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MtAK: Balisong birdy is here!

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12/15/2013 17:19:07   

Hello AQW Q&A people! I'm the newest AK for AQW Q&A! My name is Raylas, and this is my MtAK for my new section! I will be letting this thread run either until New Years Eve or until interest is lost, whichever comes first.
Due to my lack of forsight regarding the holidays, I'm leaving this up until the tenth of the month. Last call!

Few Rules before we start: No more than 10 questions per post. 1 post per page per person. And finally, Have fun!

Okay guys, ask away!

Oh, and I'll be editing in This super cool font! :D

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
12/15/2013 17:22:18   
The Dealer

- Hello raylas!

Hi Skurge!

- First and foremost, congratulations!

Thank you :D

1) Define "Steampunk".

Victorian style with super advanced steam tech. Or "Girl Genius", which ever you prefer.

2) Would you rather have 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

One horse sized Duck plox! I could keep it for a pet o3o

3) What is the ideological relationship between the post-modern French writers of the mid 1930's and the various relio-political social military organizations that were formed in South-Eatern Asia during the pre-Cold War period, with regards to how the anachronistic combination of such people, ideas, and organizations has a negative influence on the mediocre post-secondary education facilities of South America, with scholarly references to pre-existing issues such as the fact that local governments in North-Western Switzerland have relatively low tax incentives for the upper-middle class, and what militaristic undertones would a comprehensive solution to these philosophical issues contain?
Further study into nature vs. nurture and having a better understanding on what is innate in the human mind and what is learned.

Uhhhhhh..... uhm........ PASS!

4) Where did you get your username from?

My name actually comes from my D&D character!

5) Favorite bird?

Roundbird of course! (IRL it's the Cassowary, they be cool dino-birdies!)

That's all for now. Have fun!

Bye Mr.Steampunk! I like your monocle! :D

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The ArchFiend Needs Your Support.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
12/15/2013 17:30:07   




How are you?

Fantastic, thank you!

How's being an AK going so far?

Oh it's been great! I loving helping out! Been doing it for almost a year.

Favorite AE game?

Hmmm, that's a toughy. I'd say it's a tie between AQ and DF, but that's a CLOSE tie and not an easy choice. I love them all so much!

I assume your favorite Pokemon is Natu? If not, what's your favorite Pokemon? (My favorite is Wailord)

Indeed it is! Natu is my favorite!

Well, that's all the questions I got. Hope you have fun here in the AQW Q&A!

Thank you! I'm sure I will!


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AQW  Post #: 3
12/15/2013 17:50:04   
Death Lord

Hiyas Raylas!


....How do these things start off anyway..

Usually with bacon, but you can also use prosciutto.

*scratches his head*

*Watches the scratching*


You're itchy!

*Still Scratching*

Imma call you itchy!

Before you ask...*STILL SCRATCHING*

Itchy! :3

Finally, the clouds of ignorance are dispelled by the enlightening rays of a ..lightbulb. XD

Yay! :D

Congrats on becoming the newest chained slave Q&a AK!

Thank you! ^.^

Now, let's start off with the interrogation *bwahahaha*


1.How did you come to join battleon forums?

A friend of mine showed me the games, and I found the forums via the link on the game window of AQ.

2.Any thoughts on ponies?

I like the ponies, their fun!

3.Whats your fav Flying/psychic bird Pokemon?

Natu! :D

4.What colour are your shackles?

Mostly the same, their blue-green with a stonewashed finish, but now they have a little tinge of purple in them...

5.How would you describe yourself as a person?

I like to think I'm friendly and pretty smart! I also like knives and science!

6. Do you watch animes? If yes, could you please name some of your favourites?

Indeed I do! My favorite anime are One Piece, Attack on Titan, and anything Miyazaki has worked on!

7.Kfc vs Wendy's

Olive Garden! :D

8.What do you think of the Aqw section of this forums?

I think it's nice! But it's very busy, so I offered my help here to keep everything running smooth!

9. Five things that come to your mind on hearing the word "purple".

Mellisa, Mritha, Fairies, Devil Fruit, and Amethysts.

That's all for now, but I'll be back...some other time.


Nice talking with ya, and I'm eagerly awaiting your replies.

Nice talking to you too! :D



~ Death Lord

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 4
12/15/2013 17:57:23   
0o jacob o0



Who are you?

I am the roundbird!

Where are you from?


Where are you going?

Anywhere I'm needed! :D

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AQW  Post #: 5
12/15/2013 18:01:31   


have fun being ak and put all your heart and soul, and more to it.

DF  Post #: 6
12/15/2013 18:04:49   

Roundbird! I missed you using my face as a perch! Now, onto the questions...

GUTH! *facehugs, peches on*

1) Favorite class?

