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9/19/2014 4:06:31   

<Quest/Location Name> Void
(please link to the Encyclopedia entry)
Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: Login to Adventure server > Granemor > The Moon OR Battleon > Guardian Tower > Stables > Teleporter > The Void

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: EXP/Gold

Pros: A lot of XP in a short time. It also is best to be your last battle before you cap, since they give over 3 million xp and are more readily available to battle than Legion or Ultimon (160).

Cons: Since it is one battle, definitely not best for Z-Tokens

Suggested Equipment:

Lumpy Skull Club, or Cracked Skull Club (or variant)
Zombie Bane Staff, Staff of Moon Calling, or Communicant's Grandeur (Melee)
Sila's Staff

Shadow of Doubt or Ultimon's Armor

Nightfall's Banner
Ethereal Shield

Healing Spell, preferably Cure Mortal Wounds or variant
Optional: Call Poelala or Call Dunamis

Fairy God Mother and/or Retro Twilly
Optional: Poelala or Dunamis
Non sp costing guest

Evil Eyeglasses
Head of Raydius Dragon

General Strategy: Click Battle, if it is not Raychael or Raymoond, flee, if you need sp go to triple challenge and equip Ultra Guardian Shield or Horo-Show Vindicator, Shadowfeeder Pendant, and/or Nightmareon. Once you find one, equip your equipment that's best for going against the monster type, summon your guest (if you have one), then use Evil Eyeglass for Queen and Head of RD for King (these use a turn). Keep attacking and keep notice of your hp, and have FGM or Retro Twilly healing your HP.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Level 100-150 Mage or Hybrid variant recommended, but pure warriors are more than capable.

Data: Please try to include some data. Capping within an hour will generally get your submission into the Guide. 9.98mil-39.9 mill xp in 1 hour 3.7mil-14.6 mil.

Notes: They start off attacking with a double hitting ranged attack, they must have about 396 SP to use this again.
AQ  Post #: 26
11/6/2014 19:22:34   

try the void the monsters their give lots of gold and exp.
AQW Epic  Post #: 27
11/7/2014 12:12:27   

The Void: Nulgath (Hard Mode)

Guardians or Adventurers: Data is for L150 version

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold (lower level versions may be worth farming for exp., not sure)

Pros: Relatively short fight (2-3 min), massive gold reward (nearly 2mil), safe fight

Cons: Uh...I'll edit this if I come up with any

Suggested Equipment: Whatever armor/shield you're using to defend against darkness will work. Whatever weapons/spells/pets/guests you're using to deal light damage will work as well. You probably won't need to heal or use a defensive misc, so equip your best damage misc.

General Strategy: Hit it until it pops and drops lots of shinies.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Do you need to be L150 to encounter the L150 version? If so, this is strictly for end-game gold farming. If not, start whenever you can face the L150 version and farm gold/exp.

Data: Conservative estimate: 30mil gold/hr. Some builds should be able to exceed that. Edit: I did some more testing and came out a bit over 40mil gold/hr, though I imagine some builds would be faster. 60mil might be possible.

Notes: Enjoy while it lasts!

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AQ  Post #: 28
9/20/2015 11:53:35   

<Quest/Location Name> Ultimon's Fortress Finale, Battle Monsters, Void, Guardian Arena, etc.
(please link to the Encyclopedia entry)
Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: The Gold Cap for level 150 X-Guardians is exactly 70732601, so the idea is to max out your gold by reaching 70732600 or as close as you want to it and fight the highest gold giving monster you can to max your daily gold from battles.

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold

Pros: Best way to max out Gold for the day before going to Ballyhoo, and doing other things.

Cons: Could be time consuming/addictive to find the best way/what works for you the best. (I typically play while doing homework, on facebook, etc., so time isn't an issue.)

Suggested Equipment:
FO armors and Mage Robes if a Mage
Destructive burst if mage, or summon spells if a beast warrior
Multiplicative miscs if mage, -10 miscs if warrior (Light, fire, wind, water, ice/energy (if Mage, and have B.L.I.T.Z.E.N., you probably wouldn't need fire or water multiplicative miscs if doing the ultimon quest), earth (mainly for warrior) mainly).

General Strategy: Farm Queen Hybee to 70329600 gold (144 battles), then fight in Battle Monsters/Wizard level 10 battle/Mage level 10 battle/Crossroads-> Somewhere until you reach near or at 70732600 gold using TRB1965 War Index. Then fight the highest gold giving monster you can. Legion, Armeggon, Queen Raychael, Void Holderdowner lol, Void Monster (Trigorras), etc.

