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=MtAK= Gamboling Down the Lane: A Ferretine Invasion!

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10/23/2014 15:50:46   
Ronin Of Dreams
Still Watching...

Let the invasion commence! Go, my F.E.R.R.E.T. army, and frolic throughout DFGD!

Hi there everyone. There are some of you who may know me, as I am the old soul who has stalked about in RP for a decade or so and serve as the AK there presently as well as a stint in the past. To those of you who have ever participated in roleplays on these boards in the past, I salute you and hope you remember me fondly if at all. As for the rest of you...hello!

I have invaded the ranks of the DFGD AKs at Melissa's request, and under the direction of this new overlord, I hope to add to the forces of order against the chaos that I hear occassionally crops up here. Not often, as you all are spoken of highly, but every little bit helps yeah? Given the wealth of purple-osity present, I've even changed My Old Praetorian Heraldry to these new Stylish Hunting Greens for the purpose of making it clear when I edit responses. I hope not to need to, but at least my maker's mark will not easily be confused.

That being said, now I'll open up an entire thread for you all to get to know me a bit better! Feel free to bombard me with as many questions as you want, in the long run, and I will be doing my best to answer them promptly around AKing and my various RL responsibilities and jobs. Just follow the few rules listed below and we will have a fabulous time!

1) =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply, as usual.

2) Be reasonable in the number of questions asked per post. Ten, for instance, is reasonable whereas twenty in one go is pushing the boundaries of sanity.

3) One post per page, unless I have answered all current posts. I'll do my best to make it clear if I have made an answering sweep.

4) I reserve the rights to privacy, but if I don't answer your question, I will at least explain why.

5) Pet at least one F.E.R.R.E.T. construct while you are here. It helps the invading forces know who is ok. :P

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10/23/2014 16:14:33   
Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

Hi there!

How's it going!?
Decently. A touch tired, but otherwise alright.

What is your favorite drink?
As an adult, I have a wider range. But given the forum, I'll just pick Coca-Cola instead.

Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?
"The grass is always greener on the other side." I was always the smartest or in a dead heat for it, so if I had to go again, I'd try the popular route.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Grumble, roll over, and try to get a few more minutes. After that fantastically fails, I fix a bite to eat.

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?
That would be a close heat between Veal Saltinbocca, which I have ever so rarely, and the ultimate comfort of Beef Stroganoff.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I *just* tossed out a pair of busted up hiking sandals today, go figure I get a query on shoes. Lessee...five. A pair of cleats, a pair of running shoes, a pair of dress shoes, a pair of everyday Pumas, and a pair of dress-casual Pumas.

What's the best color?
Purple, obviously. I miss my old scheme already.

What was the last gift that you received?
The last gift I received was a groomsman gift given by my best friend for being able to help out and make his wedding run smoothly. In a very nice and monogrammed box is an Atlantic City themed set of goodies.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Swimming with sharks. Not great whites, mind you, but still has a touch of insanity to it, doesn't it?

What is the worst job you ever had?
Working at Books-A-Million. Love books, but that company had issues. Still does, from what I've heard since.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Woof. Woof. Dogs allllllll the way.

Have fun and good luck!
Thanks muchly, and take care!

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AQW Epic  Post #: 2
10/23/2014 18:06:41   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

*A cloaked figure rises from the shadows.*

Greetings, Ronin of Dreams.
Good eve to you, DD.

What is your favourite monster in AdventureQuest?
Oh, I dunno...to choose a classic or choose something actually good...I guess I'll say the Pheron.

Who is your favourite NPC in AdventureQuest?
Must I choose? I can't choose an unseen, ergo, I shall choose Beleqwaya Melamin, because I know far more about him than most!

What is your favourite monster in Dragonfable?
Rune Drake

Who is your favourite NPC in Dragonfable?
I am a fan of Reens, but then again, I used to talk with the real Reens often.

Name the best feature of a ferret.
Boundless energy. Also why a ferret may be a very poor pet for many folks.

Good luck to you, may you usher a platinum era in the DFGD.
Doubtful. If Melissa hasn't managed it, than I doubt I can make it happen.

