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=MTAK= Challenger Approaches! Blue Knight takes to the field in OSGD!

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6/11/2014 8:29:36   

Hello! I'm Kiyone the Blue Knight. Otherwise known as blue obsessed, Transformer collector, Nythera Fanatic, who happens to be a report moderator for AQWorlds, and archknight of AQWGD. Mritha has ask me to come help out the OSGD boards. So here I am to help. So without further a do, my first meet the archknight thread which I should have done two years ago.

My question rules

1) =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply as always.

2) Ten questions limit per post.

3) No Double Posting.

4) No question(s) in the form of an image link please.

5) I reserve the right to not answer a question.

6) Please have fun asking questions!

I'll be primarily answering questions in this color on your post.

Also, If I have the time and can think of something witty. I may answer a question with a custom aqworld photoshop comic. This will be very random. If ya every seen my twitter pic comics you'll know what I mean but only if I have the time.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/11/2014 8:43:33   

Hello and congrats!


So, how did the darkness capture you and make you a AK? (Long answer please)

Can ya please be more specific? Do you mean AK for Oversoul or archknight in general? I want to make sure I don't upset what ya consider the darkness by talking about the wrong one.

Why OS? DO you like the game?

Various reasons. After getting the Artix game bug with AQWorlds. I try to stay on top of the newer release games. Where when I was trying out Oversoul I got caught up with it. I like the game play. Using the cards and capturing characters. Where I can easily do a quiet play the game solo r us and just do that. Also the artwork caught my eye. I been a big fan of Nulgath's art style especially since some of my main AQWorlds looks are based off his armor designs. So its fun having characters with that design format. I do like the game especially since its a good mutlitask game for me. Where I can be reading message boards and have the game open in another window(I have 22 inch monitor so I can handle both)

Do you think it possible that OS is dying, and if so what will you do to try and prevent that? I made a Challenge Thread, Salene made a YT channel, what will YOU do to try and revive OS and indeed other lost AE games?

Hard to say. I think its stable with its group of players but it is in a state were its just their. Which can make it seem stagnant at times which cause the dying concern. For prevention I would try to incorporate story elements or quest with a story theme to the game or even the forums. For game revival of OS assumming I had the power and could actually get it done. It would need new game mechanic or multiple new gaming mechanics to be added to distinguisg itself from the current version. Also would try to have it avaible as either a mobile game or game you can play throught facebook or google+ to help draw in players. With that I would do advertising to hype up the game for a bit. Before moving it into the Alpha phrase. With possible crazy grand reopening chances for all players to get some permanent rare characters back for a limited time.

Fav OS element?


Did you see E3 and if so is there anything you look forwards to and why?

I seen some of it. Not as much as I would like. I need to get caught up. From what I seen I'm mainly looking forward to Smash Brother Games. Nintendo always does a good job with them and they have alot of my favorite characters. Plus I have a lot of friends who I can play the 4 player game with.

Have you got any cool OSGD forum ideas?

At the moment no. Been more reviewing the status of the board and what's been done in the past. So once I'm thoroughly caught up. I'm sure I'll think of something.

That's all really.


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DF  Post #: 2
6/11/2014 9:49:00   

Salutations, Knight of Green Blue!(and sorry...?)

Maybe your sorry or you just testing me. Hmmm.

Wait, first meeting thread? Did you forget about it?

Yes this is the first one. I didn't forget. What happen was when I got selected as archknight original I was also selected as report moderator for AQWorlds. Where my forum name was different from my ingame name. As to avoid confusion. I was trying to get my forum name to match my ingame name, Kiyone. Where their was a lot of delays on this. Due to the fact I got selected right before Dragon Con. So the AE staff member who handles name changing was away at Dragoncon. Where after the convention they got sick for a while. So my name request got lost in the shuffle because of that. Where by the time they got to it. A month had passed and seem out of place to do one at the point. So I just never got around to it.

So, opinions on OS?

