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=MtAK= A portal has opened in OS!

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6/5/2015 14:19:32   
The Void Calls

Hey guys *waves* Axel here I'm the newest AK for OSGD you've probably seen me around here or sitting afk in Oversoul, you may have also seem me around the Dragonfable/AQW boards which I post in sometimes as well. Anyway lets move on to the questions of course there are a couple rules.

1. =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply, as always.
2. I reserve the right to not answer a question.
3. One post per page. There's no limit to the amount of questions you can ask though so if you want to ask me 42 questions in one post go ahead.

Oh and I'll be answering in this pretty blue color.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
6/5/2015 14:23:21   
The Jop

Hey, Axel, congratulations again!
Hey, Jop! Thank you. :)

I figured you would be an Archknight since you already colored your text all the time.
It's really such a pretty color.

What are you favorite characters for each element?
Neutral: Sir Galahad
Fire: Mana Guardian
Ice: Kruger
Energy: Lightning Wolf
Earth: Great Pumpking
Water: Water Elemental
Light: Queen Aegea or Felinx
Shadow: Rev Egg or Ancient Shogun
Chaos: Not too many to choose from but Fiend Drakath is pretty cool.

I'm sure there's better questions I can ask, but that's all I can think of now.
Haha, alright.

Good luck, don't let them keep the chains too tight!
Thanks again. *rattles chains*

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6/5/2015 14:39:55   
the warden

Congrats man:)
Ok first question, how long has the void been calling to you?
Thanks Warden. It's been calling since the beginning you just have to listen closely...

Also what is it saying and does it have to do with void dragons?
It's asking for souls many many souls I don't think the dragons know about it.

Do you like smash bros?
Yup really fun game.

If so who is your favorite character in it?
Link is my favorite to use.

What character from AE would you like to see show up in OS?
May the force be with you and good luck with the chains man!
I really want Sneevils or anything from the Void they're all such odd creatures *uses force to try and break chains*

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6/5/2015 16:20:56   
How We Roll Winner

Salutations and Greetings.
Hiya, Dnw!

(Remind yourself to thank the Purple tastic Mritha later for tweeting your mtak thread.)
I'll be sure to do so.

Well I have a few questions for you.
Yay questions!

First of all, I saw a mention of you liking smash bros. Does this mean that you actually have the game and if so for what system?
Sadly I don't actually own the game a friends does for Wii U I'll be hopefully buying sometime this month for 3ds.

If your previous reply was 3DS how about pming me your friend code so I can add you and challenge.
Haven't had my 3ds too long don't really have any games for it yet.

I have some helpful advice for you as well. In regards to the robots in the manacles, keep your distance. Trust me you do not want another episode of takeover like we had quite some time ago in the past.
I know better then to go near any kinds of robots technology is evil.

Are you an artist by chance (meaning writing, drawing, painting, etc).
Never been much of a writer and I haven't drawn anything in maybe 2 years.

What are your hopes for the future as you keep an eye on your forum? Do you hope to expand? is there some goal you might be hoping for in the future?
I don't really know not hoping for anything. Whatever happens, happens.

I wish you all the best for all of your endeavors and hard work and I congratulate you.
Thanks a lot ^_^



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AQW Epic  Post #: 4
6/5/2015 19:03:51   
How We Roll Winner

Hello again my dear Axel.
Hey Chaos *waves*

So, as expected I have some questions for you.
Lets get started.

You were AFK in Oversoul every time I saw you? LOL, that certainly explains everything xD
Around 90% of the time if I'm in the lobby I'm afk I tab in sometimes to see if anyone needs me though.

How did you come up with the name "Axel459?"
The Axel part is related to Kingdom Hearts I'm not sure how I thought of the numbers though.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was your old look a naval commander of some sort wearing a gorillaphant or something-phant hood?
Yup my old avi was Platinum Naval Commander with the Shamanic Lemurphant Helm it was my look in AQW for a while and I asked someone named Trankwil to make an avi out of it.

Is this thing about chains some kinda running joke here lol
Yup it's a joke about Aks being captured and shackled...or maybe it isn't a joke.

