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RE: =MtAK= The ArchAngel Ascends!

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9/7/2014 10:55:09   
creepy gy

Why hello there.......if its not the ever-so-helpful soul slaifers12 a.k.a "creepy gy" himself! **Pats back** :D

Do you have awesome sword like other Archangels have in some games?
Well of course I do! Thought no one would ever ask! Haha! **+5 brownie points**

Something like this LINK or this LINK
Here you go: Link: 1 and Link: 2

What is the best thing about being Archangels?
Unlimited supply of cookies and coffee! ♥ What more can I ask for? (Come to think of it, I could ask for MOAR Ice-cweam from the Purrrple one) XD

What do you think about mushrooms? (Like em don't like em? (like the eatable one))
Hmmm, I like to have them on a seasonal preference.

Hmmmm favorite song ... i have two ... Deorro ft. DyCy - Five Hours (Don't Hold Me Back) and Astr'o'naut - Spoguļoties (I don't think you will understand this one )
Remember! Music has no barriers. ~~(<.<~~) I'll try to check those out, thanks for suggesting.
Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 26
9/7/2014 15:17:53   

Having decided to post on page 1 instead of page 2... it was destiny. I have found a(n) *no words for epicness, imagine a supernova* orchestral mix, which I'll link at the end of my post.
It was destiny indeed....\( *O*)/ Woohoo for the later part!

This time, I do have one question: Why? Why do you like music? Hm... I guess I can share my answer first (it may not make sense). I like to imagine myself walking at the pace of the delusional world of my mind (more supernovas, delusional time, delusional space :D) while the music I like plays on the background...
Here it goes:
  1. Music is ♥ bro!
  2. Something pretty close to what you explained above. For me, its like I wander off into an ethereal dreamscape (<-- totally made-up word of mine), away from the qualms of this earthly world! Its such a soothing and calming experience. Just close your eyes and simply let your soul delve deep into the depths of it, whenever you're not feeling good.
  3. Also try listening to more feel-good music......you'll actually start enjoying it, trust me!

Its on repeat and I'm absolutely loving it! Thanks for dropping by yet again! :D *Angelic-Hug* *More cookies for Fabri!*
Feel free to drop more songs.....if you like (I also listen to electronica) *hint* *hint*

*warps in* Yosh, electronic-instrumental-feelgoodmusic it is! (Although I don't have a clear concept of "feel good music", since I tend to feel good listening to songs like this... or this... this too, also this) I'm going to share my ultimate favorite single piece of music of all time, I guess... (our opinions may differ, but I think you will agree that this is awesome, at least :D) *initiating condensation of awesome* *main engine: ready, initiating countdown... 3... 2..* *nomming cookie* *1...* whoooooshh!

May you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
9/12/2014 5:18:29   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Yay, new page! More questionz!
Yes Please!

Which do you like better: Rainy days or sunny days?
Sunny ones because they are more productive.

So, I assume you and Aranx are colleagues? (Both of you are archangels!) Oh, and Gjappy, too!
Ofcourse we are ^___^v and Gjappy is a human-angel to be precise.

What's your favorite burger place?

How about your favorite meal to cook?
Ramen :P

Sorry for asking about food-related stuff every time
No problem, I love food.

What's your favorite AE game?
Pony vs Pony, I'm being totally serious about it :P

...non-AE game?
Diablo II

Favorite AE NPC?!
Tomix for sure.

I like that, too!
Ikr. *O*b

Do you watch Adventure Time? Wachu think of it?
Sadly no. So I can't make any comments on the show.

I love it :)
Good for you! :D

So much randomness in my questions.
No kidding.

That's it for now, my brain's refusing to function well
Here take a sip of coffee and everything will be alright, trust meh :3

Gotta go to bed! Seeya around KokuJ-Oh!! (Am I pronouncing it right?) :O
Rest well bro! Cya later........and yup you nailed it!