Alternate strategy would be to get up to 6,417,4200-65096600 gold and do the Ultimon's Finale quest, this is still a work in progress since I don't know how random the battles are, I just multiplied the gold from the three Ultimon Essences by three (862000*3=2586000) then the minimum golds of monster for each of the three rounds by 4 (which was 204400*4+244000*4+314000*4) and the same for the max golds (314100*4+292700*4+386300*4) and added both to 2586000. Then Subtracted from the 1 gold before max to get the range above.

My total from the first time doing UF today (excluding Ultimon) was (3370100+2586000)=5956100. So 64776500 would have been the gold amount I would have needed to have if I knew that was going to be the amount I would get to have Ultimon be my last fight who gives 2,963,000 gold.

Recommended Levels/Builds: 100-150 Any Build (this possibly could be used for other levels, the X-Guardian gold cap is about 98.619699835705872744023124207397536% and the 1 gold before the cap is 98.61969844144497407148777174632906442249406839586% of the Gold cap you get by the formula from TRB1965's war count site, I added more numbers since the second is probably more important, these percentages could possibly allow lower levels to get a more accurate grasp of their cap possibly).

Data: You can reach the 70329600 amount with QH between 36 and 72 minutes.

Notes: This is still a work in progress, any advice, criticism, help, etc. would be appreciated.

Edit: Multiply Formula percentage by 0.9664730518204 (after the last 4 I get different numbers on different calculators ranging from 5-8). I am currently playing as an adventurer, between 97%-98% are the cap amounts typically between for both XP and Gold 94 and below.

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11/21/2015 5:11:04   

http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20851262&mpage=1&key=� http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21076856

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: Twilly->Anniversary Events->The Dragon of Time->Drakonnan

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: EXP and Gold

Pros: Full heal after every battle, able to repeat fights faster than clicking through dialogue for Twilly vs Zorbak, available much sooner than Act 6: Seekrat

Cons: He hits hard, less EXP than Drakath, high MRM

Suggested Equipment: Ice weapon, Prince's Rule and Fable, Pendant of The`Galin

General Strategy: He has 150 Luck so be aware that he'll most likely go first unless you have equal or more Luck than him. He recovers 65 SP per turn and requires 259 SP to use his skill, which is 2 hits of Fire Ranged damage. He defaults to 2 hit Fire Melee otherwise.

Just attack and pay attention to his SP and your HP, he managed to hit 130+ while I had 38% Fire resist.

Recommended Levels/Builds: LV 90+ I advice you to max out your BTH for whatever your means of offense is while having some END if you don't use Healing Spells or Potions.

Data: 29436 EXP, 32380 Gold per fight, takes about 5-9 minutes for my Warrior. Not sure how long to cap since I'm unsure if the formula has changed.

Notes: To be added.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 30
2/8/2016 10:45:33   

TravelMap>SailEast>DarkJungle>Tyrant King

For EXP/Gold/Both:Both,But you get more EXP.

Pros:A easy boss to kill if you have a fire weapon and drops more EXP when you reach level 115.

Cons: You have to beat the beastmaster questline first, and you need a good darkness armor.

Suggested Equipment:

Mages: Twlight Set,Shadow of doubt

Shadow of doubt,Ulitmons Armor

Strategy: Get a powerful fire weapon if you are a warrior or a ranger if your a mage you can fly threw this fight if you have a powerful fire spell you can have fire pets if you want but its up to you.Any good darkness armor will help as well the Tyrant King can do a lot of damage so be careful any darkness misc item will help.
AQW Epic  Post #: 31
4/24/2016 14:19:24   

Just tried the above suggestion of Tyrant King and got some good results:

Destruction Burst
Sila's Staff
Eventide's Guise
Eventide's Standard
Power Shard VI: Dr. Boom
No pets/guests

As lvl 123 Beastmage it takes me ~47 seconds for each cycle so in ~55 minutes I'll hit my Gold and XP Caps.

Notes: Three spells casts and with very rare exception the fight's over. You only fight the boss and you full heal before each fight. All you have to do is click through the dialogue. As you level up this will become less good but for a few levels its great.

P.S. I think this is the right spot for this post since it mainly providing data to support the original but if i'm wrong i'll gladly move it to the discussion thread.

Edit: Updated to use misc and recorded improved time.

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AQ  Post #: 32
4/24/2016 16:45:11   
big E

^ I'm doing the same, using Pyromancer's Robe and Celtic Wheel for the INT boost. Lore or not, two spells kills him in 90% of cases and a third one always does the job if necessary. Haven't timed it but should be slightly quicker than above. TK's damage is negligible, even against the Robe's weak modifiers.
AQ  Post #: 33
6/24/2016 18:43:06   


^ I'm doing the same, using Pyromancer's Robe and Celtic Wheel for the INT boost. Lore or not, two spells kills him in 90% of cases and a third one always does the job if necessary. Haven't timed it but should be slightly quicker than above. TK's damage is negligible, even against the Robe's weak modifiers.