What are some of your best character suggestions for OS? Can you link me to them (if possible)?
If you mean a character suggestion I've made there is the chimera moose thing I made about 2 years ago. If you mean other peoples suggestions pretty hard to choose.

How would the character Axel459 look like if made into an Oversoul character?
Hmm kind of hard to describe probably something like a mix between Artorias from Dark Souls and Vash from Trigun.

Also, just wanted to say, I'm glad you liked my drawing of Ulrik :D
How could I dislike that big fluffy wolf in a legendary form? Your art is really nice.

I would have asked more questions but I'm typing on my tablet right now, so I might edit this post to put in more questions later.
Alright sure editing the post will be fine.

In any case, hope you have a great time as an AK
Thank you.

Okay, now I'm back with more "questions!"
Welcome back.

What is your greatest fear?
The ocean, there are so many creepy things swimming there and being stranded in the middle of the ocean terrifies me

Naturally, are you good or evil and why?
Neutral rather not get involved in something unless it interests me rather it be doing something good or evil.

Do you prefer the direct approach in combat or are you the sneaky kind?
Sneaky, direct approach if needed.

Hypothetically you are about to be taught to master one of the following kung fu. Which will you choose? Mantis, Drunken, Crane, Eagle, Tiger?

Did you ever notice that 4+5=9?
I did when you asked me why I chose my name I was like woah wait 4+5=9 I have no idea if I did that on purpose.

I'm about to make Counterfeit Card Pack 5. It's gonna have 21 cards, and 11 of its cards have been composed. May I present you the honor of making up the remaining 10? :D
Sounds way to difficult for simple me I never tried to think of new card ideas. I can't wait to see the new set though the previous ones have had pretty interesting ideas.

(If you do, all you need to do is come up with the card's name, energy cost, energy type, and effect)

Please pick a name for this guy:
Monday is a good name.

Do you like Power Rangers? xD
Been about 10 years since I watched it I think, was big fan of Power Rangers though.

What is your favorite weapon? (Mine's a metal stick )
I usually really like Scythes though I do enjoy Swords a lot too.

Hope you enjoy these questions, and I might be back with more :D
I do enjoy the questions. See you later?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
6/6/2015 2:34:58   

Hey, Megakyle.

Congrats on becoming a AK!
Thank you :D

So, how much of a stickler for the rules has Mirtha brainwashed you to be, on a scale of Rebel Leader to Big Brother?
*shakes chains*

It's just I find sometimes Ak's can go to a point where they go aboveboard or lose all their fun, especially when new. But that's just my opinion, and I openly admit I'd make a sucky AK so yeah. /:
Purple is a good color.

Just curious, have you seen my character suggestions in the Char Suggestion thread? If not go look though the ENTIRE thread (yes all of it 0-0) and tell me what ones of mine you liked and why.
Thrain Onyxheart is a pretty cool idea a dwarf would be nice in game and the backstory is pretty interesting needs a little more info on the curse and archmage though. Frogzard sneevil rider because sneevils. Helixos, The Blood Dragon deck would be really fun to use in game and the idea is nice a dragon using blood magic.

Can you think of any ideas to get more people to OS/get more updates for OS/aid OS in any way? If I can reasonably help I will do so, since I want to see this game become what it can be.
I've tried to think of ways before but never really got a good idea on it.

Any ideas for someone who finds themselves less drawn to OS due to less updates but has not done a lot in the game to do? I'm still having trouble finding that one "Epic character" that I want to make my main and use all the time.
Set small goals for training or catching characters level something from 1-5 and take a break for a while sit in the lobby get some food etc. come back and train to 10 take another break or if you're getting tired of using one character switch to something else, switching elements is even better.

Time Apprentice would be it with a better deck mind. Major Doctor Who fan and the animations are epic. But man it's deck SUCKS so I don't like it. I want a TA Rank Up and I WANT IT NOW.
I still don't even have Time Apprentice ;_;

Any shows you like and why?
Um Orphan Black has been a pretty cool series I'm watching. It's on BBC currently on Season 3 the idea behind the show is pretty cool.

Any books you like and why?
The Daniel X series by James Patterson is probably my favorite an Alien with some pretty cool powers he hunts Alien criminals similar to a bounty hunter the chapters are each about 2 pages so its easy to leave off at basically any spot and get back to reading easily.

