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RE: Anime/Manga Recommendation and Discussion Thread

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2/4/2017 12:53:42   
Onyx Darkmatter

Ayy, One Piece is definitely solid lately with Tottoland Arc.

At first, I was a bit iffy about dealing with an Arc before the major conflict against Kaido, but things got very interesting as Tottoland Arc progresses to the point I don't even care about the Wano Conflict (yet). I'm extremely interested in what's going to go down in the Arc, because it goes "either/or" moments.
That, and I'm feeling that Oda is redeeming Sanji by a margin. Let there be more Tottoland pls.

Meanwhile, Opera screwed up the Big Mom Pirates! Guess he'd rather lie than piss off Mama (which both ways, he's still screwed).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 101
2/24/2017 1:30:53   

Latest One Punch Man chapter... where's Saitama when you need him? xD
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 102
2/24/2017 14:55:58   

out and about.
funny how things would have been so much better of if they hadn't kicked him out of the tournament.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 103
3/9/2017 13:51:12   

One piece manga chapter:

That's an odd alliance so it's pretty mcuh guaranteed that we'll see awesome stuff on the ceremony.

Boku no Hero Academia...

I know Mirio's behaviour was the most appropriate in that situation, but Deku showed that he's the more heroic guy. He still needs to work on that attitude, though; he shows his terrified face way too easily.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 104
4/2/2017 15:59:57   

Well looks like "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" is over, not a bad ending really. Maybe not the best but I think it was very fitting.

I could go into details with spoilers but where's the fun in that.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 105
4/2/2017 22:08:07   

A couple of shows caught my eye this season. Alice to Zouroku seems to be the one I'm most hyped for, the premise is interesting and the characters so far seem to have enough depth to them, episode 1 was good.
SnK s2 and Boku no Hero Academia's s2 are also on my list, standard stuff I suppose. Then there's Granblue Fantasy the Animation, saw a couple images of it and it looks alright, still gotta watch the first 2 eps that are already available. Clockwork Planet also has me interested, gotta watch it soon.
Then, there's only the wait for Violet Evergarden.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
4/3/2017 8:40:27   
Onyx Darkmatter

I forgot about AoT S2 coming out this month. Wonder how different will it be compared from the Manga...

I'm also excited for BnHA S2, but I haven't the time to check out the first episode yet. ;-;
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 107
4/3/2017 10:03:18   

I am interested in:
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Sword Oratoria

Will give a chance:
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Granblue Fantasy The Animation
Clockwork Planet: might be interesting
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

with a few other being a maybe
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 108
4/3/2017 21:07:21   

The first chapter of Berserk this year is absolutely thrilling. Can't recommend picking it up enough.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 109
4/7/2017 20:17:16   

Re:Creators, hmm...I don't know what to say about that one. It could end up being rather interesting but there was far too little in ep.1 to know what the direction will be.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 110
4/11/2017 14:22:40   


Re:Creators, hmm...I don't know what to say about that one. It could end up being rather interesting but there was far too little in ep.1 to know what the direction will be.

reminds me of how deadpool kills the marvel universe ended

a bit late for this but...
yugioh arc v
wonderful ending that really tied it down perfectly
all in all i'd say my current rankings for the yugioh animes is:
1) season 0, The Dark Side of Dimensions
2) the second series 5ds and arc-v
3) yugioh adbridged, gx, the first movie, Bonds Beyond Time
4) zexal, which will most likely always be the worse yu-gi-oh anime

good, could have been better. one of the more low tier anime of the winter season

hand shakers
i'm not normally the picky type, but i wonder why i even bothered with it. the animation is what seems to have bothered many, but i didn't mind it that much
my problem with it is that it was a subpar story with a bit to much attepting purity despite starting of with some weird s&m chain thing.
theres also to much convience

Trickster Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori
as with most things based on Edogawa Ranpo's work, it was a great physifical & psychological anime involving detctives
and as with most anime it involved inhumane abilities in this case an mc who wants to die, but has an ability that keeps him alive no matter what he dose or what anyone tries to do to him

