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RE: =MtAK= Gamboling Down the Lane: A Ferretine Invasion!

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10/30/2014 3:06:55   
James Lu

*stumbles back in and pets a different construct*
Good. Very good.

I'm going to ask some different questions. Firstly, I need to ask. How much salt should one put in dishes containing prosciutto slices? I can never quite tell; is there a rule of thumb?
As with cooking overall, you should add salt sparingly and only at the end of the cooking process to taste, whenever possible. Many recipes will call for salt to serve various roles given its chemical power to transform a dish and aid in any number of things. Unless the salt is required elsewhere in the dish, you shouldn’t need anything more than a pinch or so at the end. The rule, as far as there is one, is “add salt to taste” and no more.

To tenderise meat is a meat mallet the right implement or would it be better to use a frypan or rolling pin?
Depends on the application. The use of a brine or a marinade tends to contribute to the tenderizing process, and I find that sufficient for most meat dishes that I cook. Meat mallets themselves are horrible unitaskers, however, so I wouldn’t be using one anyway. If you have a pie tin and a large canned good with decent heft, like canned tomatoes, you can do physical tenderization pretty well with rather good control.

When devoting separate films to one novel, where would you think the best spot be to end each film without it leaving audiences wanting while also leaving them without *too many* questions?
For a single book following the general “three arc” trend of plot progression, the rule of thumb would be to devote each film to cover an entire arc. However, many books that do follow that progression have disproportionate arcs, and those that don’t aren’t as easily given a rule of thumb. End each film where it makes some logical sense, such as a cliffhanger already in the book that serves as a chapter break, or wherever there is a distinct breakbeat in the building tension of the overall story.

Have you read any war poetry? If so, have you read any of Wilfred Owen's works?
I keep Kipling by my side when I travel, one of four different authors whose books I bring with me first whenever I move. Sun Tzu is another, for that matter, just as an idle point of potential interest. As for Wilfred Owen’s works...I would say it is incredibly likely that I have, just not that I can recollect readily.

Who are your favourite Victorian-era authors?
Kipling, as previously mentioned, as well as Lewis Carroll.

Which period of history are you most interested in?
From which standpoint? Had I gone for a career in History, I would have specialized in the evolution of war from a tactics and armament standpoint up to the gunpowder revolution, as it were. That spans a whole host of periods, and even so, certain locations make certain periods much more attractive to study and discuss. If I had to choose one specific period...hm. Maybe the Late Antiquity period?

What are your thoughts on Eastern and Western philosophy; in your opinion, which thought systems are most prevalent today and have had a profound impact on the Western world?
This is a can of worms deserving entire blog posts, and is therefore a bit beyond just a humble MtAK. Poke me on IRC sometime if you really want to discuss this, as otherwise I won't be able to answer anyone else's questions for days!

Do you believe the bartering system could work in our modern globalised economy?
That would currently be impossible to implement even if it could work, and it is extremely dubious that such would be possible on the large scale. The modern economy is a currency based economy for good reason, but on the small scale, barter still exists pretty much everywhere. Go to your local flea markets and I would be shocked if there isn’t someone who would take trade instead of hard cash.

Having said this, globalisation has its sceptics, what is your view on globalisation?
Globalization is a necessary evil for the modernization of the world as a whole. There will be a point where the globalization of the economy will render entire geographic markets into one of the three primary market types, at which point the world will be on the brink of a new catalyzing change that will likely as not wreck any balance achieved by it. (The three primary markets are Agricultural, Industrial, and Service by the by.)

That is all! Thanks for taking the time to read and answer these questions!
You ask intriguing ones, young James. Though forcing me to think that hard is welcome in small doses only, I think. *chuckles*

*pets a different construct on his way out*

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10/30/2014 4:14:54   


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10/30/2014 5:32:28   
DF Artist

[/offers the back of one hand for a F.E.R.R.E.T. construct to inspect before cuddling petting it]
Shoulda gone for the cuddling. Now they know you hesitate, and may treat you with secret suspicion after the initial pacification! Or not.

