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RE: Anime/Manga Recommendation and Discussion Thread

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4/12/2016 7:53:47   

Crown Clown
of the OOC!

Luckily as far as Hero Academia goes he doesn't wine at all,he just cries in adverse situations for a while considering at the start of this series he is a middle schooler. Definitely not a whiner though, just expresses fear through crying over yelling which is the better alternative for my ears.

The series has a good character development so that traits only really an early one.

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4/12/2016 16:11:45   
Onyx Darkmatter


blah, i hate characters that whine all the time needlessly. except in cases where it's pulled off right such as with one piece. its one of the things i hate about evangelion. well, that and the fact that evangelion's mc's character design being based on nadia was more or less an insult to nadia's character.

Welp, when I read that, I just thought of Shirahoshi. Boy oh boy. xD

But really though, I don't mind whiny characters just as long as it is done in a minimize tone (whereas it is constant in almost every second. Prime example is Shirahoshi).


Luckily as far as Hero Academia goes he doesn't wine at all,he just cries in adverse situations for a while considering at the start of this series he is a middle schooler. Definitely not a whiner though, just expresses fear through crying over yelling which is the better alternative for my ears.

The series has a good character development so that traits only really an early one.

Well, it does look like he is whining tho. But aside that point, I can agree that there's really good character development in the series.
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4/12/2016 17:10:34   


Welp, when I read that, I just thought of Shirahoshi. Boy oh boy. xD

i meant in general. nearly everyone cries at some point in one piece.
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4/12/2016 17:26:17   
Onyx Darkmatter

Fair enough. It's just that Oda has really mishandled her to the point where she was simply annoying (then again, he did dropped the ball on Fishman Island).
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4/12/2016 17:50:44   

i think oda was too busy being a sanji with that arc.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
4/12/2016 20:41:18   
Onyx Darkmatter

True, that alone pretty much ruined my interest in Sanji. However, I do hope that:

the Sanji Retrieval chapters would at least give him the development that would redeem himself. So far, his identity was quite surprising even though it was kinda foreshadowed from Jaya Arc. I'm really curious as to how things will go with him and the Big Mom crew...
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4/12/2016 21:11:25   

oh come on, you didn't see that coming? it was fairly obvious that arc was gonna be a bloody mess for him
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 32
4/13/2016 7:07:23   

Crown Clown
of the OOC!

I guess we have different views on what "whining" is, when I hear that I think more Shinji than Kaiji. One actively complaining and the other just crying out of circumstance.

Anywho, other than that I haven't been too much on the anime/manga boat lately. Probably going to just catch up on a ton of Manga, especially since it's what attracts me more these days anyways considering the manga market v.s the anime one.
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4/13/2016 10:03:34   
Onyx Darkmatter


oh come on, you didn't see that coming? it was fairly obvious that arc was gonna be a bloody mess for him

I wonder if that pun was intended. xD

But really though, I did see it coming; it's just that I wasn't expecting it to be this bad where his comedic reaction could result in his death.

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4/14/2016 17:13:39   

Gonna get my final thoughts for Winter 2016 shows and Fall 2015 leftovers done with before I forget. I'll try to have clearer/more expanded thoughts this time around.

Fall 2015 leftovers

Garo: Guren no Tsuki
Far weaker than the first season. It was nothing to do with the theme, even the animation was not that much of a downgrade, infact the final episode had some really fantastic animation. It was more or less all to do with the characters and my lack of investment in them. In theory this anime should have done great it had an interesting plot twist, the basic archetypes of the characters were not bad, but the execution was lacking. At least we have the movie for the first season to look forward to.

Lupin III (2015)
Fantastic, great rebirth to the Lupin III franchise. This one was a lot more lighthearted and fun/comedic compared to the 2012 series, but still really enjoyable. Some some very enjoyable episodes and especially some that were reminiscent of the original series. Great soundtrack too, loving the jazz.

Really underrated series, some of the humor is hit or miss, but when it hit, it hit really hard. I loved the variety of the series. I loved how the animation style changed someties and how the brothers still had different personalities despite being sextuplets. Just a really unique and fun comedy show. Also Jyushimatsu is best Matsu.