Seriously, though, b-bye :)
Okay then have some cookies on your way out. And thanks for coming.
Have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^_____^

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
9/12/2014 6:00:33   
Legion Champion

*Grins* Question time!
Yay! :D

Which arc did you like best in one piece? Attack on marineford?
No arc in particular, I love the entire storyline so far.

Who was the last forumite you added to your friendlist in AQW?
Drakkos very politely asked me on Twitter :3

Which song did you hear last?
Owl City - Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling)

Which was the last movie you saw?
"The Company You Keep".......Shia LaBeouf does a fantastic job as the protagonist.

Which was the last anime you saw?
"Monster".......I'm very picky when it comes to animé.

That's it for now.
Edit: Forgot to add my favourite songs. My preferences usually change over time. Currently I like Titanium by David Guetta and Make you believe by Lucy Hale.
Hope you like them.
Oh I love titanium, need to try the other one, thanks for leaving not one but two song suggestions.

~ Legion Champion ;)
Have a wonderful day ahead.

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 29
9/12/2014 20:56:23   

Hello Joe
Hiya Gatling-kun! /wave

1. Your Opinion on Dragon Gods like me, who serve as Archangels?
You do a good job. Treat those dragons with kindness ^___^v

2.Higurashi no Naku Koro ni kai, Mirai Nikki, or Corpse Party?
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni kai any given day, I totally dig its intro tbh! *O*b

3.Assault Rifle or Sniper?
I'm a Sniper-guy

3.Favorite Holy Weapon(Choose Two)?
My ever trustful Sabre and Gauntlets!

4.Imperium or Orks?

5.MechWarrior or Warhammer 40k?
Warhammer 40k.........solely because I dig its art.

6.Chicken Noodle Soup or Clam Chowder?
Chicken Noodle Soup is so yummy :q

7.Snickerdoodles or Chocolate Chip?
Chocolate Chip ftw! :3

8.Favorite Tank
Not into tanks really.....besides tank = weapon of mass destruction which us Archangels detest since it promotes war & breaks peace.

9.Metro or Deadspace?
Don't know either of them sorry :(

10.You are assaulted by a Honey badger that doesn't care...what do you do?
* I will stun the lil' guy with my gauntlets, then simply dust him off me!*
Anyways thanks for leaving a post, may you have a wonderful day ahead.

~Kokujoe ^____^b

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
9/15/2014 14:40:32   

Hello again!
Hiya bro! My apologies for the late reply but I had been on a pretty important business trip for the past week or so.

So, quick question: Have you played the Assassin's Creed Series Series?
Up until Brotherhood so far, and yeah I need to catch up but too busy tbh.

If you have, then you know why I ask thing being a Archangel and all: Assassin or Templar and why? (If you don't know either, basically, and I'm boiling this down to it's base simplicity, I suggest you look em up (: Assassins fight for free will, freedom, individuality etc, sometimes at the cost of utter chaos like The French Revolution, while Templars believe the best way for humanity to proceed is with benevolent rulers and order. Sometimes both sides believes in their goals, other times they are in it for the power.)
Tough one, but I would opt for an Assassin who shares the ideologies of both in a such a way that it benefits all and serves purpose when and where needed aptly.

Also, what game consoles do you have?
I personally prefer PC's over consoles for gaming, however I do own a wee ol' PS2. Might take it out on the weekends, that is, if its still working properly!

Least fav game of all time and why?
That way ol' mario game where there was no end to the princess' disappearence, and she'd always teleport to some other castle whenever I saved her. It was madness I tell ya' *shrieks&screamsinfearcuzofpastexperience*

Least fav film of all time and why?
It was so boring that I eventually forgot its name XD But if I do remember the title of the movie, I'll PM it to you.

Finally, try this guy out for music. He makes a ton of music based on games and he has plenty of different styles. Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=939ACReWKfE
Thanks a ton for leaving the music link above, it is greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed some of his tracks. Here have some cookies while you're bashing through Pirates/Naval Commanders in the current TLAPD release. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead megakyle777!

~Kokujoe ^_____^

< Message edited by kokujoe -- 9/24/2014 10:04:20 >
DF  Post #: 31
9/25/2014 19:26:16   

Hello Kokujoe!
Hello cheif!

