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=MtAK= The ArchAngel Ascends!

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8/28/2014 8:11:20   


My sincere apologies to my fellow forumites for this has been kept well overdue. As you're all well aware of the fact that this humble archangel ascended to the position of an AK not too long ago. Thus, I feel delighted to inform you now that the time has finally come, for me, to answer you curious queries.

But, first a few rules which you must keep in mind,

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Rules apply
  • Only 10 questions per post, please! Don't worry, this doesn't include statements and greetings.
  • One post per page. However, you can ask again in the next page
  • You are not allowed to edit your post after I edited it unless I ask you to.
  • Please do not ask anything too personal
  • I reserve the right to not answer any questions I don't want to. I reserve the right to answer your questions with random answers, as well!

I'll be using this >> colour << to edit your posts. So, without further ado, let the round of questionnaire begin!

Note: There is one tiny little request of mine though, you may choose to voluntarily mention your current favorite song & artist's name at the bottom of your posts.

P.S.: Please try keep it civil and be polite, that's all. Lets make some good memories shall we??

~Kokujoe ^______^b

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8/28/2014 8:22:56   

Hey congratulations on ArchKnight! Thanks.
I have never asked questions to an AK before, but I guess there is a first time for everything! You'll never know unless you try!
Here it goes. Yes!

1. What kind of questions do you want people to ask?
Something interesting perhaps? And as long as they're abiding by the provided guidelines, I'll try to answer them all.

2. As an Archangel, I assume you chose the path of Light/Good?
Sure I did. Light/Good FTW!

3. What made you want to become an ambassador?
To give something back in return to the community which has helped me over the years. Plain & Simple!

4. What is your catchphrase for locking threads?
There are two phrases actually. I'll use them depending on my current mood
1. "Chrono-locked" and 2. "Sent to Davey Jones' locker".

6. What's up with the " ^______^b " at the bottom of your posts?
That's called an emoji. Its just a harmless habit of mine. So please don't mind. ^_______^b ok?

7. What's up with the 'current favorite song & artist'?
Just curious to know what kinda music my fellow forumites listen to? >.>

8. Did you notice I skipped 5.?
Yeah, I did notice it. 'em ninja moves! *O*b

9. When you aren't an AK, Archangel or ambassador, what are you in your free time?
Just another coffee-loving artist. MOAR COFFEE!!

10. Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God Twig?
Maybe >.> #rollseyes

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DF AQW  Post #: 2
8/28/2014 8:52:55   

Hello, Koku. You can call me Joe! :D

You don't look like an archangel.
>.< Dang! What gave it away? The beard it has to be the BEARD! Right? Well I'm in my human form since I'm now living among so many of them!

First question, cake or pie?
I love cakes! Cakes for everybody!

Second, what was your first AE game?
Dragonfable all the way!

Third, how did you discover that AE game?
Through an ad on DF's homepage.

Fourth, what is the first game you remember you played?
It probably has to be Tetris on a very old hand-held console.

Fifth, Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars, I love!
Choose it, I must!

Sixth, what is your opinion on the number 42?
The Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It was calculated by the computer Deep Thought for seven million years and when asked to build a better computer to discover the Question to the Life, the Universe, and Everything, it built the Earth. Before the Earth could tell the Question however, it was destroyed by the Vogons to make room for an interstellar highway bypass. For more information, see The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
What is six times seven? 42!
No, no, that's too simple.
How many roads must a man walk down? 42!
That's it! We're made!

Seventh, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
That's a really good one, two of my favorite authors really. But I'd happily go with Harry Potter any given day!

Eighth and ninth, did you see the Fault in Our Stars movie and if you did, did you cry?
To be honest, I haven't. But thanks for recommending it, I'll make sure to watch it when I can. ^____^b

Final question, what is your favorite band/star and their song?
Artist:Kotaro Oshio, Song Name: Brand New Wings (Yes I love instrumental stuff!)

BTW, Hello Kitty is, in fact, NOT a cat as I just found out while typing this because my sister was reading an article about it beside me. Hello Kitty's real name is Kitty White as well.
#RipsHair What? >:O
It has been a LIE all this time?! How could they?

See you and may that little statement above this haunt you forever.
My childhood is ruined forever, NUUUUUU!

