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RE: Gamer's (Dis)Accomplishments Thread

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3/31/2016 9:36:32   

Pokemon Yellow Version (3DS Virtual Console):
ACC: Got a Mew from the Mew Glitch today.
DIS: Friends haven't cared about the Mew Glitch and are now asking for MY Mew to add to their Pokedex. I don't trust anyone... that "Pokedex" thing might be an excuse to steal my Mew... <_< >_>

Yo-Kai Watch:
ACC: Got my friends to pick up copies and play. Now I just need to get a certain forumite to start playing... Just kidding! I wouldn't force it on them like that...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 26
3/31/2016 9:46:01   

DIS: Finally got to where I can get within seconds of getting the Boss Rush on a constant basis. Unfortunately, when I did get to the Boss Rush, I got killed on the last wave. Every. Single. Time.

Edit: ACC: Beat Boss Rush as Eden. Now, all that remains for me to conquer as Eden is... the two hardest bosses in-game.
Edit 2: ACC: FINALLY beat Boss Rush as Isaac. I have now completed literally everything as Isaac, meaning I can just do Isaac runs for fun and to get the money back in my Donation Machine. Because seriously, whenever I get the opportunity to bomb the heck out of it with Restock, I end up taking that opportunity.
Edit 3: ACC: Beat Mega Satan as Eden, due to a completely overpowered run. I also unlocked the Mega Bandage, which can only happen if the stars align perfectly... or if you start with the Book of Revelations. Which is what happened. Because seriously, this run had shenanigans.
Edit 4: ACC: Yet another victory against Mega Satan. This time, it was with Eve. Getting Brimstone from a Boss Drop due to Chaos is how I know the game really does care sometimes. Even better is the fact I got it when I already had Technology, meaning I had laser-infused Brimstone, and Lump of Coal, so I had a dark laser blast that completely destroyed everything in front of me. Then, as one of the drops in the Chest, I got Mom's Eyeshadow, turning my dark laser of death into a bright pink friendship laser... of death.
Edit 5: ACC: Another Mega Satan cleared, this time it was Maggy. I managed to get enough coins for Steam Sale (on sale, even. This run loved me) on Floor 1. Floor 2, I got Restock from a Beggar, then got Humbling Bundle. Also, the floor had a Blood Bank... yeah, things got a little silly. Especially when I bought into Chaos, and the Blood Bank broke into the IV Bag. Can't say it enough, unlimited combos just take all form of challenge out of this game.
Edit 6: Massive ACC: ... I just did a triple accomplishment to finish off my runs as Lazarus. So, I was doing Devil Deals, because I wanted a fun run. I managed to get to Mom in under 16 minutes, and beat her down rather quickly (Double Shot, Wide Shot, Bouncing Tears, Penetrating Tears, and Guppy... Yeah, run was kind of broken), so I got the Boss Rush. Took that down in less than 3 minutes, and got Intensifying Tears. So, since I had the Crystal Ball, I managed to get to It Lives! in record time (for me, not for anyone else), and utterly destroyed it in less than 3 minutes. So, I got to go to the Hush fight... and in the item rooms, I got Tech 2 and The Parasite. So, I naturally proceeded to mop the floor with Hush due to my massive number of hits against it spawning massive numbers of flies. Got to the Cathedral, and managed to have enough Soul Hearts to fight both the Angels in a Sacrifice Room, meaning I could then fight Mega Satan... which I did, and again, due mostly to the massive number of hits and flies, I did effortlessly.
Edit 7: ACC: Decided to try a few more Challenge Runs. Completed Blue Bomber and Suicide King, meaning I'm apparently decent at runs involving using explosions as my only means of attacking.

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5/8/2016 17:47:27   
Onyx Darkmatter

ACC: Bought 2 of the Shantae games on Steam while they were on sale (Risky's Revenge and Pirate's Curse).
ACC: Finished them both, and I love the games to death.
ACC: Unlocked new Modes, possibility of playing the games again is extremely high.
ACC: Looking forward to the upcoming Half-Genie Hero game.

