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=MTAK= The Penguinmancer Enters the Black Index

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6/25/2017 16:11:37   
Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

Greetings fellow heroes and villains. The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules applies to this thread so beware! For this MTAK thread, I'll allow you the privilege to ask up to 10 questions. You should be grateful I even allow you the chance to not be immediately frozen. No more than that or you'll be made into a undead minion of mine for when I take over Falconreach! Don't believe me? Just ask Occavatra.

A bit of history about myself:

- I have been helping with the Encyclopedia's since my first day on these forums back in AQ. I took monster pictures because we have such wickedly talented artists in all of AE. That continued into the DF Pedia when it was in Beta.
- I'm a teacher whom loves to yell "SCIENCE!" in class and get only 2 or 3 students to laugh for the real reason as they have seen this game!
- Being honest, I love the pedia. Wholeheartedly, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure we keep it nice and clean. Though I am a villain, so expect for my fellow AK's in my sub forum to be frozen or consumed with darkness from time to time.
- I occasionally during wars will write stories and involve those who motivate others in the war threads!
- About being a villain, lets get all the cards on the table and be serious with one another...You made fun of my hat. You are dead to me.

I will answer your questions in this font and colour!

Let's have some fun in the DF Encyclopedia then we get back to work!
You may enter my frozen domain...

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/26/2017 9:47:42   
Constructively Discussional!

Skiing Sneevils, Batoro! It's the nefarious master of icy mayhem Stephen Nix! And what's that he's holding? Is that...could that be...THE Encyclopedia, Lore's greatest source of knowledge? Why I believe it is, and the flippered fiend has stolen it right from under our noses! Here, let me distract him with a few questions while you work out a plan to steal it back.
Firstly, Thank you for the introduction...it was chilling. Indeed, the pedia is now in my flipper's grasp! Also, who's "you" in this context?

1. Why choose to be a villain? Surely a...powerful being of your...great renown would be better suited to the fame and glory of heroism?
The humans take on life, we see the same thing over and over again. Villains always take a beating. I'm one individual that just finds villains more intriguing than heroes.

2. Where did you get that superb hat? It truly looks magnificent atop your...striking figure!
Compliments will also get you on my bad side. No, no, lets answer this one appropriately. I stole it from a distant relative.

3. If I lend you my own icy powers, and together we manage to (finally) take over Falconreach, would you agree to a 50/50 split?
Absolutely not. To have a seat at the villain's table like myself, one must always expect or plan on a double cross.

And finally, 4. Someone is standing right behind you. Whoever could it be?
Probably Mrs. Nix...she tends to always be watching and swatting me when I go too far in my schemes.

I can safely say that, although you may be one of the greatest villains Lore has ever seen and thus must be stopped at all costs (unless you accept that deal I offered), you deserve all the notoriety the mere mention of your name instils in the general populace. Congratulations!

Thank you Rayen. If plausible when taking over the world, I'll make sure you're one of the last individuals standing.

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AQ DF  Post #: 2
6/26/2017 16:57:45   

First off, congrats Nix! You've been here a long time.
The knowledge one can learn here is everlasting..
Right to the questions.

1. What's your favourite flavour of snow-cone?
Anything Artix Krieger flavoured.

2. Who's your favourite real-life Penguin? (from the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team)
Hockey...I must see if this term is in the Black Index. *searches* No luck.

3. What species of penguin are you?
I am a smaller Emperor Penguin whom is literally half penguin half undead.

4. Ever been to Madagascar?
One day when the Index doesn't need too much tending.

5. Why can't penguins fly?
We signed a contract to not outclass other avian in anything else other than our spectacular style.

6. How does typing/writing with flippers work?
...it doesn't. I have an assistant usually.

7. What's your take on Global Warming, and how does it affect penguin life?
We are affected all the time losing our glaciers day after day. It's terrifying really. We have to constantly be on the move or just go where there isn't too much water.

8. Why don't you lead the penguins to war against pandas, who share the same black-white color scheme as your kind?
The signed treaty of 1608. We can't invade them and they can't pick on us. We leave it at that.

9. Ever consider a collaboration between other Batoro enemies to defeat the mighty hero?
Yup...didn't work out too well. We ended up back in our holding cells. Maybe a Frostval story in the years to come. I mean, we all want revenge.

10. What happens if I ask more than 10 questions?
"you'll be made into a undead minion of mine for when I take over Falconreach!"

