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NDB -> Cap on credit from battles? (6/6/2021 7:41:14)

There appears to be a hard cap of 150 for credits rewards from battles. This sort of defeats the purpose of the recent rewards buff to 2v2, so I don't think it should be there. As indicated in the Design Notes, the 2v2 multiplier was increased to 5. From what I understand, the base amount for credits is 37, so the base amount for 2v2 should be 5 * 37 = 185 credits (even more if defeating a team that is higher level). However, the reward is always 150, and it does not increase when defeating higher leveled teams. For more details, I've documented the updated rewards after the update for all the scenarios I can think of on this Wiki page:

Edit: I just got 190 credits from a evenly matched 2v2 fight. 190 is 185 + 5 extra, which is consistent with the formula for 1v1. Therefore, I assume that this is the correct amount and the issue has been fixed.

Edit 2: Nevermind... it's more complicated than that. It appears that you only get 150 credits during Power Hour/Weekend. When I collected the data over the weekend, I got 150 (+150) credits every battle. When I played yesterday (Monday) afternoon, I got a full range of values starting from 190 for an evenly matched fight up to 236 for winning against a team 5 levels above, so it seemed to be fixed. However, during the 10 P.M. Power Hour, I again got 150 (+150). This seems to suggest that the cap is actually 300 total? Or that it's simply glitched during Power Hour/Weekend. Not sure what would happen if you tried Credit Boost. In any case, the issue has not been resolved.

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