DIS: Not a huge fan of the graphics on the Half-Genie Hero; the graphics on the 2 Shantae games were very appealing, and something I've really loved. Will still play the game tho.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 28
5/8/2016 21:02:13   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Level 30 on The Division.
ACC: My replacement GTX 980ti hasn't gone over 67c in this heat. I like this.
DIS: Dark Souls 3 is beating me already and only at Lothric High Wall.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 29
5/24/2016 4:33:15   


ACC: Played some lineage 2 and got Prophet to lvl 66 and Warcryer to 58. Both in proper grade for their level.
DIS: Banned on Prophet account.
ACC: Played some Darkswords and got 3 characters to level 200
DIS: This is pretty much noob level since there are like 550 and my builds tend to be generally bad. Besides this success in this game is heavily based on donations so I won't probably continue
ACC: Got my Necromancer in Diablo2 to final Hell difficulty
AQ AQW  Post #: 30
5/25/2016 19:17:49   
G Man

Acc: Having a lot of fun playing some indies I picked up for my PS4.
Acc: Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC has been a ton of fun.
Acc: Beat DS3 ng+ Sorcery only. I personally think It'll be much more of a challenge at NG, without immediate access to powerful spells and a lot of focus, and low spell slots.
Diss: Got some challenges in mind, which I don't think I am up to, I am not THAT great of a Souls-Borne player, but I can manage.
Diss: That new Mighty No. 9 trailer. What an amazing way to advertise.

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6/1/2016 23:45:09   

ACC: shiny onix & shiny cresselia found and caught within a week
DIS: meanwhile the shiny i've actually been looking for, rattata, is being highly elusive. ???: gotta wonder how it is that out of all the plagues of rattata i've seen since gold & silver's NA release back in 1999 that i haven't run into one yet.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 32
6/2/2016 2:17:41   

ACC: Killed the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. Took many attempts, but at least I did it eventually.
DF AQW  Post #: 33
6/12/2016 2:37:12   

Mega ACC: Beat Mega Satan with every character in Afterbirth. About time, too. I was getting tired of having to skip Devil Deals as The Lost. Now, all that remains are the Hush fights for ???, Keeper, Lilith, and The Lost, along with the Boss Rush for ??? and The Lost. Also, a few challenges.

Mega Edit ACC: Wow. Almost a month later, and now I've beaten all Hush fights, along with all but one Boss Rush. Give you a hint on which one it is: He's blue da ba dee da ba daa. Also, I've beaten a few more challenges, meaning all that remains for me are... 14 achievements. Including the 1001% achievement, Platinum God, RPG, and two Baby unlocks. So, effectively, nine actual achievements.
Edit ACC: Beat the Boss Rush as ???. Now all that's left are the challenges.

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7/11/2016 13:45:11   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

DIS: Forgot to hit the SHIFT LOCK key on the Commodore 64C before loading a game, thought it was a dead CIA chip when it wouldn't load..
ACC: Found "The Great Giana Sisters" but the guy wants 249.. >.> Yeaaa nope. Rare and very nice but too much.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
7/17/2016 10:58:39   

ACC: Managed to get enough coins in Pokemon Yellow (the 3DS re-release) to get a Porygon. That's the first time I've ever gotten one in a Gen 1 game.
ACC: Also, due to the patience I learned playing later games, I'm getting my Pokedex more full than I've ever had it in a Gen 1 game. I have one of every Pokemon I've found in the wild.
???: Gen 1 games do really weird things with typing. I've had a fighting-type move hit a Pidgey as super-effective, despite it having both resistance and weakness to fighting-type.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 36
7/18/2016 17:59:12   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: After weeks of searching, found a Super Nintendo with 2 games, 2 pads, aerial and power supply for 45. Snapped that up! Very excited.
DIS: Running out of room for retro consoles.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
7/19/2016 12:34:04   

ACC: got around to beating sticker star with the museum completed and all 5 weegees found. the last thing i found was the goat one... that was one weird cameo...
???:started on luigi's masion: dark moon after letting it sit for months, i also have been playing summon night: swordcraft story via wiimednafen emu. can't ever seem to get the running in battle to work with my gamecube controller as it keeps wanting to jump when i click right.
???: i really need to get a better wifi source again, i'm pretty sure my landlord ain't turning his back on and if all go's acording to plan i'll be out by the start of next month and in a house closer to various wifi sources.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 38
7/26/2016 11:57:40   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: N64 arrived from Ebay, needed a good clean.
ACC: Found a new retro game shop in a local town, picked up NFS Pro Street for 3 and Top Gear Rally on N64 for 1.
DIS: My Omega Ruby party is quite underleveled..
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 39
7/26/2016 12:56:00   

ACC: placed #132 in the manectric competition in pokemon shuffle(NA server).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
8/2/2016 10:25:44   