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DF AQW  Post #: 3
6/26/2017 18:37:22   

The Encyclopedia suddenly got a chilly, but it could be just the wind. Who am I kidding? It's the wind. I bid you congratulations on your knighthood, Nix. Here are my questions for you.
Shoot me your troubles Occavatra, I'll judge my answers with the Black Index.

1. What's your favorite flavor ice cream?

2. What type of topping would you prefer on a pizza?
Anything that tastes like a hero

3. If you could possess any primal element, what would it be?
Anything that tastes like a hero Energy.

4. Would you prefer a permanent winter or a permanent summer?
What kind of a foolish question is that to ask to a penguin, my dear minion?

5. Which is your ideal writing utensil, a pen, pencil, or permanent marker?
An undead creature that writes down my words for me...though I do have a pen with my name on it.

6. What would make a perfect sundae?
Anything that tastes like a hero with a sardine on top.

That's all from me. Have fun on the pedia and I look forward to working with you in the weeks to come.
The pleasure is all mine.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
6/27/2017 0:08:19   

{DF / MQ}

Hiyas Nix!
*turns to the page with golden* Ah yes, I've heard of you.

Congrats on your AKship, and welcome to the team! I must say this was very well deserved. ^-^
You are too kind. Thank you for helping me when I was aiding the MQ pedia on rare occasion.

No questions from me, just wishing you the best of luck on your new duties!
*bows* Thanks again.

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 6/27/2017 2:59:42 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
6/27/2017 3:08:40   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Yay Nix, congrats on your AKship :)
*turns to the page with Peachii* Oh my, you have high rolling stats too, a competitor in the ranks.

1. What do you do during your free time? (other than plotting to make everyone your undead minion)
I work on the Black index to locate new items or individuals to add...also I go fishing.

2. Does penguins sing? *shivering cold presence felt*
Do*. And yes we do, it's rather loud actually, we have deep vocal cords. Funny as an undead creature I replaced my voice box last week.

3. What are the things you're interested in DF / AE games that keeps you playing all these years?
I'm not kidding when I say this, it's the pedia. Adding something new to the pedia every week is a thrill. Even in the slightest of ways.

4. Cranberry or Blueberry Juice?
Peachii Stew.

5. Who's your master?!
Depends, who's paying me?

6. What would you do to save the glaciers thinning resulted from Global warming?
My ultimate plan would solve global warming. Freeze the world, eliminate the human population. Thus glaciers everywhere.

That's all from me! I'm glad to be working with you on the Pedia, and of course, have fun!
As I with you. Thank you.

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DF AQW  Post #: 6
6/27/2017 10:20:53   

*sips tea* Indeed human.

1) What do you think about Linus?
He is a demigod in your midst, yet you do not bow before him. This is a problem with humanity.

2) And about IRL Linus?
What is this real life you speak of?

3) Are undead penguins better than other undead at transferring the chill of death?
But of course! We carry the two elements together as one.

4) Which is the tastiest fish?
The biggest one.

5) Do you see life in black and white?
Don't ask...

6) We've seen plenty of chickencows around. What's you opinion about the possibility of penguincows?

7) How cool is the ice orb?
Remember that first bite of an ice cream bar? THAT, times 10,000.

11) Did I make a mistake when counting the questions?
I have fins, so after 2, I'm lost.

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DF  Post #: 7
6/27/2017 17:14:31   
Wolf Rider

Nix! Congrats on your promotion!
Ah, the Beacons of Hope send their Wolf Rider to combat...this is foolish of them, AND YOU.

So much like you, I mostly say the same thing in every MTAK I post in. Unlike you, I give a gift, because I'm not a villain.
I too have a gift, it's called your NIGHTMARE.

So. Onto the question and gift!
Oh, I do wonder what it is. *hopes for defeated Artix in a box*

If you could have one thing from any one book, TV show, or movie (in all variations, so anime/manga/cartoons/etc. all count for the purposes of this question), what would it be?
A Black Lantern Ring.

And now the gift. *holds out a box* In this box is an infinite supply of one thing, and one thing only. What's in it?
*hopes for the defeated Artix in a box* Oh wait a second...an infinite number of that wouldn't be too spectacular. Ummm, OH I GOT IT NOW! It's King Salmon. ALL DA FISH!!!!!