Playing the game, recommending it to people, and talking about it. Those are the best way to show support. Where they staff knows players are playing it they keep the game going. Recommending the game to others helps bring new players in even if its just one person. Talking about it helps it keep it relevant. Mention it on social media as I been playing this game. It keep it fresh in peoples minds.

What do you think would be the best way to support OS?

It's a fun game. I like capture things and fighting people surprisingly. Normally pvp is not my cup of tea. But the mechanics OS use makes it appealing to me. characters are drawn well. Just want some story elements and some quest and it be perfect.

What motivates you to do your work of pure justice everyday?

Mix of things. Growing up I also had a strong sense of right and wrong and willingness to help people out if I can. Its good feeling when you do the right thing and you make people happy and feel good when ya help them out. Its something that I just always done. Also I know how painful it is to get hurt when someone does something illegal to yo.u I have actually been robbed. where I lost a few thousand dollars worth of stuff & those with the power to correct/stop it, failed miserable at it. Which made the whole thing even worst. Where I don't want to see others go through that type of frustration pain. Where if I was in position stop something like that. I would try my hardest even if its just to minimize as little as I can. That whats motivates me

What is it about your love for blue that makes you different from other blue lovers?

I have a good affinity with it. where some people see blue as a sad color especially with wearing blue clothes. For me its something that makes me happy and sends good positive waves towards me.

A game based on choice, or a game with only one path?

I like game with one main path since I go nuts trying to do all the choices paths

Is there even such a thing as "choice"?

Thats more based on situation and how much you view long term outside influence. A Simple one would be choosing pop. Like Coke or Pepsi to buy. Where ya can say I'm making choice to buy one of the two brands. Where then you have to take into consideration how much outside influence is their for ya to keep it as a free will choice or the concept we have np choice but productions of condition. Like are you buying one because of an ad, money value, taste, social situation, or previous influnces like family and friends. So it can get complex if we really have a choice or we make condition choices base off how something is from the world around us.

How's the AK patrol going?

Its going well. I normally catch all the stuff that I have to take care of when I read all the post on my shifts.

On a scale of 1 - -5, how nice am I?

Hmm, whats value of the scale for niceness here. Is the low numbers the high points for being nice. Like saying one because your #1 with niceness or 5 because were basing the scale on highest number being the nicest number. Also is that a 5 or -5? Since if I say 5 you may miss intrepid if its negative 5. SO I would say you extremely nice.

Welp, that's all I can think of. Raise your shield and sharpen thy blade for another day of hope and courage shines brightly upon us!

Will do and thank ya!

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6/11/2014 13:58:32   
Chaosweaver Amon

Heya Kiyone!


So the shackles are even tighter now, eh?

I'm very far in that rabbit hole here.

A shame. Well, time for my..."Questions"!

Yea Questions!

What's your favourite character to play as in OS?

Alexis a.k.a Katana Zon

Really? And why that one?

Yes really. I think the character is very well balance with good offensive and defense qualities. Its also a master level character so I'm not worried about wasting time leveling it up to level twenty just for a new update to clear that all the way. Like playing an apprentice character and the only way to get the new veteran is to get rid of the level 20 apprentice. Its also a water elelment which I like. Plus I prefer to play female characters. Where Alexis is a good balance of the female characters I play. PLUS BLUE SWORDS!

Out of all of the AE games, what would you rate OS?

Hmm what is my rating scale here. Hmm, I would rate Oversoul as a solid average AE game. Theirs a few games that are higher up the oversoul in my mind, AQWorlds and Dragonfable. Yet theirs other games out their which oversoul beats out taking in all AE games into account. Plus I do have some bios towards a few games based off art style and game play mechanics. Which bump up Oversoul more for me where a more neutral reviewer would lower Oversoul. Its solid average game.

Well then. That's all for now. I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle, so I can crush the life out of your pathetic human form. Have a good one!

Will see ya on the battlefield but before warn I just don't have a human form. HENSHIN(Transform)!