Welcome to official AKship in the DFGD, Ronin of Dreams. : ) I think I've seen your name around the RP areas...not exactly sure. It's been a couple years since I've crept 'round there.
I'm an ancient haunt and a remnant of the original Old Guard over there. Trust me, if you think you've seen me, then you have.

If you had a full 24 hours to relax, what would you do during that time period?
Twenty-four hours with no restrictions? I'd take that 24 hours in Perth and Freemantle Australia, mixing between the two hanging out with old friends from my studies abroad there, some downtime on the beaches, and a lovely bar atmosphere over at Little Creatures tavern.

What are all the notes of a C minor melodic scale, up and down one octave? (Eg. For B♭ major, one octave up and down would be B♭ C D E♭ F G A B♭ A G F E♭ D C B♭.)
This isn't fair, I've not been asked to throw out notations for matching pitches since graduation from Wofford years ago. AND you ask for a more complicated one...lessee...going up would be C, D, E♭, F, G, A, B, C. Down from C is different...more flats, right? C, B♭, A♭, G, F, E♭, D, C I think?

If you could answer the above question, what instruments can you play and what sort of music do you prefer to play? If you couldn't answer, just put your favorite text emote here.
I sang for years. YEARS. Not someone with that mystical pitch perfect ear, but practice can make great strides to match pitches and call out notations.

'Fraid that's all the torturous interrogation I can come up with at the moment. Sorry. To compensate for the lack, I >> badly quickly doodled a ferret-like creature for you<<.
It was rather pleasant, up until the choir flashbacks of solos and a capella performances. But d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I may turn that into an avvy in the future now. So nicely done, and so kind of you to make that!

Enjoy yourself. : p
Only as long as you do the same!

[Edited to get rid of the image tags.]

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11/2/2014 17:57:34   
Ronin Of Dreams
Still Watching...

Had a bit of a bothersome ending to my week, but 'lo and behold I've gotten entirely caught up here. I suspected to be bombarded by many more questions than this so far! Where's the curiosity at, hmm?

And, if you are just now stopping by, take a look at what Tybira made. It is amazing and lovable and you should all be much more inclined to be kind to ferrets after viewing that cute and adorable picture!
AQ  Post #: 29
11/2/2014 18:28:35   

Hello Ferret!
First of all, congratulations!
Thanks muchly, flaming little dog-child.

Can you believe I post just now?! Time for some questions!
Finally! Been promising for days!

What's your favorite ice cream taste?
The classics never fade. Chocolate fudge swirl.

Waffles or pancakes? What are your favorite toppings?
Onwards, to WAFFLES! WAFFLES, HO!!!!!!!

What was the last book you read? Did you like it? Why?
First Lord's Fury by Jim Butcher, the last of the Codex Alera series. I was rereading some old favorites, but it melds a delicate balance of tension with increasing action and Roman influences on a truly fantastic plotline. Leaves room for a sequel series in the future, but still wraps things up nicely for the setting even if another book in that setting is never written.

Favorite type of games? Do you prefer video games or board games? Which type of games do you prefer? (Action / RPG / whatnot for video games, or strategy / luck / whatelse for board games, for an example)

My favorite games are actually card games, such as Legendary or Dominion. I do enjoy video games, but board games are equally nice, if more rare to indulge in. For video games, my preferences are tied between single-player oriented RTS and tactical RPGs. Both of those go out the window with a proper space fighter sim in the vein of either Freespace or the original TIE Fighter series, which would consume all of my free time.

Is there any question in particular you expected to see in this MtAK thread by now, but haven't seen it yet? If there is, can you answer it?
Someone is getting sassy and smart. I didn't expect any questions in particular, at least none that haven't already been asked and answered.

What's your opinion about hiking and visiting natural parks and the wilderness? How often do you do it, if you do?
I enjoy it, it is a great form of exercise, and I don't get the chance to go to parks or anything really considered wilderness nearly enough.

