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=MtAK= The GD gets a Warden

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7/19/2014 22:09:39   
James Lu

So, I've just taken on EDGD. You'll be seeing me here more often.

It's fairly simple, ask a question and I'll answer it (at my discretion).

The Rules
  1. The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
  2. You are free to post as many questions as you like, just know that they will be answered at my discretion.
All posts will be edited in this font, colour and style.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
7/19/2014 22:25:47   
Noobatron x3000

1) Do you have any influence towards the game , Can you push for things such as balance? (most obvious examples at the minute strength , hp , legend ranks)
Nope, I have no influence over game design issues. If you have suggestions, they belong in ED Suggestions, likewise, matters of balance belong in ED Balance.

2) While I find it interesting a new mods turned up, perhaps this should of been done sooner I accept the games population collapsed but the forums population is virtually none existent for ED now , Perhaps making the rules softer with a higher staff presence could of been prevented, Since most other AE forums don't seem to have the issues these do.
The rules are determined by forum administration. The rules in one General Discussion forum will almost be an exact carbon copy of those of other General Discussion fora, the only differences arise where certain things aren't relevant to one game. Additionally, those are only individual forum rules. They are simply corollaries of the Comprehensive Forum Rules which cover each forum regardless of that forum's focus.

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Post #: 2
7/19/2014 23:04:28   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED


Congrats on the expansion and good luck in EDGD. :)
Thanks very much, I appreciate it ^_^

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AQW Epic  Post #: 3
7/19/2014 23:22:37   


CongratsZ on taking over EDGD
Thanks :D

Favorite AE Game?


I Kinda Hate to type with the Screen KeyBoard, Physical one is broken, Give it a try So we can see if you can handle it, answer this with it.
That makes two of us :P

Bye, For Now..........

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AQW Epic  Post #: 4
7/19/2014 23:31:44   
How We Roll Winner

Greetings and Salutations Mon Frer;
Guten Abend, Mein Freund!

I shall ask you 3 questions thusly as follows:

1. What do you hope to bring to the proverbial table in regards to generating healthy, good wholesome discussion?
Nothing that the other ArchKnights who have worked and who do work here haven't already contributed in terms of community character.

2. In Epicduel if you could choose to be a Tech mage, a blood mage, a bounty hunter, a cyber hunter, a tactical merc or a merc of which of these would you choose to belong and why?
My character's a Tech Mage

3. Would you be Legion or Exile in group and for what reason?
Exile. Never been one for following an oppressive autocrat.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 5
7/20/2014 0:10:52   

A warden? We haven't got too much of those lately, maybe I will play with you a bit O3O

Do you like anime?
I do!

What anime of this new season are you watching?
I haven't seen anything new D:

What level are you in EpicDuel?
9, I think XD

What music do you like?
I'm a big fan of music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. Although, I do also like to listen to Jazz, Techno, Alternative Rock and anything orchestral.

May I hunt souls with you?
You'll have to ask my boss

If you had to chose a color, which color would your eyes be? It can a gradient color e.g purple to black, green to yellow, red to brown, etc.
Mine would be purple to cyan, I love the combination of both colors!
I would love to have blue and green eyes. Unfortunately, I don't have heterochromia in real life :P

Do you like art? If so, which one you have interest in to learn or which have you practiced?
I've done a bit of map drawing and sketching.

Do a slap applies to giving a warning to bad people in forums? XD
Slapping? Nawwww, we use feathers!

Are you in college?
Yes, I am!

Which career you course in college?
A Bachelor of Arts with dual majors in Philosophy and Politics

Are you a tester or mod for an AE game apart from being an AK for ED forums?
I'm an AK for OS, AQ Guides and AQW General Discussion, I have no in-game roles

Which icecream flavor is your favorite? Depending on this, I will consider you my enemy or ally, depends on your answer! *Starts lurking*
Hmmm... rocky road, caramel, strawberry, triple chocolate, honeycomb... pretty much everything :P

You prefer cookies or bread?

It is bad to spend the money you had to buy food with and buy art supplies? (Totally didn't do it)
Depends, did you need it for anything important? :P

Have you ever achieved something that felt you were really happy and couldn't stop smiling?
When I graduated from high school. :P

You may found me annnoying but I'm nice when I'm not upset XD
Haha, no, you're alright :P

If you could get some item in EpicDuel, how would that item would look like? A brief description would be nice! Inspiration is always nice for artists.
A telescoping staff.

Do you believe in Ancient Gods, myth creatures, aliens, ghosts, or even death reapers?
I'm a Christian. However, I take great fascination in studying other systems of belief

Which mythology have you found the most interesting?
The Graeco-Roman, Norse and Egyptian pantheons are those which I take great interest in. I studied Ancient History in the latter part of high school and the tales of Perseus, Jason and Odysseus were among my favourites.