I do the same as well.
At Lv150, as a pure mage, it's a nearly-guaranteed 1HKO with Pyromancer's robes Lore-boost, Celtic Wheel (+50 Int), and Warlic's Oblivion Sphere (+ 45 Int/ +45 Luck).
If one of the 3 hits misses, and you somehow hit the lower limits of the spell's damage while completely avoiding lucky strikes, it may survive with ~200 or less HP, but having a summoned MP-guest and/or pet should finish it off the same turn. This shouldn't occur more than 1-3% of the time though.
Entire cycle (including all the dialogue) only take ~32 seconds.

Note: Destruction Burst is currently bugged/glitched and consumes some SP in addition to the HP cost, so SP-dependant guests as useless as a fail-safe mechanism.

I usually do this mindlessly while reading or watching a movie.

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AQ DF  Post #: 34
8/18/2016 9:41:15   

Guardians or Adventurers?: Guardians

Directions: Travel Map > Travel East > Dark Jungle > BeastMaster Training!

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: EXP and kind of Gold

Pros: For a level 85 - 109, you get 29000+ xp in about 2 minutes. Much faster than fighting Drakath. Level 110+ can farm him for probably about 200k+ xp per battle. 200% Modifier with Fire.

Cons: You need to be level 85+, You need to train to level 10 Beastmaster.

Suggested Equipment: Pyromancer Bloodmage, Naga/Sila's Staff, IronThorn,Chieftain's, Staff Master Emblem, Destruction Burst Spell / Blood Pyre (Comes with Pyromancer Bloodmage Armor), if you get to low health, use Evening's Emblem to up your darkness res.

General Strategy: Only takes about 2 minutes to kill him. Just hit him with your Blood Pyre spell around 2 or 3 times, if he's not done yet then finish him with another Blood Pyre or a Destruction Burst

Recommended Levels/Builds: You must be level 85 through 109 to get the 29000 version. Any level before that will be very low amounts of xp (Level 84 is only 2000 xp). Once you are level 110, you will receive around 200000+ xp per battle. You could either be a Warrior with really strong fire weapons, or a Hybrid/Mage and use Pyromancer Bloodmage from the new Void Battle.

Data: Hitting XP Cap should only take around 45 minutes depending what level you are.

Post #: 35
9/29/2016 4:51:29   

Abyss Wyrm (Deren Mansion Only)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: House (Deren Mansion) > Inside > Upstairs > Right > Turret (Look over the docks) > Click on the abyss wyrm (top left corner)

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Both (Equal amounts of both exp and gold)

Pros: Fairly easy to beat, low damage, quick battles and very straight forward attacks, also has fairly high fire and energy resistances. Easily repeatable without having to wade through many battles beforehand.

Cons: Can be slightly harder to beat at lower levels or without decent water resistance. Needs you to have purchased the deren mansion (currently 20k Z-Tokens), so very high investment required to get to this farming ground.

Suggested Equipment:

Weapon: UndeafeataBlade (reward for clearing The Final Challenge in the Guardian Arena), Mjollnir, basically any good energy weapon of your choice or fire weapon if its better than your energy weapon.
Armor: ZettaSnide Transformation Formula ( ZettaSnide Transformation) (any of the snide transformation series based on your level), any other water armor with good water resistance preferably offensive, defensive works as well but the battle will be much longer.
Shield: Transmorpher Shield, Tsunami Shield (or any other in the same line)
Pet: Fairy Godmother G (for heals, if guardian), if not a guardian try to get a pet that heals or something that does energy damage.
Spell: Any healing spell (if you have low MP get one that uses SP instead like Miraculous recovery or that line)
Guest: If you don't have a healer pet, try to get a healer guest like Solar Flair Angel (any healer will do)
Misc. Item: Sword Master Emblem (For damage increase), Pendent of The Galin (Increased accuracy, increased endurance, increased charisma), Pirate Hat (Better water resistance).

General Strategy: Abyss Wyrm is rather straightforward. It has 2 attacks, a normal melee bite attack and a SP ranged attack. The bite attack is relatively weak whereas the ranged attack can pack a decent punch (Lv150 Wyrm does ~150 damage with melee and ~500 damage with ranged attack when I have 15% resistance, ~60 melee and ~150 ranged with 6% resistance)
So just keep punching him and heal up when your health starts looking dangerous. With decent equips the battle should be done in under 2 mins.
With good equips and if you keep your resistance at 6% then you won't even require the healing pet or guest or for that matter the healing spells.
With those stats and just my fairy godfather pet, I was able to kill it without needing a single heal.