Fav non AE game?
Probably something from the Zelda series or Kingdom Hearts series.

In a long answer, tell me how Mirtha captured you.
A single page of info is available on this. *opens book* *half of page is torn* ...and so Axel was after this artifact however when he got there he found it being guarded. A burning light of purple surrounded this entity briefly blinding him. She asked why he was here his answer was of course because the artifact could awaken *ink spots cover this area* they engaged in battle fighting for hours what ever this entity was he could not defeat her he attempted to escape but to no avail he had been caught chained up and thrown in the darkest cell they had. That's all we have about the capturing of Axel in our records.

I know you answered fav char for each element already, but I'd like to know WHY they are your favs.
Sir Galahad: Part of the squire trainee char tree which was the first to have split evolutions and Galahad is really cool looking with the knight armor.
Mana Guardian: The design for the character is really nice and simple had barely any changes from Blackshocks original design the animations are really nice the deck is fun to use almost helped me win the Fire Tourney and is still my favorite character suggestion to this day.
Kruger: Really offensive ice character lots of attack cards, shatters, and a freeze his defense also isn't too bad because of the copy of ice wall wish he had a legendary though.
Lightning Wolf: Not my starter character but was really fun to use during stress and alpha testing the surges and charge cards were pretty op at the time and he's remained my favorite since then.
Great Pumpking: Lots of attack power from earthquake, stunning ability from 2 petrify, plus has iron hide just all around good character.
Water Elemental: An offensive water character who when he it came out was the best of its element for a while was also used to unlock the grotto shop pretty cool.
Queen Aegea and Felinx: Had a lot of fun using Felinx in light tourney the only special offer character from heromart for oversoul. Queen was literally queen for a long time before iron hide nerf and greater heal fix could win games with full health.
Rev Egg and Ancient Shogun: Rev egg has to do with Riniti mostly got it because of the fun battles he would give with it. Ancient Shogun really cool art and animations.
Fiend Drakath: Chaos Drakath turned fiend by Nulgath kind of creepy looking design great art.

And now, least fav char of each element and why?
Neutral: Goblin a fake Sneevil.
Fire: Ogre Mage, never really felt worth the 100k price
Ice: Erfrierung cool name means frostbite in German has the card frostbite not cool.
Energy: Abyssal Priest the double chain lightning makes him hard to use.
Earth: This has two characters Sword and Earth Nomad added when Earth Apprentice had his char tree art changed IMO they could have been added to the same tree again and given a nice looking master
Water: Water Tick tree lots of healing but no way you'll ever win a duel without adding cc the 6 200 dmg cards are so sad.
Light: Father Time tree cool idea and design deck makes him pretty hard to train.
Shadow: Vampire Knight downgrade from Lord though he does look cooler
Chaos: Again not many yet but probably Infected Lepid so defensive hopefully becomes more offensive moth or something on evo.

If you could take both one AE char and one NON AE char from anywhere and put them in OS, with their own storyline, what would they be and why?
Hmm Mysterious Stranger and Vashta Nerada they seem like they would have fun working together.

A while ago, I recall it was posted somewhere that the guy who did Music for OS has a ton of music done for it and it's a matter of finding a place to put it. Do you thinjk it'd be a good idea to just add it to the game anyway and why? Personally, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE SAME 4 THEMES OVER AND OVER and it kills my enthusiasm. /:
I never have the music or sound on for OS getting more music added to the game would be really nice and would probably change that.

Nulgath and Sauron have a battle for Middle Earth, both at full power. Winner and why?
I haven't seen Lord of the Rings or read the books I have no idea what Sauron is capable of.... please don't kill me

Here, have a box of cookies!
Cookies :o food *eats box whole*

Pssst...check the box lining.

It's a key for your chains! XD (Note: it only allows you freedom for one hour before they hunt you down due to magic so make it back by then. Do not try and escape either. It's mostly for use if you need to do something for a hour without being spotted. Could be useful if you ever need it. AND DON'T LET MIRTHA SEE IT. 0-0 Though in theory she cannot...)
Oh I um...uh oh.