Red like Roses Part II by Jeff Williams feat. Casey Williams and Sandy Casey
^Thanks for the song!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
8/28/2014 8:56:09   

Hidere, congrats on Akship!

So, you are a Archangel huh?
Nyah, I've many more avatars, I just chose this one for the forums really! :P

We talking kindly, gentle archangel, smiting badass archangel, sneaky manipulative archangel, a mix of all three, or some other archangel type I can't think of right now? (This is both a serious and non serious queston in sort of asking about archangel and your personality I guess.)
Caffeine-addict Coffee-loving/Night Owl kinda ArchAngel!<-- That says it all! XD

So, why archangel? (Serious and non serious answer please)
Y U NO liek ArchAngel?? No seriously, why? T____T

Also, quick question, Demons and fiends stuff are fallen angels right?
Who said that?
"Demons and fiends are bad Bad BAD Creatures!" Mingle with them at your own risk. You've been warned!

So, a Archfiend would be a fallen Archangel right?
If you say so.......

So, you might have known Nulgath WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in the day right? What was he like when he was a goody two shoes? Any good blackmail info or funny stories? And why exactly did he become evil?
Nully was a pretty good ol' chap iirc. Always being helpful and considerate to the meek & defenseless . And I'd love to share more but sadly that info is restricted, and is available for priviledged members only. :P

So, how did the dreaded ones manage to capture a freaking Archangel? And what if they ask you to purpulify the world? What do you do when you have to choose between doing the whole free will for humanity and the the doing your purple master's bidding thing?
They didn't capture me, pfft! [though Master did attempt to throw a Pokéball at me \(>.<*\)] #RubsForehead
I'm a sucker for chocolate-chip cookies you see, and the offer was too good to resist XD

Point to remember: You see, without a tinge of my red, there can't be any purple, so she lets me do her biddings my way. Huehuehuehuehue >:3

Also, on the artist and song thing. I don't really have a fav. Sorry. But I would recommend giving some video game music a try. Some of it is not good but there are some real masterpieces in gaming. Also, this for fun since I'm on a pokemon anime streak right now and Team Rocket are awesome. https://www.listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=ngovaH86VVU
Thank you so much! Been ages since I last saw Pokémon anime series, :(

Have a nice day.
May you have a wonderful day ahead aswell! ^_____^b

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DF  Post #: 4
8/28/2014 12:04:51   

Good morning, Mister Kokujoe.
Morning! :D

Which drink do you prefer: coffee, tea, or soda?
Coffee is ♥, Coffee is life! (Finally I got to use that! Yosh!)

What is your current favorite cape in AQW? Mine's the Doom Wyrm Wings +5. (Rep AND gold boosts! All in a single convienent package! Available from the Doom Merge Shop.)
I ♥ me Ambassador Cape but apart from that I also like to equip color-custom shield wings and anjelus wings!! >.> I have my eyes on that "Ghostly wings of Nulgath" now! Soon it'll be mine!!

Which sides of the following debate topic do you choose, and why?
Debate Topic: Twig. Teleportating menace or benefit to society? (Twig teleports For The Greater Good? Is Twig purely motivated by self interest and a desire for fish? Or does beneath his cute fuzzy wuzzy exterior beat a heart of EVIL?)
I'm gonna derp out of this one! :P

Dangit, I forgot Twig doesn't teleport in AQW.
Ha! I knew it! <.<

...you want current favorite song and artist's name? Fine fine fine. Open Wounds by Skillet.
I still manage to listen to it whenever my iTunes' *Genius* decides to pop it up, once in a bluemoon!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
8/28/2014 12:20:25   

ArchKnight AQWorlds

Hiya kokujoe, congratulations on your new position!
Thanks ye good sir! Let the Beard-y AKs unite!

Be sure to have fun and good luck with your new duties! :)
You bet! I'll try my best.

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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AQW Epic  Post #: 6
8/28/2014 13:08:49   
Lord Coxy
Its Coxy Time

Not much questions from Coxy, aww D: (or is that actually a good thing >:3)
Phew! #WipesBrowOffHisForehead Close shave! Hue >:3

Anyway, saw you post suggestions from time to time. How do you feel about Suggestion Items?
Thanks for taking the effort to look at my humble artworks! It is very much appreciated :D
Suggestion items provide the perfect platform for the player base to get more involved with the game itself by providing the dev team with unique designs! In return, it gives the player a chance to hone his/her skills respectively.