1.I'm supposed to post right?
Maybe....... >.>

2.Wait hold on, was the above counted as a question?

3. If anyone asks, none of these were counted as questions right?
Okay I can make an exception......as long as I get 'em cookies! Muhuhahahahaha! >:D

4. What's considered a question?
"Which came first the egg or the chicken?" <-- This or any interrogative statement in general is considered one! :P

5. Aww man, I've already wasted 4 questions. Why???
#NodsHead Maybe coz you're trying too much.

7. Okay, back to work. What do you think of a chocolate chip cookie Sundae with brownies?
Sounds delicious! Y U DO DIS? \(>~<\) Now I feel hungwy!

8. Is your posting color red or pink?
Somewhere in between.

9.Give me an HONEST answer to number 6.
I see what you did up there, +5 brownie points!

10. Am I allowed to break the 10-question limit?

Congrats on your promotion Kokujoe:)
Oh BTW, one of my favorite pieces of music is Foil by Weird Al Yankovic
I feel honored! Also thanks for leaving the song suggestion, I'll give it a listen.
May you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

< Message edited by kokujoe -- 9/28/2014 3:21:18 >
Post #: 32
9/25/2014 20:03:32   
Canis lupus dingo

Hullo! Can I call you Koko? You just sound like a Koko to me!
Just call me "Joe" if you like! There that should make things easier while addressing me. :)

Congrats on being an AK! I may not know you well, but I do know how stressful it is to watch over this forum sometimes! (I used to be an AK here, haha) I wish you luck and most importantly, have fun! I can't imagine how much harder it is to maintain peace here than it was when I had to leave 3 years ago.
Why thank you so much! You bet it is! Glad to know that you used to contribute to the community! I do try to have fun while I'm at it. Its still...... how shall I put it? Hmmm........pretty chaotic at times, heheh! :P #NoPunIntended

Don't have a lot of questions to ask, but here they are anyways!
The lesser, the questions.
The merrier, I am......jk!

What's your favorite animal? (There's only one right answer for this! >:o)
Siberian Tiger [among the wild ones] and in general, I'm a cat person! :3

Is the "S" or "C" silent in "scent?"
\(>~<¿\)....Lemme think
........Its the "C"!

Do you watch Big Brother? If so, Zach Rance. That is all. (This is worth a lot of brownie points. Don't disappoint :c)
Okay just for your sake,....I totally support the guy even though I don't watch big brother......AT ALL! >.>
#Keepsfingerscrossed Hope I still earn the brownie points :q

Favorite food?

Favorite past-time?
Its a mix of reading, drawing, playing soulful stuff on my acoustic guitar, watching documentaries on wildlife or simply enjoying some good music depending on my mood.

That's all I have. Good luck again! :)
Thanks yet again for dropping by. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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DF AQW  Post #: 33
9/28/2014 17:14:11   

Greetings Fellow Angel,
Hi! Such a nice sight to see a fellow comrade! :)

Nice to see other angels around! There are to few of us left in AQW. My English is not my best skill ever (I'm not from an English speaking country), but I'll do my best to write everything down as good as possible.
I agree, but we're still going strong. Ah same here, so don't you worry about that, I'll try my best to answer your queries.

My questions are really about the game itself im not sure if you can answer any of them, but all I can do is try to ask! And beforehand.... thanks for answering my questions!
No problem, I'm on it.

1st question:
Why are there so few 'good persons' left in AQW?..... Just look at it: Maximillian (became mad and) died, Alteon died, His daugther died..... I just dont want to beat the storyline, just because evil seems to rule in this game (SO I never finished swordhaven and Thunderforge). In the final moments of 'the alliance' only Gravelyn seemed to be a main NPC. It was more evil against chaos.
#BlameEBILZorbak for that! >:O
Though I partly agree with you on the fact that we can do with a few more good souls around!

