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A Beginner's Guide to Mechquest

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7/28/2010 13:17:22   

Note: This work is in Construction!

A Beginner's Guide to Mechquest
New to Mechquest? You're in the right spot if you are......

By: PD

Note: To get to a certain section of my guide, use the the Search Function (First, hold the Control button (the "Ctrl" button under the Shift keys), then while holding the "Ctrl" button, press the letter "F" on your keyboard. Then go to your desired section by copying and pasting the text in brackets (Ex: [MQBG1]). Then press the "Enter" button (The biggest button on top of the right Shift key).

Table of Contents
1. Introduction [MQBG1]
2. Getting Started [MQBG2]
3. The Storyline [MQBG3]
4. Farming [MQBG4]
5. Mecha Stats and Builds [MQBG5]
6. Credits and Thanks [MQBG6]
7. Progress log [MQBG7]


1. Introduction

Hello there! Chance are, if you are reading this guide, you are pretty new to Mechquest. In short, Mechquest is a 2D, Sci-Fi RPG. Things are a bit complicated to approach in the beginning, hence, this guide was created to help newcomers adjust themselves into Mechquest. Heck, anybody can use this guide. Here, you will find all the basics to Mechquest. Rather than taking it in all at once, I'm going to use a slow and steady approach to help new players find ease in the game. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!


2. Getting Started

Now, let's take this section on cautiously. As a beginner, there are a lot of elements that you may not understand. Remember to absorb as much of this section as possible. They may be the basics, but even basic techniques are helpful in dire situations.

Now, Mechquest has a unique interface. To get adjusted, I'd suggest reading the User Interface Guide, or The Mechquest Gameplay and Interface Guide. If you can, read both. They are helpful for mastering how to use the game's unique interface. The sooner you learn these, the less time you'll be wondering what each fancy-looking button does. When you are in battle, reading the Guide to Equipment Specials and Effects might help you a bit. It's always best to know what every effect is before going into a battle. You never know what the enemy has in store for you!

Besides mecha battling, there is also another type of Battle. They are called Energy Blade fights. Basically, just like any RPG where you wield a sword, in an Energy blade fight, you wield an "Energy Blade". In many places in the game, sometimes you will have to go on foot and fight enemies with your own body. They make up a huge part of the game as you will need to do some fights to complete various quests, whether they be just old random quests, or important storyline quests. It's always important to wield a Strong Energy Blade just in case you have to go fight enemies on foot.

You can also wear uniforms, or costumes to customize your looks. You can even save them by going to "Laser Eye on the Space Guy" Store, located in right side of Soluna City. Currently, you cannot save anything but your mecha equipment, your energy blade, or your uniform. For more help regarding Energy Blades, Energy Blade Fights, or Uniforms, please look at the Energy Blades, Fights, and Uniforms Guide.


3. The Storyline

Mechquest along with having a unique interface, also has quite the in-depth storyline. Since telling all the details in a single guide would make your poor head go Ka-Boom, I'll just summarize this one as much as I can without skipping too many details. Since looking at random parts of this instead of going through order will confuse you, I'm putting spoilers through each part of this section, so you don't accidentally read off a section of the storyline you haven't gotten to yet.

Although the game's storyline does not enforce order at all, in order to get a full understanding of what is going on, you should at least go in the order the planets were released into the game, that would be:

1. Soluna -> 2. Westion (Part 1) -> 3. Zargon -> 4. Planet 51 -> 5. Gark -> 6. Westion (Part 2) -> 7. Planet Yokai (Dragonoid Saga)


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7/28/2010 13:23:57   

Here is some HELP!

At the beginning of the game you will start on a transport ship that is headed for Soluna. It's a good place to get used to the feel of the game since it has battle options, a shop, and interactive scenes with the other newcomers. It is recommended that you stay on the Dropship until you reach level 3, though you can leave at any time if you'd like by speaking with Captain Sys-Zero to the right of the ship. Walkaround is controlled by the left click of your mouse and you can talk to any of the people on the ship simply by walking up to them.

Mecha battles are probably the single most important part of the game. Click the little explosion symbol at the bottom of the screen to your first opponent. You'll start with just one weapon the ability to Skip a turn, and the ability to Eject in order to run from the battle. On the bottom of the screen you will see red bars representing the health of you and your enemy. The yellow bar represents the energy pool which will drain each time you fire a weapon and will regenerate by a small amount at the end of each turn. The purple bar represents your experience level that fills as you defeat enemies. This enemy should be very easy to defeat with your basic weapon. One more important thing about battle is the concept of cooldowns. While the starting gun allows you to fire nonstop, most weapons will force you to skip turns before it can be fired again due to cooldown. Also, make sure to Repair your mecha after each battle since there's no charge for it but the mecha don't automatically fix themselves. After you defeat 8 enemies you will have enough experience to reach level 2 and a decent amount of money.