If you could be a hybrid, which mythological creature or animal would you like to be a hybrid of?
This will probably be a very cliched answer, but chimeras have always interested me

Which sport is your favorite?

Have you ever cried watching anime?
When Pikachu left Ash in Pokemon. Although, I was very young at the time. So that could explain it :P

Well, nice to see you around and have fun cleaning this section of the forums (except me)!
Likewise! Thanks :D

~Hatred Cuirass

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 6
7/20/2014 3:08:35   
Legendary AK!!!


So, when are we going back to the Guylian coffee shop? :D
Whenever you're here next :D

What's your take on the Molyneux problem? :o
The senses operate independently of each other, so, regardless of how much the subject of the experiment KNOWS of the differences between the cube and the sphere and regardless of their touching the objects, they would not be able to name them were they given vision.

With red only. PURPLE!

Wait no, what about the complete spectrum? Why don't you love it completely?
Not all colours were created equally.

What's the weather like today?
*checks in with Google Now* "It's Mostly Cloudy and 14 degrees in New South Wales <postcode redacted>."

...8, unless this is a trick question

Favourite number? And why?
7, July is my birth month!

How often do you go to the beach? And which beach is your favourite?
Maybe... 3 times a year? Maroubra has the nicest surf, IMO, but Manly and Bondi look a lot better :P

Enjoying ED GD so far? :D
Yus! :D

So glad my waifu joined the dark side <3
Only for you <3

Have you visited the trumpeter again?
OMG, no, but I still feel so bad ;-;

What's your favourite way of making the colour purple?
Personally, I like getting a bit of 6,6′-dibromoindig and pouring it into an alkaline fermenting vat along with sea salt and potash and letting that ferment

Explain your view on the Münchhausen trilemma? (It's after another Baron :o)
What is true is true independently of what others hold. Circularity undermines the validity of an argument, yes, but lack of validity does not equal lack of soundness, which is the most important part of an argument.

What's your favourite type of cookie?
Triple chocolate chip

What's your favourite type of cake?
Taro or Chocolate Mud

Can you explain the processes of hail formation to me?
In thunderstorms with strong cold updrafts.

If I gave you maths questions more difficult than the one earlier, would you answer them? :D
Potentially :P

Fire? or KABOOM?

What would you do if...ummmm...somebody raided your house and took all of your coffee? :3
No need, what is mine, is yours :P

What is next for Jemas? D:
Not sure :o

Favourite animal?
Penguins! They have an organ which converts seawater into freshwater! HOW CONVENIENT WOULD THAT BE?

Plz give me a 1000-word essay of your views on Australian politics at this present date. Will accept this via e-mail or facebook. Kthx
I already send you my philosophy essays for reading after submission, are you suuuuuuuuuuuure you want to read my politics essays? :P

Why did the Philosopher cross the road?
They were a determinist and the sign changed from "Don't Walk" to "Walk"

Can you please list all of the chocolate places in Sydney, and their locations? Thanks <3
In PM? :P


Actually, also explain the atmospheric processes in storm formation, including information about the multiple different factors that influence instability and the different parameters which measure instability.
When a high pressure system develops a centre with low pressure. The combination of forces can result in the formation of storm clouds such as the cumulonimbus.

Can you please solve Hadamard's maximal determinant problem? :D jks, I don't expect you to

What's your favourite way of eating bacon?
Fried until crispy

Out of all the hot pots you've had this month, which has been your favourite? And why have you had so many? D:
Last night's... OMG, the fish was amazing :3 I dunno, I has Asian parents :D

Use l'Hopitals to compute (provide all working, no wolframalpha): lim(x->infinity) (1+(a/x))^(a+x) (a>0)
Can... I ask one of the KoO ... or Kaelin? :D

What is your favourite type of cheese, and why?
Blue cheese, I like pungent cheeses :D

How big is your vocabulary now?
According to http://testyourgrammar.com/ I know 48,000 words

Favourite word? And why? D:
'Brobdingnagian' - It's a fun synonym to use in place of 'gigantic'. Then again, 'sesquipedalian' is another close one... 'Flummox' is another fun word... Okay, I'll stop there :P

Favourite flower? (totally not asking for purposes of our wedding anniversary)

36. FPV or HSV? And out of those ranges, which would you get? What colour?
HSV. Moar dakka powah

Why did I put a number in the question above?
It is the square of 6?

Even or odd numbers?

Modular forms, geometric group theory or optimisation?
M8, I'm a Politics and Philosophy Major, not a mathematician ;_;

What's my favourite food?
From your reaction on Friday at the Guylian Cafe, I'd have to say Chocolate :P

Did you enjoy the wind on Friday?
It was glorious, although I did feel a tad cold

What is the answer?
What is the question?