*Bows while succumbing into the shadows.*

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10/23/2014 18:25:15   
Chaosweaver Amon

*trips over his coat and faceplants into this thread*

*looks up* Heya Ronin! Welcome to the DFGD!
Hihi! And thank you!

Why ferrets?
Because Ferrets are the animal that best embody that pureness of being hyped up on pixie sticks and practically vibrating out of phase with this plane of existence through SHEER AWESOME.

Why not Spiders instead?
I prefer riding spiders, not being animate clockwork representations of spiders. Also, Mel would wreck me if I hyped spiders.

What do you like most about Dragonfable?
Art style, hands down.

What do you like LEAST about Dragonfable?
Can't say I am a huge fan of the combat system. For all its innovation over the original AQ, it still has its problems and its own set of balance issues. Though for the latter, I have faith.

Who would you consider your favourite musical artist?
Tough choice. Currently I would have to say Collective Soul.

Well that's all I could think of for now, I hope you enjoy your new position here!
I shall try!

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10/23/2014 19:23:46   
Wolf Rider

Pretty sure I said this already, but congrats and welcome aboard!
And as I said before, I appreciate the vastly warm welcome!

Not many questions from me. Just one question and a gift because I'm awesome like that. *pets a F.E.R.R.E.T. construct as per the rules*
Ah yes, the first to be spared from the F.E.R.R.E.T. hordes.

If you could have any one thing from any book, movie, TV show, comic, or cartoon (for the purpose of the question, anime are grouped as cartoons and manga as comics), what would it be?
A fully functional and fully powered holodeck from Star Trek. Really, not much can beat that, especially since the holodecks seen in action wind up with replicator tech incorporated. Otherwise a lot of episodes suddenly break down as unpossible!

And now a gift.

*holds out a box* In this box is an infinite supply of one thing, and one thing only. What's in it?
There are many good answers to this, and an exceptional amount of silly yet valid ones. I choose to be odd-ball with my answer. The box contains an infinite amount of inspiration.

That's it from me. Once again, congrats and welcome! You're a welcome addition to the team.
I just hope to live up to that welcome in practice!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
10/23/2014 19:46:32   
Lord Noonien Soong

Hi :D!
'Allo there!

What's your opinion on BLOO?
It has its uses, and I do own the Armor Cerulean, so obviously it isn't all THAT bad...but totally inferior to purple.

Favorite T.V. Show?
That changes practically annually. If I go past that issue to long-running series instead...NCIS is up there.

Favorite AE game?
AQ Classic. No, I am not a heretic, I'm just that old school.

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10/23/2014 20:45:11   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Congratz on joining the DFGD, Ronin!
Much obliged!

*pets a ferret just in case* I got bit by one once, but they're normally nice.
No such fears with the F.E.R.R.E.T.s. They are quite the adorable beings of clockwork, until directed to be furry little deathballs of undeniable cuteness.

So... questions!

If you could have any animal as a pet, assuming they were housetrained, what would you pick? (You may not choose a ferret).
If I cannot have a ferret, then I would get an Australian Shepard, preferably blue merle coloration with icy blue eyes.

Any story behind how you chose your name?
There is, and while I won't share the full story, I will freely quote myself from elsewhere when answering this same question!


Ronin Of Dreams posted:
I...came up with the title during a pretty dark time of my life. In respect to mental health, at least. The vagaries of meaning run incredibly deep, and therefore more personal than this forum can know. However, I *am* a wanderer and a dreamer, so how much deeper would you need to go? :P

Think that's it for me, have a good day/evening!
I shall try to have a good night, as long as you go and do the same! Cheers!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
10/23/2014 20:59:16   

*Tribal mask pops out*
Oooga Boooga!
*reflexively draws a sword then checks his swing before contact* Not nice! Beware the horde, for they shall get retribution for this, whether or not I tell them otherwise...

Congratz on your new AKship Ronin
Thanks muchly, but it is more a new location than a new role entirely.