That's it from me. Congrats again, and I'm sure you'll do great here!
Gee, I hope so. Though I do want to freeze all of the humans that work with me.

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 6/28/2017 2:19:36 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
6/27/2017 17:25:04   
San Robin

Hello flightless bird!
Hey, if it isn't sticky cheese. I imagine fishguts, isn't far behind.

Want to fly?
Want to freeze?

I can punt you to make that happen :3
Better hope I don't find you after you do this nonsense.

Still planning to take over the world with undead penguins?
*flips a page in the newspaper and rocks in his rocking chair* Yuuup.

You know we will always be here to stop you, right? :D
Another taunt from another hero, you're no different than anyone else except you throw puns and collect things of cheese.

Anyway, congratz on your promotion!
*bows* A kind thank you sir!

cya later!

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
6/27/2017 21:20:28   
Eric Greydawn

*Steps out of the shadows* Well hello there. How long has it been for you and I old friend? Good to see you AKing it up now.
Pfft, our acquaintance on the battlefield is no shocker to anyone. You fought valiantly last time we dueled. Thank you.

First off... It's been a long time coming. *Summons Tuskix...AKA Paul* Let's have a few questions. How did you die?
*points at Paul* I loath that thing. Where's the off switch?
To be serious with your question, I died in battle against Von Krieger in the 2nd ever Undead Invasion at Battleon. Not instantly however. I grabbed my 85% detached body limbs and crawled to Northern Dragesvard to seek refuge. I died inside my castle, but was revived from the Black Index (the object I fought Artix for but lost to obtain).

What flavor does green sound like?
*Head explodes from reading this question.* AH COME ON I JUST PAID FOR THIS NEW BODY PART.

What is your favorite weapon in game?
The Greydawn's Vengance, I've been searching all of L.O.R.E. for this mystical blade, but only one possess it---ah man it's you. *gets sliced in half by Eric*

Traditionally, the night before a Knight is Knighted, he stands vigil over his armor. As you are a half desiccated flightless avian, what DID you stand vigil over, or did you even bother you naughty bird?
My family during the Dragesvard War. *smiles* We took turns as kids (the 9 of us), to look over for the family and stand guard during the tough times. Nightfall can be the worst for us especially, we had each others backs. But I lost everything and everyone. I wasn't always this way that you see before you. I did care for something, but that something was taken from me. NO HERO DEFENDED MY FAMILY. So before you look at me and say, he's a naughty evil bird, remember IT'S YOUR FAULT I'M THIS WAY!

Coffee, tea, or the tears of your enemies?
I'm too worked up from the previous question to answer this one. Ah whatever, the tears of my enemies. It's delicious and nutritious! Low in sodium plus high in INT.

How did you enjoy your battle with Artix?
The battle was fierce. It lasted hours upon hours. We traveled across the entire battlefield throwing spells and smashing each other with our weapons. It was breathtaking.
In real life however(2006 Dragoncon), I swear I almost hit Artix's head with my cane, and I'm not joking when I say that would've left a mark. But truthfully, it was pretty epic.

What was your all time favorite in game moment?
I never expressed such emotion for anything in this game, then Tomix died and that changed everything. It made me feel like I lost a family member and I've never felt that way before with a pixelated character, but watching him get ready to take that leap...I'm not kidding when I say I'm playing in my head the exact music before he descends.

That or working alongside The Chairman in that Ebil Corp War. People ask me from time to time, why work with that guy? I say, because he wears a nice suit like me.

Well, that's about it my friend. Have a wonderful time, and congratulations on getting here. You'll do an amazing job, as you have done for years on the Pedia.
Thank you Greydawn, you are a worthy foe of mine that I've had for years. May or battles be everlasting. Thank you, with content providers such as yourself, I have a reason to be here. :)

*Bows to Stephen Nix, steps into shadow and fades away*
How'd he do that? (Nix doesn't seem to notice that Eric just hid under a table terribly)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
6/28/2017 11:32:38   

Yay, a new AK..Choooo, it sure is cold here :P
And the cold is all you shall receive...well and some answers as well.

Out of curiosity I visited your castle, and little do I know that your castle is full of booby trap, how do you even survive spending your day inside those poison swamp??
I have an alarm system. I can turn it off or on. It's not difficult.

