useless since the other cores will be better, the whole promo is not good imo except for the armor core.

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