ACC: Been playing ragnarok online on official server lately. Ping 257 T_T Got to lvl 98 non-rebirth Crusader. Then lag and penalty for death took the best out of me. Was fun.
ACC: Registered several accounts in text space strategy called ogame. Unfortunately all my planets had very low field counts so after leveling 2nd stage of impulse drive for the heck of it on one of them I quit. Lucky people with position 8 planets DX
ACC: Played some WoW Classic and discovered you need to dismount before you can do anything, macros won't work and OP classes aren't that OP at all while the gameplay is WotLK'ish. I've had better with my mage in TBC on official like tanking 3 Season 1 Warriors in Season 2 in WSG
AQ AQW  Post #: 41
8/21/2016 7:24:23   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Found an Amiga 1200 with power supply, joystick, mouse and tv cable for 99 delievered. Ebay wanted 250!! I think I got the right deal.
ACC: After years of trawling and signing up to various retro forums, subreddits etc I finally found a game from my childhood "Roadkill" on the Amiga 1200, I was so happy last night.
ACC: Ordered Zool and Roadkill from Ebay.

Dis: My bookcase is now full of retro stuff, I need another.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
8/25/2016 15:28:59   

pkmn shuffle
ACC: got past stage 100 on the diance escalation(then got a angry skip)
ACC: Mega rayquaza now has 16/20 MSUs
ACC: got shaymin(land) boosted to lvl 2 on PSBs
ACC: got 2 skill booster Ss from eevee.
ACC: used one of them & the one from the diance escalation to boost white kyurem up to skill lvl 2, the other was used to boost muk halfway to skill lvl 2
???: currently leveling up white kyurem, m charizard y, muk & landorus incarnate(it's just there to be super effective)
charizards at 13(with only 4 RMLS) kyurem is at 4, muk is at 7 & landorus is at 9.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 43
8/29/2016 17:10:18   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

ACC: Used the OSD on my Acer XB270HU to overclock the refresh rate from 144hz to 150hz and it's stable!
ACC: Amiga 1200 should arrive in 48 hours, childhood coming back!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 44
10/1/2016 14:21:07   

ACC: Finally beat Sonic CD for iOS. Sonic CD was never a bad game, but even with an iPhone 6 Plus, the controls are freaking annoying. I beat Sonic CD quite a few times on my (old) Genesis/CD, but when you die because of janky controls on a dumb phone, you'll almost have a heart attack! I don't even wanna go into how many times I died on the last level and what stupidity caused it... If only my aunt gave me a $25+ iTunes gift card instead of an under $25 one, or at least a gift card to another shop or just plain old cash for my birthday, I would not have downloaded this waste of $3. Except I used a gift card, so I didn't pay anything physically, but still... -o-

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10/2/2016 13:14:47   


ACC: Been playing darksowrds on com domain and it's really complex but seems really P2P. Got to lvl 271/380 really fast! No more levelling planned till next week. Yup. [Nickname Rayimika]
ACC: Got my first war prize in Epicduel(thing I really missed). I've already posted in accomplishment thread there not long ago so will post this in more general thread *shrug* [Nickname BADSHOT22]
ACC: Was playing NFS: Underground in my spare time again and wen over more than 40 tracks! Yay!
AQ AQW  Post #: 46
10/24/2016 14:02:41   

ACC: shiny regirock acquired a few days ago, shiny registeel acquired this mourning.
???: now moving onto getting a shiny regice
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
11/3/2016 17:14:10   
G Man

Acc: Picked up Skyrim: Special Edition for my PS4
Acc: Gonna pre-order Sun, or Moon really soon.
Diss: Too many good (looking) games coming out over the next few months, RIP wallet. (Plus Nintendo Switch is coming out in a few months too...)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 48
11/4/2016 12:01:25   

???:found a smart phone among my moms flea market stuff
ACC: swiped it, doubt she even knows(or cares) that its gone.
ACC: got a PPSSPP emu working on it
DIS: controls are a bit to loose for my liking, though i'm unsure if thats the fault of the emu or if Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman's movement controls are that loose on everything
???: also got a GBA emu running on it
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
1/5/2017 16:48:07   

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

DIS: Bought some card packs and logged out. Logged back in later and lost them. Got my credits back. Apparently, you need to battle after buying card packs in order to save your data.
ACC: First time buying the Solomon Muto packs, I got 208/276 original copies of the card. Due to not saving, I reused my credits, and got to 218/276 original copies.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 50
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