Hmmm, probably...Elemental dracomancer. That or SCIENCE!

2) Favorite color?


3) So I get a cookie?

Yes! You do! *gives you delicious christmas cookies*

4) Why not? :(

I gave you a whole plate of them!

5) Don't you love me!?


6) Then why wont you give me a cookie!?

Okaaaay, you can have more cookies! *gives you another plate of them*

7) Can I perch in your nest?

Sure, but it might be a little small for you...

8) Can I nest in your perch then?

Hard to nest on your own face!

9) Can you see any logic behind these questions?

Nope! But I'm having fun so I don't mind! :D

10) Finally, can I have that cookie? No? Well...then do you remember "Raylar"? :P

Okay fine, you can have still more cookies! *gives you yet another plate* and yes, I DO remember Raylar!

*throws a green smokebomb and knocks myself out with sleeping gas in the smokebomb* x-x

O.O *builds a nest around him*

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
12/15/2013 18:20:31   
Chaosweaver Amon

Beannachtaí Raylas! (Use Google Translate if you want :P)

Hi Amon!

Before I start with the interrogation questions, let me congratulate you!

Thank you!

Anyway, on we go.


If a liar says he's a liar, doesn't that make him honest? Or is he a liar? Lying about being a liar also makes him honest, doesn't it? Or is he lying?

If a liar says he is lying, he is lying about his current lie. Ergo he is still a liar! (I think!)

How much does your brain hurt now? :P

Pretty good hurting now yeah ._.

Do you have a favourite kind of music?

Yes! I do! I favor rock music personally!

Who do you consider your favorite Fantasy/Science fiction character?

Hmmmmm tough one. I'd have to say..... Monkey D Luffy.

As a bird...are you capable of growing a beard?

Nope! But I can stick some extra feathers to my face and it kinda looks like a beard!

Chaosweaving or Soulweaving? (Choose wisely.)

*flips a coin* Chaos weaving it is!

Well that's all the random junk that I could think to post, once more, congratulations, and good luck as an AK!

Thanks again!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 8
12/15/2013 19:27:22   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Hey Raylas!!!

Hi Star!

Congratz on the promotion!

Thank you!

Are the shackles any tighter now?

Not really no, but they give me extra birdy treats now! :D

If you could have any one creature as a pet, guaranteed that it was house-trained and wouldn't attack anyone, what animal would you pick?

Hmmmmm. Giraffe, I think! I like them, their cool, and they have cute faces!

What is your favorite type of cheese?


*buries Ray under a mountain of cupcakes* Enjoy!

Woo! :D

Well, best of luck and congratulations again! Come stop by DF for the war.

Thanks! And I will! I love wars!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/15/2013 20:25:01 >


Have you checked your forum inbox? PM Notifications are down!

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
12/15/2013 19:29:02   
Wolf Rider

Hey, Ray!

Hiya Ging! :D

Not that much to say, though I don't think I posted in your OOC MTAK, so I'll go with the standard.

Yeah, I don't think you even knew me back then!

If you could have any one thing from any book, movie, TV, show, or cartoon (or anime or manga), what would it be?

Hmmm. I'd take the Ice Ice fruit from One Piece. Yeah I won't be able to swim but.... I'm living ice!

Now you get a gift! :D


*holds out a box* In this box lies an infinite supply of one thing and one thing only. What's in it?

Uhmmmm is it red velvet cake with vanilla frosting!? :D

That's it. Congrats on the new forum and good luck.

Woooooooo! Thank you! ^___^

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/15/2013 20:28:49 >


AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
12/15/2013 19:32:45   

- What's your favourite animal?

I'm gonna go with.... probably Sloths!

- It seems you like Pokemon, don't you?

Yes, I do!

- When did you start playing AQW?

I started playing in early beta, on and off since then, but I try to keep up!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/15/2013 20:31:31 >
AQW  Post #: 11
12/15/2013 22:04:33   

  1. Bonjour, comment ça va raylas? (Translation: Hello, how are you raylas?)

    Hello! I'm doing very well thank you! and your french is very good!

  2. Favorite hobby?

    I actually collect knives! I'm very fond of Balisongs (butterfly knives), hence the title of the thread!

  3. I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me.
    Aren't I so punny?

    Hehehehehe. Artix would be proud of the puns!

  4. First video game you've ever tried out and on what console?

    Wow, this makes me feel OLD. The first game I ever played was the original Spyro the dragon on the PS1.

    I'm going to try something a little different this time, is that okay with you? >:o

    Long as it don't break any rules I'm cool with pretty much anything!

  5. Bonus question: For ONE million gold... The U.S. icon "Uncle Sam" was based on Samuel Wilson, who worked during the War of 1812 as a what?