What's your favourite pastime?
Writing, although, I've been doing the kind I'd much rather avoid >_>

OMG so much thinking to get these questions/statements out D:
D: I appreciate it, though <3

I hope you enjoy putting your edit codes in :P
:P You evil, evil man

Diamond, emerald or sapphire?
Diamonds are a girl's best friend~~~~

What's the strongest material in the world?
Synthetic? It's Grapheme, is it not? Natural would be diamond. Unless I'm mistaken.

If A and B are matrices satisfying the equations A^5=I and B(A^4)=AB, show algebraically that B(A^3)=(A^2)B

Is our universe real?
Prove to me, in non Cartesian terms, that we aren't real.

That's all from me, for now. ILY BBY <3 Tlk 2 u now :D
Okay. THANKS. ILY 2 <3

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Post #: 7
7/20/2014 7:52:02   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED


Are you prepared to enter the fiery depths of ED GD?
Ready and willing! Err... wait, what do you say when you've already been deployed?

How much do you play?
Funnily enough, I've only just started to get back into the game. I think it'll be a while before I play regularly. I need to learn what everything does x_x and I'm sure I'm using woefully underperforming gear >_<

Favourite weapon/s in game?
I love the look of the Azrael series of weapons. Shame I wasn't able to get any of the promo gear at the time

All for now, cya around.
Alrighty, thanks for popping by! :D

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
7/20/2014 9:07:14   

bonjour Mon Ami!
Guten Morgen, Mein Freund!


Exile. Never been one for following an oppressive autocrat.
It makes me sad that people have that view of legion in general D: I am a Legion player. In my personal opinion Legion stands more for order then dictatorship. To bring balance and a working system to the world of Delta V. In your opinion, Do you believe Legion is outright evil? I for one have never liked the Exiles, They are a rag tag bunch of misfits with no clear direction or army. They have minor rebel groups situated around Delta V. Baelius is not the correct person in power to represent what Legion really stands for. So back to the question. Is Legion Evil?
To label one side purely evil and the other purely good would be a severe understatement of the nature of this conflict. That said, Baelius has been unjustifiably cruel and has effectively invalidated whatever mandate he had to continue his rule. A leader is meant to rule per the will of the people, not as they so choose. Yes, the Exile aren't the good people they seem to be on paper, but it is their principles which I support and not the people who I identify with.

Question 2 ^_^/Statement. I am fairly volatile at voicing an opinion and my thoughts, If you see me starting to get out of hand, Even if it does not yet Qualify for a ban or warning. Please PM me b4 it gets to that point, So i know where to stop. Btw, Welcome to EDGD, You are gunna have your hands full.
I've been told this is a... fun place.

Question the 3rd. Do you prefer fast kill builds. Or do you like to have longer battles.
I hate slow battles, that should be an indication :P

4th Question. If you were a cookie. Which kind of cookie would you be?
Macademia or triple chocolate chip... Maybe a mix of both?

5th Question. AQW or ED? Which is more fun.
I am obsessed with the lore of the three original AE games and as AQW is an amalgam of sorts, I was interested to see which direction it would head towards. It has exceeded my expectations in that regard as it has managed to build its own rich world. That said, ED is by no means a quick play game, it has its own rich story, one which I hope to familiarise myself with in the coming months and years.

6th Question: If you could have any power in the world. Only 1, Which would it be. Let me elaborate on my reasoning in this topic. I would not chose Immortality, because even though i believe there is no afterlife, immortality would be a curse. I would not choose Invulnerability, where is the fun in that? Ironically, Even though my biggest fear is heights, I would chose the power of flight. Seems 1. I could start a show and perform marvelous feats and become a millionaire 2. Flying is freaking awesome. 3. I wouldn't have to be stuck in traffic every time i wanted to go somewhere 4. People would look small and insignificant in my eyes from the height i would be at. So, What would you chose? Chose wisely and elaborate.
Telekinesis. Mind control has always fascinated me and the thought of controlling, warping and altering things per my will is... rather an exciting thought. (Pardon the puns)

Don't worry I'm almost done ;) Question 7: Master Yoda you like, yes?
Oh, heh. I do.

And my FINAL Question. Question 8: Have you ever played Pokemon, If yes, What generation are you? Gen 1,2 etc- What is your favorite pokemon and what is you favorite pokemon game?
Yep! I've got all the games :D My favourite would be Gen 2 and... favourite pokemon? Probably Fennekin, it's so cute :3

That's all for now. I only recently started posting on the AEF, So nice to meet you. Oh oh oh. 1 Last thing. Are you a ninja? I had never heard of you before yesterday, And all of a sudden i see your name EVERYWHERE lol.

Ah, welcome! :D Maybe I am... maybe I'm not... we'll see!


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AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/20/2014 10:17:33   
Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins


You play any sports?
I swim everyday and I cycle and run on occasion.

What are your favorite games to play?
AdventureQuest and Guild Wars 2

Who is cooler Digi or 204?
Digi is a co-worker :D

PC or console?
Ooohhhhh... it'd have to be PC.