When you reach level 2, walk left to Tek the Mecha Mechanic. She sells several starter weapons to help you out and a few mecha for when you reach level 3. You can see how many credits you have by pressing the Shop button or simply clicking your character's face which will also show the HP, EN, and Regen for your mecha. Always look over the information before you buy a weapon so you can get the right combination of power, EN use, and cooldown length. Currently, the Smokey Flamethrower and the N-UBER Missle (FLX-N) are considered the best weapons for starting players. When you buy new weapons, you need to Equip them to use them on your mecha. The starting mecha can only equip weapons to the Front Arm Back Arm Back Shoulder and Head. More powerful mechas come with more weapons already equipped and are able to equip weapons to the Front Shoulder.

After getting new equipment, head right to Sys-Zero and try the Strange Blip boss quest. If you lose against Rifle Master or have an exceptionally difficult time, you might want to change your weapons or possibly buy a brand new mecha. Once you feel comfortable with your setup, select Land the Ship to land in Soluna and then head to GEARS University to start your classes.

Status Afflictions
Note: If your weapon does not do damage, check, since some of them cause DoT only or Energy draining.
Status Afflictions are certain effects that can either help you / bring you to your death defeat. Here is a short list of Status Afflictions:

Stunning-This useful Affliction can either stop the enemy/ you from attacking for a certain number of turns.
When you "Stun" an enemy, they will not attack for a certain number of turns, usually one to two turns. You will have an extra turn to attack, regain energy, or reduce cooldowns by stunning the opponent.
When the enemy uses it on you You will not attack for a certain amount of turns. You will still regenerate your energy while stunned.

DoT (Damage over Time)This Affliction will take a portion of the enemy's / your health for a certain number of turns. It's like an extra hit that never misses!
When you use a DOT on an enemy, a portion of their health is taken away every turn for a certain amount of turns.
When the enemy uses it on you, a portion of your health is taken away every turn for a certain number of turns.
Note: At some quests. such as the refinery in Zargon, the background or other things may affect your status as if you had DoT.

(Buff over Time)
This one is quite similar to DoT. This one, instead of taking away health, gives you bonuses. These bonuses are given most of the time by heads and other equipment.
BoTs apply to both Player Mechas and Enemy Mechas.
Stat Reductions This is an annoying Affliction that reduces the enemy's / your stats. The following things can happen when your stats are reduced:

Bonus (Accuracy) Reduction When this occurs, the enemy's / your Bonus is decreased for a certain number of turns, worsening the enemy's / your chance to hit.

Boost (Power) Reduction When this occurs, the enemy's / your damage output is reduced by a certain percentage for a certain amount of turns.

Defense Reduction When this occurs, the enemy's / your defenses are lowered by a certain amount making the enemy / you easier to hit.

Before I start on this section, I should tell you what Non-Equipable Enemies and Equipable Enemies are, as I'll be using these terms in this section:

Equipable Enemies These are enemies that are coded to be enemies that work like our mechas.

Weapon Disabled
When you disable an enemyís weapon, the enemy canít use the disabled part until the battle is over. Keep in mind that this only works on equipable enemies.
When it happens to you The part that the enemy has disabled will not work until the battle is over, or until the next battle happens.
When the Enemy is a Non-Equipable The same special will happen when a Shot off special occurs, so you will see the same special happen as if you activated the Shot off special on a non equipable enemy, which is a 50% extra chance to land a Critical Hit.

Shot off
When you use it The same thing happens when a part is disabled except the fact that after a weapon is shot off, it will disappear from the enemy. Also know that this only works on equipable enemies.
When the enemy uses it on you The mecha part that has been shot off will disappear, and you wonít be able to use it until you go back and re-equip the weapon again in your inventory.
When the Enemy is a Non-Equipable When the special activates on a non-equipable enemy, your Critical Strike Chance is added by 50%, increasing your chances to land a Critical Hit.
Default mecha weapons can get disabled, and non-default mecha weapons can get destroyed.