Recommended Levels/Builds: Since it scales with your level, all levels should be able to fight it. Depending on your equips it'll will either be insanely hard or insanely easy.

Currently only tested with a warrior beastmaster build:

Str 200
Dex 200
Cha 200
Luck 150

I'll update it when I test it out with other builds.

Data on Lv150 Abyss Wyrm

Exp/Kill: 731,863
Gold/Kill: 731,863

2 min runs
Exp/Hr: 21,955,890
Gold/Hr: 21,955,890
Time to Lv150 Cap: 3 Hours

1 min runs
Exp/Hr: 43,911,780
Gold/Hr: 43,911,780
Time to Lv150 Cap: 1 Hour 30 Mins

30 sec runs (needs testing)
Exp/Hr: 87,823,560
Gold/Hr: 87,823,560
Time to Lv150 Cap: 45 mins

Exp/Kill: 805,000
Gold/Kill: 805,000

2 min runs
Exp/Hr: 24,150,000
Gold/Hr: 24,150,000
Time to Lv150 Cap: ~3 Hours

1 min runs
Exp/Hr: 48,300,000
Gold/Hr: 48,300,000
Time to Lv150 Cap: 1 Hour 30 Mins

30 sec runs (needs testing)
Exp/Hr: 96,600,000
Gold/Hr: 96,600,000
Time to Lv150 Cap: 45 mins

Notes: This is a simple enough fight and can be done easily with half your mind on something else as well. Doesn't really require you to be very careful either once you get the right equipment combination down. Just farm it out and you'll hit the cap in no time.
My times with the above build are ~2 mins/run. If anyone has a better equipment combination that would shorten times or a good mage equipment combination as well as a build/equipment set capable of doing 30 sec runs please let me know.
AQ DF  Post #: 36
11/11/2016 13:55:11   


Directions: House -> Choose Painting(Requires atleast 250 Z-Tokens for tent and 1500 for painting)

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold

Pros: Time efficient and moderately challenging

Cons: Death vulnerability, requires specific items and build.

Suggested Equipment: Warlic's Oblivion Sphere, Fat and Tacky Santa or Tyrannochicken Rex Rider, Chieftain's Ironthorn, fire or earth wepon, Dunamis pet and guest

General Strategy: Equip suggested gear and mash attack button!

Recommended Levels/Builds: 150 Mystical Warriors(55 INT required)

Data: 1'293'000 gold in 68 seconds, which is around 68 million in an hour

Notes: Best option for a weapon is no-proc with an accuracy bonus, such as Paperclip. Infrared Blade from common GGB shop is good too. If you get unlucky with mana lock, the mob will most likely kill you with it's skill. It is recommended to have Mogloween Candy Bag and Shadowfeeder Pendant to use in emergencies.
AQ AQW  Post #: 37
1/13/2017 8:30:09   

My first time posting anything. I hope I'm doing this right. (Good luck to me)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: Travel Map > Zorbak's Hideout > Return of Stragath!

For XP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens Both

Pros: A MASSIVE amount of XP for levels 80+, first 7 monsters are quite easy.
Cons: Must kill 7 monsters to get to Stragath's Head, full heal every second battle if you can click the right potion in time, Stragath's head might do a lot of damage has a high chance of killing you if your not careful, only level 80 plus can fight him (level 120 Stragath's Head).

Recommended levels and builds: Level 85+, but you can try to do it at level 80. You need quite a bit of Dexterity as the boss has 200 DEX. I used a level 85 mage (200 DEX, 200 INT, 20 END) for my first run, and it worked out fine. I haven't tested it with anything else though, as my only other character is level 10. Any build with high damage/health and dexterity may work.

Suggested equipment:
Weapons: Any (you should be using spells)
Shields: A good fire shield and a good darkness shield. I use Shield of Agony's blood (from Adders forge) and Shadowslayer shield
Armour: Light wizard robes, water wizard robes.
Pets: Vampragons! Because they take 0 charisma and are quite powerful.
Spells: High damage light spell, high damage water spell (Around 500+ damage)
Items: Pendant of The'Galin, Health potions (At least 8 in case), Mana potions (At least 8 in case)

General Strategy: Kill the Zard easily, equip water robes and fire shield for Xarav. Press the non-glowing potion after you kill every second monster for full heal. Against the archdemon, DO NOT USE FIRE. He will auto-heal most of the damage and will use a weakness seeking attack next if you do. Kill everything else and get to stragath. Against him, do not overuse your mana. You don't get healed after him and go straight on to the boss. Kill him to fight the boss, Stragath's Head. Equip Pendant of The'Galin. Equip your fire shield and Light robes for the first half of the battle, and hit him with you light spell. Use you potions when you need to. When you take him a bit past half health, equip your darkness shield because he will start to do high damage darkness attacks. In the end, if your are about to die but he has around 600 health and you have around half MP, you will want to imbue with lore and take him out with one final shot before he kills you.