Thats all from Coxy, Congratz for becoming an Archknight and hope you have fun here :)
Thanks a ton bro! Rest assured of "having - fun" part!

Have an awesome day now
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead as well!

And while I'm not much of a Music Person (for personal reasons), I try to list a song that I like, Avicii - Wake Me Up
And, finally thanks for the awesome song ^______^b

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
8/28/2014 13:21:36   

I have always wondered how to pronounce the word "Archangel". Is it Ark-Angel (where the word "arch" is pronounced as if the H is silent), or Arch-Angel (where the word "arch" is pronounced normally)?

It is indeed "Ark-Angel" with a silent "H", my friend! Gimme MOAR Questions!!! \(>____<\)

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AQW Epic  Post #: 8
8/28/2014 13:38:28   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Hello, Kokujoe! :D Congraaaats!
Hello there artist extra-ordinaire! :D

Is it "Koku-JOW" or "Koku-JOWE"? I've been confused for a while now xD
Here you go I'll break it for you.........it is [ Ko-ku-joe], the "joe" is read as in "J-Oh"!

Congrats on ascending to Archknightiness!
Thanks, passes on some cookies since some bloo fellow asked me to ;)

Is it a fun job?
It is a [Dread/Joy]ful ride I tell ya!

Hey, do you like anime?
Sure I do!

What's your favorite flavor of pizza?
Usually I go for "Cheese and Barbeque-d Chicken", but I also try the occasional "Double Cheese" flavor. Look what you did now, you made me hungry! >.<*

Do you still go to school?
School?? That's for the lil' fellas out there. "Yes kids, as much as you hate it, **education** always comes first!"

You've got a DeviantArt account, right? :D

I went through your gallery once xD Impressive stuff!
Thanks for taking a look at my humble art galore!

Well, that's all of it for now.
No problem, you can always post in the next page if you do miss out on asking anything!

Seeya around
Sure thing! ^____^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
8/28/2014 13:59:56   
The Jop

Congratusalutations, Kokujoe!
Nice improvisation there, I feel honoured.

What made you want to become an ArchKnight?
That's the general misconception, you see......nobody decides to become an AK [If they do, then their motives are doubtful], its always the MASTER who traps/appoints us!

Oh. Well, good luck.
Thanks bro, but I was expecting that one question you told me you'd ask if/when I become an AK and it seems you forgot! >.>
One less question to worry about :P

Why do you add a smiley face to the end of all your posts? Are you always extremely happy?
"Emoji" to be precise, and an *ArchAngel* is supposed to spread positivity and happiness around him and what better way than to put a wide smile on one's face or rather a post! Don't ya' think? No one would prefer to talk to a *Grumpy* guy would they?

Is that "b" on the smiley face supposed to be a bead of sweat, or maybe an ear?
Its a (thumbs-up) sign for goodluck ^_____^b

Constipated by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Interesting name, I'll give it a go. #Noted
Anyways have a wonderful day ahead! #LQS incoming!

Oh, now I remember. Doesn't really apply with your new avatar, but - Why so serious?
Yosh, he remembers #PassesChocolateChipCookies :D
1. R.I.P. Heath Ledger *insertsadfacehere* and
2. this Michael Bay fellow decided to doom (my childhood heroes) in TMNT: The Movie >:O

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
8/28/2014 14:11:10   

Gratz on the promotion!
Thanks! Yet another bloo comrade in the making? <.<

So watching any anime?
One Piece!

Watched DBZ before?
Are you kidding me? Sure I did! *Cell-saga* still remains one of my all-time favorites!

If so, who is your fav character?
The Proud Prince Of The Saiyans,
All hail Prince Vegeta!

That's all, cya around and good luck in the future!