Are there any fields you wish you'd have the time to study more? General answers such as "Literature" or "Science" will be accepted, as long as you provide an explanation!
Hindsight makes me wish I had gone with Chemical Engineering, and spent more electives on War History. Alas, I went for Business Economics instead after hitting the high-tier wall of math my sophomore year.

I'm a bit tired right now, but considering some of the questions above have multiple parts, I think this will be enough!
Get some rest and feel free to come back and ask more!

I hope you'll enjoy your time in DF GD!
I certainly intend to try!

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11/3/2014 7:51:32   

Well hello there lil' ferret buddy! Hope you're having a good time.
So far, so pleasant!

Just dropping by to congratulate you on joining the DFGD forum boards.
Thanks muchly for that.

Considering that you've already been pounded over with most of the general questions by now, I'd just like your opinion on this one very important question of mine....

  • Which one would you prefer: cats or dogs? Give reason. [*Optingfortherightonewillearnyoulotsofcookies*]
    Dogs. Cookies are nice, but I'm rather allergic to cats. Also, cats around ferrets can be dangerous for the ferrets. Not that dogs are particularly better on that regard, but I've always been a dog person.

    Goodluck with the promotion. May you have a wonderful day ahead.
    P.S.: Could you please name the song you're currently hooked to before signing out? That's about it.
    Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope your day goes well as well. The song currently blaring in my head happens to be Bird's Lament by Moondog. Has some truly solid horns that sticks the rhythm in one's head!

    ~Kokujoe ^_____^b

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    11/3/2014 21:35:53   

    Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

    Finally found your thread! Time to ask you things!!!!
    Yay, questions! Took you long enough, though. Heh.

    What is your favorite flavor of pie?

    Favorite color not associated with Mel or Euky?

    Favorite Video Game? Genre of VG?
    Tsk, tsk, tsk. Covering more of the same ground as others, eh? I'll just say Majesty to you, and you know why. More genres I enjoy include Metroidvanias, but in small doses.

    Favorite book series?
    You've found my thread, but as with the prior, you haven't read through it! Moogle! I am ashamed at you! But, we'll add to the list, I think. For more mature reading, the Gaunt's Ghosts series within Warhammer 40K is rather entertaining for me. Less mainstream but equally mature? The First Law set by Joe Abercrombie.

    What do you like about DF compared to the other AE games?
    The art style came on as a more matured and unique presentation compared to AQ, and while it has lost some of its uniqueness by setting the trend, that early impression has stuck with me.

    If you could do an RP for DF (or will), what setting would you use?
    That's tough. Over the course of the books there have been several nice moments to spin off of with an RP, let alone some nice settings established for backgrounds. Then again, I've not really set an RP in any pre-established locale in AQ either. I'll have to get back to you on that.

    Are you ready for next year's EC?
    If only I were doing what I'd prefer to do. Since I'm not, I cannot say I am ready yet for next year's EC. No Quiksilver Guardian for y'all to watch and be amazed at, I fear.

    How does it feel to have a daily active forum?
    Oddly refreshing, and bracing for other Reasons.

    More will come! Kupo!!!!!
    Bring'em on!

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    11/4/2014 16:04:09   
    Renn Shadowheart

    *Rips a hole within the fabric of space-time*
    *repairs the fabric of space and time before it creates a phenomenal catastrophe of epic proportions*

    Oh hiya! You didn't think I was so formal did you??
    I had my suspicions to the contrary.

    Sorry about the hole the mist thing was getting old.
    As you say.

    Anyways, uh question time!!
    Aha! Here with a purpose in mind then! Good, good, ask away!

    Do you like Doctor Who? Have you ever watched it?
    I used to watch the original series, via VHS recordings, growing up. The revival of Doctor Who was one of my happiest moments, at least regarding the entertainment industry. Took a bit to adjust to, but I do enjoy it.

    What's your fave book?
    Tsk. How about I mention the Hand of Thrawn duology by Timothy Zahn this time around.

    Oh and see ya
    Take care...and please don't wreck space-time again. I'd have to contact the Doctor to fix it again, I suspect.