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6/11/2014 14:57:32   
The Finnish Phoenix

Greetings Kiyone! Thanks for agreeing to double-shift for the OS boards, I'm sure it's a relief to some of the other AK's here. Here're some questions should you choose to accept them.

No Prob. I hope to be of help

What's your favourite Neutral character in OS?

Sir Galahad

What's your favourite Fire character in OS?

Love Weaver

What's your favourite Ice character in OS?

XMas Elf

What's your favourite Lightning character in OS?

Storm Knight

What's your favourite Earth character in OS?

Stone Knight

What's your favourite Water character in OS?


What's your favourite Light character in OS?

Founder Champion

What's your favourite Shadow character in OS?

Blood Ranger

If you could have a new element integrated into OS, what would it be?


What in your opinion is the most useful card in OS?

Empower. Its a Zero cost shadow card which can be acquired in shadow series. Its most the versatily mid/late game card their is. One you can CC it in any deck without having to charge any shadow energy. While it only does 309 damage its good for card managment. Once your getting +5 power per turn. Unless you using one of the three cards that gets ya more energy. Your working with about 10 energy per turn to play cards. Where your probably playing two of the five cards in your hand. Were your going to play two, keep one or two, and discard the last one. With empower your getting more out of that card your going to discard especially if its card with a piercing effect and you don't need it. So it helps give ya bit of an edge on card management.

Well that's the max, good luck and have fun, hope we're not too much of a handful. (:

I'll make sure to have fun and its possible I may be the handful for you guys and gals. ;)

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6/12/2014 1:06:11   

How do you feel about Oversoul's progress in terms of getting in the originally planned game features?

Hmm not sure how to answer this so. Look something distracted behind you! *Kiyone runaways*

How do you feel about a tier-system for characters in Oversoul? Would you support it?

Neutral. I usually play what I want. So a tier system wouldn't be that helpful for me. Plus we sort of have it with the character ranks

Orcs or Ogres?


What is your theory on how the Great Pits were formed?

A race of aliens fleeing the destruction of their home world. The landed in eastern maps. These aliens prefer to live underground and use their drill ships created the three great pits. Where hidden under the pits is their cities. They didn't close the pits up since they wanted to keep the opening for various reason. In case they needed to use their ships for a military attack, evacuations, to lure creatures in to observer, experiment and to capture. For you see these aliens are split into three groups. One group who want to live peaceful, one group who wants to conquer, and one who wants to experiment on things. What these being look like is unknown but their out their.

What is your least favorite character?

Love Machine

What is your least favorite card?

The water card "refresh"

Does thou think Nulgath will ever fully conquer the land of Oversoul?

No but not why you would think. Nulgath always seems to strive on conflict in the world. Especially when other parties are in need of his services. so I see him more conquer the majority of Oversoul and leaving the rest to parties he can manipulate to his advantage.

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6/12/2014 1:14:33   

Hello and welcome to your new position! I hope you enjoy it and these questions.

Thank you. I'm sure I will enjoy the new position.

Favorite Element in OS?


Favorite TV Show?

Transformers Generations One

Favorite Author?

Isaac Asimov

Have you ever tried out Ogre Mage?

Currently Level 10

Final Question, how do you feel about Pi?

Pi is great. Its the ultimate math concept that can be weaponize.

Thanks for taking time to answer all these questions and I hope that we will be pretty easy to handle.

No Prob.

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DF  Post #: 7
6/12/2014 1:30:30   
The Void Calls

Hello, Kiyone.


Congrats on the new board.

Thank you!

Question time.


Favorite animal?


Do you play any instruments?

I don't play any instruments. :(

Are the shackles fine, did they give you the purple stuff?

I guess. Not yet.

Any unreleased characters you're really looking forward to? I personally really want Will and Spirit of Susanoo.

From ones preview on Rev twit pic I would say "The goddess of Frost" would be the one I'm looking forward to. If it gets release. http://twitpic.com/bloqzv/full

<Error 404 Question not found>

<Error 404 Answer not found>

*Leaves cookies* Enjoy them.