Congrats man, welcome to the party.
Thanks very much! :D

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AQW Epic  Post #: 10
7/20/2014 15:43:26   

Hello, hello! Congratulations on the promotion!
Hey, SMGS! Thanks :D

It seems you've been shackled by a mysterious figure. Who are they and how are they treating you so far?
<Message redacted>

How are your new colleagues treating you? TankMage isn't causing problems with typos while Wind isn't breaking too much wind, I hope.
Good! Umm... I wasn't told I was signing up for that o.o

First impressions are extremely important. Are my impressions an accurate description of who you are? - You like padlocks, purple and complex language. Yes, you would know a synonym for complex that starts with P.
Incredibly astute observation, my mysterious acronymous friend. Well, depending on the definition of complex that you intended... there is "perplexed" and also, "puzzling."

First things first, your name. How did you come up with it and where does it come from?
To borrow a phrase from Elryn, it is the name of my "Terran analogue"

How many boards until your forum title becomes unreadable?
One more is needed.

Who convinced you to subject yourself to creating this thread?
You did

Can you give me a build to defeat Titan?
>_> No

Why haven't you gotten the super duper Ultra Rare Omega Overlord Achievement that is available for free?
Oh, I'll need to do that

Why a Tech Mage over a Mercenary or a Bounty Hunter?

44 Fame? I bet it's you faming yourself, isn't it?!
Of course

I want to one hit kill anyone in PvP. Can you put this in-game, please? I said please.... Okay, now can you put it in-game? Thanks!
No. No. You're welcome :D

Apart from the ArchKnight Achievement, what is your biggest accomplishment / achievement in EpicDuel?
Registering? XD

In what ways do you plan to uphold the honour of having an achievement that states that you "keep the AE forums safe?"
By continuing to do just that.

What is the strategy to killing Saeva Lionhart using a Level 30 Bounty Hunter along with the weakest partner on Delta V, Revontheus, in order for me to receive a Kingslayer achievement so I can finally get 2 Blue Stars by hitting 115,000 Rating Points?
Please take Battle Strategy questions to EpicDuel Q&A :P

On that note, honor or honour? Color or colour? Center or centre?
'Honor' and 'color' are the borrowed terms from Latin, the 'u' in 'colour' was a Middle French construction and subsequently, the regional variants of English used in former British colonies and present Commonwealth realms of the United Kingdom use the words with a 'u' included. The common narrative and most misguided belief is that the inclusion of the 'u' is more accurate when considering the etymologies of those words, which is true of words which were of Old French origin, of which, these words you mentioned are not.

That said, I use 'centre' because it preserves the integrity of its origins. Indeed, 'centre' was once widely used in all the Anglophonic world. From the Greek 'kentron' is derived the Latin 'centrum' and from there, the English 'centre'. If 'central' is the adjectival form, then it is inconsistent to use 'center' as the noun. Although, as a language, English is hardly consistent. There are more exceptions to rules than there are instances of conformity. We've all heard the "'i' before 'e'" rhyme, and yet there are words like "weigh," "neigh," "neighbor," "freight" et al. Curious.

Bloo or Red?

#BaronsPalace or #lol?
See above?

What is #BoogsTavern? And who is Boog?
It was once a relaxed channel. Boog is a non-player character in AdventureQuest who runs the eponymous "Boog's Tavern."

What are you planning to offer in exchange for me adding #lol to my autojoins?
Co-ownership is a joint deal, I cannot be seen to favourite one group of people over another

Where is !trivia? You've caused so many injuries, you don't even know it!
It only works when I'm online :P

What do you think the acronym 'SMGS' stands for? More than one interpretation is ideal.
Super Mega Giga Snugs?
Super Meaty Green Sausage?
Salty Mouldy Green Sausage?
Sweet Mild Garlic Sauerkraut?

What is the best AE-related hashtag?
I honestly have no idea, I only check Twitter for announcements.

Which service uses more hashtags per capita, Twitter or IRC?
Well, hashtags only existed when Twitter became the ubiquitously overused social media network we see today. The hash on IRC is simply a channel name, not a hashtag per se. That said, Twitter has a larger volume of users.

What does the following sentence mean? "Behoove the corollaries."
It means nothing :P 'behoove' means incumbency, and in that context refers to duty. A corollary is a statement following a previous statement. An addendum or addition.

What is the most complicated word you know?
'Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' which is a nonce word for a form of pneumonoconiosis caused by inhalation of ultra-microscopic silica volcanic dust.

Aerodu or Glacius?

Why are you a hybrid in AdventureQuest? Those suck.
I have a Hybrid, Mage, Ranger and Warrior :P

It's been years, so why isn't Ash in DragonFable the paladin that Artix is yet?
He's a Hero and he's married to a Princess, what more do you want!? D:<

Who fixed the Floorivator in Tek's Mechs? Why is it working?! It's not supposed to work!
The staff! New Year's, Anniversaries and the Reset Parties.