    *Shatters a windows and jumps into a portal*
    *sighs and sets about to replace the window*

    *Speaks into mind*

    Sorry about the window :(
    *grumbles under his breath*

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    11/4/2014 16:13:32   

    What do you think of My personal character design for DF?
    Kinda snazzy. I could see it being done rather well when upscaled to DF's specific art style by one of the artists. Probably has some fun skills, I'd bet.

    Have you ever played Alice:Madness Returns? And if so, what do you think of it?
    I'm familiar with that game, looked a bit of a darkly twisted take on the Wonderland concept. Looked fairly fun, but I've not played it.

    When you get up in the morning, what's the first thing you watch on the internet or on TV?
    Well, I don't watch TV, so that's a vast wealth of options immediately eliminated. Barring certain streamers already being active, I don't look for anything to watch immediately upon waking. Would rather fix breakfast then read for a bit first instead.

    What was the first online game that you ever played?
    Ouch, that's a tough question. If I go back far enough, the answer is probably some simplistic flash game like slots or such with a chat window on the side back in the super-early 2000s. Pre-AQ 2000s at that. I couldn't tell you what, specifically, though. Sorry! My memory isn't that incredible.

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    11/8/2014 19:15:24   

    Custodian (DF)

    *To simplify your task, I took the liberty to add your colour fonts. Since I have no idea where you would answer... I pretty much ended up putting them everywhere. Use to your leisure and pleasant typing.

    *scratches his head groggily* Hmm? Is it time already? *yawns and stretches* All right, all right. Just give me a moment to get tidy…
    Now who is the one acting old, hmmm? Even though it has been a long and tiring week for me, so the added gesture is appreciated.

    A giant clad in a Mage's cloak approaches in a steady gate. As deep blue as the ripples upon the open ocean, seen a distance from the shore, does the wind animate and make the cloak dance; all seemingly more animate than the man himself, so steady, steady as stone or earth, is his march.
    For shame. You've known me long enough one would think you would forgo such antics.

    The giant stops before the F.E.R.R.E.T. though his cloak continues to dance as beforn under the will of the Wind. Momentary silence, save for the wind’s whispers, follows. Then he utters:
    And typos. No mercy here.

    D’AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW… Cute Ferret! *pets with a spell on hand that enhance its fur’s luster*
    Acceptable, though attempts to ensorcell them tends to be ill-advised. They normally would not allow the attempt, no matter the proposed spellwork.

    *Elryn chuckles* I suppose that is enough shenanigans on that side of things. Greetings and good evening to you, Old man! How do you fare?
    Ah, finally! Good eve to you as well. Been better, and been worse, but ultimately these days I've been busy.

    Now, imagine two old gents, one man and a ferret, on a park bench in Central Park, a Terran destination, like the old lads always do reading the journal (yes, the Ferret has a tiny journal befitting his size and species. Said journal contains articles pertinent to the ferret kin as well as international news and affairs). This shall be the theme of our palaver although I do not doubt for a moment that I shall be able to hold on to it for more than a few passing minutes.
    As long as the editorials have been graced by an editor and a spellcheck, I am okay with this. *flips a page with a tiny paw*

    When exactly did you find or register for the old boards (do you actually remember the exact date?)?
    I played AdventureQuest and happened to even be present on IRC for awhile before I joined the boards, its why I missed out on some of the proto-tourneys that would eventually evolve into the Elemental Championships in their annual fashion. Even so, I'm rather certain it wasn't long after my AQ char creation date.

    Do you remember Susshoumaru? How did you find the lad? His abrupt departure?
    Not a bad person, but I don't remember much. If there was drama over the abrupt vanishing, I don't recall it, and I wasn't really the type to enjoy being a part of drama back then.

    Fairly obviously, RP would have been your favouritest board. But which one did you find to be your next favourite and why?
    Easy. L&L. I enjoy writing, and though I've very rarely indulged here outside of RP for that craft, I used to read a fair bit of postings in L&L. Years ago, however, and not so much now thanks to outside-of-forum concerns.