The only question I got is:
Did you really think you can clean the chaos of DFGD? (...personally I doubt it, this place is probably the craziest - and funnest - forum ever)
I don't seek to cleanse the chaos, merely channel it to ensure a good time is had by all! Really, what did you think AKs were for? Heh.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/23/2014 21:06:08   

Howdy, pardner. That's a mighty fine ferret ya got there.
Why thank ye. Brushed out the fur this mornin'.

What's your favorite dialect?
Highlands English.

What's your favorite accent?
The New Awlins accent. And yes, as a Southerner, I can understand how they get particular about "N'Awlins" being wrong.

Do you like pirates?
Y'arrrrrrr, they be a'right.

How about ninjas?
Hard to hate what you can never find.

I'm a Ronin! What do you think?

Do you watch anime? If so, what've you been watching recently?
On occasion I have been known to do so. Not counting rewatching older anime, the latest was Appleseed Alpha.

What's your opinion on the Internet?
Loaded question! The internet is an immense place, after all, well beyond just this humble forum. I would say it is a beach festooned with shells of knowledge amidst the vast sands of dross and darkness. Not for lack of trying to clean it up.

How about the people who go on the Internet?
People are normal, but on the internet, there is much darkness on either side of the path.

Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?
I have done professional IT work in the past, so...fairly tech-savvy. Always something to learn though, and there are a LOT of specialists.

That would be it for now. Farewell, and I bid you a good day/afternoon/evening/night/whatever it happens to be when you read this. Best wishes and sincerest regards!
The same to you, and thanks again for the wishes and regards!

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10/24/2014 12:43:22   
Flamehead 12

*pets F.E.R.R.E.T.* Welcome
Another to be spared during the invasion. Yesssss, good. Very good.

Is the FerretLord artistic?
I have been known to turn a phrase and bust a move, but despite arduous attempts, I have failed to cultivate a skill at drawing.

Pirates or Ninjas?
One will assassinate me for choosing otherwise. They are not Pirates. Need I state more?

Paladins or Necromancers?
A well done necromancer is far, far more entertaining and poses incredible depth of character compared to a paladin.

Vampires or Werewolves?
Werewolves. See above.

The Rose or the rebels?
I like what the Rose *can* represent. What does that say of me?

Warrior, Mage, or Rogue?
To quote myself: I tend towards Mages in most systems that have such distinct classes.

Guardian, Dragonlord, or StarCaptain?
Dragonlord. By far. Sorry Guardians!

Favourite DF [sapient] race? (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Fairy, Lizardman, Dravir, Sneevil, Galeocerda, Avians, Vurrmen, undead, elementals, Giantkind, Ursice Savage, Killguin, Clawkin, etc.)
Sneevils are adorably inept. Yeah, I'll go Sneevil.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
10/24/2014 12:55:04   


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DF  Post #: 11
10/24/2014 14:47:27   
Renn Shadowheart

Hello, Ronin.

*Mist swirles around me and takes us to a secret location*
Oh my...am I supposed to be impressed?

Better. Now for a question.

You mentioned 'praetor' which is mentioned in the Heroes of Olympus series. Does this mean you've read that series and have you read the Blood of Olympus?
Praetorian. As in the Praetorian Guard, a functional legion created by Gaius Octavius (bettter known as Augustus Caesar) and functionally a bodyguard unit for just over three full centuries before being disbanded officially by Constantine. History provides an immense wealth of inspirational source before even touching fiction. As for the Blood of Olympus series? I admit that I have not read that series.


*Mist swirles around once more, searing your vision as you return to your place*

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AQW Epic  Post #: 12
10/24/2014 15:40:17   

Hello Congrats on helping the DF forums.
Many thanks for the congratulations.

What is your opinion on DOOM? (DF word in Game)
A single yet simple question. DOOM? DOOM is horrendously hard to counter by balancing forces. It destabilizes, it horrifies, it is DOOM! Fear DOOM!

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Post #: 13
10/24/2014 17:51:21   
Killing time softly

Welcome Ronin, and congrats!
Many thanks for the welcome!