Sure bro! And have a wonderful day ahead! ^____^b

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AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 11
8/29/2014 5:15:37   

Congratulations on the promotion! From what I've seen, you're a nice and helpful person so I wish thee good luck as an AK!
Thanks for the kind words! I'll try my best to fulfill my duties!
Anyways have a wonderful day ahead! #LQS Incoming

~Kian out~
~Kokujoe ^____^b **Passes some cookies on his way out!**

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
8/29/2014 15:06:49   

Hello there!
Hi Wizardlife! /waves

If, hypothetically, you got a chance to slay Drakath any possible way, (no matter how crazy or insane it is), you wanted for the finale of AQW, how would you go through with it?
Good question, I'd display my potential by punting Zorbak at Drakath! Thus getting rid of two evils in one blow! Meheheheh >:D

What was your favorite saga in any of the AE games?
It has to be Tomix Saga in Dragonfable (without a doubt) ^_____^b

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I'll spend the first half of the money for the under-priviledged/donate some of it to the orphanages & child welfare society and the rest I shall keep it in a savings account for future.

Well, thats all for now. *Fades dramatically into the shadows once more*
Okie dokie! Woah cool exit! #claps **Tries to imitate but instead of pulling the vanishing act, bangs his head staright onto the wall** #Ouch

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
8/29/2014 15:55:11   

Lovely day, sweet angel~
Sure is, care for a lemon tea? :)

Remind me again why an angel would descend from paradise to stalk guard our forums.
Because too many naughty kids! #PuffsCheek (you may also refer to the answer below......vv)

I'll ask this again, why must the colors be at conflict, why can't they unite to form a majestic world of beauty we can all live in?
Precisely the reason why I descended, that is, to unite them all by bringing about a truce between the Bloo and the Poorple!!

Lay upon me, thine artistic tips!
**Casts an enchanted spell of ancient art upon thee**

Ever played an SMT game?
Surprisingly no, I haven't.

What do you do besides the angel-ing, AK-ing and the artsying?
Hmmm......aside from that I frequently lurk on Twitter, bake cookies and drink MOAR coffee!!

What am I?
Besides from being a jolly-good forumite? I'd say a pretty impressive artist

If I was an angel, where would I be in the ranks?
You'd definitely be one of the authorities (angels who carry out "imperial responsibility")

What comes to your mind when I say... lodestar?
Polaris or more commonly the Northern Star!

So is your title a short version of Archangel Knight? (Archangel + ArchKnight)
Eureka!! ^_____^b

That will be all for now. Stay good!
Oh really? I was enjoying it.

Unfortunately, I don't listen to songs much v_v
You can always try instrumental stuff, it has such a feel good experience. Anyways thanks for dropping by, hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

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DF AQW  Post #: 14
8/29/2014 16:58:20   
Phoenix Myth

1)Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
Technically they appear on the face, so yes!

2)At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
Why would I bother to visit a crowded theater....when I can watch one peacefully, over the internet, at the comfort of my house :P

3)Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Leave them alone! Gosh!

4)If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
Yes, sleep is definitely important for a growing kid! But if the kid suffers from insomnia then its a totally different scenario! >.>

5)If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?
Eh what?? >.<*

6)If a mime is arrested, do they tell him he has a right to talk?
But why would they arrest poor ol' mr. mime in the first place, hunh? :O

7)If vampires can't see their reflections, why is their hair always so neat?
Contact Edward & Bella! XD

8)Why do they call the little candy bars "fun sizes". Wouldn't it be more fun to eat a big one?

9)Why are they called 'Jolly Ranchers'? Who said that the ranchers were jolly?
How am I supposed to know that? I was in my heavenly abode enjoying a beautiful view!

10)Can a cemetary raise its prices and blame it on the cost of living?
I saw what you did there! Nice one ;)
Coming back to the question, nyah #BlameChuckles!

< Message edited by kokujoe -- 8/30/2014 12:16:58 >
AQW  Post #: 15
8/30/2014 21:23:58   

1. ...


2. GREETINGS from the Eternal Banana of Time!
Wah-banana! :q Grabs le' eternal banana of time >> peels off its skin >> cuts it into nice round slices >> brings a bowl of cereal >> pours milk & mixes le' banana >> Voila! what a great breakfast! *O*b

3. I send you my regards! You should get them in the mail a few days from now
Just regards? But what about my cookies that you promised as well, hunh? Dont tell me you forgot to pack those! >.<*

4. How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?
Just belie[B]e in it you confused banana! XD

5. Do you realize what you have done by becoming an AK? You have become a slave to the Purple one!
She hasn't enslaved me.