    Fire War News. Like or dislike?
    Enjoyable. As was the Battleon News Network that was attempted by a few RPers.

    Which RP or RPs were you favourite on the old boards? I admit to having been somewhat fond of the Yulgar's Inn ones. Partially because of the setting, partially out of some of Suss and Bele's combined shenanigans on certain occasions.
    I'm obviously partial to 'A Rebel's Journey', for being one of my few runs outside of the combat circuits. I always treated Yulgar's as more of a springboard area for light RP between actual threads. Death of a Realm was amazing, but that had Afina's touch, so that is hardly anything unexpected.

    Did you witness Arklen and Pzycho's original suggestion thread? If so, did it actually stand out to you at the time or did it seem like any other?
    Didn't really notice it much. You vastly overestimate my forays outside of my realm.

    Miss Coin-Coin very much so, alongside alot of the other old personalities whose RL versions I happened to talk with often waybackwhen

    Is it possible to be any whackier than Xyphos?
    You never tried to hold a conversation with DWeird, did you? Yes, yes it is.

    Favourite AQ event that happened on the boards?
    I am a man of many things, and one of them is consistency. That answer is, and will always be, the EC.

    Have a good evening and weekend, Sir Ferret.
    You do the same!

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    AQ  Post #: 35
    11/9/2014 13:24:42   

    Well,hello Ronin of Dreams!Sadly I do not know you,(I don't think)but I'm sure your awesome and we will get along fine.I've seen your name on the Active Users list before.And that's an adorable ferret picture.
    Mel found it for me, but it is truly appropriate on so many levels right now. Thanks. And as for getting to know me, that's what this thread is helpful for!
    Well,time for some questions!

    1.Tinvaak hi Dovahzul?
    Geh. Mu los do gein Thu'um.

    2.How about this for an idea:Gourdgoyles,gargoyles with pumpkin heads for Mogloween?(yes,they already have them,but I like the name.)
    Tis certainly a puntastic and interesting name. I approve.

    3.So,how long have you been a part of the forum?
    DFGD? Only recently, and practically just prior to the MtAK went up here. On the boards overall? I am an ancient being who remembers the original boards. Just ask Elryn!

    4.Why are typing with your hands?
    Are they hands, or paws? Or am I actually just dictating to a computer program? Or mayhaps...you are visiting the Twilight Zone, and I'm speaking to you in your very head!

    5.Do you like any animes,like Inuyasha,Cowboy Bebop,Venus Wars,Akira,or Trigun?
    I remember Sci-Fi trying to spread anime into mainstream society, even before things like Adult Swim or Toonami existed. So yes, yes I do, and most of them happen to be old school a'la Akira, Venus Wars, and Dominion Tank Police always being on my favorites list.

    6.What color are your chains?
    The chains which adorn my wall are of an uncommonly fine nickle-plated steel, and they menace with spikes.

    7.So,why ferrets?
    The better question would be: Why NOT ferrets?!

    Clearly, were we capable of actually witnessing and appreciating it, Octarine would be superior. Also, Discworld!

    9.What is your favorite part of Dragonfable?
    Its difficult to choose. Always.

    10.Honest opinion:are we insane?
    Sanity is overrated.

    And that's it!Awesome name,by the way!Here's a pumpkin.(hands it over.)
    See you later!(bravely runs away)

    Edit:(Bravely runs back)Gah!I almost forgot!(gently pets a nearby ferret...err,ferret contruct)Whew,there we go!Cool little animals.(Bravely runs away again,trailing the sounds of coconuts behind him.)

    See, now that is someone who fixes what could have proven to be a rather disgraceful error. Thank you for the pumpkin, and happy trails to you!

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    11/9/2014 13:45:28   

    Ronin! :D
    Viking! :D

    Just stopping by to congratulate you! Hope those shackles fit nicely!
    Awww, you shouldn't have. And these shackles are making a nice contrast now that they are mounted on the wall next to the old ones.


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