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RE: =HS= Clans/Clubs/Guilds Discussion IV

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5/17/2012 15:13:28   

i came when requested to read this thread...im throughly displeased by what our name means

anti left (from the reasons i gathered) becuase he didnt like lables..tally can vouge for that statment...

the eleatist comments are rather rude, but slightly true...yes we hold many high ranking pvpers...no we dont do anything we can to win, iv hammered in everyones heads not to use many mainstreem powers and what not

the leader of crown seems to have a gruge agenst me for calling him out about his behavore and lack of creativety (labith, i know i spelled that wrong)...dispite me being inactive in game now i follow the movements of my guild members very closely for abusive/valgor behavor....yes a few members are and can be a valgor my self included, but thats normal for us...we did kick out a few members for extream behavor such as over bragging verble abuse to other players, while demoralizen them, it was our fult we did let them in our guild but those actions was not of our intent...those players was fbi and swagg, im still friends with swagg even though he went off with labith....im hiestent to tell him anything guild related becuase of that but we still get along fine

as the months draged on with my guild we made a schooling system within the site (only the students can see it) and they came a long way :3 and on the 18th they will become part of our team of pvpers

as for the way we recruit thats changen also, we will let anyone join our guild, but be ranked by how long they spend with us and how much they contribute as their rank hightens so dose thier access to the site

i atend to make a pvp team for those interested, they will be tested the by the old way we used to test...a team of three voters will meet up each fights that player in his or her own way and vote as such, 2/3 votes means they are part of our pvp team...

iv gotten used to the idel chatter that gose about our site so i wanted to expand that aspect

and for those of you still hold our guild in contemp towards us for the rumors spread about us, set them aside and try us like a new piece of food or candy :3 you have nothen to lose from it aside some time and a half...iv always gave those who was often hated a chance :3 many of those ppl became some of my best friends and one to be my mate and soon to be :D


AQW  Post #: 326
5/17/2012 15:58:11   

Tally: Roughly 20 posts per 24 hours isn't that active.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 327
5/17/2012 16:03:38   
Clown the Jester


Do you want madness? Destruction? Freedom? Do you life flames and the fine aroma of fear and terror?

Do you wish to kill whoever and whenever you want?

Are you tired of the old routine of Heroes and Villains fighting as if they had an actually difference between them?

DO you think you are above the pesky quibbles of good and evil but still want to join in the fun?

Do you want to join something that has no requirements or rules whatsoever besides having fun?

Then Join me. Join me and my merry band of murders, freaks, and monsters.

Join the Chaos Carnival.

We grow daily.

We kill daily.

Sadly we don't brush our teeth daily...and we're feeling the cost.
HA HA HA! Just kidding

We overpower the tryp known as good and evil.



We will drown this city in it's own blood. We will kill, intimidate, destory, demolish, slaughter, threaten, burn, torture, and other dastardly deeds to show this pathetic jambori of Heroes and Villians that the Carnies are running the show.

We will use anarchy, insanity, destruction, and chaos to bring this city to it's knees.

This city thinks it's no longer afraid of me.
All these new heroes and villains think they can muscle me out.
But this is my city....MY SANDBOX!
My play pen to play my funny games.

And noone is gonna separate me from it....


Now who here's gonna help me take my sandbox back?

Get ready Super City...
cause soon we'll

AQW Epic  Post #: 328
5/17/2012 16:25:40   

My elitist comments were semi-sarcastic. You've always been a good member, Link.

The original people in the clan were You, Me, and Eviction, right? Then we had another player I barely remember (Kam something) recruited. There was no ranking system at the time and we didn't openly recruit. There was no application process because WE went to THEM.

Then I came up with the name, we all liked it, I created the first website, after which I believe Drakkoniss joined, some other guy joined, shortly thereafter labels became a big part of the clan, and then I ragequit and deleted the original webpage. Then to my dismay Thee was allowed into the clan, despite his horrible attitude, and I lost track of everything after that.

Tell me where I am wrong here

Edit: The academy was implemented a while after I left, if I recall correctly.

I still want to create a new clan by the way. Too inactive nowadays, to be honest. ;~; The thought never left...

< Message edited by Antithesis -- 5/17/2012 16:31:13 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 329
5/17/2012 16:37:20   

Anti: I'd help with your Clan of Rarely Active Persons.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 330
5/17/2012 16:44:32   

Rarely Active Persons Espionage!




Rarely Active Persons sounds better <_<
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 331
5/17/2012 16:46:55   

@ Anti
Let's do it.

< Message edited by Darkxzero -- 5/17/2012 16:47:19 >
Post #: 332
5/17/2012 16:51:30   

Nah not right now.

>Suddenly grammar
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 333
5/17/2012 16:55:30   

anti i wasnt awhere you made a site : o

and its hard to tell with this mono toned chat

and some of the orignale order members was as you stated and kamiry, i belive some other ppl :l and true we did only recruit ppl we was interested in and provided fair game for us back then, but players was few and the good ones was far aprat and easy to spot...now you have to shift through play after player and build after build to find those who are actully "all that"

and again i wasnt awear you made the name "order" i was under the impression evicion and theeslayer and i made it, our reasons for said name i forget but non the less i recall us maken that name

yes the schooling was made like 2 or 3 weeks after you left as an effect to nova's idea
AQW  Post #: 334
5/17/2012 17:04:10   

e_e You were the second person to join the site I made, after Eviction... And then you e-rolled your eyes at me when I told you I deleted it.

The name "The Order" was me :L I was with you and Kamiry and Eviction in SmashDome. Kamiry was thinking of names, and I said "The Order" and then created the '.webs' domain name shortly thereafter.