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
One of the most disappointing sequels I've ever seen. Everything about the original Utawarerumono is lost in this. The first half of the show is wasted with pointless slice of life scenes and build up and the second half has the most unfitting plot twists, which just cause complete whiplash in terms of atmosphere. Tonnes of needless exposition and some really terrible characters overall. Yeah just a real disappointment ends in a cliffhanger too.

Winter 2016

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi
A lot of hype around this, but I can't say I was the biggest fan. The show did do a lot of things right. Some great cinematography especially in the first half. Good visual storytelling and the plot was kind of intriguing. It was fairly obvious who the culprit was though and I feel like the show suffered in the second half. It wasn't a bad show by any means, but I feel like it wasn't as great as everyone makes it out to be.

Dagashi Kashi
Pretty average. Pretty much a typical SoL romcom aside from the candy thing. The various gags around candy did get kind of old to be honest. The main character Hotaru had to really carry the show on her own, considering the rest of the cast was kind of boring.

I do feel like the cgi hindered the show a bit. Kei's personality was kind of a surprise compared to more anime protagonists and the Ajin were an interesting concept. Some of it did feel kind of cliche though and the villains were not really well developed IMO, I guess Satou was alright though. I didn't really get much of a horror vibe from it though, considering the color palette.

Dimension W
I really liked the first 3 eps, but I feel like it started going downhill from there. The episodic format felt kind of weird especially when they decided to focus on the easter island plot after some of those throwaway episodic episodes. I didn't care for the dozen or so new characters they introduced near the end and even Loo and Salva didn't really feel that familiar. Haruka got introduced way too late into the series as well IMO. Yeah a bit disappointed, but it's not a bad show, just average in my opinion

Durarara!!2 Ketsu
A decent conclusion to this series. We got a lot of pay off for some of the questions and things we've wanted answered for a long time. I did feel like some of the previous arcs were kinda unnecessary, introducing all these new characters only to not have them be a big part of the series in the end. There were some plot lines left without a conclusion, but this is the last season as far as a I know and I'm fairly satisfied with the ending

I didn't really consider this worth watching at first, but I was proven sorely wrong. This is a legitimately hilarious show. A good parody of the "trapped in a MMO" genre and just some really solid and unconventional humor that isn't afraid to get really crazy and raunchy. Main character is a great balance between a selfish jerk, while still having a good moral compass and still being likable.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (really long and spoilers)

This show... AOTS it completely trumped all my expectations and came out on top. There was just so much to love about this show. The final episode gave us some closure on Kiku's arc and we moved a little into the present timeline and got teased for a second season, which is now confirmed. I gotta say the 4th wall beak (which I know happens in anime a lot, but in this case it was actually animated and directed very much towards the viewer) was brilliant. I can't wait to see more of this story. My only fear is that the next season will not be able to live up to the extraordinarily high bar set by the first

As for the anime in general. The strongest part by far is the characters and it really goes to show, even if your plot is not super intricate or you don't have amazing flashy animation or fanservice, characters makes the difference between a show that is mediocre and one that is superb. The characters were handled extremely well. They felt like real people, the development was so organic. From the first episode with the long Rakugo performance the show hooks you in and just never lets go. There was not a single bad episode of this anime. Sometimes I tend to multi-task or get distracted while watching anime, but I was always fully engaged when watching this show.

The emotional scenes had a strong impact, cause we actually cared about the characters, the timeskips were handled really well, the relationships felt real and many of the rakugo performances were very entertaining and usually helped to expand on a characters thoughts and feelings as well. Overall I loved it. The only nitpicky complaint I have is that sometimes the animation, background etc. were not super fluid or detailed. The production in general was not top notch, but it wasn't bad either. The music in particular was fantastic, love that Jazz OST, Op and Ed. Also the cliffhanger/sequel hook at the end. Very very small complaints though.