Data: 103.7k (103700) XP, 36.5k (36590) gold just from Stragath's head per run.

Notes: The reason you shouldn't farm this quest if you are below level 80 is because level 80 Stragath's head, which you fight if you are below level 80, only gives 3.5k (1300) xp and 1.3k (3500) gold.
You can get potions from the triple challenge easily. The monsters there aren't very hard.

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4/18/2017 21:42:03   

Lazy Quest

Guardians or Adventurers?: Both

Directions: April fools' > Lazy Quest... or April fools' Portal Painting > Lazy Quest

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: EXP and Gold (See data)

Pros: best farming spot in the history of gaming.. You can run several characters simultaneously..

Cons: slow and No Z-tokens

Suggested Equipment: naked!

General Strategy: Log in, go in April Fools' event or Portal Painting, select "Lazy Quest" then start doing something more productive like drawing a fanart or writing a fanfiction (don't judge me..)

Recommended Levels/Builds: Any

Somehow I don't remember having ever capped but I don't really let it run for more than 12 hours per day.. Easily get a char lvl 70 in a week and get your 1,15 level per day after level 125

The gold count is 1/3 of the EXP count.

With the X-guardian boost you get lvl 130(~47k EXP/min)-135 (~75k EXP/min) in around 9h20 to 9h40 per level.. then at 140 (114 880 EXP/min) you get a whole level in around 10 hours, at 145 (178 298 EXP/min for 110m500k EXP worth for the level) and at 146 (194 725 EXP/min // 121M500k EXP)

I've started a character that never fought any non-tutorial monster 2 weeks ago when I'm writing this and he's 80 (http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=87048636) with a little help from Ballyhoo of course.


I drew this picture while it was running and I was getting Free EXP and wrote a small dialogue to give some context

[Playername] : Soon I'll get a Babd Catha or a Goldyfish I think, it got updated with new tiers..

Thefarus Jr. : What?! NO! If you replace me, I'll destroy Lolosia..

[Playername] : So original, Where did I see that again? Anyway, you wouldn't want me to have to "stop" you, right?

Thefarus Jr. : Ugh! "Stop", really? I hate your euphemisms! I am your strongest companion why would you want to get rid of me?

[Playername] : Well the others PETS! alright? you guys are pets not companion, even FGM she's my pet.. Anyway, they have room for progress, they aren't maxed out yet.. You on the other hand..

Thefarus Jr. : You're awfully smug and annoying, you know that?

[Playername] : I am the immortal chosen of Lore and the gods are literally blessing me with strength and filling my bank account as I do nothing, how could I not be smug and annoying?

Thefarus Jr. : immortal?! In the 10 years we've spent together, you've died 9 652 times!

[Playername] : Shhh, You're just salty cuz my level of immortality is off the charts.. If you want to stay with me, which I am sure you want -because who wouldn't? and also because you're too ebil to be allowed to roam free- you'd need at least a tier update.. a Chi shield effect would be a nice bonus as long as it's toggle-able cuz I'd rather not have you cost SP too..

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AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 39
8/2/2017 12:01:25   

I've not had as much practice as I'd like but given that I'm at 1.2bil gold and that there's no other Zardnado guide for mages here, I suppose that there's no harm in it.

Zardnado (level 150)

Guardians or Adventurers?: Since we're dealing with the level 150 version, Guardians only.

Directions: Once you've bought the painting from the LTS, House -> Choose Painting (requiring at least 250 Z-Tokens for the cheapest house and another 1500 Z-Tokens for the painting)

For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Gold

  • Extremely consistent. From what I've seen the only way that the battle with not end on your second turn is if you get extremely lucky with your Lucky Strikes and end it on your first.
  • Death may be impossible, I've never come even close to dying during a Zardnado fight.
  • Takes very little time to set up, going from logging in to starting your first kill can be done in seconds.
  • I've never seen another farming spot that gets results even close to what this one does.

  • Doesn't seem to be as good for farming Z-Tokens as Queen Hybee is, although because of the amount of randomness that there is in the dropping of Z-Tokens I can't really give any useful figures. At best I can say that a cap at Queen Hybee would usually give me about 70 Z-Tokens while Zardnado will often not give me that much.

