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=MTAK= When you Wish Upon a Star

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3/1/2017 22:49:50   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Hello, everyone!

I am Starflame13 (or Starflame, Star, Starry, Flamestar, and probably a handful of other nicknames I've forgotten), your newest AK in the DFGD! So you all get to know me a bit better, we're getting this Meet the ArchKnight thread up early so you can spam me with questions!

First, a few ground rules:
1) As always, all =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules apply.
2) Please limit yourselves to 10 questions a post, one post per page.
3) I reserve the right to answer (or not answer) questions how I see fit.
4) Please try to avoid repeating questions!

Other than that, let's have fun and get this started! I will be answering questions in this lovely color here!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
3/1/2017 22:57:32   

Woo! Congrats, Star! I've honestly been wondering when this would happen.
Thanks so much, Des! It was still a surprise to me :P

So, honest, what was your initial reaction on being offered the position? Like what was your 1st thought?
Kinda blank, for a bit, honestly! It took a few minutes for me to reread the message and fully understand what was going on. Once I processed it I was pretty excited!

I don't have any real questions XD so i'll just shower you with love. You'll do amazing here, I know it ^^ Congrats for like the umpteenth time <3

But I already took a shower today... thanks again!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
3/1/2017 23:31:31   

This is cool! I honestly don't have many questions, but all I can say is that if they let me choose the new AK, you'd have been my first choice too :) Super happy for you, and I hope you enjoy your new position!

That's very sweet of you to say, thank you so much! I hope that I can live up to all the high expectations!

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Post #: 3
3/2/2017 0:06:59   
Death snake1

This may have been a surprise for you, but for those of us that know you, it was just a matter of time!
Definitely still a surprise for me, but thank you so much for saying so, Snake!

So, first off, how do the new chains feel? Did you get the kind with built-in chaff protection?
See, the thing about Gryffin Warriors... we value freedom highly, so we have internal magic that prevents us from being chained or imprisoned against our will. So if I'm not paying attention, they just *clink clatter*... fall off. *sheepishly puts the chains back on* They're a very pretty purple though!

Next, what are the weaknesses to the robot that you are currently building...... to protect myself in case of robot uprising, obviously!
I've found that dropping a giant boulder on robots tend to incapacitate them for a bit!

Thirdly, Fish & Chips, or Bangers & Mash?
Fish and Chips.

Finally, for now, if you could go to any country in the world that you haven't already been to where would that be?
Ooh, tough one. Probably France or another country in mainland Europe, since it's relatively easy to visit multiple countries on one trip!

I think that should be everything that is crossing my mind right now, so have fun!
Thank you very much, I plan to!

P.S. Did you know that they found Ethyl Formate in space, I LOVE raspberries!!!
Have they really? Cooooooool!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
3/2/2017 0:43:50   
Lord Alsvinich

congratulations on being appointed Arch Knight, Starflame
Thank you very much, Lord Alsvinich!

best of luck and enjoy
I plan to, thanks again!

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Post #: 5
3/2/2017 1:10:59   

What can I say? They offered me chocolate

But seriously, congrats!
Thank you!

I just hope you will be as kind as a AK as you were before personally. (: I just find that sometimes when people take the job they become more harsh. I guess it comes with the enforcing rules territory. DX Or maybe it's just the brainwashing when they recruit you or something.
All the AKs I've talked to have been very kind and helpful, I'm super excited to be working with such an amazing group!

So, who invited you?
That would be Zyrain, though all the AKs have been super helpful to the newbie :P

Fav DF hero and villain? Why?
Favorite hero has always been Zhoom. The light orb saga was one of my favorites, and as a character he balances brains and brawn fairly well!
Favorite Villain... I enjoyed our fights and banter with Drakath during Book 1, though I also never really took him seriously until the end of the book!

Would you want to see a Batoro War where all the Batoro villains team up and lauch a asault on Falconreach to break The Batoro ala Knightfall, with foes differecing eacn 10% between bandits, undead or whoever runs that 10%? Maybe a bio and miniboss fight every 10% with the villains? And who do you think would be the mastermind of it and why? In Knightfall it was Bane who I'm based off, but I can any of them being a possibility.
I actually haven't watched the Batman movies, so I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about xD I think Falconreach needs to rebuild and take a break from wars for a bit, though. We earned a rest after the last war!

Here, I sneaked you the key to your chains. Make sure to only use them sparingly though. We don';t want suspiction now do we?
Chains...? Ooops! *Hurriedly picks them up and puts them back on* You didn't see anything.

BTW, you know you convinced me to make a War Thread in DF Art gallery but you never posted in it right? I mean granted I update it so very rarely to be fair, and I rarely save any of my work because I would find it WAYYYYY too anoying to go through 50 threads for one pic I made and I never save the pics so they sort of get lost in the mess, but still. DX
I'm just used to hanging out in the DFGD proper, it's where they keep the comfiest armchairs! But I'm sure people appreciate you making the thread.