Thee wasn't even in the clan yet, because I refused to allow him to join. The name was mine <_< Don't take that from me. I will somehow find evidence of this, too, if you still don't remember.

EDIT: Found an email from November 26th that was congratulating me on the website being a week old. The webpage was "foundersorder"

The email regarding our original website

< Message edited by Antithesis -- 5/17/2012 17:12:29 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 335
5/17/2012 17:17:27   

lol i dont recall joining the site, i recall asking to make one

theslayer and evicion and i was the ones who threw around the idea of a clan (now turned in to a guild) then started to under the table recruit palyers :o

and the email you may of found will suport you made an "the order" site before tally toke it in her hand still dosent prove you was the person who named or sugested the order for a name :l

im not saying bluntly that you didnt, just saying thiers lacking evadince on both parties

EDIT: lol i recall joining a site with a name like that .-. still dun prove you da name maker >W>

< Message edited by linklink0091 -- 5/17/2012 17:22:47 >
AQW  Post #: 336
5/17/2012 17:20:47   

I'll see if I can find any emails saying that new users joined.

And it was me and Eviction who started talking about it a loooooonnng time ago, and he suggested that we address you on the subject because at the time you were pretty much the best PvPer in HS that we could think of. And you weren't sure if you wanted to join for a while, and in about a week's time you decided to hop into the little trio.

Does he still play?


Looked into it. Eviction joined but you did not.


< Message edited by Antithesis -- 5/17/2012 17:25:31 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 337
5/17/2012 17:24:09   

if i recall he had computer problems,

and yes i was hesatent to join or start a clan, but i have some wittnesses about dat :o
AQW  Post #: 338
5/17/2012 17:30:56   

Read my edit^

And yeah I know you were hesitant :P
I'm not going to be easy about this whole name thing <_< That was actually named off of a group in my fanfiction I was working on a while back, which is where I got it from. It was stemmed from "The Philosophers" of Metal Gear, and thus I called my group "The Order" and decided to hoist it as our clan name. That's why I know I came up with it.
Ultimately, before I left, we decided that the four of us (Kam, You, Evic, Me) would be known as The Philosophers (and additionally we would also be called Gurus or some other weird word because we always made new builds) of the clan, so people would know we created it. But we wouldn't have any additional power over other members, excluding the forums which I had set up.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 339
5/17/2012 19:07:36   

lol i did read it

ahh the age of us gurus :3 by far the best time of smashdome, everything was much more simpler back then, and less hostil to boot, no one copyed builds cept for a dirty few...but everyone was cool and openly shared ideas about builds, what went with what, it was when talk of new powers came about if i recall twas when things went to utter hell
AQW  Post #: 340
5/17/2012 19:28:52   

Lol anti can I join your R.A.P.E clan?? We wOuld r*** pvp like a b****!
AQW  Post #: 341
5/17/2012 19:37:03   


Lol anti can I join your R.A.P.E clan?? We wOuld r*** pvp like a b****!

._. I won't even comment on that...

@Link yeah those days were simpler.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 342
5/17/2012 20:09:06   

To clarify, there were actually quite a few more people at the naming ceremony than seems to be remembered. At least 6, possibly 8 or 9 people were all there at the naming of the faction. Probably closer to the lower end of that, but I personally was there and suggested and alternative to "The Order", which I cannot remember now... Quite a few names were suggested and rejected. Anti could very well be correct that he suggested it. That seems relatively likely.
DF  Post #: 343
5/17/2012 20:15:38   

Villians kill heroes evryday... lol
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 344
5/17/2012 21:31:22   

My memory of who all was there is vague. Now that I think about it, I remember you being around when we were in SmashDome.


Anti could very well be correct that he suggested it. That seems relatively likely.

And here I was thinking I was alone out here. A heart for you my friend!


Villians kill heroes evryday... lol

I'm both factions but technically speaking I'm a hero. Want to test your theory sometime? ;)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 345
5/18/2012 2:57:23   

Well we should still get a clan.
AQW  Post #: 346
5/18/2012 3:19:46   

So was this order clan supposed to be an exclusive organization? That's somehow interesting seeing how boring it would be and change history.
Post #: 347
5/18/2012 10:04:38   

It was intended to only include the best PvPers. Originally the Order would decide from within if someone was worthy, and would ask them to join, and then after that 3 people would test an applicant via combat and/or questions, determining if they have the skill and flexibility in PvP to be a member. Morality in the useage of your powers was also in the criteria. You could either be denied access or be booted out of the organization itself if you were determined to not have the moralistic qualities that we wanted the organization to stand for, both in and after combat.
DF  Post #: 348
5/19/2012 20:45:14   

we opened our doors, but we are still doing reconstrution with ranks/testing methoids to join our pvp team

yousa welcoem to join us, and possably help with those things :D

the order is still alive and the strongest out thier :D http://herosmashorder.forumotion.com/forum

please use in game user names when you regsiter with the site so we may know who you are and pick you out easyly in game to boot, please and thank you :3

< Message edited by linklink0091 -- 5/19/2012 20:46:26 >


AQW  Post #: 349
6/11/2012 18:08:35   

Heya Link! Long time no see. I just happened to be bored out of nostalgia and checked up on how The Order was doing. I also took the time to read some of these forums. ;o

If need be, Link, I can come back for a short while. Many of you may not remember who I am but it is I and Eviction who created The Order along with Link. The rest of you claiming to have came up with this clan are full of pewp! ;p

If you don't believe me I am still in contact with Eviction because we PvP in AQW for a clan called Sexci Flames. We can both come and decide to decimate in HeroSmash somemore. Put an end to all the sillyness. I will remind you of who I am if need be. Have a good day Gents. :)


Account - Theeslayer
AQW  Post #: 350
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