    Suggested Equipment:
  • Weapon: I've been told that the Fire Magestaff and Sila's Staff are equally good for this job provided that you're not using any booster pets or guests, but if you are using boosters then Sila's Staff is allegedly the best choice.
  • Armour: The optimal choice is Pyromancer's Robe with Imbue with Lore toggled, the Wizard class taken, and your Wizard class level maxed, although Pyromancer Bloodmage (with Blood Pyre instead of Destruction Burst) is almost as effective.
  • Shield: Celtic Wheel, toggled.
  • Spells: Destruction Burst.
  • Pets/Guests: I suspect that its optimal to have none. In my experience a single Poe does not offer a significant enough boost in your 1 turn kill rate to make up for the time lost to its animation, although those lucky enough to own dual Poes or other booster pets may find otherwise.
  • Miscs: I know of none that are worth using.

    General Strategy: Once everything has been set up as described above, simply cast Destruction Burst until you win and click to replay once you have won.

    Recommended Levels/Builds: 150 Pure Mage, I use a 200 Dex/Int/Luk build with 150 End. I suspect that builds with under 100 End may be at risk of death.

    Data: My X-Guardian consistently caps in just under 20 minutes (although as previously mentioned, the Z-Tokens drops are not as generous as other popular level 150 spots such as Queen Hybee). If memory serves, it consistently takes about 20 seconds to go from one kill to the next.

  • While I have no data to support this, I suspect that these tactics will also work at lower levels, although as it stands the Zardnado Painting is not upgradable and therefore using this guide before level 150 could lead to wasted Z-Tokens.
  • Needless to say, where possible it is best to have the highest level version of most of the items that I've suggested using.

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  • AQ  Post #: 40
    4/30/2018 5:12:19   
    Raven God

    Thursday The 12th: Out of Order!

    Guardians or Adventurers?: Both, though Guardian have potentially better farming spots available to them.

    Directions: Today's Event > Click the "Thursday The 12th Undead War: Out of Order!" button

    For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens: Primarily for EXP, but you'll find out it is also a decent source of gold.


    • The starting cutscene is skippable, and there's virtually no dialogue (there's some if you manage to reach the Fatalis boss, but it can be clicked away really fast);
    • Animations are fast, and battles last only 2 to 3 turns, depending on the monster you are fighting (some monsters can be finished in a single turn, especially when a LUKy Strikes procs);
    • If you have an unfavourable battle and flee, you are taken to the main War screen, and can easily and quickly return to action;
    • Since you can encounter monsters much higher leveled than you are, the EXP payoff can be very high;
    • Artix Form is not only very powerful, but also very resilient to damage, allowing to tackle most monsters without fear of dying, EVEN when they outlevel you by a fair margin;
    • ALL monsters start with a -200 LUK debuff, which means you ALWAYS start the battle first, and their LUKy Strikes are of no threat (save for some Glass Cannon monsters with their MP/SP attacks back-to-back).


    • Your Guest, Daimyo, is obligatory; his damage output pales compared to yours, and is unreliable at finishing off even very weakened monsters.
    • Can get repetitive to some, but I find this is alleviated by the randomness of monsters you encounter.

    Suggested Equipment: NONE, one of the big advantages of this farming spot: since you are locked into Artix Form, absolutely NO EQUIPMENT is needed! Also saves you some time changing equipment mid battle.

    General Strategy: No "strategy" required per se while in-battle, you only have to click the "Attack" button. However, you'd be best have the following mindset:

    • Fill up your SP bar beforehand (Essence Orb is wonderful for this), so you have plenty in case you need to flee;
    • Seek battles with the HIGHEST level monsters you can find at your level, while fleeing from low leveled monsters whose low rewards are not worth your time;
    • PRIORITIZE battles with the following types of monsters (unless low leveled):
      * Spectres (low HP, very high EXP reward);
      * Moglin Phantom (low HP, high EXP rewards);
      * Banshee (low HP, moderate EXP rewards);
      * Undead Mage (low HP, moderate EXP rewards).
    • AVOID battles with the following monsters (they are usually NOT worth your time):
      * Moglin Freak (high EXP rewards, but has moderate HP, and transforms at <50%, which takes animation time; only battle if high leveled);
      * Zombie Zard (Tank monster with high HP, END and low Resistances, takes too much time to defeat, definitely AVOID);
      * Undead Wounded (moderate HP, but gives abnormally low EXP and Gold rewards),
      * Skull Swarm packs (individually low HP, but packs of 4 can have a cumulative higher HP than most monsters; also more animation time than most monsters);
    • Avoid the battle with the Fatalis Boss, if you ever reach it; It has a good EXP reward and it's not hard to defeat, BUT beating it triggers lots of dialogue, so it's best if you just FLEE from it.