    A: Meat inspector
    B: Mail deliverer
    C: Historian
    D: Weapons mechanic
(bold the correct answer!)

Hehehe, See, I'm actually a history student so..... might want to try a different topic next time! XP

Congratulations on the promotion and battle on! */cheers*

Thank you very much! Battle on!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/15/2013 22:56:12 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 12
12/15/2013 22:10:22   
Sora To Hoshi
AQW Head Moderator
Time Mage

*walks in*

*perches upon*

Well I normally ask fave anime but since DL already asked, I'll ask whats your fave Miyazaki work?

Good question! That would be Princess Mononoke, it was the first one I saw, and it remains my favorite of his works to this day!

Hmm AQW Q&A is becoming a bird sanctuary with you and Gulls XD

*bird calls fill the air* I will fill AQW with birds <.< >.>

Have fun

I already am!

*walks out*

*hops off head, goes back to perching on the APR peoples*

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/15/2013 22:58:47 >


"Just because a Mage wears the Black Robes does not make him evil."
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
12/16/2013 1:06:46   
James Lu

Congratulations, Ray! :DDDD

Thanks James!

How does a bird such as yourself fly with all these shackles? :o

RoundBirds are flightless ;D

Favourite novel and film?

Favorite Book is "The Martian Chronicles" favorite movie is a tie between Princess Mononoke and Schindler's List.

Favourite AE and non-AE game?

Favorite AE game is a tie between AQ and DF. Favorite Non-AE game.... Metal Gear Rising.

Your thoughts on purple?

Purple is gooooooooood! :D *likes purpleness!*

Hrm, that is all for now!

Bai~ Congrats again!

Bye James! Thank you! :D

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/16/2013 19:13:22 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
12/16/2013 8:16:04   


1.) How are you?

I'm great!

2.) Favorite armor and class?

Favorite armor and class are one in the same: I've always loved Elemental dracomancer!

3.) Favorite weapon?

Savage Kopesh. I LOVE exotic blades!

4.) Favorite aqw release so far?

Gah, I can't decide! There's too many like too much! D:

5.) Was it hard for to become an AK for Aqworlds Q&A?

Funny you should ask that. I never really tried to become an AK, it just happened!


Thank you!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/16/2013 19:18:27 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 15
12/16/2013 10:44:52   

YO Raylax[yeah, I'm gonna call you raylax, better than raylas]

Who? <_< >_>

Congrats on becoming the latest slave whom I can pillagelatest AK in AE.

Thank you!


The sky! :D

Call of Duty or Halo?

CoD, I lieks mah black ops!

GTA or Call of Duty?

CoD by defualt, never played GTA. I'm more of a saint's row man!


I don't like sports games so no comment. Let's call it a tie!

Battlefield or God of War?

Never played either series, so once again: Calling it a tie!

Gween or Hallow[yeah, I love them both, they're soo cute]?

*flips coin* Tails, therefor Hallow!

EbilCorp or AE[which is ebiler?]?

Ebilcorp is ebiler, but AE is mah friends! :D

Here are a few questions which I ran through the Bad Translator. I want ye to answer them the best way you can.

Oh boy..... this is gonna be fun!

Why you want to do this?

Cuz AQW Q&A needs me ^.^

Six or none.


Mad cows are cool?

Not if you're a rancher! D:

Thief's seldom steal?

You can technically steal once and still be a thief, so this MIGHT be true!

And that's it, I'll let you know on the real sentences later, once yer brain has become fuzzy :P , Good luck answering them.
You may call me electro as in my AQW character name.

Okay! bye Electro!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/16/2013 20:24:33 >


AQ AQW  Post #: 16
12/16/2013 12:10:28   

Hello stranger!

Hello question asking person! :3

So how is it going?

Very good! :D

Are the shackles they forc---uhm gave you hurting?


How are the other priso---uhm AK's?

Their pretty good! They all seem very happy for me ^.^

Who is your favorite NPC in the AE universe? And why?

Ooooh, tough one. I'm gonna say.... Eukara Vox. I like her, she's kind, caring, powerful, has dragonflies, and best of all: SHE LIKES GREEN! :D

Well that's all, cya on the forums and gratz on the promotion!

Bye! And thanks!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/16/2013 20:47:07 >
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 17
12/16/2013 20:10:42   
Lord Coxy
Its Coxy Time

Hello there little birdie >:3
Hi Coxy!
Since you are a round bird, are you related to the big bird :O?
No, I'm just a roundbird! ^.^
Is Natu your favorite pokemon?
Yes, it is!
Guess thats all the questions for Coxy Time for today (which is a good thing for you)
Aww, okay!
Congratz for becoming an AK here, try not to get to crazy over here :P
Thanks! and I won't! I'm good at AK stuffs!
Have an awesome day now
You too Mr.Icecreamguy!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/16/2013 20:48:48 >
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
12/17/2013 3:58:44   

Hi Durr! :3

Hi! :D

Balisong is....? A butterfly knife isn't it? (are you a butterfly knife bird? :O)

That's correct! A balisong is a Fillipino knife design more commonly known as a butterfly knife. I collect knives, but I especially prize balisongs due to the rarity of high end models. I have 2 right now, a Kimura 7 in mirror polish, which is sadly discontinued, and a spyderco smallfly in foliage green G10. Which is also discontinued. Every balisong I love dies.

