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=HS= HeroSmash Q&A

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10/11/2013 19:47:32   
Legendary AK!!!

Have a question that needs answering? Ask away. For general HeroSmash questions, try the Herosmash FAQ. If your still baffled ask away, but please remember that forum members generally can't help you with account issues and Portal Help pages is the way to go.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I play HeroSmash?
A: You will need to create an Artix Master account via our Portal Site if you haven't already.

Q: What is an Alpha or Beta test phase?
A: Testing phases are different time periods where we are testing a game before it is released. It also helps us squash those nasty bugs that can prevent players from enjoying the game to its fullest potential and gives us a chance to add a bunch of cool stuff in the game. In Beta, we are still testing but have also released upgrades, SmashCoins and TONS of new content and items for all players to enjoy!

Q: What is Fame?
A: Fame is HeroSmash's in-game currency. It didn't make sense that a Hero or Villian earned money, they would earn FAME and become more FAMOUS!

Q: What are SmashCoins?
A: SmashCoins are the special super-uber currency that Heroes and Villians can purchase to get even more EPIC items or powers!

Q: What is the current level cap?
A: For the Beta phase, it is level 20.

Q: What do I do if I have a technical issue or lag?
A: Please visit our Technical Help Pages for more information.

Q: What is Founder status and how to I get it?
A: You can obtain Founder status by purchasing a HeroSmash membership or SmashCoins within the first month Beta is released. Here is our Design Notes post about Founder status.

Q: What is the V.I.P Membership?
A: The V.I.P Membership means you are a Very Important Player and you have a HeroSmash/AQWorlds Membership! Your character name in HeroSmash will also appear Blue/Green to let everyone know you are a V.I.P.! Please note, if you have more than one AQWorlds member account linked to your Artix Master Account, you must pick which AQWorlds account you want to have V.I.P. status. Please login to your Artix Master Account, click on My Account and to the left click on VIP Member Info to choose which AQWorlds account you want to be V.I.P.

Q: What are Alpha items and how do I get them?
A: Alpha items are special rare items that were only obtainable in our Alpha testing phase.

Q: Can I chat in HeroSmash?
A: Yes you can! There will be multiple servers, including a canned chat server and a member only server. Canned chat are pre-selected phrases (safe chat mode) for those players under 13 years old.

Q: How do I customize my character?
A: You can visit Beleen's Beauty Shop on Main Street East to customize your character. You can access the customization menu by clicking on the chairs or mirrors in the Beauty Shop.

Q: What are the classes in HeroSmash?
A: Surprise! There are NO classes in HeroSmash! This is because you do not need them. You can customize your character any way you want with Powers.

Q: What are Powers?
A: Powers are your core fighting abilities - they are similar to the class abilities in AQWorlds but you can mix and match them any way you want! Who says you can't have fiery and icy powers? Please note, you cannot equip two of the same type of powers at the same time such as Fiery Feet levels 1 and 3.

Q: How does this game fit into the AE Universe?
A: It doesn't! HeroSmash is its own universe - an "alternate reality" from LORE so to speak.

Q: Is there a way to delete my character?
A: Yes, you can delete your character, included one that is upgraded, so please make sure you definitely want to before doing so!

Q: Can I change my character's name or gender?
A: No, there is no way to change your character's name or gender currently. If you do not like your character's name or gender, please create another character.
-----Note: Deleting your character to get the name wont fix your problem. Deleting the character will be useless because you cant get the name anymore, even if you delete it the data of that character is still stored in the data base that why if you create a new one under the same name the prompt "User already exist" will appear.

Q: Can I have the same character name as my Artix Master Account Name?
A: Yes, but we STRONGLY advise against it. Your Artix Master Account will be so much secure if you choose different names for everything.
-----Note: For general scamming prevention, you will not be able to say your own name if your master account name is your character name.

Q: How many characters can I have?
A: You can have up to 3 characters per account.

Q: Do you have a paid membership in HeroSmash?
A: Why, yes we do! We have a special membership that SHARES a membership with AQWorlds! Here is our Design Notes post about Founder status which includes information about the membership.

Q: Does my membership and SmashCoins go to all characters on my account?
A: Your membership goes to your account, meaning ALL of your characters have a membership. SmashCoins are SHARED between your 3 characters, so you can decide which characters use x amount of SmashCoins.

Q: What's the deal with the "Unlockable" Shops?
A: We have a special idea that if you spend $20 or $50, special "unlockable" shops with uber items will be available to you!