So, since you seem to be an expert, I'll just ask what would be the best way to protect my home from a ferret invasion?
From normal ferrets? Lay down tubing that entices them to explore...and wind up forcing them to circle around and back outside your domicile. Or grab some Ferretone treats. F.E.R.R.E.T.s on the other hand are far, far more difficult to dissuade from an invasion!

Also, what does F.E.R.R.E.T. stand for?
Ahem, a F.E.R.R.E.T. is a Ferretine Energized Robot Ronin of Enigmatic Tasking. There are, at current, thirteen different templates of F.E.R.R.E.T.s

Have fun in DFGD!
I shall have the most wonderful time with how civil you all are. Just keep that trend alive and I shall continue to enjoy my time helping out here.

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DF MQ  Post #: 14
10/24/2014 19:17:18   
James Lu

Greetings Ronin! *tips hat and pets a F.E.R.R.E.T. construct*
Smart, James. Rather smart.

Congratulations and welcome to our neck of the woods!
Why thank you muchly!

I am not sure how much DF you've played and whereabouts you're up to, but what are your thoughts on the story up to where you have played?
All to often the plotlines in DF have such an incredible potential for depth, but due to Reasons they wind up only scratching the surface of what Could Be. Now, granting, What Is is hardly lacking for the quality and often still winds up deep enough, but DF falls into a very distinct state for me. It could be So Much More, and it is hard to miss that on each and every thread and plot that actually happens.

What's your favourite class?
Technomancer has a nice vibe. I could almost, *almost*, see a youthful and naive Hadin Gan'Kar in something like that getup.

In your opinion, how important is expository dialogue in a film? How much is too much?
It is important because it in itself is an art. The balance point changes based on subject matter and even the presentation of the rest of the film. Or, even further, with what is happening in the background visually during said expository dialogue. It can be important, but it can also be fruitless and a total waste of the audience's time.

Lens flares. Like/Dislike?
Dislike. All too often overdone or done poorly.

What do you think of the Hobbit trilogy of films? (Very broad question :P)
They are entertaining for what they happen to be: a film adaptation with liberal artistic license. For the record, I also rather liked the original animated Hobbit from the 70s. Take that as you will.

That's all!

Have fun and see you around :D
Oh I am rather certain of that, young James.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/24/2014 20:11:04   

Ether-knight of DragonFable & EpicDuel

*Bows slightly*
*respectfully returns the bow in equal measure*

Congratulations and Hello there Ronin, how is everything?
I am well this eve, all things considered.

*Looks at one of the contructs and crouches* Hmm, may I keep one?
You would have to ask it directly, probably via a Herald model. They are effectively sentient, barring a few coded parameters.

In any case, now for questions because those are oh so lovely.
Quite so!

Do you prefer the outdoors by any chance?
I would not enjoy roughing it outdoors for weeks on end, but I rather enjoy time outdoors in measured doses. Regular strolls in the evening, and such, are within my common habits.

Heard you like to read a lot, which I suppose that makes sense considering your position. In which case, what is your favorite book series?
Hard to choose, as my mood does influence which series winds up feeling like my all time favorite. Dawn Cook's 'First Truth' quadrilogy is always a solid choice, but Jim Butcher's Codex Alera and Brent Week's Lightbringer series probably beat it out for being so thoroughly detailed and engrossing in their settings.

Suppose you had to choose between two certain choices. Would you rather glide through the mountains or rather go something more elegant like exploring the deepest reaches of the ocean?
I would rather take the nice long swim, because I find that much more relaxing and enjoyable than flying.

Fencing or martial arts?
I've done both, and each have specialties inherent within them. So both. Especially if you start talking about fencing as a weapon style Western martial art and start blowing minds with legitimate arguments. But let us not go quite that far down the rabbit hole, yes?

Of course, having a construct army which consist of mechanical Ferrets should say something about this but does not hurt to ask. Are you interested in robotics or simply engineering as a whole?
I've done a bit of both, but ultimately my wage career has led in other directions. Clockwork is a very, very fun sub-genre of fantasy though!

Last but not least, now is the time for something ludicrous!
Wheeeee! Oh, wait, you mean a question.

