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Gamer's (Dis)Accomplishments Thread

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1/1/2016 7:01:16   
Memory of a Nightmare

Welcome to the official Gamer's (Dis)Accomplishments Thread!

Surely any gamer feels the need to brag about their in-game or game-related accomplishments from time to time. Or maybe let off some steam after a setback.

  • Did you lead your team towards a glorious victory?
  • Did that boss (against all odds) utterly destroy you... again?
  • You decided to try out a new game you heard of - and it's totally amazing?
  • You jumped back into a game after a six month break and it was like all your mad skills had depleted?

Our mutual passion for gaming makes us family, and whenever you want to share your game-related ups and downs this is the thread for you!

You may comment on someone else's announcement, but any extended conversations should be taken to Private Messages or IRC. This is not meant to be a discussion thread. It will be routinely locked and restarted as it reaches ~30 pages. The previous thread ran from 12/11/2012!

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AQ DF  Post #: 1
1/1/2016 18:59:38   
black knight 1234567

ACC: Got the platinum trophy for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Bloodborne and AC Syndicate in a month.
ACC: Doing Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year edition now and its going well
ACC: Undertale going well. According to a friend of mine i'm almost done.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
1/5/2016 9:15:11   

ACC: Finished the Rewrite VN! Took me 2 months, but 110% worth the time
ACC: Nearing the end of Witcher 3
DIS: Nearing the end of Witcher 3
ACC: Got Metal Gear Rising Vengeance, Half-Life 2 and Mass Effect during the Steam winter sale
ACC: Started on Ever17
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 3
1/5/2016 9:42:09   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Bought Rise of The Tomb Raider on Xbox, loving every minute so far!
DIS: There are so. many. collectables, it is unreal and I am struggling.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
1/5/2016 9:45:43   
black knight 1234567

ACC: Platinum on Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition. I also platinumed the original version so double platinum!
DIS: One of the DLC trophies is driving me insane in free roam.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
1/11/2016 1:59:24   

ACC: Been clearing Greed Mode for several characters in Isaac.
ACC: Also doing runs as Isaac just to feed the Greed Machine.
ACC: Almost halfway to unlocking Keeper.
ACC: Also doing other stuff to unlock items. I'd honestly forgotten how fun it is to play Samson.
DIS: I'm still absolutely awful as ???. The one time I managed to get PJs in the Silver Room, I got utterly swarmed by wave after wave of Hoppers.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
1/15/2016 0:21:54   
Hells Elder Brother

SUPERMEGAACC? (Maybe?): I got a Shiny Xerneas from a Wonder Trade and its lvl 100 with great stats. It kinda shocked me in silence......lol
SUPERMEGADIS: Too bad its not bacon
AQ AQW  Post #: 7
1/16/2016 7:18:47   

MegaACC: Beat Hush. On Hard Mode. With Isaac. The first time I got to him.
???: That's both the bullet hell bosses down for Isaac. And I beat them both on my first try against them. I think I may have finally gotten good.
DIS: Can't get stuff done fast enough to actually get to the Boss Rush outside of a challenge.
ACC: I've knocked a few challenges off the list.
ACC: Still more challenges to do. I like challenges.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
1/17/2016 11:33:47   

ACC: Finished Ever17 & Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
ACC: Started Little Busters!
ACC: Finished The Witcher 3 & the 1st half of Metal Gear Solid 5
ACC: Started Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance, epic so far
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 9
1/21/2016 14:08:41   

DIS: About 99% of the time I reach the boss in Biobeasts, the game always performs a bullcrap jerk move ON MY LAST DAMN LIFE WHEN I NEED ONE MORE HIT TO WIN THE GAME. My phone in my Lifeproof case couldn't stand up to the sidewalk! I guess I should've thrown it on a soft area such as an indoor carpet... It's a great game, really, it's just that goes full 100% jackass mode on you when it wants to piss you off.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
1/22/2016 1:34:09   