Is the PumpkinLord still awesome in OverSoul?
I would hope so

Why are you causing havoc in Lore by being a Chaos Lord? How could you?
Excuse me, I'll have you know, I chose to do good while chaorrupted D:<

Good or Evil?
Nominally good, although pure good does not exist given humanity's errant, imperfect and fallen nature.

What is your favourite AE Game?

What is your favourite Gametastic Challenge Game?
Fat Panda :3

Which of the former ArchKnight(s) in Baron's Palace is your favourite? Don't lie.
You're the only one :P

Who is your favourite NPC in EpicDuel?
Titan, sorry Nightwraith :P

Which NPC would you like Plushie to take the form of?
A small furby.

Who is a meanie, Trans, Plushie or both?
Trans. Undisputably, irrefutably, indubitably so.

Cookies or Bacon?
Bacon cookies!

Or do you prefer Cake over the two of the aforementioned items? Just remember, the cake is a lie.
You seek to provide me with a fictitious dessert? YOU FIEND!

Is there something interesting about Baron's Palace that I don't know and you can tell me about?
It is where I got to know Baron <3

Is there something interesting about me that I don't know and you can tell me about?
Your queries perturb me...

Where do you get the time to allow people to ASK UNLIMITED QUESTIONS? *cough*
>_> <_< I'll have to ask you *cough*

What are your views on the internet's favourite frog, Mibbit?
It's a woefully inadequate, underperforming, underscripted, oversimplified IRC client.

What are your views on the forum community's favourite type of post, the wall of text?
We go wayback.

Why did you stun the EpicDuel Community by plastering your name on the last posts of several threads in such a short span of time?
I suppose I did.

Did I win? <Results for SMGS [1d100]: 41>
<Results for James [1d100]: 7> You won

What are your views on pie?
Angus beef pie with onions and pepper? YES, PLEASE! :D

How do you feel knowing Baron got the Q&A and you got the GD?
We make a great team <3

By the way, I'm clearly a new player to AE. Knowing this, I have something to clarify. What is a GD, AK, FAQ and Q&A? And what do these mean: IRC, AE, AEF, EDF, AQ, DF, MQ, ED, OS, AQW, BG, WF, PG, PvP, AE, EC, BoA and CFGH? So many acronyms, so little time!
GD: General Discussion
AK: ArchKnight
FAQ: Frequently Asked Question(s)
IRC: Internet Relay Chat
AE: Artix Entertainment
AEF: Artix Entertainment Forums (sic)
EDF: EpicDuel Forums (sic)
AQ: AdventureQuest
DF: DragonFable
MQ: MechQuest
ED: EpicDuel
OS: Oversoul
AQW: AdventureQuest Worlds
BG: BattleGems
WF: WarpForce
PG: Portal Games (or Parental Guidance)
PvP: Pony vs Pony (or Player vs Player)
AE: Artix Entertainment >_> You already asked for this
EC: Equipment Comparison
BoA: Blade of Awe
CFGH: Clans, Factions, Guilds & Houses

How many questions did I ask you?
I lost count

Also, I noticed you were running short...
Thanks for the padlocks!

Oh, and you might need this.
This furnace will do nicely.

And this.
Ahhh yes... stationery, who could do without stationery? :D

Just like the first day of school! You're all set!

On behalf of the rest of the community, welcome! Keep calm and stay bloo.
Thank you very much! Also, I noticed your colored letters spell: "Bloo dominates purple" which I refute, repudiate, dispute, question, challenge etc. without reservation.

I take no responsibility for any errors with questions regarding other AE games. Also, I expect some mind blowing vocabulary in your answers.
Ask and you shall receive.

@Xamurai: I promised him at least 50 questions, can't break my promises!

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Post #: 11
7/20/2014 15:46:44   

Rofl wow SMGS, i don't even know what to say, That is gunna take 5 hours to respond to.
It only took 30 minutes, actually :D

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AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/20/2014 16:21:54   

Jemas! <3
Trans >_>

Bacon or Plushie?
Bacon Plushie!

Bloo or Bl00?

Xov or Vox?

If Bron is your waifu, can you be my Senpai? (≧ω≦)
NO D:<

Being my Senpai means you has access to my tapes!
...I'll abstain, thanks

Explain, in detail, why the Lean system sucks, despite LBs allegations to the contrary.
No comment

/me thinks you need more lessons in locking threads


Assuming you don't hate me yet: who's the biggest meanie - Baron, Plushie or SMGS? >:D
You are >_>

Your Hybrid is also terrible. It's worse than vez's... ;~;

Can we ship "Trans x Plushie" already? ≖‿≖

Since we got onto the topic of Plushie - have you recovered yet from his spork stab? .-.
It didn't faze me at all!