Anyway, have fun as a AK!
Thanks again!

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DF  Post #: 6
3/2/2017 4:24:19   

I only have one question:

May I please refer to you as StArchKnight now? It feels like too good of an opportunity to miss.
Hah xD That makes it sound like I run a bakery or something! I'm not very good at baking, but I'm fine with the nickname.

And before I go (And sleep, because I have a thing in the morning for once in my pitiful existence) I'd like you to know that I personally think you'll do a fantastic job. Congratulations on the title. You've earned it.
Thank you very much, I hope that I do a good job as well! Hope you have a good night!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
3/2/2017 8:33:56   

Congrats star you've truly earned this well best of luck.I believe there were supposed to be questions don't really have any so i'll just wing it.
Thank you very much, Rlogg! And winging it is good, just don't get my wings too messed up!

What question do you want us to ask you?
What is 2 + 2?

Why do you want us to ask you this question?
Because the answer is simple yet complex.

What would be the answer to this question?
Fish! *runs before Twig shows up*

By now you're probably wondering that i'm just asking you these questions because i'm too lazy to make my own so this way you make up the question and give the answer, well then you are most certainly correct to assume so.

Okay now for some serious questions

Do you know the location of cysero's left sock?
If I did, I'd know where mine kept running off to!

What kind of rituals did you have to perform in order to become an Ak?
Well, first you- *is drowned out by a very loud airhorn* and then *another airhorn* and finally *even longer and louder airhorn*. And that's about it!

Is it pronounced Gif or Jif?
I've always said Gif with a hard-G sound.

That's all for now but you shall be henceforth known as The StArchKnight.
Only if you plan to make sure I don't set the kitchen on fire while baking!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
3/2/2017 12:05:54   

Congrats only the best become AK
Thank you very much!

So to start strong what do you like about DFGD community from least to most?
I like least how hard it is to predict activity! DFGD can alternate from days where there are almost 0 posts, to days where 10 new threads are made. Fun challenge to keep up with, though!
I like best how when push comes to shove, everyone comes together and supports each other. Wars are such a rush of people and emotion, and it's amazing to see how well everyone can work together and accomplish some really great things.

If you could invent a class what will it be warrior or mage type?
Probably somewhere in between! I like the idea of Spell-Sword type classes, or perhaps having various enchantments and spells that boost your in-combat abilities. Definitley something meant to be a front-line fighter.

How powerful do you think the hero is(every AK was asked this by me)?
The DF hero? I think their raw potential for power is very high, but they still have a lot to learn in order to unlock more of it, as well as to use it properly. So... maybe around Nythera level?

What is the scariest thing in DF for you?
Kathool in the Water Orb saga. Psychological horror is not my thing, even in mild forms.

Togs endangered pests or just pets?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
3/2/2017 13:44:09   

Congratulations!!! You really deserved it!
Thank you very much!!

Now, for the question, which quest line in DF is your favorite?
From book one, the Light Orb saga! But I also enjoyed some of the side character stories, such as playing as Nythera.

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DF  Post #: 10
3/2/2017 14:20:48   
Wolf Rider

STAR! It's about time you joined us in the AK world. I've been waiting for this for a while.
Hey, Ging!!! *glomps and hands treats for Blaze* Thank you! Still came as a surprise to me.

Okay. Questions. I'm boring, so I try to ask the same ones in every MTAK I post in, so this shouldn't be hard. One question, and one gift.
Going to make me earn my gift, huh?

Question: If you could have any one thing from any book, movie, or TV show (anime/comics/cartoons/manga/etc. fall under this general umbrella), what would it be?
Do games count? I kind of want a Portal Gun from Portal 1/2. If not, I'd want a daemon from the Golden Compass series.

Now the gift.
Work over, time for presents!

*holds out a box* In this box is an infinite supply of one thing, and one thing only. What's in it?
Dark chocolate sea salt caramel candies. My go-to candy when I want a treat!

That's about it from me, I think. Congrats again, and welcome to the team. I know you'll be great.
Thanks again, Ging! It's great having you and the other AKs around as support and role models!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
3/2/2017 15:49:32   
Fire alandry

It may be my first post in the forums, but i've been here for few years, and I know you're totally deserve it!! Good luck! (IIRC you said once that you are from my nation, so I am also proud.. )
Thank you so much!! And welcome to posting on the forums, it's always good to see new faces, even if they're from old friends.

Question. What is your favorite class?
Probably a tie between ColorCustom Dragonlord and Pyromancer. I usually use DL on a day-to-day basis, though!

And of course, I apologize of my terrible English..
No worries, everything was perfectly clear! And as you say in your signature, never make fun of someone's English.