If you wanna discuss or have some urgent questions or you just wanna chill, come and join us in the IRC #HeroSmash channel ^^ we'd be grateful to have you guys there. From there you could also join the official AE games channel like #yulgarsinn and #battleon #epicduel etc. Don't know how to get on IRC? Here is a guide on how to get on IRC http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=16791187 See ya guys there ^^. />d4

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
8/13/2013 21:11:28   
Twighlight Sky

I know Balu already took this one, but I'm going to expand on it.

This may sound very nooby: Whats the fastest way I can gain XP besides fighting monsters at /deathitude?


@Lord Noonien Soong I think that fighting the lvl 20 zombie mooks at /join supercitymall (go left from main screen) gives you nice xp.

Balu was right, the zombies are the best way. If I remember correctly, they are the only farmable level 20 monsters. The next best way is actually at Ingiru.

I would only recommend Deathitude for farming fame (selling the drops is a very effective method of gaining fame).

And no, it isn't a nooby question at all. We've all been there, and many players don't utilize the zombies for farming, despite the effectiveness of the method. They also have some rather nice drops (particularly if you like chainsaws).
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/22/2013 10:45:33   

If I buy a Legend(member) in Aqw does it count through the ultimate good/evil shop in herosmash?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 3
8/22/2013 14:10:06   

No it doesn't. If you buy membership in HeroSmash, it will! And it will carry over to AQWorlds.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
8/23/2013 4:58:44   

@Antithesis with the badge and the ac?(say if I buy 3 month plus 5000 Smashcoin)
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 5
8/31/2013 0:16:51   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

I wanna get back in the game but I can't PvP well. What kind of power should I get? I am level 20 and my power set is Vampire Bite(20), Eye Boil(20), Warrior Spirit(15), Death Touch(17) and Stupefacio(10)

Also power rating please?

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A calculated tragedy, miracles are foolish
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
8/31/2013 0:30:21   
Twighlight Sky

Well, there's a lot of different useful builds at the moment. My first recommendation would be to, if possible, replace warrior spirit with fashion sense. From there, decide what kind of build you're interested in (energy, mental, haste (speeding yourself or slowing opponents), dodging, healing, etc.). Hard to advise more than fashion sense without more to work with...

Fashion sense is a key skill, though. Every good build should have it.


DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
8/31/2013 0:45:27   
Lupus the Wolf
Heres How We Roll Winner
July 2014

I'm looking for way to deal damage fast to my opponent I guess. Fast, real fast! As fast as possible! Also any Ice skill I can use?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
8/31/2013 1:00:11   
Twighlight Sky

Well, mental sets are effective quick damage dealers, but they're frowned upon by many players. I am unfamiliar with other combinations for fast damage, but I believe there are quite a few.

As for ice skills, there aren't to many of those. These are the ones the wiki lists (although there may be more).
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
8/31/2013 5:23:05   

I personally recommend energy powers for haste-based builds~

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DF MQ  Post #: 10
8/31/2013 10:52:15   

For haste builds, a good start would be Warrior Spirit and Pulsar Beam (if you have it). It provides mana regen and combined together they give you a good amount of haste.
The problem with haste builds atm is the new way the cooldowns work, as tracking when cooldowns are about to come off is much harder. With that in mind along with the "jump back" on cooldowns happen when a haste buff ends, my own haste build has never been as effective. Your own mileage might vary tho.

As for Ice powers, Ice Barrage is good on a haste build as it has a 2sec cooldown, which is reduced by the haste you've got. You need to make sure you keep on top of your mana with a build with IB in it, as spamming it every 1.something seconds at 41 mana takes it's toll, but it's a start.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
9/2/2013 13:27:48   

psychosis and pulsar beam are the best haste boosters. You also have gravity warp which maximises haste. Super speed is a bit different, but that's really unfair if combined with super intellect. A very good hasty build is: super intellect, fashion sense, psychosis, pulsar beam, siphon life. (for battle royale, boss fights, and farming)

was the popcorn merge shop meant to go rare???

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AQW  Post #: 12
10/19/2013 23:28:26   
Demi J

Dont know if this section of the forums is even alive anymore but, for giggles sake, c: anybody want to recommend me a better pvp build?

current is

open with psychosis, pulsar beam, super intellect (will use that first sometimes instead), use fashion sense then surge when necessary

im going for a tanky pvp build c: ive seen players without all the heals/mental last just as long as i have and dish more damage out...so going for that tanky tankyness thats tankerific
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
10/20/2013 13:31:35   
Twighlight Sky

Can you elaborate on your tanky criteria?

