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May 18th, 2022
May Madness Update


In anticipation of the upcoming Tournament, we're pleased to release a bounty of new features and improvements to EpicDuel!

New Features

  • New Battle option "Brace" to skip a turn for a small buff to block, deflection, and damage reduction.
  • Save username and password on login.
  • Daily login reward.

    Receive a gift in your mail each day you login.
    Gift is selected randomly among Arcade Tokens, home items, and various Credit amounts.

  • Track influence from battle during war cooldown with new achievement.
  • Track daily missions completed with new achievement.
  • View NPC stats in battle.

    Since NPC's don't abide by normal class skill trees, the configuration on their skills page might be odd.

  • Pause NPC battles.

    This is not currently enabled in 2v1 bosses, but functionality is in progress for a future update.

  • Increased level gap in Simulation mode to ease difficulty for struggling players.
  • Missions can reward XP.
  • Missions can support multiple reward types for the same mission.
  • Bank view shows an item's equipped cores.
  • Shop search can search a weapon's equipped core names.
  • Stacking cores.

    Cores that are replaced will have resale value set to 0.
    Duplicate cores purchased with Varium or Credits will form different stacks based on currency used to purchase.
    To implement this change, currently held cores will have their resale values set to 0.

  • New and improved animations.

    New Achievements

  • Daily Mission Achiever Tier 1 - 11: Awarded for completing individual daily missions. Not dependent on completing whole mission chains.
  • Grunt - Eternal Legend: Earn influence from battles during war cooldown. Amount is slightly randomized and adjusted based on battle type.
  • Friday The 13th 2022: Purchase from the Seasonal achievement shop.

    Balance Changes

  • Cyber Hunter
    Adaptive Armor replaced with Nanotech Shield (passive)
  • Cores
    Frost Shards: 120 Energy
    Infernal Fortitude (Primary): 100 Energy
    Infernal Surge: +35% support instead of 35 points.
    Draconic Frost King's Will: +40% support instead of 40 points

    Mission Changes

  • Bouncer for Hire - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Bloodbath - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Fishy Tactics - Reward 2000 Credits
  • Pirate Problems - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Bad Dreams - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Drone Touch-up - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Combat Practice - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP

    Bug Fixes

  • Mission completion bug for missions requiring more than 1 item
  • Fixed ping showing double than the intended MS value
  • Fixed finder module sorting

    Bug Fixes

    In a few days the new Hunters' Festival Tournament will begin! If you haven't already, stop by Slayer to grab a ticket and prepare for battle!

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