Akiba's Trip The Animation
to much fan-service involving the mcs tearing peoples clothes off, but it never got anywhere near as bad as highschool dxd and the male mc rarely ever saw the whole stripping people as anything more then a means to an end.
it was kinda like those who hunts elves in that regard, except without the angry hordes of people thrown in for comedic effect
that was basically the only down side to this anime, it had a nice story flow, it worked well with the animation even with the putting in of charecters with a more lower standard type of animation style that fit in with it. by that i mean one of the charecters had a design simular to kartmans little brother in south park, that type of thing.
it also had the same story style as a lot of cartoons and anime from the 90s like the whole aliens showing up in medabots bit.

Sousei no Onmyouji/twin star exorcist
wonderful anime(though i personally hated the last opening and wish they would have kept the one before it)
in many ways in reminded me of shakugan no shana and in other ways naruto, but it was a different animal entirely and tbh it would be easier to connect boku no hero acemiy to naruto then this one any day
especially given how both clearly take inspiration from naruto, but boku no hero acedmia dose it more so
speaking of season 2 has began proceeding nicely

one piece
big mom's wedding is about to begin and all hell shall soon break loose which will most likely end in a huge bout between luffy and big mom

toidud approved, nuff said given how picky he is


nice enough ending though i still wish fuuka had gotten hit by a truck
that was the main reason why i kept watching it as someone stated that she got hit by a truck in the manga

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

The main problems i have with this one is that it started to feel like agami ga kill in the second season with all the mcs dying off one by one while lok kept surviving even though he should have died a hell of a lot sooner.
i also hate that julieta killed mikazuki and honestly think she should have died a lot sooner as well rather then living past the end of the series. hopefully we see a squeal where her, ruston & gaelio get killed by rider as he's gone all reaper of vengeance


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 111
4/11/2017 18:13:41   

Recently I finished watching Hunter x Hunter 2011... I'm aware most people find it a masterpiece of shounen, but I found it a bit disappointing. Still entertaining though. Wish we got to see more of Leorio and Kurapika

Also I made a post about Fanservice Planet Clockwork Planet the other day, but deleted it because it feld kind of pointless. In summary, from the trailers and pvs, I was expecting a serious toned show with interesting characters and great visuals... but from ep1, I fear that the use of fanservice will overshadow every other category.

< Message edited by fabri17 -- 4/11/2017 18:17:09 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 112
4/12/2017 14:39:00   

funny thing is hunter x hunter isn't even finished yet, its been on hiatus for years.
hell, theres even a chart around hunter x hunter's hiatuses

i'm surprised i haven't found one of those for berserk yet..
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 113
4/15/2017 17:22:39   



i also hate that julieta killed mikazuki

I finished this a couple of days ago and it didn't appear that way to me. She took credit for it, but that isn't what happened.
Post #: 114
4/15/2017 18:10:23   

Enjoying "Quan Zhi Gao Shou" so far going to have to wait and see how they balance game and RL screen time.
Not sure how much I care about the RL setting but it's nice to have framing if nothing else.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 115
4/18/2017 1:07:02   

I stumbled upon a clip of an anime with a really long title, so I went ahead and watched ep1.
What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? is the translated name, WorldEnd for short, and it actually seems like a good anime.
It has slightly above average character design IMO, animation is fine and plot seems promising. The art direction seems on point so far, plus the character interactions are decent, not as cliche as most LV adaptations. And for the love of Haruhi, finally a fantasy show without blatant fanservice! My expectations for this one were essentially non-existant but I still ended up REALLY enjoying it. So far more so than Alice and Zouroku even, which I thought was gonna be my #1 this season.
inbefore everything goes wrong from ep2 onwards
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 116
4/18/2017 12:31:50   


I finished this a couple of days ago and it didn't appear that way to me. She took credit for it, but that isn't what happened.

she was the one he was fighting with til the end. she might not have been the one who weakened him to that state, but she was the one to deal the final blow.