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
6/12/2014 13:13:54   
Lord Coxy
Its Coxy Time

Hello Kiyone

Want some Pi?
Is it weaponize?

Judging by the title of your thread, are you looking forward to the new Super Smash Bros for Wii U/for 3Ds? (I know I am) and if so, what are you looking forward to? (like character wise for example)
Oh yes I am! To see if were going to get a third playable fire emblem character given how popular Fire Emblem Awakening was. We got Ike which was expected. But characters like Chrom, Lucina and Anna make me curious.

I heard you liek mudkipz (if you don't, Mega Swampert would love to speak with you ^_^")
Mudkipz is Blue so he's cool.

Do you think that someone Blue like you will do a good job here?

Thats all the questions I got for now

Congratz, good luck and have fun here :D (try not to lose your soul to Nulgath while you here to :P)
I think my soul belongs to Nythera. I need to check the ownership here.

Have an awesome day now
Will do!

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
6/12/2014 19:38:09   

Sup Kiyone!

Did ^ count as a question?

Do you like heavy metal music?

Favorite band/musician?
Rise Against

Favorite AE game?

Favorite color that is NOT blue?

Favorite video game?
Phantasy Star Online and Fire Emblem Awakening

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6/12/2014 20:56:51   
How We Roll Winner

Hello Kiyone!

Hi ChaosRipjaw!

How did you come up with the name "Kiyone" in the first place?

Long Answer: Where did the name Kiyone came from. This started with me trying to make a female ranged character in Phantasy Star Online. I had gotten a rare weapon, a female only rifle called Angel Harp. Its a long golden rifle with wings that had feather falling animation when you used it. Thing was none of my characters could use it. Where if I wanted to use it. I needed to make a new female ranger character. But for me I need a personality to go with characters I make. So I'm trying to think of a good female character for me to use it with since I already used my main female character ideas at the time. Like Kiyora my melee Character. At the same time I was also getting back into anime after being away from it for few years at this point. Which was since sci fi channel and cartoon network fault for stop airing anime all together or have it on at bad times for me( saturday night mindnight to 5am). Where my resurgence of anime came from finding a lot of bargain anime dvds at Dollar Generals and Big Lots store. Where a lot of those dvds were from the Tenchi franchises mainly Tenchi Muyu Universe series. Where watching them I fell in love with anime again. Even going as far as digging up my unorganize vhs tapes of cartoon network program to watchold toonami stuff to get my anime fix. Where with watching Tenchi Muyo universe. I really enjoy the Kiyone Makibi character. Who was really well written, great character voice, cool color hair, and a character not afraid to fight back if need be. Now Kiyone Makibi is also a space police officer who is pretty good with fire arms. So I'm like why not. So I create PSO Kiyone. Who I have a blast with. Then Phantasy Star Universe comes out which has better graphics and game play then PSO. So I make PSU Kiyone and the Kiyone character and name is just something I just keep using for a lot of the create character females I play in video games.

Short Answer: Character from Tenchi Muyo whos design and personality I like alot which has become my standard for when I make a female create a character for video games.

Have you ever thought up of any characters for OS?

These are the character I submitted in chronological order. Note, most of these were for the Oversoul contests

Female DDog Sea Serpent Knight
Nephenee & Michuri
Nova the Insane Elf Witch
Knights of the Lake

While we're at the topic of characters, how would you imagine your personal OS character to be like?

Hmm, a female drow character but with human color skin. Clad in Blue armor that has fishnets on the arms and legs. Where it remind ya of the Teknoman style or armored humaniods. A long cape and maybe some wings. Sword would a be a hyprid long version of longshore blade from dragonfable meets DDog sword long form

Naturally, are you good or evil and why?

Good since Evil has skulls and I don't like skulls.

Well, that's all the questions I could think of xD

Please think of more questions!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
6/12/2014 23:20:11   

Hello and congratulations! >:D
Hello and thank you!