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4/17/2016 2:56:38   


Dagashi Kashi
Pretty average. Pretty much a typical SoL romcom aside from the candy thing. The various gags around candy did get kind of old to be honest. The main character Hotaru had to really carry the show on her own, considering the rest of the cast was kind of boring.

well, it was meant as a nostalgia trip for people in japan over candy that they grew up on. for those of us in the us its stuff like fruit stripe & bazooka gum, wonder balls, & pop rocks.
i still remember when the rumor that the kid from the life cereal commercials had died from his stomach bursting from consumption of pop & pop rocks was still floating around.
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4/25/2016 22:22:13   
Vongola the Wise

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the best manga/anime ever


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
4/25/2016 22:36:15   
Onyx Darkmatter

So far, I've been enjoying Part 4 anime. Sure, there were some parts that they did ruined (like the moment when Joseph and Josuke meets; the manga has the "menacing"-esque atmosphere whereas the Anime was just 2-4 seconds eye contact), but I can live with it.

In the meantime, regarding One Piece:

So not only has Zou arc was finished, the Pirate Alliance Saga has as well. Now we're going into the Yonko Saga, starting off with the Whole Cake Island after the whole (hehe) mess regarding Sanji's wedding arrangement and such.

The crew has split up (again), but considering how this is meant to be a retrieval team instead of directly confronting Big Mom, it would make sense to bring just a small group. Speaking of which, not only has Pedro of the Minks joined the rescue group, Carrot has also sneaked into the Thousand Sunny. Honestly, this whole idea behind going to Whole Cake Island will not only result in Luffy confronting Big Mom, but also gain more allies to his side; it has happened a handful of times from Water 7 to Dressrosa, and it could also mean that Jimbei will be on the Island for him to join.

Then there's the moments with Kaido and his drunkard moments. His eyes are revealed (sorta), and he looks terrifying. It also shows that Eustass Kid got beaten and imprisoned, while Apu has joined Kaido (the fate of Basil Hawkins is unknown at the moment tho). Still, this does add more hype towards the (assumed) Wano Kingdom Arc. Now the only question is how long is the Whole Cake Island? Will it be an average-length arc or will it be the next Dressrosa?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 38
4/29/2016 15:04:50   

Well Gundam Thunderbolt just ended and now there's going to be a movie, which I imagine is just the 4 episodes combined together, but hopefully we get a little something extra. Either way I really had a blast with Thunderbolt. I loved how they equally represented both EF and Zeon and had compelling main characters on both sides. As well as just how brutal and realistic this depiction was, no silly nonsense or moody prepubescent child soldiers. The battles had real consequences and people died... a lot. IMO this is the best Gundam of the decade.

Really worried about the Berserk adaptation... the full cgi is not looking too great, Liden films, doesn't exactly have the best track record. They really botched their adaptation of Arslan Senki and their Terra Formars adaption was decent for the first season, but the current one is just sad. The director also hasn't done anything of note. Things are looking grim for us Berserk fans.

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AQ  Post #: 39
5/6/2016 23:16:41   

caught up with yugioh arcv sub... after 50 episodes of the dub i was more then fed up with frederick's VA. he's already an annoying character but the dub's VA made it a lot worse.

so far the recycled characters include
from 5ds crow, jack & lazar
from zexal, kite
and by the looks of of the current opening & the next episode preview alexis from gx is next on the list.
wonder if seto is gonna show up next.

then theres the whole mess with yuya, yuto, yugo & yuri where them & their dragons went into their awakened state, caused some kind of distortion & tried to "become one" before zuzu showed up & warped yugo & yuri off somewhere...

so far yuya & yuto have overlayed and yuya & yugo have synchronized, so i'm guessing yuya is going to fuse with yuri next or if yuri & yugo will fuse

dragon ball super episode 41.
well, dbz just went gurren lagann. holy great grandfather of slifer the sky dragon, this is one huge sneke
luck & logic
finally got around to finishing this. it was good.
finished the dub of this some time ago. obviously its still not complete but was great so far. enjoyed the mc being logical & just wanting to live in peace. funny how his apathy makes him more dangerous then the other ajinn

my hero academy
well, his whining was not as bad as darksampson made out to be.
also, all might pulls off the Texan He-Man/ Hyattbit wonderfully
all might truly is one of the greatest duelists...