2nd question:
Do you think aqw is balanced (good vs evil)?
Not even close! (/>O<)/

Will 'good' ever return to AQW?
As long as we believe in it! It will surely return brother!

Do you think Artix is 'good'? (I mean he seems like killing ANYTHING thats undead....even without question.... not really judging if it could be a 'good' undead)
Yeah, its just that he's got this terrible urge to whack anything "undead" to dust at the very first sight of its presence! But I'm sure he'll learn to differentiate.

Did you noticed that members have an advantage in dressing 'good'/angel-like? Most good armors are member only or come from member bonuses.
I'm pretty sure that over the years there has been a fair-share of good-themed gear for all!

What exactly is a Arch Angel (compared to other angels?)
Archangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven.

Did I make many type errors or spelled many words wrong?
Don't worry I fixed them up for you! :D

If afraid to fly.... Any advice?:P
"Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery
'Cause after all those wings will take you, up so high
So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind
And take to the sky (you take to the sky)" ~chorus quoted from "To The Sky" by Owl City

Though I'd advice you listening to the full song! That should take care of your doubts.

What happened to 'rebuilding Vordred to beat Drakath'?
My apologies, I'm yet to play the chaos finalé since I'm stuck because of the confrontation bug, but I'm sure he'd serve us well in the battle!

Thanks for everything. And I hope to see you sometimes in AQW:)
Greetz Halodragon.
Thanks for dropping by and taking to the time to post here on ! It is very much appreciated. And sure! **+5 points for being awesome!**

~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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Post #: 34
9/28/2014 21:21:24   

*staggers in, looking dazed and slightly lost*
*Casts Heal*


>Have some coffee and eat cookies, please! :P

Did they give you one of the good 2x2x2 cages, or have you had to rough it like in the old days?
Being an Archangel has indeed helped me, I'm free to roam as long as I don't try to break 'em shackles!

I don't stumble into the AQW forums much. What's it like modding here? Any particularly fun stuff?
But you should stop by more often! Very chaotic to be honest but I've had my fair-share of fun at times!

Given the choice, do you prefer sparkly, or shiny?
'em *Shiny* stuff \(*O*\)

Why ArchAngel? Aside from the glowing halo and shining wings, of course. Those, I can understand.
Because too much #EBIL! :3

Hmm....Favorite release so far?
Too many to choose from! So it'd be wrong to mention just one and leave out the rest.


7.Snickerdoodles or Chocolate Chip?
Chocolate Chip ftw! :3

How about this, then; regular Choocolate Chip, or Snickerdoodle with chocolate chips in it? (Snickerchip? Chocolate Chipperdoodle?)
Hmmm....I like the sound of snickerchip! #Yummy :q

How many cookies can you eat in one sitting?
Trust me, when I say this, a whole LOT of them!

I'm not feeling terribly creative today, so I'll quit bugging you. Good luck! :p
I can understand, don't try to think too much, just relax! Thanks for leaving a post it is much appreciated.
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

< Message edited by kokujoe -- 9/29/2014 3:08:21 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 35
9/30/2014 12:22:44   

**Just a general reminder to all the forum folks that as much as I'd like to answer your queries all day long, sadly, I need to close the curtains on this =MtAK= soon. To put it bluntly, this is your last chance to shoot 'em questions at me. For at the strike of the midnight hour [server time], this thread will be locked for good. So GO! GO! GO!

~Kokujoe ^____^b
Archknight AQW GD
Post #: 36
9/30/2014 23:59:39   

Kokujoe: It is one minute before midnight. Do you know where your weapons are?
You are given the following supplies to create a weapon with which to battle a dragon: two frogs, one turtle, and sixteen crickets. What do you do/create with those supplies?
Weapon of DoooOOOMMM!

~Kokujoe ^____^b

< Message edited by Kokujoe -- 10/1/2014 0:22:10 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 37
10/1/2014 0:19:44   

And with this final post its a wrap guys! Thanks to each and every kind soul who took the time to post, it has been greatly appreciated. #Chrono-locked!

~Kokujoe ^____^b
Archknight AQW GD
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