You should totally 1v1 me. <Results for Trans [1d100]: 24>
<Results for James [1d100]: 46>

To wrap things up: I killed your waifu. Have fun with that.

And you're not kawaii desu-ne either...

*laughs hysterically makes pterodactyl noise transforms into a potato and rolls off into the sunset*
*shoots you into the stratosphere*

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/20/2014 20:23:40 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 13
7/20/2014 16:26:37   


*laughs hysterically makes pterodactyl noise transforms into a potato and rolls off into the sunset*

Is it bad that i lold at that for a full 30 seconds?
You may wish to consult your local physician.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 14
7/21/2014 12:45:32   

Yooooooo! Here we go, don't worry I ain't going to ask 50 questions like some people... or will I?
Hellooooooooo! :O
OMG it's a J-lulu
ZOMG Wind!
Wow the MtAK's just keep on coming :p
Yes, yes they do! :D
Wooosh.. wait was that the wind or just me..?
*prepares a peg*
Haha joking I'm just winding you up
2/5 for wordplay :P
Congratulations on joining the ED boards!
Thanks :D Good to be working with you all!
Great having you here, I've been busy with school sighpies.
D: I know the feeling. I'm still on my winter vacation at university :P
Hows life been?
Good, a little hectic, but good :P
Played much ED in the past?
On occasion :P That will need to be rectified, though.
Hope to see you around.
Favourite type of Ice-cream?
As long as it isn't plain vanilla... although, I like vanilla ice cream where it uses ACTUAL vanilla extract :P I do enjoy rocky road, caramel, honeycomb, almond/hazelnut, triple chocolate and strawberry most of all, though!
Favourite in-game class?
I've only ever used a Tech Mage XD I think that'll need rectifying, also :P
Most inspirational person?
Oh! John Monash. This quote of his resonates with me strongly: "Adopt as your fundamental creed that you will equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit but for the benefit of the whole community."
Favourite skill based on appearance/ ability?
.-. Such a tough question for a returning noob :P
Well thats all I have to ask for now :) I'll probably come back later ;) but for now good luck! The ED forumers are a really nice bunch, and are both really competitive in-game and constructive on the forums. If you see any of them in-game make sure you show no mercy. Just don't die and you'll be fine!
Alright, then! Good to see you :D Heh, will do :P


And yes I did copy and paste you code for you to make it easier :p
Thanks :P

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/21/2014 18:35:46 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 15
7/21/2014 12:58:14   

I thought I was the only one who knew how to make a pterodactyl noise... Heh.
...There's more of you!? ._.

How are you? Nice to see another AK, although I don't go on the GD as much as the Q&A.
Good, thanks :D You probably won't see me around there as much :P

Why do you like purple so much? Not judging, merely curious.
It is a majestic and regal colour!

Whats with the shackles thing? I've noticed pretty much every AK talk about it, but I still don't know what it symbolizes.
We're minions *nods*

That's all for now, cya later. :3
Alright, thanks for popping by! Cya

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/21/2014 18:38:03 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 16
7/21/2014 15:09:41   
Wiki Queen

Hi James!
Hey Apus!

Cool! You have another prison to guard.
Yesh :3

Bacon or Baron?
He will always be Bacon <3

SMGS is a big BLOO meanie. ;-;
He is D:

Purple will win EVERYTHING!
We shall! :D

Chaos does not own purple.
Preach it!

I didn't know that you played ED.
It came as a surprise to quite a few :P

You have a lovely relationship with your waifu.
*husbando. Thanks :3

I wonder how Baron feels about this.
He got the better deal :P

I think this is it. I'm not as mean as Baron, SMGS, Plushie, or Trans.
:3 Thankies

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/21/2014 18:45:06 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
7/21/2014 15:29:07   
I Underlord I

Hello, James!
Hey, I Underlord I!

How are you doing? :-)
I'm good, thanks!

I'm aware some of my questions are repetitions or only ostensibly different from some already asked; I apologize. Feel free to ban me, particularly as I'm so shady... I am shady, right?
I don't mind, I'm here to answer questions :P Ummm... ._.

If you were to write a dissertation on any of the following, which would you choose? The choices follow: Political science; economics; biology, chemistry, or biochemistry; theoretical or experimental physics; gender studies; Artix Entertainment; Seinfeld?
Political science! Although, I'm curious as to why Seinfeld is italicised... :P

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A woodchuck would chuck as much wood woodchuck could if a woodchuck could chuck would ;)


What is your favorite prime number?
2, it's the only even prime :3

Which AE game is your favorite, if applicable?

The EpicDuel forum community is quite small, particularly insofar as we are looking at active players. As such, continue being a wonderful ArchKnight, but remember to have fun! Ignoring the rules of standard written English and basic grammatical sense, please pretend the prior statements were in question form?
I think I like it around here. Oohhhh, I don't know about that. I'm rather pedantic about grammar :P

If you had to choose, which elemental Prime Dragon would you want to be?

