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The World of Lore Revealed!

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10/5/2011 1:08:55   
Mystical Warrior

The World of Lore Revealed - Guide to how AQ works!

By: Mystical Warrior


Are you new to the game? Don't know how things work in Adventure Quest? Don't know what are the stats for?

Then this guide will serve as your tutorial on the basic things and concepts you need to know in the world of Adventure Quest!

This guide will orient you on the basic things that you should know when playing Adventure Quest from Weapon Types, Stats, Bonuses, Damage, Armors, Pets, Spells and much more.


To jump through various sections of the guide simply press "Ctrl + F" and put in the code of the section of the guide you want to go to (e.g. AQG001 for the Stats section):

Basic Section:
  • [BSG001] Stats
  • [BSG002] Build
  • [BSG003] Weapons
  • [BSG004] Spells
  • [BSG005] Armors
  • [BSG006] Shields
  • [BSG007] Pets/Guests
  • [BSG008] Miscellaneous Items
  • [BSG009] Temporary Items
  • [BSG010] Elements
  • [BSG011] Combat Defense
  • [BSG012] Bonus To Hit
  • [BSG013] Status Effects
  • [BSG014] Triggers

    Advance Section:
  • [ASG001] Base, Random and Max Damage
  • [ASG002] Stat Bonuses
  • [ASG003] Armor Damage Modifier
  • [ASG004] Armor Leans
  • [ASG005] Farming
  • [ASG006] Gold and Exp Cap

    Remarks and Credits

    Basic Section



    Stats are one of the most common things that you will find in any RPG game, in AdventureQuest, it is no different. There are six stats in AdventureQuest.

    Strength: This stat mainly helps in increasing the damage of Melee and Ranged damage. This stat also increases the chance to hit of Melee weapons. This is the stat that is mainly trained by Warrior builds.

    Dexterity: This stat mainly helps in increasing your accuracy, this also increases your Ranged damage by a little. This stat also determines your rate of evasion. So the higher this the more chance you can avoid your opponent's attacks. This is a universal stat since it can be used by any build.

    Intelligence: The main stat for Mages. As you may already know this stat will increase your Magic Damage and MP (Mana Points).

    Endurance: The role of this stat is to mainly make your character last longer in fights by giving him/her more HP (Health Points). The more you train this stat the higher your HP can go.

    Charisma: This may be a bit uncommon among other RPGs but in AdventureQuest this stat mainly affects your pets in battle. The higher your Charisma, the higher the chance of your pet attacking, and the higher the damage.

    Luck: This is a Jack-of-all-trades kind of stat. The Luck stat helps in every little way in the form of giving you a bit more accuracy, a little evasion, increase your accuracy as well. Although with all these perks the real highlight of the Luck stat is that it gives you the ability to do "Lucky Strikes" or Critical in other games.

    Now after hearing the basic concept of stats your next question will most probably be:

    Q: Where do I train them?"
    A: Simply Talk to Twilly (The cute red fellow at the opening screen) --> Click Hello! --> Visit Stat Trainers. (They will also provide you information of each stat)

    Now that you can train your stats the next thing you need to know is that there is cap or limit on how high you can train each stat and that cap is 200. Also as an additional information training your stats will cost you gold and you can only train 5 stat points per session of training.

    Here is a chart on the stat cost of training taken from Master List of Game Formulae:

    Now some of you may have placed some of your stats in the wrong place. Do not worry because you can untrain them although this will require you to die at least once for Guardian characters or alot of times for Adventurers. (Warning: This will not refund you of the gold that you have used in training that stat.)

    Quoted from the AdventureQuest Questions and Answers - [FAQ]


    How do I untrain my stats?

    To untrain stats, first you have to lose a battle and die. When you come to meet Death after dying, instead of talking to him, look down near his "tail". You'll see an Hourglass. Click on that, accept the quest and you'll be taken to Death's Domain. The person you want to meet, by traveling through the purple swirling portals, is Sir Pwnsalot (in a cemetery - click on his headstone). Tell him what stat you want to untrain, and then LOSE the battle to him. Voila! 5 stat points back that you can put into something else. However, you will not get your money back, and it will cost you whatever training cost applies for where you then put your newly untrained stat points. If you are a Guardian, you can also get to this quest by means of the transporter in the Guardian Tower. HOWEVER, you must first have found Sir Pwnsalot the "ordinary" way, before the Teleporter will take you straight to him.



    What are builds? A build is simply a combination of different stats. One of the most common problems among new players is that they don't know what a Build is and they just train stats the way they want or in most cases training all stats equally, where it is called "The Newb Build".

    There are 3 main types of build. These are the Warrior Build, Mage Build, and Hybrid Build.