Musaigen no Phantom World (Myriad Colors Phantom World)
screw the logic, we got imagination.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
5/9/2016 6:31:09   

JoJo continues to be top tier. I'm really liking the vibrant colors and surreal atmosphere of this part. It helps sell it to friends as being a weird thing.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 41
6/4/2016 13:06:38   
Onyx Darkmatter

JJBA: They nailed the latest JJBA episode. The previous episodes were a bit lackluster IMO (I didn't like the Koichi episodes, but I'm glad those were done and over), but now we're finally onto RHCP, and a recurring character will make his debut.

Assassination Classroom: They've skipped a handful of materials for the Anime, which is sad. They even skipped the chapter where

Shiro was testing the second-gen GoD, and I happened to like that chapter as well

That aside, it looks like we're finally going to reach the climax for the Anime series. They've really done a great job at the Anime series IMO (I even watch the Dub, and I like them both), but the amount of chapters they've skipped is really painful.

My Hero Academia: Another series they've done good. The pacing is good, and things are about to get really intense. There's only a few more episodes left and Season 1 is over. I did hope the series would be at least 20 episodes since it has enough materials to cover up until the Festival/Tournament.

One Piece: So the new Filler Arc will be called Silver Mine Arc, and the summary so far is that Barto and Luffy are escaping the Silver Pirate Alliance. There's also the official color scheme for the characters in the Zou Arc (with the exception of the Antagonist).
Along with that, we're also getting a new Opening.

The new One Piece opening theme (Opening 19) sung by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani will debut on June 26th along with the new filler arc, The Silver Mine arc.

Kishidan previosly worked on the opening theme for One Piece Movie 6 and Hiroshi Katadani sang We Are/Go!

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6/4/2016 13:48:53   
Daimyo Daimyo


caught up with yugioh arcv sub... after 50 episodes of the dub i was more then fed up with frederick's VA. he's already an annoying character but the dub's VA made it a lot worse.
You don't watch Subbed? I've only ever watched Dub for the original series and GX. It just sounds so... nasally in English? Lines read without any emotion? Not to mention how they butcher some character names to be more English-friendly. So I started watching Subbed for the third/fourth season of GX and have been doing so for all future installments.

Meh, I find Sawatari/Sylvio more annoying. Plus Yugo himself has like the biggest of misunderstandings when it comes to his name. Sheesh. Would it kill someone to correct him? The whole drama could have been avoided if someone took the time to explain Fusion cards. After the first time, "My name isn't 'Fusion'!' isn't funny anymore and yet it persists as a running gag.

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MQ  Post #: 43
6/5/2016 1:26:41   

@above i had been watching the dub mostly so i could have more stuff up on my pc at once. i've kinda been pushing off subs recently anyway so i could catch up with webcomics and my hero academia's manga. ( Tsukkomis, what fun)

My Hero Academia

even if all might survives this battle and kills or captures sensei, it's going to cost him a lot because he's pushed himself so far past his limit. looks like the U.A. Beginnings Saga is close to coming to an end. at long last we're nearly out of the introduction...

Fairy Tail 487

hiro mashima should just make the gajeel and levy thing completely canon already just for the sake of blowing some ships out of the water. he just has to give it the last push and ships will sink...

One Piece 828

lol, luffy+co & puddings reaction's when realizing who each other is(are? not sure of the proper way to state this at this moment) was priceless.
holy hell.. 39 daughters, 46 sons & 43 husbands... thats 63.75 years of being pregnant and one huge reverse harem.. well, at least we now know she's somewhere over 76.5 years old...
in the words of brook "MY WORD... TRULY A BIG MOM!"
then there was this part, which has a lot more impact after the nosebleed ordeal of fishmen island

Bleach 676
well, guess kubo's done with regular old final forms and decided to mix em up a little

Toriko 373
there's dragons, then theres elder god dragons. this manga truly dose embody the phase "eat or be eaten"
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 44
6/14/2016 3:42:35   

Spring season is coming to a close which means Summer is right around the corner. Here is what I'm looking forward to

Definitely Watching

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara Sequel. Quite enjoyed the first season with all of it's over the top cooking. Looking forward to the conclusion of the tournament.

Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi Another sequel. Really love medieval high fantasy stuff so this was great for me. Just wish the show didn't look so bright and shiny. Not a huge fan of the main character either, but luckily the side characters (especially Ban) are great.

Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu Yet another sequel. Can't say I enjoyed the first season a great deal. The story and characters are pretty good, but the presentation is just so lackluster. I feel like another studio like Bones or I.G would really do this series justice.

D.Gray-man Hallow Really surprising to see an old shonen like this come back after all these years. Enjoyed the original run as well as parts of the manga I read afterword. I wonder how they're going to go about applying the change in art style in the manga into the T.V series. Either way the PV footage looks very promising.

Berserk (2016) I'm simultaneously really hyped, but also very wary. I freaking love Berserk, but the cgi in the PV's was just so disappointing. I don't think it's going to be changing much, so it's really a shame that the production for this is so weak. One of the newer studios like MAPPA or Wit would have been a much better fit for Berserk. Still, Berserk is my favorite manga and I can't wait to see the Black Swordsman arc in animated form

Mob Psycho 100 If I had to bet on anime of the season I'd place it here. This looks really amazing. OST by Kenji Kawai and Bones doing the animation. Probably the most overhyped show of the season, but if all goes well the hype is gonna be deserved.

91 Days Really loved the atmosphere and character designs in the PV. Nice to have another period piece drama/mystery show. Looks like it has a lot of potential.

Maybe Watching

Battery This could be awful for all I know, but I liked the vibe/atmosphere that the PV gave off. I'm not really a sports or slice of life guy, but hopefully this how doesn't rub me in the wrong way; like a lot of similar shows tend to do.

ReLIFE I thought I honestly might have gotten sick of this whole time travel/redo your life trope by now, but each series using it has really managed to utilize it in an interesting way. I'm really curious how this is gonna turn out.

Handa-kun Looks like a silly comedy series. Sort of like a toned down Sakamoto-san. The character design also reminds me of 8man from Oregeiru which is kinda funny.

Taboo Tattoo Honestly the premise seems kinda generic and boring, but it's J.C Staff and sometimes these types of show actually end up doing pretty well, so I'll try the first episode at least.

Tales of Zestiria the X Pretty much the only reason I'm gonna be trying this is cause of Ufotable and their unlimited budget works. God Eater was really disappointing though, so maybe the'yre losing their mojo or something... or maybe their wallets are just running dry lol.

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AQ  Post #: 45
6/14/2016 3:56:22   

Eh, the first season of NnT was... pretty trash, honestly, and I don't expect the second season to be any better. The manga hasn't been too great either, lately.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 46
6/16/2016 17:25:06   

One Piece 829
heh, frog versions of the straw hats the advertising of GOLD is strong in this one.

big mom going godzilla over a craving...
someone should give her a snickers
also sentient sun, cloud, pineabble, umbrella... i'm half expecting bobobo to come out of the wood works...
and jinbe is a member of her crew, so another layer of complication has been implemented.

Bleach 678
well, that was brutal.

Yhwach ripped off ichigo's horn and broke his bankai before he could use it

Boku no Hero Academia 95
the U.A. Beginnings Saga has come to an end and odds are theres gonna be a time skip.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
6/20/2016 2:43:52   
Onyx Darkmatter

One Piece Episode 746:

Well, we're finally done with the Dressrosa Arc in the Anime, so I don't care about those parts (although it's interesting to note that they did added new scenes that the Manga hasn't confirmed/depicted; It appears that Robin was curious about what will Law do after his grudge against Doffy was settled, which is something that hasn't happened in the manga. Then there's Kaku who's communicating with Lucci, and I doubt Toei would just make this one up, which gives us an idea that the remaining CP9 joined CP0).
Now the real discussion that I want to talk about from this episode: I'm not going to lie, this episode is just freakin' amazing, and it's rare for that to happen since it's Toei we're talking about. Doffy's speech was perfect and well synchronized, it's as if he's really the one who narrates the story of the Throne Wars (or about to). While the Manga has done a fantastic job at this, the Anime nailed it; hell, I'm believing that the episode was just better than the chapter itself. Then there's Jack the Drought, he sounds extremely menacing; doesn't surprise me since he's voiced by Kenji Nomura, the same guy who voiced Santana from JJBA and many other series (he also voiced several characters in One Piece as well).
The Bounty introductions were also fantastic. I loved the reactions and the overview of the Straw Hats, which is well-done. Then there's also the introduction to the Antagonist of the Filler Arc.