Take over an entire star system where you will now have resources for many generations to come or find a way to harness the power of a black hole?
The former will inevitably lead to conflict, probably needless conflict stemming from greed at that. I'll tackle harnessing the power of a black hole somehow, instead, thanks.

With that, I shall hinder you no longer. Good luck in DFGD and remember to have fun!
Hardly anything that could be considered a hindrance. Thanks for the luck and I shall keep your words in mind!

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DF  Post #: 16
10/24/2014 20:50:04   
Alpha Centipede

*Crash-lands out of the night sky*
Ouch. That had to hurt on some level. You should be more careful, falling from the celestial heavens like that!

Hello, and welcome to the DFGD, Ronin!
Good eve to you, and thanks for the welcome!

I don't really have any good questions to ask, but... Do you like math? As in pure mathematics.
Conceptual theory mathematics? Not my cup of tea. I capped out around high level multi-variable calculus, Newtonian mechanics, and differential equations. In small doses, I still like it, despite being burned by a horrible semester of math in college.

Again, congrats on your DFGD AKship! Hope you have fun here!
Thanks again, and as long as you do the same, I shan't have problems doing so myself.

*Flies back into the night sky in a beam of light*
Well, that's certainly a way to get back from whence you came.

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DF  Post #: 17
10/24/2014 23:15:23   

*floats in through an open window, bringing in a wave of intense cold*



Greetings, honorable Ronin! I bid thee welcome to the DFGD!
Greetings to thee as well, and thank thee for such a fine welcome.

How are the extra shackles treating you? Are they chafing sufficiently? :p
You'd be surprised at how atypical an AK I happen to be. Tch, as if shackles are what I worry about.

Do you have a signature technique for locking threads, or do you just do whatever?
I have rarely needed to lock threads over in my long history in the RP boards, so I can't say I have a distinct style or signature technique. Yet.

How'd you come up with the name "Ronin of Dreams?" It certainly sounds cool, but does it have a significant history?
I already brushed a bit on this topic in this post earlier, but I suppose I can elaborate a bit. Waited to get some rest after answering your other questions, hope you don't mind.

I have had the name for over a decade now, though originally it began as a character before I took his name as my online handle. A character very near and dear to me, at that. Now the reasons why *I* use the name as my own are for rather different reasons based on the context involved. Ronin - literally "waveman", masterless in a culture that values hierarchy and order, vagabond and wanderer, has a thorough understanding of the concepts behind honour though they may or may not have forsaken it with their status. Of Dreams - as in beholden to dreams, a dreamer, one who values, respects, or otherwise places importance upon dreams. Also, frankly better than "Ronin Dreamer" or "Dreaming Ronin" that way.

I'll leave it there for y'all to interpret exactly which nuances my title is flavored by more strongly. Reminds me of a saying, "A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma."

Aanimzgly, du t teh pohenitc srutcre f Egnslih, radenig msspleld wrods s nt trrebily dficfult, pordived teh frist nd lst ltetrs ar lft itnact, r only on s lft ut. Naet, rgiht?
Rather. Try looking for a passage of Shakespeare done like that. Psychology students get the really fun and random bits to pull on folks.

If you couldn't read the last question, I failed horribly. T_T
No failures here! I've known about that idiosyncratic nature of the human mind for awhile now, though. I guess I really am an Old Man in too many ways other than age.

Soo...How many ferrets would a ferreting ferret ferret if a ferreting ferret could ferret ferrets?
No more than three before the ferrets would all devolve into either play or dominance fights.

...*awkward silence*...
What, didn't think I'd have an answer to that? Bwhahahahaha!

Well, that's all I got. I hope the DF community is to your liking! :D
I am sure it will suit me just fine, thanks. Take care!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
10/25/2014 16:31:04   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

/me idly falls in the thread

Well, I don't think I ever interviewed you so here I go.
You have not.

Why a ferret? and not say... a raven? :D
Because Kestrels are superior to Ravens, and ferrets are the ultimate in energetically adorable ground critters.