    The Warrior/Ranger Build: mainly focuses on using Melee or Ranged weapons as a source of their damage. Although training the same kind of stat, Warrior and Ranger differ in the sense that Warrior builds mostly use Melee weapons while Ranger build uses Ranged type of weaponry.

    Mage Builds: On the other hand uses spells or Magic type weapon (e.g. wands and staves) as their main source of damage.

    Hybrid Builds: get the best of both worlds because they can use Melee, Ranged and Magic weapons along with spells although it may be at the cost of lower accuracy or health.

    For more in-depth view on the builds and their variants you may refer to these guides:
    The Training Academy: Ultimate Warrior Guide
    The Training Academy: Ultimate Ranger Guide
    The Training Academy: Ultimate Mage Guide
    The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide



    As with any RPG games. Weapons are one of the most important aspect of the game. In Adventure Quest there are only 3 types of weapons. These are:

    Melee: Melee type weapons are mostly used by Warrior builds since Melee weapons gets stronger as you train your Strength stat. It also gets more accurate when you train Strength and Dexterity. So don't waste your time training Strength if you are using Magic weapons.

    (An example of a Melee weapon is Oaklore Crusher)

    Ranged: Ranged weapons are somewhat similar to Melee weapons (In the form of Poles, Lances and Spears) with the exception of Gun and Bow type weapon. Ranged weapon mostly get the bulk of their power when you train Strength but they still get powerful when you train Dex. The only exception to this are the Gun type weapons since they don't use Strength for their damage but only Dexterity, besides you can't expect the bullet to go faster by pulling the trigger harder :-p

    (An example of a Ranged weapon is Sovereign Lance, Gun-type Ranged weapon is Lhazor)

    Magic: Magic weapons mostly get their power by training Intelligence. They also get more accurate by training Dexterity.

    (An example of a Magic type weapon is Celestial Mana Staff)

    So when you are using weapons be sure that you trained the correct stat so that you can use their full damage potential.

    Weapon Specials:
    One of the features of weapons in Adventure Quest is that they possess weapon specials. You may call Weapon Specials as signature moves of weapons in the sense that they perform an attack that is mostly stronger when you just normally attack with the weapon. Although do remember that not all weapons have Specials other specials may come in as spells or skills that can be used or chosen.

    Note: You are only limited to use 8 weapons every battle. If you both extra slots and bought a new weapon that new weapon won't be used in battles. Only the 8 leading weapons in your inventory will be used including your No-Drop weapon. Also you cannot Sell or Move your No-Drop in your inventory. Also there are times where you will get a temporary weapon, this will replace your No-Drop weapon until you log-out of the game, meaning it will disappear and your No-Drop will return once you close the game or log-out.



    As with any other game, Spells are mostly used by Mages. Spells get more powerful as you train your Intelligence and gets more accurate as you train Dexterity and/or Luck. Although not all spells gets more powerful as you train your Intelligence like weapons, Spells also have different types and these are:

    Magic/Attack Spells: This is the common arsenal for Mages since these spells will be the main source of their initial damage burst against enemies.

    (An example of a Magic/Attack spell is Exploding Poison Arrow)

    Healing Spells: As with any other games Healing spells are the ones that restore your health. Although in Adventure Quest, Healing Spells don't get powerful as you train your Intelligence higher but they heal more the higher you train your Endurance stat since that is where they get their stat bonus.

    (An example of a Healing Spell is Heal Mortal Wounds)

    Summon Spells: This type of spell uses a turn where you will summon a Guest to help you in battle or until you run-out of MP or SP because Guests consume your MP or SP as an upkeep cost every turn. If you fail to pay their upkeep cost they will disappear for the rest of the battle or until you Summon them again via their summon spell.

    (An example of a Summon Spell is Summon Gaiden)

    So just because Mages are the ones that benefits most from spells doesn't necessarily mean that Warrior builds don't have any use for them. Warrior builds can still use Healing spells and Summon spells although in a limited use as their MP is low because they are not training their Intelligence which also increases the Mana capacity of the character. Also in some spells they have a chance to inflict various effects. Although do note that some spells cost SP instead of MP to cast.

    Note: Like 8 Weapon Limit in weapons the same rules apply to spells although you also have Temporary Slot for temporary spells which you can get from items or weapons.



    Armors is one of the main things you need to get in Adventure Quest...Sticking to only one armor won't do you any good because as level-up the monsters you face also starts to get harder. So updating your armor setup in the appropriate levels is required. Now there are different types of armors these are:

    No-Drop: These are your default equipment which are the armors that you start with the game with. You can also have the ability to permanently switch your current no-drop armor with another no-drop armor for the cost of 20 Tokens per switch. To see the list of No-Drop armors available in-game, Click Me!. As soon as you open the link the list of the No-Drop armors are in the very first section or part of the thread.