Are you psychic?
Not at all

Are you psionic?
See above :P

Are you a psychiatrist?
Refer to the above :P

Are you psychotic?
>_> Who told you that? <_<

Red, green, or blue?
Red and blue together ;)

What would you do if purple was no longer visible to us on the electromagnetic spectrum?
Exit the universe

Pen or pencil?

Good luck with everything, and enjoy EpicDuel!
Thanks very much! Shall do :D

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/21/2014 18:50:52 >


"Memories and thoughts age, just as people do. But certain thoughts can never age, and certain memories can never fade."
~ Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

AQ  Post #: 18
7/22/2014 10:25:06   

To be fair, I was simply pushing the limit of this thread. If you place no restrictions, you get what you ask for!
*eyes SMGS*

Due to the importance of understanding the acronym 'AE,' it was asked twice. Clearly not an error on my part.
Suuuuure you were *nods sarcastically*

Who is the meaniest meanie and who is the nicest meanie - Baron, Trans, Plushie, Apus, Stars, me or YOU?
I do believe you mean, "meanie." Unless, of course, you intended to make a pun... in which case you get -1/5 for wordplay. Meanest: Trans. Nice meanie? Wut ._.

Also, thank you for capitalizing BLOO, Apus. See, now you're speaking my language.
Thanks for highlighting 'bloo' in black letters, SMGS >_>

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/22/2014 18:22:00 >
Post #: 19
7/24/2014 1:26:28   

Setsuna! :o
Plushie! o:

Warning: The following questions were created in a random order and will usually not follow any sort of pattern.
...I am ready

1. What is having multiple personalities like?
It's fun!

2. How many AKs does it take to lock a forum board?

3. What will it take to convince you to become an AQ Pedia AK? D:
Plenty of cookies

4. How hard is it to be an AK in all those boards you're in? :o
You need twelve fish, nine sprockets, a cloth and a dish rag

5. What was the most demanding board you've ever worked in?
AQWGD or EDGD... choices, choices...

6. What, in your opinion, is the best build in ED?
Please check the ED Wiki or Q&A :P

7. Why do SMGS and Apus insist on mislabeling me as a meanie? D:
Because you are D:<

8. How many different ways of making purple are you currently aware of?
Tyrian purple and the use of mineral salts in making purple fireworks

9. Purple aside, what color is your favourite?
Green or red...

10. You like padlocks, purple and peculiar phraseology. There is perhaps a prevailing pattern here, yes?
Such consonance. Much beautiful. Many coincidences. Wow.

11. What is your favourite game?
Oooohhhh... Civilization III

12. Favourite anime?
One Piece

13. Favourite historical period?
The Georgian Era, specifically the Regency Period, interests me greatly

14. Shamelessly copying one of IMR's ideas, the next 4 questions shall be asked using the Bad Translator. I expect you to also make use of it when answering them. :D
Shall do

15. "From now on all questions of me as special. Why does it need to be?"
He didn't do it.

16. "That you were born, I slept for a long time, right?"
Bedroom eyes?

17. "She why sign to cross the street?"
She knows that

18. "Blue, purple, purple?"
They will not happen. The dark red with no red sponsor will last forever

19. AQ question 1: During the Devourer Saga, who was the Transient Annunaki's host and what is his/her real name?
The Huntress, Celestra

20. AQ question 2: What are Lord Ojo's birth name and primary function?
Louis M. Zephyr, born Ojodeldevorador. An agent of the Devourer, one of his messengers.

21. DF question: Who was Falconreach's Inn's original innkeeper and what happened to her?
Maryann was the original proprietor. She went away to take care of a dead relative. Her ghost can be encountered in "Spirits in the Inn"

22. MQ question: What was the first Star Captain Monthly Mecha?

23. AQW question: Which Chaos Lords made their first appearances in other games? Which one appeared first?
Wolfwing who first appeared in AdventureQuest and King Alteon, who appeared in DragonFable originally. Wolfwing appeared first of the two in AE Lore.

24. ED question: How were Tech Mages created?
Human contact with Varium

25. Who is Lore's most loquacious NPC?
Falerin's loquacity and sagacity precede him!

26. What do you think of DF's use of the Bacon Orb as a MacGuffin?
It was very clever, I thought and witty

27. What do you think of the Bacon element in general? What is its connection to your Husbando?
It is incredibly powerful. He is incredibly powerful :3

28. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

29. How can you define division by 0 using the Riemann sphere?
0 is a point very near to small numbers

30. For how long did actual Ununoctium exist?

31. What do you get when you combine Barium, Cobalt and Nitrogen?

Although, the Nitrogen would escape the vessel and the Barium and Cobalt would form an alloy

32. What is your favourite element in the periodic table?
Neodymium! Have you ever handled a Neodymium magnet before? They're amazing!