6. It's only a matter of time before you're shackled. I freed Zackaf from her, and if you also want your freedom, show me your worth :) You must prove me your worth in exactly 5 words. Good luck!
You did what? O.O*
Why didn't Zacky boy told me about this earlier? <.< >.< >.>
Prove my worth, I shall!!
Five words here you go: "Banana is ♥, Banana is life!" \(^O^\)

7. Clever response! I give you the blessing of the Banana god!
YOSH!! But how exactly does that free me of these shackles again?

8. Well that's all I have for now! See ya, have fun being an AK! And I might PM you regarding an issue. *Flies Away*
Farewell your highness! I'm having fun alright!
Sure go ahead! *And do remind me how bananas are able to #FLY the next time we meet, okay?*

~geoffthoma, the friendly forever alone banana There fixed it for you! No longer alone! :P
Have a wonderful day ahead! ~Kokujoe ^______^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
8/31/2014 0:58:58   
The Dealer

- Ahh, yes. The ever-popular MtAK.
Skurgey-boy! #TackleHugs XD
Lemme correct that for you.........its the ever-so-torturous MtAK!! #weeps

- Just a few questions from me. As always, Google is strictly forbidden!:
Alrighty then! >.> Le' Google is barred, got that! And there's absolutely no hidden message after this..... But you never mentioned anything about not using Yahoo!! Muhuhahahahaha! >:D

- What is the ideological relationship between the post-modern French writers of the mid 1930's and the various relio-political social military organizations that were formed in South-Eatern Asia during the pre-Cold War period, with regards to u how the anachronistic combination of such people, ideas, and organizations has a negative influence on the mediocre post-secondary education facilities of South America, with scholarly references to pre-existing issues such as the fact that local governments in North-Western Switzerland have relatively low tax incentives for the upper-middle class, and what militaristic undertones would a comprehensive solution to these philosophical issues contain?
I knew this dreaded one was about to come......
Le' me is so confused right now \(@_____@*\)
Why is everything spinning again? #FallsFaceFirstIntoTheGround #Splat!

- Thoughts on Steampunk?
They say...... Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words! So true!

- Why do you think an Octopus is generally associated with Steampunk?
Maybe because of the fact that they have eight arms and kinda represent multi-tasking?? [Just a wild guess though, since Steampunk has been depicted as being multi-utilitarian quite few times \(.__.ż\)]

- Can you give me your definition of Steampunk? What does it mean to you?
I'm gonna answer them both in one.
"Steampunk is ♥, Steampunk is life"..................right after coffee that is! XD

That'll be all for now, congratulations and have fun!
NUUUUU! Pwease come back in the next page! And boy am i having fun!
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^______^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
9/1/2014 13:52:01   

Mah elder brother!! :O I've been searching for you lately...
Searchin, but why lil' bro? >.<ż

Emm, are we really brothers?
Sure we are! #TackleHugs! :3

Then, who is our mother? >.>
<.< Quiet lil' bro! We aren't even supposed to talk about it, here, on the public forums! >.>

And, father? <.<
^^ Refer to the answer above.

Quick! What side are you on? Bloo or Purpul?
I'm on a completely new side bro, We're the RED Revolution!! \(*O*\)

Favorite animal and why?
(Panthera tigris altaica) or more commonly the "Siberian Tiger" because of it being such a majestic feline!

Hummff, you have cool phrases for locking thread there!
Guess I do! :D

Can I haz cookies?
Pfft! Not just a cookie, my dearest lil' bro can have an entire jar full of cookies! Go #OMNOM on those!

Last but not least, is it true that you have three nose holes? O.O
I'm an Archangel in the form of a human, and unless humans evolved at some point of time to have three nostrils, I am not getting any! :P

Dang! I fell for it :(

I guess, that's all from me for now, brother! See you on page 2! *waves*
Thanks for dropping by.

P.S.: You should definitely try Geoff's offer, it worked on me! :DD Oh, and no song for you, sorry ;p
**Matter of fact, I did try, just waiting for his reply. Now hush, before you know who arrives!
But Y U NO suggest me a good song? I gave you so many cookies! \(T____T\) Anyways have a wonderful day!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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AQW  Post #: 18
9/2/2014 0:00:33   

Congrats to you!
Thanks KalannaDae! ^_____^v

Just have a couple questions for you.
Okay, let's go!

1. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, but can I has coffee?? :P

2. What's the last book you read? For fun?
Paulo Coelho's, "The Alchemist", not too sure about the fun part but it was a very good read to be honest. Haven't had the time to catch up on his recent works sadly \(v___v\)

3. What's your favourite movie of all time?
Wow, this one's really tough! I mean there are so many of them. It'd be wrong of me to simply mention out a single name. Sorry! _/\_

Those are my favourite questions to ask, so I'll leave it at that.
Glad you dropped by......thanks! :D

Oh, and one of my favourite songs right now is "It's Not Over Yet" by the by my favourite band for KING & COUNTRY.
Yay! Thanks for the song! **PassesCookies**
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!!

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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DF  Post #: 19
9/3/2014 2:43:32   
James Lu

Hey Joe! *puts down a tray with a cappuccino*
Joe grabs James and snuggles him tight! O.O You bought cappuccino! **Morehugs&cookiesforbeingextranice**

Congratulations and welcome! :D
Thanks a ton James! :D

How are the shackles?
At first, I didn't even notice. It was only when I tried to take off, that I felt them getting tight oozing out purple fumes. Though they're normal most of the times. \(v___v\)

What was your last memory before the "shackling?"
**I was flying high, deep into the sky**
Then suddenly it went all dark....I saw a purple mist forming around me, and BOOM! #LightningCracks
The last thing I remember was being hit by a Pokéball #facefirst! x___X

Which books have you read, and, of those, which were your favourite?
Oh quite a lot actually, but I'd be lying to myself if I don't mention *The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes* by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is an absolute must read if you haven't already! In fact, try them all XD

Which games outside of the AE franchise have you played?
Not many, to be honest, I've been an AE fanboy! But I'll let you know, of the ones I've played, in person.

Do you play any sports?
Used to play football!

If you could choose one place in the world to go to right at this very moment, which location on earth would you choose and why?
Hmmm.....lemme think......I know! Well ofcourse Sydney! Why? Because I want to cuddle with 'em cute koalas and meet up with a certain someone! *hint hint* ;)

If you had a time machine and could travel back or forward in time and return to the present (that is, you have one return trip), which point in time would you travel to and what would you do or change?
I'll try to put some sense into Hitler's thick head....my way if you know what I mean. >:D

That is all! Congratulations again and welcome :D
NoooOOO! It was getting interesting......Oh stop it you! :3
Thanks yet again and may you have a wonderful day bro! Pwease come back in the next page!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
9/4/2014 23:07:28   

Hm... I guess I was waiting for page 2, for some reason, but noone has posted today, so... wait... I still have no idea what I'm doing...
They don't want it to reach page 2! Its a conspiracy, I tell ya......! And neither do I :P

Hm... moar music? Epic symphonic stuff matches the ArchAngel theme, I guess :D
OMG! Thank you so much for the awesome music @Fabri17! Such heavenly music, much WOW! You had second thoughts? :O I absolutely ♥ these kind of symphonic stuff!

*silently grins, tips off hat and leaves*
Thanks for dropping by brother! Cya! /WavesGoodbye #LotsOfCookiesForFabri :3
May you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
9/5/2014 21:03:50   

Greetings :3
Hello OmilliYo :D

first things first.... (if you know what i mean)
HA! Its pretty OBVIous, isn't it?

Favorite Youtuber? (If applicable)
Though there are plenty but nothing comes close to the sensation, that is, "PewDiePie" (BroArmyFTW!)

Favorite Anime? (If applicable)
Quite a few but for now its "One Piece"!

Favorite Music Artist? (If applicable)
Tesseract/Periphery (Also there's a new band named Polyphia, totally worth a listen)

Favorite genre of music? (If applicable)
Its a tie between these genres: Progressive Metal, Acoustic & Instrumental stuff

Favorite non-Ae game? (If applicable)
Skyrim hands down!