What do you think is the most efficient way of poisoning someone?
O_O Hmm, what answer will not get me any legal trouble. Hmm... Well you can do it that way ... or this way... oh theirs always that method ... My personal favorite. But the easiest way is to play the poison card.

Your poison of choice?
Internet. Seriously best way to poison someone's mind.

If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would that thing be?
Hmm, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I been eating those for my lunches most of my life and they still haven't gotten old.

What's your favorite constellation and why?
My favorite constellations would be the big dipper and little dipper. Because their the easiest ones for me to find.

Are you a fan of the Arcana, if so what's your favorite arcana?
Hmm, since I'm not 100% sure which Arcana your referring to. I think ya mean the game. I haven't played so i'm not a fan. But going with other definitions or arcana. I would say the cards Meena uses in Dragon Quest/Warrior IV when she has the silver tarot cards.

Thanks a plenty and May your endeavors be bountiful and your journey a smooth one. :D Congratulations again >:D
Thank you and may your journeys be fun too!

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6/13/2014 0:59:05   
The Dealer

Greetings, Kiyone!

*Tips hat* Many congratulations on the board.
Thank you!

What's your favorite part about OverSoul?
collecting Characters

What's your stance on Steampunk?
It is AWESOME! I want to do some steampunk crafting either for cosplay or transformers custom. Plus need to get the one book back form the library that had steampunk elements in it.

What about Chronolord/Time-themed characters?
They are awesome too. I do like time travel characters especially given how a lot of fun stories can be had with them. Like the ones in Robots in Time, Doctor Who, AQWorlds with all it Chronomancer and chonocorrupters, and Transformers especially with Vector Prime.

Besides Zon, which character do you really enjoy playing with?
I would say the Fire Witch and Love Weaver. Where I do lot of basic multitasking farming and those were some easier ones for me to do. Very offensive decks and didn't worry too much or trying to do card combos and they just had pure destruction with them BWAHAHAHAHAH!

I believe that'll be all. For now!
Ok and let me know if ya have anything more

Once again, it's great to have ya' here. ;)
Thank you! Nice to be here

You but the color code here. So either ya want. "~Kiyone" or special comment. How about for food thought Steampunk Cyber man from Doctor Who. What would they look like.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
6/13/2014 14:59:56   
Bionic Bear

Why, halloo thar. Greetings and salutations!

What do you think about bears?
Colbert Report is right and we should be very cautious of them.

What is your favorite bear?
Polar Claw. He's a maximal that transformers into a Polar Bear.

He's a good Voyager Maximal. Solid robot mode. Has a nice bat drone to send out. his claw gimmicks is good. But its his robot mode head. Mainly the mutant head which has robot facial elements I like and is way better looking then his normal head design

What is the purpose of existence?
Oboy. I can go some many ways with this since I do over think of philosophy of things. Even existence. Where you can basically debate and bring so many elements to what the purposes of existence is from various view points of living creatures, planets, stars, the galaxy. It can be mind blowing. That's not even taken into consideration religious views, political views, time frame comparison, personal modifiers like social class, people around you, and body health. So a long answer would be incredible long if went on all those tangents. So more compress basic one would be to live. How you would live would very from person to person but given that we do exist. Its best to live it out and see what plays out.

If you could choose an animal to live with for the rest of your life as a companion, which animal and why?
I would go with either small dog type or a dog with wolf elements. They be loyal and I know how to take care of them. Plus consider having to deal with supplies and living arrangements especially in city areas. They would be easier and more social acceptable. plus they be fun to play with.

Methinks that be all for the moment. Congratulations on your acceptance, and I cry fortune unto ye.
thank you I appreciate it!

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Post #: 14
6/15/2014 21:15:55   
James Lu

'Allo, 'allo!
Allo to you!

Thank you.