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I am Alandry, the fighting scholar- an imagination mage and elementalist.
I always happy to help and glad to learn.
DF  Post #: 12
3/2/2017 17:44:13   
Rune Knight

*Stops playing his Bagpipes of Invisibility +1*

Why hello there. Bet you didn't see me walk in!
See you? Nah. Hear you? Yes. Bagpipes are not silent :P

Just wanted to congratulate you on your promotion. You have already been such a positive force in the community, your ascension can only benefit the GD!
That means a lot, Fae, thank you!! Hoping that I can continue doing a good job.

Now the formalities are out of the way, I have an important question.
I think I know where this is going...

BLOO or poorpul?
Purple!As if you didn't already know :P

It's a loaded question, but one that needed to be asked. TO DRAW THE LINE IN THE SAND.
*watches as a wave washes away the line*

Also here are some more questions that won't reignite an old war:

1) What is your favorite season?
Spring! When everything is fresh and growing, colors everywhere, and just cool enough to be comfortable in a jackect.

2) The lion or the lamb?
You can't distinguish one without knowing the other

3) Of all things in DragonFable, be it written or drawn, what do you feel was designed the best?
Hm... This goes way back to the beginning, but the Hatching quest when we got our baby dragons. I loved the mix of humor and seriousness that DF pulls off so well, and they made very good parallels between ourselves and Sepulchure, as well as between books 1 and 3 when our dragon hatched us.

4) Would you consider yourself left-brained or right-brained in personality?
Had to do a quick google to remember which is which, but I *think* more left-brained, since I tend to be rather logical and realistic.

5) Favorite pun in DragonFable?
I can't recall any other than Artix's undead puns in the graveyard, so lets go with those!

6) If you were a ghost, what's the first thing you'd do? Aside from panicking about being dead, that doesn't count!
I would visit my loved ones still alive and see if they were doing ok.

7) Which of DragonFable's elements do you feel the closest to?
Light and Silver are a tie, though Silver is a secondary element

Welp, that's everything from me.

Once again, good luck with your new position! Already you wear it well.
Thank you again!

*Resumes playing*
*covers her ears and waves*

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
3/2/2017 18:33:33   
DragonFable Boxcat

Yay! Welcome!

Thanks, Verly!!

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AQ MQ  Post #: 14
3/2/2017 19:27:05   

Congratulations on becoming a ArchKnight Star! <3

Thank you, Silver!

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DF  Post #: 15
3/2/2017 19:34:51   

ummm, as i'm a bit newer to the forums(i only just joined about halfway through the latest war), i don't really know anybody well enough to say anything big and inspirational or have much of a right to ask any questions, so i'll just give you my congratulations for achieving such a prestigious rank, and wish you luck in the future.

Welcome to the forums, Greyor, and thank you for the congratz! You don't need to be a long-term member (or even know me at all) to ask questions, so feel free to post again if you think of any when we reach page 2!

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DF  Post #: 16
3/2/2017 20:23:26   

♦♦♦ Woah, congrats Star! You've such a help on wars, thought you already were an old AK of something. Really!
Hah, thanks, Vonix! Been titled friendly for a while, but the AK thing is definitley new!

I only have one question in mind, were are you from? // Well thanks you! *drink hot chocolate* wait... //CANADA!
Somewhere that is currently way too cold! *grabs the hot chocolate and shares it with Vonix*

< Message edited by Vonix -- 3/3/2017 11:03:28 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
3/2/2017 23:42:32   

Well then! I'm quite new as well, and like Vonix, I always got the Arch Knight-ish impression from you too.
Welcome to the forums as well!

XD In fact, to be completely and utterly honest, I had to make absolutely sure this thread wasn't an old one, as to avoid congratulating you on something that may have happened years ago. o___o
Wow! I'm honored to hear that, but unless you have a time machine it happened days ago rather than weeks. (Though if you have a time machine, I hope you'll share :P )

A question! Has it always been an aspiration of yours to become a moderator of the forum community?
My own first post on the forums was in a MtAK, and I've always looked up to the AKs, but I definitely never expected to one day join them! Going to do my best now that I am one, though!

Thank you!

< Message edited by Starflame13 -- 3/2/2017 23:56:44 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 18
3/3/2017 0:56:29   

WOW good to you Starry.
Thanks, Sanani!

Only one question to you.
Are you happy? And if Yes what scale from 1 to 10.
I'm a cheerful person in general, so I'm usually fairly happy! This morning... about an 8/10 :)

Oh and good luck you will make great AK.
Thank you very much!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
3/3/2017 1:54:33   

So our most friendly helpful has been elevated to Starchknight tier. I really was more surprised than I should have been to see this...
I was pretty surprised too, no worries!