< Message edited by ShadowMoon -- 4/18/2017 12:32:11 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 117
4/18/2017 20:56:59   

He was already dead before she struck.
Post #: 118
6/24/2017 3:59:12   

Well its that time of the year again where the nipponese gods bless us with new offerings. What are you guys watching?


Owarimonogatari 2nd Season Been with this franchise for years and while it has never been as good as the first season, I still always end up enjoying something

THE REFLECTION I'm really curious how Stan Lee's involvement in this will turn out. The PV looked pretty interesting and Deen has been on a roll recently.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi
One of my favorite episodic horror series. This was back when there was actual animations in horror anime and not just motion comics

Ballroom e Youkoso Anything with a jazz OST gets an auto watch from me. PV looked good too and sounds like an interesting premise in general.


Kakegurui MAPPA + Animation and char design looks really good. Not really sure about the premise, but willing to give it a try.

Shoukoku no Altair MAPPA + Interesting setting. I tend to enjoy historic anime. I could see this going south fast though

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu ufotable + sword fights, sounds like a good good, but ufotable isn't always 100% with their productions *cough*Godeater*cough*

Centaur no Nayami Monster girls has been pretty much my go to "so bad it's good" anime. I don't expect this to be as good as monmosu, but hopefully its still fun

Isekai Shokudou Kind of a wild card the backgrounds in the PV look nice, but it doesn't show much of anything else. Not a big fan of isekai in general, but I'll watch the first ep.

Tsurezure Children Another wild card. I'm not a huge fan of romance, but yeah this looks potentially not terrible lol.
AQ  Post #: 119
6/24/2017 13:49:53   

Summer season doesn't seem all that spectacular, to be honest.
I'll probably only watch Fate/Apocrypha and Princess Principal unless one of the other anime stand out in critics or animation, I guess.
I should catch up to the Monogatari series one of these days so I could join the hype for the new adaptations...

When this season ends I might write some kind of review post of the anime I watched.

Alright, time for my derp attempt at reviewing the few anime I actually finished from last season...

When the season started, I wasn't feeling super excited for any series, but many of them looked good, my plan was to definitely watch SnK/AoT season2, BnHA s2, Clockwork Planet, Alice to Zouroku and Grandblue Fantasy, but in the end I ended up watching only Hero Academia, as I never saw Grandblue Fantasy, dropped Clockwork Planet and Alice to Zouroku and decided to binge watch SnK at the end. Along the way, I picked up Quan Zhi Gao Shou and Worldend/SukaSuka.

Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan) s2: Honestly, for me, the hype of SnK died for me a long time ago, so I decided to not watch it weekly and binge watch it at the end, otherwise I would probably lose some motivation or something like that.... BUT... this show was GREAT! In my opinion, the best anime of the season, plot progression felt very natural, characters were consistent, even those that were emotionally or mentally unstable, action was well directed and animated, actually everything was well directed and animated, and the feeling of being in a survival game was always present, which was awesome. RIP those few characters you might have gotten attached to. Bonus points for one of the most amazing EDs ever.

Boku no Hero Academia (aka My Hero Academia) s2: I liked the first season so I went and read the manga, so I was very much aware of the events the anime would cover, which resulted in me not being as excited about the plot... but man, the animation of the important scenes was fantastic! BnHA is a show where characters evolve slowly, and this season put a lot of focus on the interactions between the students, their goals, their intelligence and their battle skills; all of this meant that the progression would be about character's emotions and stuff, instead of big "world events", which is fine. In the end, it was good, definitely a show to keep an eye on because it might be one of the top long-running (does it still count if it takes breaks?) shounen in a few years... maybe.