By the way, a lot of players feel mental powers are unfair, and may become very vocal about it. Just a heads up.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
10/24/2013 5:10:22   

?What hours is Hero Smash reset on a daily basis?

I live in the CST (Central Standard Time) Zone in the USA.

?Which Time Zone is the Hero Smash Server set to?

Hero Smash isn't acknowledging my Username & Password Combination.

I haven't played Hero Smash in a very long time.

However, I haven't played Epic Duel in a very long time; and, I still can Log-In to Epic Duel.

Either Hero Smash doesn't work on Windows 8 + Chrome Browser; or, Hero Smash is no longer an active Game System; or, I am trying to access Hero Smash during Server Maintenance Down Time.

I can't access my Hero Smash Account Data; because, there is a FLV Player Ad Tag floating over the Hero Smash Data Line in My Game Account Window.

Posts merged to avoid double posting. Please use the edit button to add content to your last post to avoid double posting. ~Therril Oreb

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Epic  Post #: 15
10/24/2013 21:14:30   
Twighlight Sky

Maybe you're entering the wrong username. Try putting in your email as the username, it makes me do that for my account.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
10/26/2013 18:33:08   

@stephCQ: herosmash gets reset daily???
AQW  Post #: 17
10/28/2013 12:57:22   

Where's pumpcon? According to artix.com it should have been released.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
10/28/2013 16:26:01   

@Twighlight Sky
I did try using both my Username & E-Mail Address.

Nothing happened.

When I tried to Create A Character using my E-Mail Address, I get an "Account Already Exists" Error Message.

When I goto my Artix Game Account Page, the HeroSmash Data Line is blocked by an Advertisement Window; thus, I can't Click-On the "Information" Section for my HeroSmash Account.

Apparently, I do have a "Dr. Afrika" Character for HeroSmash. My Main Character for EpicDuel is also named "Dr. Afrika". ?Could that be an issue?

I have looked at the Help Sections & Bug Sections; but, they don't have solutions for this; and, they don't provide the Contact Support that I need.

I don't know what is going on...Whether my Account has issues; or, the HeroSmash Game System has issues; or, my Computer System has issues.

I play various MMOGs from other Online Gaming Companies.

It is common practice for those MMOGs to Reset/Maintain/Repair their Servers, Game Worlds, on a daily basis.

Those Daily Resets only last for about 15 Minutes to 1 Hour, depending upon the nature of the MMOG.

EXAMPLE: Exorace Daily Resets lasts for 1 Hour. The FunOrb Mini-Games have 15 Minute Daily Resets.

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Epic  Post #: 19
10/28/2013 21:23:26   
Crystal Lion

One question to you: Do you have ad-blockers of any kind on your computer? That might be what is blocking the Data Line in your Artix Account.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
10/30/2013 23:17:10   

I have a question about the "Intro"-mission of HS:

Will it ever be active again?


All is ephemeral - fame just as the glorious ones. (Marcus Aurelius)
Alles ist vergänglich - der Ruhm ebenso, wie die Ruhmreichen (Marcus Aurelius)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
11/11/2013 23:16:37   
Plamby VioletZ

why cant i login in HS with my account or any account i create, i also tried using other ip address and other computer....it just stacks at authenticating account info, please help
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
11/12/2013 0:36:00   

What are some good non-member things that I can get in Member areas?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
11/14/2013 18:55:11   
Chaosweaver Amon

Well, I've decided to buff up a bit in Herosmash, and I need some advice:

1: Is there a better gold fame farming spot than Deathitude? That's where I've mostly been farming.
2: What is the best EXP farming spot for a level 9?
3: I want high, constant damage powers, that are available to a nonmember. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 24
11/15/2013 2:21:17   

1) Nah, I think deathitude is still the best with its drops to sell.

2) type /join supercitymall and find the level 20 monsters. There are level 5, 10, 15 and 20 monsters in different parts of the area, but you ONLY want to fight the level 20 ones which give a lot of exp (and a reaSonable amount of fame, and some drops).

3) there aren't any, at level 9, so you will have to use powers that synergise well together to do high damage at your level. On my level 8 acc, I use unstable, mutate, irradiate, radiating hands. This set does a tonne of damage. I also use super speed with those powers, but you could use uncanny focus or something if you wanted the build to help with farming. this build works best at lvl 8 but I'm sure it would be fine at lvl 9.

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