What is 2sec^2(x)-2tan^2(x)+2(cosec^2(x)-cot^2(x))?
What is 2 + 2.... in pumpkins?
A really creepy jack-o-laturn.

Do Gryphon Warriors get scale rot, or just lichen? How do you treat it- do you rub a moglin on it, (like steel wool, except fluffier)?
Our wings can experience something similar, though feathers a bit different than scales! You have to clean the wings feather by feather, so having moglins around might speed up the process...

Do the perks of being a Starchknight outweigh the tedious, time-consuming task of merging double posts and moderating posts? Are there any perks to being an Archknight? Heaviness +2 added to Starchknight chains
Chains...? Oh, right! *hurridely grabs them from where they'd fallen off and puts them back on*

Does Innkeeper Caitiff also count as a Starchknight?
Nah. Innkeeper Caitiff can probably bake better than me, but no way are they noble enough to be called a knight!

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Post #: 20
3/3/2017 10:55:13   

A Swimming Good Time ( AQ3D / DF )

Hey, Star!
Heya Chis!

I guess it was just a matter of time until they put the chains on you haha!
Now if only I could get them to *stay* on...

No, seriously though, you are just a fantastic positive force on the forums. Glad you can help make it an even better place ^_^
Thank you so much! I hope that I can continue to do so ^_^

Well, I don't have any real questions. I figure we know each other pretty well by now haha.
Heh, true enough!

Anyway, congrats! I wish you the very best of luck with your new responsibilities!
Thank you again!

*Hands Star a fish to whack trolls with* Hopefully you don't have to use it, but have it just in case!
*Stores the troll-fish in her armory*

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 21
3/3/2017 12:15:26   

Here comes muh pointless questions!
Questions are silly but never pointless! Especially when I'm always armed with a sword or two...

First, Congratulations on being our new ArchKnight Star :3 Hope you have fun :)
Thank you very much! I hope so too!


Lets assume that you are a dragon of Lore.
Can do. Gryffins are a *bit* smaller than dragons, but we know the skies just as well.

Which type of a dragon would you be? (Element, Wing style, Tail style, Habitat etc.)
Hm... probably Light element, one that would live in the high mountains near to the stars. With a slim and aerodynamic build, and gracefully sweeping wings.

Which town would you destroy first and why? (And yes, we are assuming that you are an evil dragon. (Or ebil))
Awww, I have to be evil? Hm... Probably DragonsGrasp. It'd wipe out a lot of threats (DragonLords), and it'd be awesome to have a floating, movable lair.

Which moglin would you eat as your dessert?
Twig. They'd taste like ice cream.

If someone was to ride you in a battle, which NPC would it be, why? (Hero not included ofc)
I would not lower myself in Dragonly pride to bear a rider.

What would be the most precious piece from your treasure?
Gemstones! Likely opals, if I could get my claws on any

Which dragon would be your biggest rival and why?
Probably Gorgok, that dragon smells bad.

If you had the chance to fuse two of the elements, which elements would these be? And what would be the result?
Light and Silver. It would form a "celestial" element, similar to the power of the stars themselves.

Which NPC's story/backstory would you like to be expanded most?
I'd like to learn more about Zhoom one day, and the history of the sand elves in general! We got a bit with book 3 Sek Duat, though!

Which saga did you like the least and why?
The Kathool saga. Psychological horror isn't my thing, even in mild forms.

What would you like to see most in the end of the book 3?
Peace. The Rose needs to know irradicating all magic won't work, and magic users need to understand that magic itself needs to be governed better. I'd like to see both sides working together towards the good of lore (assuming they can agree on what that is!)

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Post #: 22
3/3/2017 14:04:23   
Void Walker



< Message edited by Starflame13 -- 3/3/2017 16:47:07 >
DF  Post #: 23
3/3/2017 14:35:58   

Hohoho, Starchknight eh? Sounds delicious, lol
I can't bake, so be wary of anything that gets created from that nickname! All my cupcakes are bought from elsewhere :P

Congratulations for being an Archknight Star, so, on to the question :
Thank you!

Does anything felt different as you stroll through the forum now that you became an Arcknight?
Not a huge amount! I feel a bit more responsibility in reading all the threads now, though, rather than just ones I'd normally post in discussion-wise.

What do you like about 'Star' and how much do you like it?
'Star' initially came from the WarriorCats series, where leaders where given "star" as a suffix to their name! To me, being a "Star" represents that, just as the stars are always watching over us, so to will I always be there when my friends need me.

< Message edited by Starflame13 -- 3/3/2017 16:50:10 >
DF Epic  Post #: 24
3/3/2017 15:05:01   
Cherubic Card

Neato, kudos to you. If one wishes on a falling star, then I suppose a wish has already been granted on one rising. Congrats!

Thank you very much!

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