    Bought Armor: Simply put, these are the armors that you can buy from NPCs for a cost.

    Class Armor: This is also the same as the Bought Armors although the difference of this type of armor is that it has Class Skills. Wherein to be able to use the skills you need to train the class level of the armor from their respective Class Trainer/NPC.Referring to the same link, Click Me!, You can see the list of available class armors in the game.

    Temporary Armor: These are armors that you can get from some weapons, quests, miscellaneous items or battles. The temporary armors works the same way as temporary weapons where they will replace your No-Drop and disappear when you log-out or close the game.



    Shields are the same as spells. You can play without them but you cannot go far without them. Shields offer you additional defense on some certain elements or additional blocking defenses. Some shields can even you more offense in the form of triggers an example of this is Ultimus. Some shields even have effects that can help us fight certain monsters a good example is Magnetic Barrier. Some even don't need any trigger to give offense and the best example is Chieftain's Ironthorn.


    Pets / Guests

    As to why they are called they're pet and guests, they serve as additional support or damage every turn. Pets serve different kinds of purposes be it strategical or just plain disher of pain. The same goes for guests. Every guest has their own unique style when helping you. Although be cautious as Guests costs SP or even MP when they are with you. Although do not worry about pets as they have no upkeep. Usually Guests that cost SP are the ones that you can get from quests while the ones costing MP are the Guests that you summon from spells although there are instances that Guests summoned from spells has an upkeep of SP. Also do note that some weapon, or miscellaneous items can also give you guests in battle.


    Miscellaneous Items

    Simply put these are the accessories you can use only during battles. Misc. Items give various effects some give elemental defenses, combat defenses, spells, weapons, guests, armors, additional stats, and even combination of these effects. Misc. Items can be ignored as it is not a requirement you can still go far in the game without them although some fights may be harder without those additional advantages they give. Also the same as guests some Misc. Items costs MP or SP to keep. Also remember that some of these items costs a turn to activate while others do not.


    Temporary Items

    As the name suggests they are temporary. These are items that you can get from quests monsters or items. Temporary items can come in different forms; Like an armor an example is Snide Transformation, As a weapon an example is Legendary Blade, and a spell an example is Dr. Volatabolt's Lightning. These are so far the kinds of temporary items available more may come in the future releases.



    In Lore there are eight main elements. These are Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Energy, Light and Darkness. The elements have ally elements and enemy elements, meaning each element is allied to another and is the enemy of others. To see how they go here's an elemental wheel taken from Master List of Game Formulae.

    Allied Elements: 1 position apart
    Neutral Elements: 2 positions apart
    Poorly-Related Elements: 3 positions apart
    Opposite Elements: 4 positions apart

    If you cant understand the relationship here's another explanation:

    We will take on Light as our sample element. The elements which are next to Light which are Energy and Wind, these are Light's ally elements. The element opposite to Light which is Darkness is its elemental enemy. The elements which are next to Light's ally elements which are Fire and Ice, they are Neutral Elements towards light. Then the remaining elements which are Water and Earth are poorly related elements or somewhat minor enemy elements.


    Combat Defenses

    Basically, this is your blocking ability. These are divided into three types, mainly; Melee, Ranged and Magic. The higher your Combat Defenses are the higher chance you can evade your opponents attacks. Armors already have a set of combat defenses although these are different for each armor while some are just the same. You can raise your combat defenses by equipping Shields and Misc although not all misc offer Combat Defense. This also goes for monsters the higher combat defenses they have the more you may miss more often.


    Bonus to Hit

    Bonus to Hit or more commonly abbreviated as BTH or B2H. This is your accuracy this is the opponent of Combat Defenses since the your BTH the more chance you get on landing your hits on the opponent. Also, Armors and Weapons already have their own BTH. The only way you can increase your total BTH is by training DEX and LUK mainly although for Melee weapons you will need to train STR while in Magic weapons and Spells you will need to train INT. Pets and Guests also have their BTH but it is not added to your total BTH, you can increase their BTH by training CHA. Also some Misc Items gives you BTH for you and/or your pets, but rarely for everything at the same time.


    Status Effects

    Basically, these are your buffs and debuffs. Status Effects can come in handy in some battles. Although inflicting them may be hard or easy depending on your/monster's save roll. In the Save Rolls you will get a random number generated for you (This is not seen in-game) and then you will get bonuses to your save roll by using your stats and the monsters stats whichever is higher will win the status infliction. Do remember that the stats used in the save rolls are different for each Status Effect.