What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? (aka Worldend, aka Sukasuka): I saw a clip of this shared on some anime page, then saw this stunning PV so decided to check up on it... First episode was fantastic, it set the bar really high and I really had high hopes for this show... but then... it started going just fine, I guess? Pace slowed down towards the middle, the way emotions were shown was kind of awkward sometimes, but I was already biased to kind of force myself into liking this show, so I tried to mentally justify all the flaws, hoping for a great finale. And even removing the "bias lense", the finale was great. Beautiful scene and musical composition, ties up the story enough for a first season of something bigger. Overall, it was good,wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't get any further adaptations, so gotta check out those light novels some day.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou (aka The King's Avatar): This is an odd one, and not only because it's made in China and still widely considered as an anime, but because I can't form a solid opinion about this show... I've seen many posts and comments praising how good it is and how it does things right compared to other game related anime *cough*SAO*cough*, but... personally, I don't think I find it that great. Not to say that it's not enjoyable, plus it has really nice animation sometimes. Maybe the biggest factors that make thing of this a not-that-great show are the theme of being "absolutely invincible" and the recycled animation and lackluster 3d in some scenes. Pacing was decent and the characters seem to be mostly well grounded, though maybe some are too cheesy with their dialogue and manners. The exciting thing about this show is that it exhibits the growing potential of chinese animation, in a few years time I'm sure we'll be seeing more chinese shows of rising quality in writing and animation, which brings more healthy competition to the table... hopefully.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 120
7/13/2017 13:33:08   

First impressions for Summer 2017

Ballroom e Yokoso: I really liked this. Not a big fan of "sports" or similar type of anime, but it was clear that there was a lot of effort, put into this and I really appreciated the work ethic of MC. The animation was really great and the char designs have a unique feel to them without looking completely bizarre (I really don't like widefaces sry guyz)

Kakegurui: This was interesting... I really liked the char designs, definitely the highlight of the series IMO. The crazy facial expressions are a huge plus too. I just can't help, but feel like this is Kaiji in highschool with cute girls sometimes though. The first 2 episodes have been just okay IMO, but hopefully the 3rd really blows me away. Also I really hate the MC... hes such a doormat. I'm so tired of this trend of weak-willed doormat MC's with no backbone.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu: I wanted well animated sword fights and thats what I'm getting... tbh I don't care all that much about the story or the relationships. There was some mild manservice and sol type stuff that I didn't really care for in the 2nd ep and I kinda hope they just stick to the fighting lol. This is okay though, definitely not the worst ufotable has done.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis: A short offering from Sunrise, but I could always use more UC Gundam in my life. It really is short though, I'm trying to piece together the narrative, but yeah it kinda just seems like cool gundam fights to me, but hey that's alright.

Shoukoku no Altair: I enjoyed this for the most part. I like the concept of him using the Falcon/Hawk to attack for him. I wonder if hes capable of fighting 1-on-1 though. Anyway the world is interesting and I have some faith in MAPPA so I'm looking forward to more of this.

Tsurezure Children: It's kind of of like an episodic confession showcase. I don't think they're gonna cover the same couple twice though, which kinda sucks, but this is pretty solid for a 10 min anime.

Koi to Uso: This premise lol... I'm actually kinda into it. I guess appeals to my inner melodrama hungry teen. I don't think it will make the cut after 3 eps though

Isekai Resturaunt: I'm not always the biggest fan of SoL, but this is pretty good so far. Not amazing, but yeah just a relaxing show about food in a isekai setting.

Yami Shibai 5: Well after like 4 seasons of this I kinda know what to expect. I would say they are trying... just not very hard.

Teekyuu 9: Same thing for this... after like 8 seasons I know what I'm getting into. I can't say I always enjoy this show though and my resentment has only grown stronger after learning that the director that does this also directs the Berserk anime.... *sigh*

I'm still waiting on Hellgirl, Owarimonogatari and REFLECTION. Hopefully those are all good, but so far nothing has really blown me away. Luckily I still have Bahamut and the last ep of Thunderbolt s2 to look forward to this season as well. Boku no Hero Academia has been coming a long nicely as well.