    Recommended Levels/Builds: Another one of the main advantages of this spot, ANY CHARACTER can farm this spot on equal terms and with similar speeds, since you are given Artix Form! This is more significant for BeastMaster builds, which can farm much faster without having to wait for their Pet to attack. It is also suitable and available for characters of any level.

    Data: I have been farming from level 120 to level 129 on an Adventurer character, and I have been able to cap EXP consistently in about 1h to 1h 30m, if I'm focused; there may be some variance though, as the monster pool is quite random.

    Notes: It is in your best interest to TURN OFF the "Ready Inventory Before Battle" option, if you have it enabled, saving you a few seconds each battle; you can achieve this by clicking the "Options" button below your HP, MP and SP bars > "More" > Uncheck "Ready Inv Before Battle (AQ)" > "OK" to return to the main screen.

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    AQ DF  Post #: 41
    7/30/2019 1:24:46   

    Mighty Shadow Gogg Farm

    The location isn't new. However, I would like to introduce a way of farming the Mighty Shadow Gogg without any chance of dying or having to go through his attack animation and keeping every battle length under 15 seconds. This method takes about 20 minutes to gold cap at level 150. This is arguably one of if not the fastest method to cap due to the high reward/battle, never having to see the enemy's attack animation and seeing your own attack animation only once.

    Guardians or Adventurers?:
    Guardians. Adventurers can still try, but they may find themselves lacking the damage to finish every battle within 15 seconds

    House -> Visit Neighbor -> 45387657 -> Specific Neighbor

    For EXP/Gold/Both/Z-Tokens:
    All. I'm not too sure about the Z-Token rate, but from experience, it's not too terrible.

  • Extremely Fast. ~20 minutes to cap at level 150.
  • Easy, repetitive actions.

  • Requires URGGB items (Poelala).
  • Limited to high luck builds (minimum 210 required).
  • Requires you to have completed all of Lucretia's Potion ingredient hunts.
  • Costs 450k gold per session, so try to just cap in 1 go (or just don't log out after you have paid for Lucretia's potion).
  • Requires a house.

    Suggested Equipment:
  • Whispering Raiment
  • Aeromancer's Robes (Requires Level 10 Wizard) or any Bloodmage armor.
  • Celtic Wheel or its lower level variants
  • Borrow or Arctic Tornado.
  • Poelala pet/Poelala Guest/Feather Buster. I believe at level 150, only 1 Poelala is needed. However, for lower levels, I would recommend using both and even using Feather Buster.
  • Though it does not matter too much at level 150, at lower levels Aeromancer Robes/Borrow are preferred over Bloodmage/Arctic Tornado as they provide superior damage, not to mention they are easier to obtain.

    General Strategy:
    [1]Ensure the option "Ready Inv Before Battle (AQ) is enabled.
    [2]Travel Map -> Granemor -> Potion Shop -> Click on Lucretia -> Ooh, potions? -> Potion List -> Ambush -> Buy a Potion (gold) -> 443553 Gold
    [3]Highlight "45387657" and press "ctrl + c"
    [4]Equip Celtic Wheel with Int Drive activated. Also, equip any booster equips you have available to you.
    [5]House -> Visit Neighbor -> "ctrl + v"or "Right click + Paste" -> Specific Neighbor
    [6]Equip Whispering Raiment and click "Start Battle". Whispering Raiment + Ambush Potion + 210 luck guarantees you to attack before the Gogg.
    [7]Equip your choice of Aeromancer Robe/Bloodmage armor and cast Borrow or Arctic Tornado. This should 1HKO the Gogg.
    [8]Click Visit Neighbor -> Specific Neighbor. No need to click paste here as the house ID should automatically appear. Then repeat steps 6 and 7.
    [9]Repeat step 8 until you run out of mana (this should last for 4 battles with the recommended build).
    [10]Back to Town -> Click on Fountain to Heal.
    [11]Go back to Step 5 and stop once you cap.

    Recommended Levels/Builds:
  • A minimum of level 132 is recommended. Most likely, this requires you to have both Poelalas and Aeromancer Robes to 1HKO the Gogg. Please note that I have not actually tested this method on anything other than a level 150 character.
  • Recommended stats at level 132: 250 Int/210 Luck/200 Dex. Level 132 will also give you access to the second highest level version of Borrow.
  • Builds with lower int or non-mage builds can still use this guide. However, lower int builds means you cannot always cast the spell of your choice 4 times, making you go back to town and heal more often, and increasing the time it takes to cap. Non-mage builds will depend on Essence Orb for SP, which will also take a little more time compared to Mages as the battles in which you use Essence Orb will last longer than 15 seconds.