In case ferret > raven, wanna combine and have wings for flying? :D
No fusions! None! Bad Therril! D:

Please follow the following instructions and make sure to not forget a single one!
1) Do not write down number 2, 4, 6 and 9! 7.
2) Write a random colour Aquamarine
3) Type the letter before You but after Hoo -
4) Draw a cat Tis an epic drawing, but one you cannot see. Alas.
5) Type the 2 letter symbol of love <3
6) Give the first person you meet a hug Done.
7) What has wings, scales and can be of any element? Dragons, apparently.
8) What is a franchise, a tale and mystical? Fable.
9) Write number 1 down. 1.

*hammersmashes Therril into orbit* There goes Therril, blasting off again!

Here goes Ronin!
Your move, Ravenman. Bwhahaha.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
10/25/2014 20:11:07   
Rune Knight

Welcome to the DF GD, Ronin! It's nice to have you here. :)
Tis nice to BE here, to boot.

Hopefully this means more friendly faces around here.

And you know what this means, don't you?
Oh boy, here it comes.

THAT'S RIGHT! I get to ask you questions! :D
Ayup, you do.

1) When's the best time to wear a striped sweater?

2) What is your opinion of... monkeys?
Take 'em or leave'em, can't help that they are not exactly that far from us, genetically speaking.

3) People dressed like monkeys?
Only for Halloween is this an ok thing.

4) What do you enjoy most about being an ArchKnight?
Mostly, I enjoy how I am the atypical AK. My shackles are mounted on the wall next to my swept-hilt rapier!

5) Your opinion on DragonFable's current story direction?
Constantly improving on the depth front, and rather satisfying.

6) What do you feel like is DragonFable's most memorable moment?
Oh, but it is so hard to choose...

7) What would you like to see more of in DragonFable's story?
Unexpected, devious twists.

That's all from me. Seven is the most magically powerful number and all.
More fond of 3, myself.

Here's hoping we see you posting around here more! You were spectacular in the Elemental Championship a few years back. :)
What, no love for my return runs this year and last? Tsk. Why I oughtta...!

*Vanishes in a flash of lightning*
The classics never get old. Until next time!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
10/25/2014 22:15:42   

You are attacked by golems that resemble people and are made of a specific kind of metal. Who do they resemble, and what metal are they made of? And how do you fight them?
Oh my. These replicants would likely take on the visage of every famously depicted scientific mind AND nerd, given the likely source of their creation. Likely they would be some form of Nitinol, or nickel-titanium alloy, that takes advantage of temperature-based super-elasticity and shape memory to be mobile while also being a single metal. Innovative, to be sure. However, an army is best met with an army, and I doubt they would last overlong against a full-sized F.E.R.R.E.T. horde.

Also, is the metal edible (no seriously, mad scientist fu!)?
Unlikely. I wouldn't want to eat it to test the theory, either. Metals do tend to be horribly toxic to the human body in meal-sized dosages..

Finally, you find an amnesiac serpent. What do you do with it?
I don't think we have any serpentine counselors for amnesia...so probably find it a home where it will be cared for, in case it ever gets its memory back?

Ohwait. What does F.E.R.R.E.T. stand for? I'm not petting constructs til I find out. (Mostly 'cause if I'm allergic... hives aren't a fun thing.)
As I have stated before: F.E.R.R.E.T. is a Ferretine Energized Robot Ronin of Enigmatic Tasking. There are, at current, thirteen different templates of F.E.R.R.E.T.s. Most F.E.R.R.E.T.s are constructed with titanium-alloy internal structural skeletons and various steel-alloy internals, hide plates, and fur; listed solely for your allergen concerns..

That's all for now. Bye!
Do feel free to come back if you think of anything else!

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10/25/2014 22:43:28   

Welcome to the DFGD!
Thank you muchly.

Now for the questions!
Let's go!

What's your opinion on cookies with sunglasses?
Cute, but mere sunglasses shall not save delicious cookies from the fate of being nommed.

If Melissa and Mritha fought to see who's the purpliest, who would you bet on?
As impossible as such would be, Melissa probably would win that simply out of purity to the cause. Mritha likes adding black, you see.