ACC: Packed a Team of the Year Ramos and Neymar on FIFA... *drools*
ACC: Ramos sells for a solid 700k coins, and Neymar goes for over 1.5 million
ACC: Neymar is an absolute god in-game! Scored a hat trick on his debut - possibly the silkiest player I've ever used, though he is quite weak, hence getting pushed off the ball a lot. But that 98 pace (and the 5 star skills...)
DIS: Probably going to spend way too long trying to pack the new IF Suarez

ACC: Finally bought Fallout 4

< Message edited by Zeruphantom -- 1/22/2016 1:35:44 >


Thank you for 1K subs! <3

AQ Epic  Post #: 11
1/22/2016 5:02:01   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

ACC: Had a nostalgia Fire Red/Emerald run. Finished the entire run with nothing but a Charizard/Blaziken and a no. of weaker pokes. Caught Mewtwo, the three burds in FR and the Trio in Emerald, along with Latios and Suicune. Fun way to end the holiday!
@above: TOTY Ramos and Neymar? HOWW?? I've spent 300k w/o any luck :(

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
1/23/2016 22:41:39   

ACC: Just had a ridiculously fun run on Isaac. Started as Eve, had Pentagram and a practically useless starting reusable. First room I went into was a miniboss: Wrath. Of course, he dropped Mr. Mega, which let me get the item room item: Bob's Curse. The game continued from there to just give me a whole bunch of bomb items, including Sad Bombs, Butt Bombs, Pyro, Pyromaniac, and a second Mr. Mega.
ACC: Found Guppy's Tail in a Curse Room, then Chaos in the shop. I buy it before going into the Item Room... and the item is Guppy's Head... then the Devil Deal had Guppy's Hairball. So, I was then Guppy... And I had previously managed to get enough of Mom's items to get the transformation.
ACC: I then got Curse of the Tower. Which made me getting hit spawn toxic poison bombs that have massive damage and blast radius, heal me if I'm caught in the blast radius, and throw out a bunch of nails. Thankfully, I didn't get this silly of a combination earlier in the game than the last floor.
ACC: Beat both Satan and the Lamb without (intentionally) using bombs on either of them.
ACC: That's most characters down for most of the Hard Mode completion marks. I'm just not very quick at the game, otherwise I'd have likely at least gotten to the Boss Rush at least once.

ACC: Despite being trash with ???, I still somehow managed to beat Greed Mode with him. Technically.
Explanation: There's an item called the Ankh, which, upon your character's death, revives them as ???. I picked up the item, then later picked up Dead Cat. Apparently, the Ankh triggers first, because my first revival brought me back as ???. I then had nine more revivals, which was really fortunate for me, because I needed two of them.
DIS: Still haven't managed to even come close to lining up the requirements for unlocking The Lost. Why does this constantly elude me?

Edit 2:
ACC: Beat Hush, Mega Satan, ???, and The Lamb all as Azazel.
DIS: STILL can't beat Mom fast enough to open the Boss Rush. I can finish off It Lives fast enough to fight Hush while still being prepared for him, but for some reason I can't manage to get to the point where I can fight a winning battle against Mom in the 20 minute time limit.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
2/8/2016 2:39:01   
One Winged Angel1357

ACC: Beat XCOM Enemy Unknown on my first run.
DIS: The game crashed during the final fight so I feel like I save scummed it just by avoiding the boss trigger and getting an ambush set-up instead of my blind set-up
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
2/8/2016 7:29:43   

I'll try this thread.

ACC:-the games my sister'd ordered for me came in to her on Friday. (Sims 3 for ds and Wii.)

DIS:-I'll have to wait until this Friday when she next visits to get them so I can pay her for them.

ACC:-I'm patient, I can wait.

ACC:- With a Wii AND a Wii U, I can play the game on both consoles, giving me 2 households!

Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules.


I help. HS
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
2/8/2016 7:36:54   

DIS: People don't know that the Wii U has backwards compatibility and that the Wii has a Transfer Tool app to transfer data from it to the Wii U so that they can sell the regular Wii. *hinthint*

ACC: Due to my sister's friend being a fan of Naruto (despite the fact that it's a million episodes long and counting) I was able to get a crack at UNS4 the moment he bought it. It's good so far, but he might actually finish it by the time my mom needs to wash more clothes at my sister's again.