Forced Cooldowns
When you use it A random mecha part will be forced to cool down for a certain number of turns, and the enemy will not use this part for a certain number of turns. As before, this only works on equipable enemies.
When the enemy uses it on you When the enemy forces a cooldown of a certain part, you canít use the weapon that has the forced cool down for a certain number of turns, forced to use other weapons to wait, or skip a turn for the part to be usable again.
When the Enemy is a Non-Equipable When you inflict this status on a non-equipable enemy, their damage output will be reduced to 50% for 2 turns, or half of what they normally deal.

Jobs are really fun side quests that reward you with mechas and weapons. There are 5 jobs in Soluna City:
Pizza Delivery which does not give great credits, but it does give some decent equipment.
Police which gives some fair credits (especially with the Mega Lupus) and great rewards!
Hospital home to the famous Autopsy quest, which is one of the best ways to get EXP and Credits at lower levels. The mecha rewards aren't too bad either.
Ghost Hunting which is...ghost hunting. The job itself is long, VERY long, but because of that you get lots of credits. Thanks to the Mecha revival, the rewards are now pretty decent, especially the Hunter Wraith/Eidolon!
which gives decent credit rewards, but bad mechas. This is the job for the high levels, due to that fact that the monsters here are a bit stronger than the ones from the other jobs. Make sure you bring a strong energy blade!

A Word to the Wise Do the Energy Blades Class to get a strong weapon for the jobs. When you get a good ranking, you can buy a blade from the Soluna City Energy Blade Shop. Apart from being powerful, they will be very useful in the on foot questing.

The autopsy probably the most useful farming spot from levels 1 to... 13, maybe? It is very useful, but to be good in it, I'd suggest you used a mouse, since laptops are not good with it. You must have very accurate movements so that you win the 500 credits and the 100 experience!

Mega Lupus is found in 1337 Falcon's Reach, in the Police job. He is powerful if you are low leveled, but it becomes much more easier with good weapons and mechs! You always get a scaled amount of credits, so it is not as useful as the Autopsy, but it is better for those who prefer battling.

Wars... this is my favorite farming method. When you participate in wars, you win lots of stuff: you raise the War Meter, you get credits and exp (sometimes with a boost), you can win Valor Badges, and you can access rare rewards and mechas! These items are usually powerful, and the battles are easy. This farming method is the one I recommend the most, due to the things I mentioned above.

Spoils from the War - Action Figures
When a war finishes, usually you will find swag for SC (Star Captain) Starships. Inside this swag, you will find one useful method for farming: Action Figures. These are sometimes real monsters and you can fight them in your starship! They are useful, since most of times war enemies give more credits and experience. I do not find it truly useful though.

In conclusion, there are many farming spots, so many that I am sure you cannot count them with your fingers, but they all have a different value depending on the player. Fast players like wars due to the fact that they are quick battles most of the time. People that try to get everything slowly but surely choose the Knife and Spork. Lots of credits, but more time.
So, if you ask me: Where should I farm? I would say: It all depends how you play. At least I hope this advice helped, though. Now, on to the next section:

There are certain mechas that work better with certain setups. Here we will list these strategies.

The Tyrant Series Battle Strategy Guide

Tyranno, Star Tyrant, Nova Tyrant, and I guess we can also include the NG only Veloci-Mecha are very unique mecha that almost go against the general thought process of how the game is played. Most mecha and their strategies are designed to actively attack, often known as an offensive or "playing to win" strategy. However, while the defaults do normal damage for their level, these mecha have exceptionally low EN and Regen so you have only so many attacks before you are forced to start skipping turns. On the flip side, these mecha have exceptionally high HP. Some mecha series don't attain near 300HP until around 8 or so levels later. Due to the high HP/low EN setup this mecha is better suited to wait out its enemies with only a few attacks here and there - a defensive or "playing to not lose/not die" strategy. As long as you watch out for enemies that damage EN, there is very little that can kill you in a 1 on 1 fight that you naturally encounter at level 10-12. While this mecha isn't recommended for speed farming, it is recommended for areas with limited heals (more on that later).


Hope it Helps!

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DF AQW  Post #: 2
7/30/2010 12:10:24   

small note you forgot lagos in the order and here are two of my guides that could help in your guide

Soluna City Guide and Walkthrough under construction

coded version
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17772375]Soluna City Guide and Walkthrough [/link] under construction

How to Choose the Right House for You

coded version
[link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=17523697]How to Choose the Right House for You [/link]


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10/18/2010 12:52:29   

PD has allowed Sheriff Duncan to take over this guide. Locked!

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