  • It took me 20 minutes 45 seconds when I tried it today. Obviously, it's going to take longer if you misclick. It hasn't taken me more than 23 minutest to cap.
  • I mostly seem to be able to cap on tokens from a capping session as well (at least 50 tokens).
  • From the start of the battle immediately after the loading screen to the appearance of the "Rewards" save screen takes about 11 seconds. This means that you have about 4 seconds of time every battle before hitting the minimum battle time. This includes switching from Aeromancer/Bloodmage to Whispering Raiment and back to Aeromancer/Bloodmage. If you find that you are missing a bit of damage, you should have enough time to equip a damage boosting misc.

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    6/25/2020 3:12:07   
    Primate Murder

    With the CIT shield getting nerfed, farming tokens has become a little harder for warrior builds. Normally I use Queen Hybee for quick battles and post-battle hp heal, but my non-mage characters are no longer able to one-shot her.

    What's the best place to fight low-hp, high level monsters? Edit: also, low-gold so I don't gold-cap too early.

    And what would be the optimal warrior gear now that CIT's op effect is out of the picture?

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    6/20/2021 20:08:27   

    A potential build I spotted to farm Caecus fast as a Warrior/Ranger

    Build: 250 STR/DEX/LUK

    Due to the Tempest Power Armor's +105 Initiation Bonus you might be able to shave off some LUK points into CHA for increased boosts from your guests.

    Armor: H-Series Tempest Power Armor
    Weapon: Eclipsed Dragonlord's Patience
    Shield: Eclipse Dragonlord's Will
    Pet: Angra Linnorm or any ranged/energy boosting guest.
    Guest: Essence of Carnage or any ranged/energy boosting guest.
    Spell: Dragonguard Invocation / Arms of the Dragonguard

    Basic Strategy: Start with the Dragonguard Spell, whichever version you have. Then attack with the Armor's Overdrive Mode activated. You'll do massive damage which should kill Caecus. Each attack will do 1500-2000 damage which should take you over the top. If it doesn't it should be pretty close. Just attack him again if he manages to survive the combo and he should be dead.

    This combo is entirely self-sustaining because Dragonlord's Patience regenerates your SP on hits much like the Dragonlord weapons do, along with the fact you heal double the SP you normally would because the FSB is in play. You can also crit off the SP heal from Patience's so you'll get a massive amount of SP regen. Celerity also doubles your attack, and you get Elecomp during Overdrive Mode. Hypercritical is maintained through the whole turn including celerity so you'll always crit. This also means you get double the heals which should cover both the cost of Overdrive and Dragonguard Invocation. If it doesn't it should still deplete very slowly as to not slow you down too much.

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    AQ MQ  Post #: 44
    7/6/2021 19:28:29   

    So I think I've found just about the fastest farming combo now (if not, pretty much tied with Alpha Weredragon Backlash Farming in terms of speed), although this is likely not a viable strategy without Shadowspark Doomlight. With this strategy I managed to gold cap in about 13-15 minutes. I found out that Frostvaleverse's backlash mechanic is actually registered as an attack, which procs Doomlight's backlash mechanic. Anyways, the setup:

    Armor: Doomlight Shadowspark Armor
    Weapon: Doomlight Shadowspark Armaments
    Shield: Doomlight Shadowspark Shield
    Pet: Angra Linnorm
    Guest: Dread Fiend of Nulgath (Backlash mode)
    Spells: Sizzler Splosion
    Misc: Any .5 fire misc

    Stats: 250 INT/CHA/END


    So Mr. Frostvalverse will always attack first. Depending on how much damage he does and how much health you have, your battle strategy changes:

    If he manages to bring his own HP down to 1, you should be able to win just by doing nothing, or possibly tanking the attack should you feel confident you have enough HP to survive it. At this point you'll only have to deal with 1 hit instead of the normal two should you miss. Be carely though as he can Lucky Strike off his counter attack.

    If he brings his lower than say, 500, you should be able to win just by using Sizzler Splosion. He has 100% to Earth and finishing him off this way at this point saves time over potentially attacking and tanking a hit.

    Otherwise the most common scenario is that he'll damage himself to about half or under. If your HP is at around 65% or above, you should be able to tank both his hits should you miss. The greatest thing about this setup is that the counterhit and the regular attack are both considered hits, so you can backlash his counterattack. This normally is enough to kill him.

    Be warned that you can and will occasionally die because even despite your HP reserves, he can still deal a massive amount of damage. Either way most battles usually take 1-3 turns. An advisable addition would be to pack yourself a spell or skill that does not do damage (except Sizzler since that autohits), but uses up your turn. Things like Healing spells or potions would do this well.

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