My Hero Academia Episode 12:

I've really liked the fight between the Noumu and All Might. It was really intense and quite brutal in his case (especially that impaled w/ the Noumu's fingers). I've been liking the Anime series so far, but it might appear that the next episode will be the last. A shame that's the case, but I guess it can't be helped for now. Hopefully, a Season 2 does come out sometime later this year or next year at most (They do have plenty of materials anyway).

JJBA - Diamond is Unbreakable:

That fight against RHCP was well-rounded (no pun intended) and heart-warming at the end. They did a great job at the RHCP arc, and I do look forward to when Kira makes his debut (I know it won't be soon, but it'll come in time).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 48
6/23/2016 20:42:35   

Magi 310

well, abra just got pwn'd

Boku no Hero Academia 96
right on the first page, announcement of the animes second season
the hype is real

ragdoll...really? she got fired for lack of quirk? all it did was let her observe and monitor 100 people at once. it's useful but she should still have capability without it. seeing bakugou & jirou's family was interesting. the chapter ends with deku's mom not having any confidence in UA but also in deku and dose not seem to realize that most of deku's injuries where self inflicted.

One Piece 830


jinbe wants to quit big moms crew and join the straw hats and only joined big mom to protect fishman island
then there are the giant ants that look like there crawled out of a tim burton movie...

Toriko 376
well, there goes a few planets.

Fairy Tail 490

looks like zera was more then just mavis's illusion; a fairy of origin

One Piece 831


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
6/30/2016 23:33:38   

A few of my final thoughts about ending Spring anime

Boku no Hero Academia

I can't help but feel like Bakugo might end up as a villain considering some of his really crazy behavior in the series. The hand villain guy seemed like a major threat that will be returning in the future. Nice to see Deku really coming into his own. Although it's not a bad finale to the first season and the second is already confirmed the first few episodes really made it hard for me to relate to the main character and it did come off as very cliche and kind of emotionally manipulative.

Terraformars Revenge
Looks like we're in for another season. Honestly this season was really quite disappointing though, especially considering the last one honestly wasn't that bad. I felt like a lot of characters story lines and backstories, got cut short and the fights lacked the gore and grittiness of the first season and they didn't focus as much on the cool animal abilities either. So yeah overall quite a disappointment.

Ushio to Tora 2
Super satisfying ending. Didn't leave any silly loose ends and it knew not to overstay it's welcome. All the episodes leading up to this finale as well as the fantastic animation in all these episodes and just how consistent the animation has been overall. The only real problem I felt with the series is that sometimes it was too emotional or trying to appeal to the feels. It had enough bombast and didn't take itself extremely seriously so I was able to forgive it for the most part. So yeah fantastic ending for a really really solid shonen series.

Joker Game
One of the most promising shows to come out for the Spring season. I really enjoy these period piece shows if they're done right and there was a whole lot of positive thins about this show. The episodic nature as well as the limited character development was regrettable, but overall it was still a very enjoyable show.

Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou
Considering the really silly premise and the strange art style that looks like it belongs on adultswim, this show is a really hard sell. When you actually get into it though, it's a really unique and fun anime that doesn't take itself super seriously, but also has a lot more heart, without coming off as cliche.

God this show is just so crazy. I think everyone was expecting some sort of battle royale type anime, but instead we got this... I can't even really say what exactly this is, but it's a thing. I can't say that I particularly enjoyed this show, but I do think some of the concepts around traumas and stuff is interesting.

I'll post the rest of the shows when they finish airing... but it's a pretty solid season overall.,

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