< Message edited by SonicTbear -- 2/8/2016 7:38:09 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
2/8/2016 9:05:13   

I know about the transfer tool already, I'm just keeping the two separate. Ish.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
2/21/2016 16:01:13   
G Man

Acc: Despite the.... controversies, and criticisms surrounding it I am loving FE Fates.(I am liking Conquest over Birthright, atm)
???/Diss: My... curiosity for something that can happen in Birthright might of spoiled a huge plot twist that was intended to be revealed in Revelations, so, yeah...
Diss: Such a long wait, and no special editions. C'mon Nintendo, stop this.
Diss: Also a long wait till April 12th, I want DS3 soo bad.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
2/22/2016 12:15:43   

ACC: Finally unlocked Holy Mantle for the Lost.
???: Now, all that I have to unlock is the Keeper. Well, that, and a bunch of challenge rewards, all the Boss Rush unlocks, all of the Lost's unlocks, and all of the Keeper's unlocks. So, yeah, not too much, but just enough to torment me.
Update ACC: Beat Greed Mode with the Lost. Holy Mantle is awesome in Greed Mode.
Double-Update ACC: Beat ??? with the Lost. Managed to get Brimstone from my second Devil Room. Also, I somehow managed to get Dead Cat in a Curse Room. My luck astounds me sometimes.
Triple-Update ACC: Unlocked the Keeper, and proceeded to beat Greed Mode with him.
DIS: Almost got through the entire game with him on my first run. Managed to get Tech X for my first item, then got Common Cold, then Spoon Bender. Also managed to get a few damage buffs. It was ridiculous, and I somehow still managed to lose.
Yet another Update ACC: Finally got through with the Keeper. Managed to get Restock, leading to Steam Sale and Humbling Bundle. This led to me bombing the heck out of the Donation Machine, which led to Chaos, which led to ridiculous items. Unlocked Wooden Nickel for Keeper, and unlocked Deep Pockets.
DIS: Bombed the heck out of my Donation Machine before donating full coins to it. It's going to take forever to get back up.
Weird ACC: Managed to actually finish the Basement seed. Sacrifice Room got me to Dark Room, and I already had both key pieces, so I went in and effortlessly took down Mega Satan.

< Message edited by Superemo -- 3/9/2016 11:38:41 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
3/15/2016 9:12:33   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Bought this lot for 50! http://imgur.com/kSJffRn proper happy :D All is working fine.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
3/15/2016 13:24:06   

ACC:-Got my non - functioning copy of Sims 2:pets replaced today.
DIS:-The replacement didn't work.

I'll get a full refund next time I go into town.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
3/18/2016 10:35:48   

ACC:-got a refund for my Sims 2 Pets game that didn't work.
ACC:- Used the cash towards paying for Pokken Tournament.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
3/19/2016 18:00:27   

ACC: Beat Mega Satan with ???. That's me (trash at this game), beating the second-hardest boss, with my worst character (because seriously, The Lost is easier to finish a game as than ???, because The Lost has flight and spectral tears, plus he can take devil deals for free).
DIS: Got it by managing to get Dr. Fetus, then bombing the ever-living heck out of my donation machine. I had the opportunity, so I went for it. Future me is going to hate me, because I still haven't gotten the last thing from the donation machine.
ACC: Beat The Lamb with Keeper. I managed to do so by having the Swallowed Penny and Curse of the Tower. I think that's the single time my horrible complete lack of skill at this game actually turned into me doing extremely well.

< Message edited by Superemo -- 3/19/2016 19:13:22 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
3/20/2016 17:28:02   

ACC: got around to beating dragon warrior/quest 1, now onto 2.
ACC: half way though 4 as well
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
3/21/2016 8:49:38   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Had an ebay spree: Wipeout 2097, Driver 2, Driver 3, Burnout revenge, Sled Storm, Juiced 2 HIN,
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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