AQ  Post #: 121
8/7/2017 16:52:08   

So I recently watched Assassination Classroom and Mob Psycho 100. Assassination Classroom despite having an interesting premise failed to really grab me I would say due to various reasons. It had an interesting premise with the time limit for the class to perform their task. It felt to me as though there was never any danger, there was no consequences for actions, and the deus ex machinas at the end didnt help. It also felt really drawn out due to many episodes not pushing the overall plot foward in order to bring more characterization to the characters. Action sequences were great but few. I can understand the idea for the filler-like episodes to develop characters but the overall plot progression did not follow it, and leaves you wondering what actually happened until a past plot dump in the last like eight to five eipsodes with the anime being 47 episodes. It is not bad if you want a feels good, quirky, and somewhat actiony anime but to me it felt like a lot of waiting due to overall plot progression/development which i didnt like.

Mob Psycho 100 is another anime developed by One, the guy who did One Punch Man, AND OH MY GOD WAS IT GOOD! For all the issues i had with Assassination Classroom, Mob Psycho delivered. Great action sequences, well done character development, down to earth ideals, no deus ex machinas, and it was short. It took about two episodes for it really to take off like OPM but it was worth it. I would gladly rewatch it.

I really need to see some of One's other works.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 122
8/7/2017 18:37:36   
Onyx Darkmatter

IIR, some of the Chapters were omitted from the Anime regarding to Assassination Classroom, with some of the chapters actually regarding to some character development to "minor" characters, or at least giving them a spotlight. But yeah, character development is a bit difficult with that many characters in a series (hell, I don't even remember most of the student's names).

Anyways, Fairy Tail is over a few weeks ago. Ending was ok (I liked it better than Bleach's ending), but Acnologia's defeat was disgraceful. Two of my biggest problems regarding to Fairy Tail are out-of-control and unnecessary Fanservice, and the whole "Friendship power"; the writing has already been boring ever since Phantom Lord Arc's ending, where it got super repetitive and worse from there.

On another note: I'm sorta glad that OPM manga is slowly regaining my interest.


It got real boring with the whole Martial Arts tournament and dragging chapters. Now it looks like things are finally gonna get interesting.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 123
8/29/2017 11:11:00   
Roaming the Web

So Aria's getting a dub and hopefully a more cleaned up/upscaled Blu Ray release. Every time I rewatch this show I feel like it should be higher on my favorites list.
AQ AQW  Post #: 124
10/26/2017 23:36:29   

I know its a bit late, but here are my final thoughts on the Summer 2017

KakeguruiIt'a Kaiji in highschool with cute girls and no stakes. I feel like the MC is never really gonna get in trouble and also I hate the male MC, I don't even know why hes in the show.

Tsurezure Children Actually enjoyed this more than I should, but some of the couples are very hit or miss. Student Prez and the Yankee Girl were def my favorite couple. I would watch a whole series about them.

Koi to Uso I think it started off strong and had an interesting concept, but as it went a long it got really corny and they introduced too many characters and made the narrative and love web too complicated.

Hajimte no Gal
I have no idea why I started or even finished this. I think I laughed like 2 or 3 times this entire series and it was all unintentional.

Aho Girl I liked this way more than I should considering how annoying the main character is. It was really funny though tbh and the characters were very simple, but memorable.

Welcome to the Ballroom My favorite anime of the season. Tatara is a great MC, he has enough determination and spunk to not come off as a generic beta male but, he still has a lot of insecurities and shyness; but he doesn't let them define him. The visuals and pacing are also excellent

Owarimonogatari Senjougahara arc is best arc. The others were okay.

Touken Ranbu Even the cool sword fights couldn't keep me awake some episodes. I just did not care about any of these characters or what they were fighting for.

Shoukoku no Altair One of the better shows this season, but's quite slow at the start IMO, but def gets better as it progresses.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi Not as good as the first few season. Very edgy and some of the situations just seem very black and white, lacking any kind of moral ambiguity that I liked in the original.

The Reflection Super generic superhero show the anime. Try harder Marvel. I even liked the old Madhouse Marvel adaptations better than this...

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