If you ever saw a goblin petting a ferret, what would you do?
As long as the petting is respectful, and not a harming style similar to a certain Abominable Snowman calling another certain Bunny "George", I would leave the goblin be. I've no animosity to the species, after all.

Sponges with nitroglycerin or nitroglycerin with sponges?
Explosions all around! Sounds like an interesting self-defense mechanism, assuming the former are the alive kind rather than the manufactured kind. We'll go with them.

What's your opinion on puns?
I leave them to the experts, like Artix himself.

If you ever got a crate full of monkey, would you throw it on Faerdin?

What's your opinion on untied shoes?
Bothersome annoyances. Bad if I trip over my own shoelaces if they get untied, thrice as bad if I trip because of someone else's!

I trick-or-treated in your house. There was a yaga. Is she your gardener or something?
I happen to be an Equal Opportunity Employer for housestaff. You met one of my hired help maidservants, is all. I pay a rather respectable wage, too.

That's it. Congrats for this AKship and I hope you enjoy your time here!
Thanks again, and I shall strive to enjoy it!

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10/26/2014 8:52:01   

:O Ermahgerd, there's a F.E.R.R.E.T in the DFGD
More than one, in fact.

Well, anyway, Sir Ferret, I believe I shall start with the single most pertinent question. Indeed, you could say this is the most important question in existence.
I'm waiting...

What think you, of pink?
It is a colour that serves a purpose. Neither myself nor my F.E.R.R.E.T.s look good in that colour though.

Hmm, yes, quite. Moving on...
Yes, yes, as you say.

...Hrm. I appear to have no further questions at this time. Ah well. I hope you enjoy your stay here. We may all be thoroughly happily mad, but then, all the best people are.
Have you ever stepped into my parlour of the RP Boards back in the day? You lot haven't even begun to scratch the surface of creative and constructive insanity.

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10/26/2014 9:22:39   

Greetings, F.E.R.R.E.T!
Hullo there, SonicTbear!

Do you like chicken? If so, how do you like your chickens? X3
Can be tasty, and I am partial to a creamy Chicken a la King.

Ok, bye!
Are you sure you haven't forgotten something?

Oh... I forgot to pet a F.E.R.R.E.T... *pets a random F.E.R.R.E.T*
There we go! Another to be spared the hordes.

Now, I'm out...
Buh-bye and take care!

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10/27/2014 4:31:15   
Death snake1

*Shadow-Travels into the thread*

Bonjour mon amie!
Guten abend.

Parlez-vous Francais? (Just in case, I will continue in English)
Nein, aber ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.

Welcome to the DF GD! *Offers his had to the F.E.R.R.E.T. drones to allow for scent recognition*
Thank you, and now the Shadestalker models will leave you be.

Firstly, how do you feel about shadows, and the mages (people who are born) who can control them
Presented with at least a touch of originality? Cool folks. Far too many wind up cliche, and therefore easily dismantled.

If you had one superpower, that specifically did not make you into a god, what would it be.
Mmm, this is never an easy choice. Telepathy and teleportation are both so good. Teleportation, probably.

Can you sing in any languages besides English, and if so, which?
Latin. Mostly due to Catholic upbringing, both via the Church and via private schools.

I give you a sample of 1.43 mL of 12.1 Molar HCl, how much water, in mL, do you need to dilute the acid to .1 Molar HCL (I am a chem major, so..... science)
If I am not mistaken, that would be 173.03 mL. I remember balancing Molar values in college, but that's been awhile, even with the formula hint below. Still, rewriting that does give V2 = (V1M1)/M2, which should be straightforward enough.

What is your favorite Gemstone?

What was your favorite subject in school, either high school or University level?
European History with Dr. Devanny in High School, and out of pure academic classes in college, Investments with Dr. Swicegood.

Celestia or Luna, and why?
Luna, due to personal alignment and other reasons.

That is about all I have, enjoy your time in the DF GD! *Opens a portal to his shadow dimension*
I thank you for wishing me enjoyment. Take care out there!

(Molar (M)= moles/Liter ) (Hint, M1V1=M2V2) (mL=Milliliters)
(I am providing these because I am required to for all of the tests I write for all of the labs that I teach)

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