What are your favourite novels?
Various. I like the Robots in Time Series, the Robotech novels which very good, Excel Saga manga, Claymore manga, Full Metal Panic Mangas, any of Transfromer Graphic Novels,The Secret Garden is personal favorite

Favourite author(s)?
Isaac Asimov, Simon Furman, Bob Budiansky, Larry Hama, and Jack McKinney

Favourite film(s)?
Transformers(1985 version), Star Wars a New Hope, Star War Return of the Jedi, Great Outdoors, Princess Bride, Rush Hour, Cinderella, Marvels Avengers, Frozen, Christmas Story, Back to the Future, Ghost Busters, Short Circuit, Wreck it Ralph, and Batman the Dark Knight trilogy to Name few

Favourite director(s)?
This one I bad about since I'm not great about double check who does the directing for stuff. Like I enjoy Josh Whedon stuff but theirs lot of other types of directors I like especially voice actor ones where I be like I can say series but have your name up type deal.

That is all, welcome and congrats again :D
Thank ya again

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
6/19/2014 8:31:52   

Hello, Kiyone!

First of all, congratulations!

Question time!
I know it is obvious, but just to make sure The Purple One didn't brain-wash you, is it right that

BLOO is your favorite color?

OH! Hidden trap stuff someone snuck in. Does that mean you work for GrimSkull? If that's the truth I'm going fall down very soon. AHHH! <<<A trap. but please still answer within the box I provided:D
*While falling* Can ya hear me? In the world of bloo & purple. I'm the oblivious one who just goes with BLUE subgroup that gets a long with purple.

But, why did you type in purple? Why, Kiyone? Whayy? DD:
Because you ask me to in the hidden text since your working for Grimskull.

Which one do you think is better: Warlic or Zyrain?
In what regard are we asking who better in what? If its music then it be Warlic. If it forum work then it be Zyrain. I mean I can do a lot of these type of sub categories of whos better. Plus its better ina positive manner or a negative maner. Like I can say warwic is better at upsetting me for having to save Nythera in Dragonfable against the 8 elements when she can total beat them in that fight which SHE DID! Or Zuyrain is better not being famous in comparison to Warwic given Warwic has npcs name after him. So I need some context here!

What do you think of the color cyan?
Cyan is AWESOME!

Tea and coffee, which one would you pick?
Tea since I absolutely refuse to drink Coffee at all.

Cyantist, Cyanomancer and Cyan Mage, which one would you pick and why?
Cyanemancer since it sounds the most fun

If you could pick a special ability in real life, what would you pick and why?
This is going to be weird ability. I want the ability to take non living objects out of pictures. Where when I take the object out of the picture it makes perfect real life copy out of it. Where in the picture its gone but the object it was original base off of doesn't disappear or anything. Its basically so I can have as many toys as humanly possible. I would never have to buy toys again and I can so many expensive army builders.

What is your favorite number?

That's close to mine. Mine is 19:))

I guess that's all from me. Thanks for your answers^___^
You're welcome!


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AQW  Post #: 16
9/1/2014 17:43:32   

I hadn't seen this MTAK until now, so sorry for the late congratulations but here they come: congrats! I'm also a big fan of Rise Against, so we can be RA buddies, yay! Anyway, no real questions to ask so that'll be all for now. But, I'm fully certain that you will Give It All as an ArchKnight!

Good luck!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
10/21/2014 19:42:07   

What is your favorite Blue?
Dark Blue
What is your favorite Dev/Mod Character in Oversoul?
Nythera.... Wait she not in their. Hmm, got to think on that one. *thinking* Given my choices. I would go with Rolith's Captain of Pactonal Knights. About closes we can get to him in game and I'm more of fan of knights, then creatures and mobsters. So Rolith wins on that front for available in game chars.

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Post #: 18
10/21/2014 21:33:04   

Hello Kiyone Congrats on Being able to Help the OS Boards
Thats all. Have a Good Day Or Night.
Thank you and ya have a good day/night/ time period your experience when you read this.
@ the jop Ah. I forgot.
Ok I miss this by one day. Can't fault me on this. Thought this would be move be now. Oh well.