Uhmm, *pets the balisong bird

*is pet, fluffs up happily* ^.^

Happy AK-ing nao!! XIAO!!!

Okay! Have a nice day! :D

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/17/2013 18:38:43 >


AQW  Post #: 19
12/19/2013 0:28:15   

*Strokes the little bird*
*pet, fluffs up* ^.^
1. Would you rather have a painful, but fast end by a firebreathing dragon, or a slightly less painful, but drawn out death by Yuno Gasai when shes being messy?
I take the third option: Flee! D:
2. Rank(military) of the man the Bowie Knife was named after?...NO WIKIPEDIA!
Dun need Wikipedia, I collect knives: James Bowie was a Colonel in the military.
3. Nuke or Orbital Bombardment?
Orbital. Less harm to the planet and the area isn't poisoned afterwards.
4. Kill a pokemon or eat a dead one?
Hmmm. I'll nom a slowking! :D
5. Watch Nyan cat for 3 days without sleep or Play slenderman at 12:00 Am-6:00 Am for 3 days in a row?
I'll take slender, since I don't actually find the game that scary.
6. Describe the usage of depleted uranium as tank armor, the reasons behind its effectiveness, why it doesn't blow up, and list 3 tanks that use it.
Uranium works as a tank armor cuz it's really dense. It basically slows down or stops any incoming projectiles. It doesn't explode beause it's depleted, and uranium is a stable element. It only explodes if it undergoes nuclear fisson.
7. Describe how a person essentially kills themselves after being stabbed with a knife in the heart by an attacker(What happens to the Heart)
8. You have 1 choice...a)be locked in a room full of flesh eating spiders or b) get locked in a torture room with a really angry gravelyn
9. Hit Artix or Hit Beleen IRL?
10. Mirai Nikki or Black Butler?
Oooooh, toughy. I love BOTH those series, but..... I'm gonna give the win to Black Butler because it has both scares and silliness.

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/21/2013 19:05:44 >
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
12/21/2013 2:53:10   

A wild Natu appeared! Go, Blissey!
*flees from the battle* D:
Gimmeh a hug!
*hugs* ^.^
How's your job?
It's great! I love helping around the forums!
Do you like lemons?
Yush! I love lemon meringue pie! :D
What do Natus do on a daily basis?
Peck, stare, hop, peck, stare.
Use Seismic Toss!(Lv 100)
*uses psychic instead*
Why not Xatu?
Not round! D:<
Define the concept of creation.
Uhm.... making something? I guess? Like building a lego set! :D
Ever played an SMT game?
No I have not, but I would very much like to!
Well, I'd best be going. I may come back later though! *throws Poke Ball
Bye! I'd love to have you back later! D: *flees it*

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/21/2013 19:09:01 >
DF AQW  Post #: 21
12/21/2013 8:28:37   

DAT Platypus of AQWorlds / BH

Heya :D!
Hey! :D
Welcome to Insanity, go rip off this red color and join purple force!
Thank you! And I would, but all the good purpley shades are taken D:

TWEET! *cheeps*

Have fun and congratz :D
Thank you! ^.^

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/21/2013 19:10:15 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 22
12/21/2013 12:35:29   

How old are you?
Post #: 23
12/24/2013 5:57:32   

Hope I'm not too late to the party!

Nope! Plenty of time!

Just wanted to say congratulations, and have a great Christmas.

Thank you! And I DID!

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/27/2013 23:46:24 >
Post #: 24
12/26/2013 4:17:11   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Hello :D


Congratulations for making it into an AK :) Was it hard?

Thankies! And I didn't really TRY to become an AK, it just happened!

Raylas!! I wonder why your name sounds familiar?

I dunno!

Maybe I met you ingame before... What's your AQW char name? :D

It's not Raylas o_O

Now I sound like a stalker. Ha.

*Shifty eyez*

Balisong, huh... Are you Filipino? :D

I am not, but I like balisongs Very much! :D

Well, I am!


So, got any talents (not related to knives)? :)

Yush! I'm very good at science and history!

Now I'm out of questions

Noooooooooooo! D:

Well, see you around, Balisong! :D

Bye! See you later! ^_^

< Message edited by raylas -- 12/27/2013 23:49:59 >


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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