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Shepp99 -> Lust at the Inn of Time (11/1/2021 20:54:00)

Any recommendations on how to beat Lust at the Inn, now that you can't have guests. I've been having the hardest time knocking her down, let alone her and the two desirelings. I'm level 82 DmK and with my current items can only get my fire res. to 40 [X(]

Any ideas would be super awesome to hear

AstralCodex -> RE: Lust at the Inn of Time (11/1/2021 21:19:51)

First, max fire + all resist at level 82 is 93 (hitting the 80 cap) with this gear (all of which is available right now without DC spend):

- King Blade/Staff/Dirk of Clubs/Diamonds/Hearts/Spades +15
- The Barons Fearless Helm +15
- Sundragon Pendant +12
- Puzzling Cards +17
- Senior Soulthread Loop/VoidWoven Belt +13
- Jeweled Seal Ring of the Wall/Mechanical Ring VI/Powerlight Ring/Rose General's Ring +10
- Mirror Eye Trinket +10
- Legion Bracer

You don't need all of the gear listed here, but it's pretty easy to reach the 80 resist cap for Fire even at level 82.

While DoomKnight is a fine choice (burst her down in a single boosted, scouted inner darkness and survive at 1 hp using Dragon Scales), it's probably easier to use a class like Necromancer (whose no hitcheck DoTs ignore both her BPD Shield and her damage reflect), Baltael Soulweaver (which can burst down Lust in a single go consistently) or Kathool Adept (same, except you also kill the desirelings).

EDIT: This probably belongs in the battle strategy thread or the Q&A forums.

Shepp99 -> RE: Lust at the Inn of Time (11/2/2021 18:36:58)

Whoa thank you so much! I finally beat her thanks to this, I don't even want to admit at how many tries it took lmao [:)]

Also sorry super new to posting on here

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