33. Which element produces a purple flame?
It's actually a compound. Potassium bitartate and potassium chloride yield a blue-violet flame. Adding in some strontium would yield a red-violet flame.

34. Why is your main character still a Hybrid? Clearly a ranger would be a superior choice. :p
Because rarez D:<

35. 110100011110 in hexadecimal?

>_> See me later

36. Do I get a cookie for actually asking 50 questions? :D

37. What is your favourite AE NPC?

38. Why did you choose Aerodu as your clan?

39. What is your favourite item in all the AE games?
The Blade of Awe!!!

40. Can you resist this TVtropes link?
._. No

41. ...AQ question 3, because Fal's storytelling is delightfully confusing and/or obscure: Who was Epsilon, what name does he go by now? (Bonus question: What is his preferred choice of headwear?)
Erebus. He used Seth Cay Dhows while on Lore. Sombrero

42. *Insert obligatory HHGG reference here*
Hehehe :P

43. A fast food restaurant sells chicken in orders of 6, 9, and 20. What is the largest number of pieces of chicken you cannot order from this restaurant?
The number of this question :P

44. [22:04:16] <=Roll=> <Results for Plushie [1d100]: 1>. Yours?
[16:44:03] <=Roll=> <Results for James [1d100]: 40>

45. Why does the RNG hate me? D:
Because you are Plushie :D

46. What is Australia's most dangerous mammal?
Your choice of Dingo, Common wombat and Platypus :D

47. How long does it take for someone living in Australia to acquire the characterstic passive poison immunity?
12 years, give or take 10

48. What annoys you the most in the English Language?
The inconsistency of the rules.

49. How many grammatical errors have I commited while asking you these questions?
I only took note of two

50. How long did it take you to answer all these questions?
20 minutes

51. Questions 14 and 42 were no true questions, so I was hoping to remedy that with 2 proper ones here. However, I couldn't think of what to ask. I shall, therefore, cheat: Was cheating on 50th question the right thing to do? Why?
I have only this to say: I am very disappointed in you *shakes head*

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/24/2014 2:48:17 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 20
7/24/2014 4:59:23   

Hello Guard!

I see purple. I like. Call me Porphyrophobia.
>_> Geddout

Even though we converse everyday, NOT ENOUGH.
D:< Nothing is good enough for you! D:<

I've never played this game, but I bet I could beat you in it. 1v1.

What's your favorite breakfast desert?
Pancakes and syrup

What's your mostest favoritest Pokemon?

._. Well, then...

I'm still waiting on my 370 inch TV, Jamie.
Money, pls

Favorite Wiki worker?
I have no favorites!

What is the most irrational phobia you've heard of?
Hippopotomonstrososesquipedaliophobia - The fear of long words

On a scale from 1 to 24 how nooby are you?
-24, I am a pro

How long did it take for you to respond to MEH?
A couple of minutes!

Favorite shade of Purple?
You've been using it >_>

Thanks Guard Noob :)

This took 7 minutes of my life, making a rainbow for you.

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/24/2014 20:57:35 >


Wiki On!
AQW  Post #: 21
7/24/2014 6:03:19   

Hello, James
Hi there, thedarkened :D

Congrats on your new title

What is your favorite item in AQ?
The Blade of Awe!!!

How is life?
Peaceful ^_^

< Message edited by James Lu -- 7/24/2014 20:58:43 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 22
8/1/2014 9:39:45   

:OO James!
:O Zackaf! :D

Expanding your territory, eh? Congratulations!!
Yush! Purple is rising!

Do you still remember me?
Of course, from AQW GD :D

Beautiful avatar! Why did you pick Jenna Coleman's photograph as your avatar?
Clara is my favourite companion of the new Doctor Who

By the way, did I get the right code?:)
Yes! In the right order, too ;)

Hmm, you tagged my DNs post once or twice before. That's where I got it.

I guess that's all from me. See you in AQW GD and have fun guarding this new prison! ;)
Alrighty, thanks for popping by! I'll see you around! :D Oh, I shall :P

< Message edited by James Lu -- 8/2/2014 5:27:24 >
AQW  Post #: 23
8/1/2014 15:58:28   
Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

Hey there!

-What games do you play competitively?
I participate in Guild Wars 2 World vs World "karma trains" and "raids" every so often, but I'm more of a casual player. Some of the other folks on the forum have A LOT more achievement points than I :P

-Personal Question: Is your username your name in rl? If so, what propelled you to choose such a username?
That's for me to know and you to find out ;)

< Message edited by James Lu -- 8/2/2014 5:29:22 >
Epic  Post #: 24
8/7/2014 23:03:17   
James Lu

Well, it's been fun answering all your questions, but as the new university semester has started, I am going to be locking and archiving this thread.

Thanks again, one and all :)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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