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Post #: 19
10/21/2014 21:40:56   

Hello. The darkness of Lore congratulates you! AHAHAAHAHAHA!
thank you Mr. Darkness
Are you afraid of me?
The only thing I fear from you is if one day if you go rouge and I would have to write reminders or warnings to you. Since odds are the timing of finding that out when be ready to log out or I would have to write up long explanation trying to cover all my points and redeem the now lost soul. Which is not easy. THATS WHAT I FEAR FROM YOU! WORK! Seriously WORK! Please don't make me do work when I don't have to.
If not, can you help me stop Nulgath? He killed us all!
That be tough even thou he's not a person I report to. He's still higher up and have access to the no you can't do that to me power.
Favorite OS character?
Still Alexis a.k.a Katana Zon
Favorite video game?
Still Phantasy Star Online and Fire Emblem Awakening
Favorite AE game('s)?
Still AQWorlds
Favorite Anime/Manga?
Anime theirs so many to choose from. When I like an anime their pretty much tie. So one I slightly like best would be Tenchi Universe/Manga is Excel Saga

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
10/21/2014 21:52:00   
the warden

Nice to meet you miss Kiyone:)
Nice to meet you aswell
Are you a mortal or inmortal?
Last I check was mortal. Working on thatimmortal thou
Either way what do you think of my shadow cloak? (from AQ)
Shaodw cloak. *does research aka google search* Reminds of Lord of the rings but looks good on ya.
Do you like super smash bros?
If yes then if you have it for 3ds shall we settle it in smash? :)
I would like to but can't. My 3ds is currently set up with info I'm nott aloud to give out to players/forum users. So I can't honor that request. Plus I can't make a nice Kiyone mii. Theirs no Blue or green hair options. Seriously. I wouldn't have to go with evil black hair kiyone in a red outfit. But players/former wouldn't get the reference and feel cheating that I'm not using blue miss option. ARGGH why nintendo why no color hair options.
Who is your least favorite OS char?
We have a new winner on the spot. Leatherhead since I HATE WITH A ROYAL FEARFUL PASSION ANYTHING HORROR MOVIE RELATED!
Whats your favorite element in OS or in general?
Still Water

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
10/21/2014 21:57:19   
The Jop

The thread is over 4 months old guys, I'm not sure you'll get responses.
Just like I tell me twitter follows. I'm not good at starting conversations or chit chat but will respond to everything that's sent my way. Even four month old threads.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
10/23/2014 1:39:54   

I didn't know you were already an AK! I apologise for that. Dx I congratulate you.
Here is the questions for you:
Which element is your favorite?
In general I always been partial to the ice element. Always like making ice base power character or using those type in multiplayer games.
Which character is your most favorite in terms of appearance and useful deck?
Appearance and useful deck. Which I'm assuming is meta game level. I would go with Blood Ranger. Beautiful Drow who is just lethal with poisons, mark of deaths, and void reflection
What is the worst experience you ever encounter in OS?
This would be in two parts. The worst was before the game started and missing the early test phrase by a week. So I couldn't get the promo character for that. Which I can only blame myself for. :( Actually in game was one time being in a room with players who were using profanity & refuse to stop it.. While I did send reports on them. It was still frustrating for me since I'm so use to handling those situations in AQWorlds and on forum and can immediately take action. Being stuck in situation where I have to wait like in an AE environment came off worse then if I was in another game and that would happen. Where the feeling of not doing anything more got to me then it should have.
What is the best thing you ever achieve in OS?
Whenever I get a character to level 20. :)
Which anime including new OP is your favorite in 2014?
Theirs ... Nope forum ratings won't let me say that one. Well their is ... forum ratings again. Hmm, I think the safe one I can say is the new Sailor Moon series
Which country is your favorite?
If you choose between Japan and Korea, which would you choose to go for vacation?
Japan in a heart beat
Which country food is your favorite? (Please say its Japan xD)
Italian food since I'm assume you meant exclude home country. Italian food is my favorite. Its the easiest country food I can eat without getting sick of in large amounts over extended time frame. While I like Japanese food I have to be more careful with my servings.

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