    For a list of the Status Effects currently in-game go to this page: Status Conditions


    These are effects or bonuses that that items get when you face certain type of enemies. The common enemy group that is often used on triggers are Undead, Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, Metal and more. These are only a few of the categories but there are alot more monster categories.

    Their are alot of weapons, armors, shields, spells, misc items, pets and guests that trigger on certain enemies. You can refer to this guide: Adventure Quest Trigger Guide, although it may be out-dated you can still get a rough idea on what equipments that can trigger on enemies.

    Advanced Section


    Base, Random and Max Damage

    In weapons, what you see in-game is the Base damage and Max Damage of the weapon. To get the random damage of the weapon simply subtract the Base damage from the Max damage.

    For example, we have a weapon in-game that has a damage range of 15-45. The Base Damage is 15 and the Max Damage is 45, to get the Random Damage simply 45 - 15 = 30, meaning that our random damage is 30. Although Random Damage isn't shown in-game it is often used by armors.


    Stat Bonuses

    Theses are the bonuses you get when you train your stats. I will just quote the formula from Master List of Game Formulae.

    For the Main Stat Bonuses for damage:


    Core Stat Damage

    Melee Weapon: STR/8
    Ranged Weapon: STR/10 + DEX/40
    Magic Weapon: INT*3/32
    Melee Skill: STR/4
    Ranged Skill: STR/5 + DEX/20
    Magic Skill: INT*3/16
    Spells: INT/4
    Pets & Guests: CHA/15


    Average Stat Damage, with Lucky Strikes Included

    Melee Weapon: STR/8 + LUK/20
    Ranged Weapon: STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20
    Magic Weapon: INT*3/32 + LUK/20
    Melee Skill: STR/4 + LUK/20
    Ranged Skill: STR/5 + DEX/20 + LUK/20
    Magic Skill: INT*3/16 + LUK/20
    Spells: INT/4 + LUK/20
    Pets & Guests: CHA/15

    For the BTH bonuses:


    Melee Weapon/Skill: [STR/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20]
    Ranged Weapon/Skill: [DEX/8 + LUK/20]
    Magic Weapon/Skill: [INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20]
    Spells: [INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20]
    Pets & Guests: [CHA*7/60]

    And lastly for the blocking bonus:


    Blocking Bonus from Stats: [DEX/10 + LUK/20].


    Armor Damage Modifier

    As you already have noticed, when you look at the pedia entries of armors, you will in their attack section numbers like 100% Base, Random and Stat damage. These are your damage modifiers.

    Now for the simplest explanation we will use these assumptions:

    Weapon: 15-45 Damage (Base=15 | Random=30)
    Stat Bonus: Lets assume you get a total of 20 Stat bonus damage from your stats
    Armor: 200% Base and Random damage and Stat Damage

    Now your resulting damage will be calculated like this:

    Base = 15*2 = 30
    Random = 30*2 = 60
    Stat = 20*2 = 40

    Now when these are calculated it will be added together to get your max damage potential with 30 as its Base or lowest possible damage, So the result will be 30-130. Although do remember that this is your damage range, Meaning when you attack you can hit as high as 130 or as low as 30.


    Armor Leans

    Now these are the traits that armors take. There are 3 main kinds of leans namely Offensive, Neutral/Average, and Defensive. Their are also 2 other kinds of leans which are Mid-Offensive and Mid-Defensive.

    Offensive Lean: These are armors that has maximized their attack power according to balance standards although at the cost of having lower defenses. An example of this is Blazing Solaris Plate.

    Mid-Offensive Lean: As the name suggests, these are armors that have above average attack power with a below average defenses. The best example for this is the Virulent Chimeran Armor.

    Neutral/Average: These are armors that has no lean whatsoever so they have standard attack and defenses. An example of this is the Nemesis' Testament.

    Mid-Defensive Lean: These are armors with above average defense and below average offense. An example of this is Armor of Awe series.

    Defensive Lean: These are armors with really good defenses but they have really low attack power. There currently no post-sweep Defensive armors but the best bet you can go on is Fujin Plate



    These is really just a term used for doing quests and beating the same monster repeatedly for gaining fast experience and gold. If you want to have help on where or what place to farm you can ask in here: [FGC] Farming Guide Compilation Discussion/Requests.


    Gold and Exp cap

    Simply put these are the limit of Gold and Exp that you can get in one day. The caps will reset on 12am server time. As for how much exp and gold you can get depends on your level. Here's a table for your caps per level:

    Guardians and Adventurers:
    Experience Cap
    Gold Cap

    Experience Cap
    Gold Cap

    Credits and Thanks

    I would like thank the AQ Guide AKs for letting me do the Guide. Also to the other guide owners that I took quotes and help from. The fellow forumers in IRC.

    Fixed a few spelling errors. It's all good. ~ Ward_Point

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