Been working on that thing for over 5 years. Don't get caught with it or you will undo all my work. Consider it a field test. (:
I'm so sorry you should have told me before I ate the box D:

And finally... have fun in your new position. I hear being a AK is hard but fun. Relax, enjoy and don't eat me. XD
I'll have lots of fun and make sure to stay relaxed. No promises on eating you.

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DF  Post #: 6
6/6/2015 3:32:25   
Ahsan the legend

Hey congrats axel :)
So how do u started playing OS?
Thanks, Ahsan. Found out through the forums about 3 years ago, I've been playing since the second stress testing of the game.

Why u choose ur name axel?
Kingdom Hearts.

Why u are always afk?
I don't have much to do in game so I sit in the lobby afk most of the time I tab in sometimes and accept duel invites or answer questions people have.

Whats ur future plan axel?
I have no idea.

So why did u became AK?

In any case wish u would be good AK!
Thanks again.

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Post #: 7
6/8/2015 19:45:18   
The Dealer

Look who it is! Congratulations on that shiny new title.
Hiya Skurge. Thank you!
- Thoughts on Steampunk/Chrono?
I've always liked Steampunk/Chrono the designs for their clothing and gear are always rather exceptional the idea for it is just great.

- What's your favorite type of literature?
Hmm probably Fantasy though myth is really cool too.

- How tight are those chains?
*gnaws on chains* Too tight.

- How did you get introduced to AE?
I was searching for a game to play around 2009 and stumbled upon Dragonfable it seemed pretty cool because Dragons and all, I've stuck with AE since. I do think I played Adventure Quest a few years prior to that though.

That'll be all!
*waves bye*

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
6/8/2015 21:17:32   

Hey Axel! Congrats on the AK position!
Hi, MentalDaemon. Thank you!

What makes you stay at Oversoul?
The gameplay just always feels enjoyable to me especially when a new character is released and you figure out where to find it if the character will be usable in PvP what CC you can use to max its potential.

What's your favorite AE game?

What's your favorite video game genre?

What's your first video game?
I think it was Super Mario Bros. 3 for the SNES

What's your favorite genre of music?
Probably Drum and Bass

What's your favorite story genre?
I really like Darker stories Dark Fantasy probably.

What's 42 divided by 0 multiplied by the square root of -1?
Error 404

Have you noticed the above questions begin with "what" and now the streak is ruined? D:

<insert chain joke here>
<insert laugh track>

That's all. Cya! :)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
6/9/2015 21:35:36   
Gorillo Titan

1. What do you want volt engineer rank up to look like?
I guess something like Great Pumpking with him standing in front of some kind of robot.

2. What element is your favorite?

3. If you could suggest any new card what would it be?
Some kind of DoT card for Water

4. What character do you like best out of the ones I suggested?
Captain Rheins

5. What your favorite tournament runner up for each of the character contest?
1st Contest: Rorkan the Mana Mage by Zeuster
2nd Contest: The Hunter by Laken
3rd Contest: The Slime Guard by Tower Knight
Can't see who the runner ups were for the 4th contest

6. Rank all the AE games from your favorite to your least?
Adventure Quest

7. Who do you plan to team up with in 2vs2 tournament?
No one planned.

8. Whose your favorite and least favorite player to pvp?
Favorite is probably Clinton prefer not to answer least favorite.

9. What AE artist do you wish worked on OS?
I don't wish for a new artist but Tomix would be cool.

10. Favorite 2 hit combo?
Void Archmage.

11. Favorite character that was drawn for OS but never released?
Two characters but Will and Spirit of Sussanoo are my favorite unreleased things. http://twitpic.com/c9q0o7

12. Favorite AE character race besides sneevils?
The creatures of the void. Void dragons, giants, bears, elementals etc.

13. If Xan was going to be added in game who would you want to be the opposite faction not including warlic?
I guess Evil Jim.

14. Favorite AE necromancer?

15. If you could get any Disney character as a spoof in OS who would it be?
Lythos the Rock Titan or Cerberus from Hercules.

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Post #: 10
6/24/2015 9:23:02   
Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

Hi Axel
Hiya, Battle Elf.