Favorite school subject? (If applicable)
English Literature

Favorite tv show? (If applicable)
As of now its "Sherlock" without a doubt!

favorite ......................
*coughs* Coffee *coughs*

that was my thought process i am typing as i think and my thinking ended there. happy belated grats on your Ak-ship
Thanks bro! Its never too late ya' know! I'm glad you decided to pass by. \(^O^\)

Favorite Song ATM: I'm not the only one - Sam Smith
Favorite Artist: J.Cole/Dumbfoundead aka Parker/ Sam Smith who recently just jumped in the top of my favorite artist list while most in my top artist list consist of rappers. (Most as in 99.9%)
Finally, thanks for the song, and the artists. I'll definitely check them out.
May you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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AQW Epic  Post #: 22
9/6/2014 14:11:24   
Legion Slicer Silencer

Hello Sensei Joe!
Kitty-kun! **Gently picks you up, puts you in my lap and pats head and gives brownies! ♥

Ish my turn.. -cracks knuckles- mehehehe..

1. What is your favorite dessert? I liek cookies as you already know, but brownies <3
Ice-cweam! Brownies are yummy too. \(<w<\)

2. What sport do you enjoy watching/playing?
I enjoy watching football, tennis and the occassional 9-ball snooker and F1 races!

3. A duck walks up to a lemonade stand asking for grapes.. what do you do?
Prepare chinese style roasted duckie out of it and later OMNOM it! Muhuahahaha! >:D

4. Why must you side with the angels? Join the dark side.. we have.. devilish donuts.
Phew, glad that I don't like donuts sorry! :P

5. What do you prefer, reading the books or watching the movies?
Usually I prefer reading on weekdays but on weekends, I'd go for a movie!

6. Favorite fruit? I love mangoes, but they're quite expensive. D:
Hi5! I absolutely ♥ Mangoes! **Passes some to kitty-kun, there you go enjoy! :3

7. How many languages do you know and what are they?
Arch-Angels are well-versed with many languages...but the forums strictly prefer English. So for now its English!

8. Do you like kitties? -slips a dollar into your pocket while whistling innocently..
I wouldn't befriend kitty-kun if I didn't thought kitties were so adorable, now would I?
I ♥ 'em kitties! ^____^v

9. Why answer the questions in pink?! :o
~Cuz' its the colour of ♥ brother, spreading ♥ since we've got enough hate in this world already! :D

10. Gimme the krabby patty secret formula, please?
Sorry bro, I could shower you with enough brownies and mangoes (if you want), but krabby patty's secret formula is off limits!

That's all from this ebil neko, congratz once more and enjoy your stay! :D
Thanks a lot kitty-kun, I'll try to catch up with you when I'm on my twitter lurking mode! :P

Oh, and one of my favorite songs is The Final Masquerade by Linkin Park.
I'll give it a listen, thanks for the suggestion.

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!
~Kokujoe ^_____^b

< Message edited by kokujoe -- 9/10/2014 8:40:01 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
9/6/2014 14:26:45   
The Arcane

Congratulations! *snuggles*
*Snuggles* back! Rather I should be the one congratulating you :P

What are your thoughts on BLOO?
Bloo is fine, I used to side with them in my early days in the forums, but now I'm spreading the colour of ♥ as you can see!

Describe the Mirror Realm version of yourself.
A very dumb but deadly "Arch-Demon" whose only motive is to spread destruction! I R ANGRY! I MUST DESTROY! \(OwO\) Rawr!

Favorite AE NPC and why?
TOMIX from Dragonfable, do you really need a reason for him? ;)

What's the best flavor cookie you can think of?
Chocolate chip cookies filled with Mango flavoured ice-cream in between! (Sounds pretty weird but I'd still pefer to have it)

Have fun and good luck!
Thanks Zobby! The same goes for you, hunt 'em (miscreants) down!
Hope you have a great day!

~Kokujoe ^______^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
9/7/2014 9:29:17   
Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

Hey man! Congrats!
Thanks elf-kun! **Angelic-Hugs**

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
I'd rather prefer to not lose any \(O.O\)

What is your favorite food?
Cookies + Coffee = ♥___♥v! (Nothing comes close to this combo.......maybe Ice cweam & Ramen trailing close behind)

What was your favorite subject in school?
Its English Literature :)

Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Cats! :3 (Any Given Day)
You may confirm it with kitty-kun above (^O^)b

What is the worst movie that you've seen?
That's a tough one, there's a long list of those to be honest. And leaving any single one of those would be so unfair! =.=*

Good luck dude!
Thanks mate! Goodluck to you too!
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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