Welcome aboard!
I'm happy to be aboard!

What's the best color? IT'S RED
<.< Red >.>

Congrats and good luck!
Thanks a lot ^_^

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AQW Epic  Post #: 11
7/1/2015 13:23:43   

Alright so I'm a tiny bit late and have no idea if you'll even see this, but it's the thought that counts, right?
Just in time I would say.

How've you been Axel?
I've been pretty good kind of busy with rl stuff.

You still remember me?
Of course I remember you Undersoul it's good to see you back around here :)

Got any plans for your new ultra-mega-super-authority?
Nope not really.

What's the hardest game you've played in terms of sheer difficulty?
There was this platforming game that got me really frustrated that I hated but I sadly can't remember the name right now.

What OverSoul creature do you most want to eat?
Eat? Hmm Frogzards probably taste pretty good.

That's all, have a nice day.
Thanks, you too.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/1/2015 14:25:13   
Elite Tuga

Hi, Arch-Knight Axel

I've congratulated you already before, but just thought I should be part of this interesting thread & come up with some questions of my own, just to get to know you better (it's optional, you don't have to answer all, but it would be cool if you did).
Hello Elite, bring on the questions!

Personal Questions

1: What country/state are you from?
East coast USA

2: What is your occupation in reality (if your a student, what do you study) ?

3: What is your favourite sport?
I'm not really into sports probably american football

4: What is your favour music genre?
Drum and Bass.

5: Do you believe that there is a Heaven and Hell after our departure?

AE/OS Related Questions

1: What do you think of doing (other than being helpful replying at posts) in the future as an Arch-Knight?
I really have like zero plans for anything.

2: What is your favourite element type?

3: What creature do you love the most after Dragons?
Well wolves are first then dragons then um probably cats or bears.

4: Have you ever been to any of the AE Dragon-con conventions?
I haven't been to one I may eventually go to one.

5: Will you stay with us till the bitter end?
Yup, always going to have Axel around.

That's all, take-care and good-luck in your new forum position.
Thank you :D

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Epic  Post #: 13
7/1/2015 15:34:28   
The Void Calls

Hey, thanks for all the questions so far everyone. I will be locking this thread in a few days, so last chance to ask any questions you may have for me and if you've already posted remember you can edit!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 14
7/2/2015 18:49:04   

Hiya :]
Hey Guard!

How are ya
I'm doing pretty well.

Favorite OS Character?
Lightning Wolf.

Best OS PvPer iyo
Probably TFP all the forum tourney wins definitely mean something, Signeous was also really good managing to get over 4k wins on the leader board is amazing.

Favorite game that's not AE related?
Kingdom Hearts.

What OS character do you wish you had that you dont already?
Time Apprentice, still can't catch him.

That's about it, congrats :]
Thank you :D

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AQW  Post #: 15
7/3/2015 22:59:16   
The Finnish Phoenix

Greetings and congratulations!
Hey TFP, thank you!

Apologies for the tardiness! Been meaning to post here (but not great with questions ;_;) and glad I'm glad I didn't miss the boat!
Haha it's fine thinking of questions can be difficult.

I noticed you were interested in Kingdom Hearts, have you checked out any of the Final Fantasy series that KH incorporates by chance? :3
Yeah I've played VII, Crisis core, VIII, X, X-2, Dissadia, and some of XIII really looking forward to XV release and the VII remake.

If so which one's your favourite that you've played?
Crisis core was probably the most enjoyable one for me.

Seeing as OS features attributes of both, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?
That's really tough I really enjoy card games though so Yu-Gi-Oh even though I haven't played it in years.

I'd agree that myth is a really cool genre! What's your favourite mythological story?
The Sumerian religion and myths are my favorite.

Any word from clinton on what he's up to lately?
Haven't seen or heard from him in about 2 months :(

What's your favourite card in OverSoul?

What's your least favourite element?

If you could make a 10th element for OS, what would it be?
Well the obvious answer is wind there could be some pretty cool cards to go along with the element.

Well, that's all I got. Congratulations again, I'm thrilled with your appointment and am sure you'll do a fantastic job.
Thanks again ^_^

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