And, what subject do you teach your student? (My guess is biology, tell me that I'm right)
Quite a variety. I do a bit of English, Gym, Math, SCIENCE!!!!!, and History.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute do you think you are when compared to King Linus? Can you overtake his throne?
0, King Linus is at a level on his own platform. He cannot be beaten. No human or creature can defeat the King.

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DF Epic  Post #: 11
6/29/2017 15:40:49   
Level 1 Laughing Tog

Helloooooooo, penguin man!
*flips his Index to the page of Karika* Oh my...it IS you.

Purple or bloo?
I've awaited your questions for eons and this is the best you could come up with---bloo.

What flavor is Blinding Light of Destiny?
It tastes like defeat. And trust me, I've tried it many times.

And finally, the obligatory: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?
Okay, let me break it down.

One horse sized duck.
Stats would be High in STR, Low on INT, 0 for DEX and END, CHA would be null as it is apparently alone, it might have decent LUK, but 0 again on WIS.
Likely it would have decent defensive stats, it would be resistant to water attacks, but have high HP.
Overall the fight would take a while, but the chance of survival would be 64%.

Hundred duck-sized horses.
Stats would be Mid STR, Mid in INT, High for DEX AND END, CHA would be very high to work together, it's LUK would be low as they understand that most of them wouldn't make it, making it's WIS low too.
Likely it's defensive stats wouldn't be great, it would be resistant to Earth and Stone attacks, yet weak to Ice and Fire, rather low HP.
Overall the fight wouldn't last long, and the chance of survival would be 95%.

I pick the 100 duck-sized horses.
There may be many of them, but they are likely weaker against my big AOE magical attacks, so I would make quick work of them. Not to mention horses don't like Ice or Fire so I'm sure I could come up with some attacks utilizing my true element of Ice and create some Fire spells to keep them at bay.

Now that I have answered your puny question I SHALL FREEZE YOU FOREVER!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
6/29/2017 15:48:11   


New AK? NOWAI...
Indeed Moglin Man from the Adventure Quest multiverse, now step inside my chambers to deliberate.

How does it feel :O
How does what feel?
Is it fun yet?
What is fun?
Are you happy? :P
Am I asking too many D.U.M questions?
Moglin? ^^
No, I'm a penguin. WHO IS THIS GUY!??!??!!? *looks at his receptionist as she shakes her head*

Hrmm, yeah this is all I'll do xD
Okay then, farewell strange creature.

Watch out for my color bomb... If you don't play it right, ti'll go boomboom.
A moglin maniac asking perplexing questions and threatening to defeat me with colour bombs. Again, where did you find this one? *receptionist quits*


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
6/29/2017 16:54:55   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

*A cloaked figure rises from the shadows.*
Did you see that guy that was just here? I'm lost on words for him. Alas, step inside.

Greetings Stephen Nix, half-undead penguin and wearer of top hats.
Another knowledge seeker I presume?

What is thy favourite AQ monster and why?
The Lazy Quest Monster. Isn't it obvious?

What is thy favourite AQ villain and why?
Bradakken, he accomplished what others could not before him.

What is thy favourite DF monster and why?
The newest ice monster, Gelunguis. Just watch it attack. It even sends chills down my spineless spine.

What is thy favourite DF villain and why?
The Baron gets my vote. He paid handsomely last war...before he lost his seat at the Villains Table.

When was thy last visit to the L&L?
About a month back I believe.

Art thou familiar with my legacy?
I am up to speed with your Legacy of Blood.

What is thy favourite L&L story?
I like reading through war stories the most if I'm to be honest.

Congratulations and may thou persevere with thy ArchKnighthood.
Thank you Dwellng, though I do warn you if we are to ever cross paths I won't be so kind.

*Bows while succumbing into the shadows.*
Cheap parlor trick.

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 7/1/2017 0:55:25 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
6/29/2017 18:46:21   

Ahahahaaa....So you finally gave yourself a legal disguise, my fellow ally
Doc... <.<.... >.>.....we strike at dawn.

Riddle me that. Breath is fishy, body's fat, but i have to admit, he has a great hat. Who is this?
A god.

*evades eventual attack* So, Time for some serious questions *spins the riddle Sceptre*
You always were an intriguing individual. Care to be added to the Black Index?

If you decide to close a thread, will you freeze it all over or turn it into a fish and eat it?
I do not close threads...except this one. It'll be frozen upon sight.

What is more lethal, crushing your hat or stealing your fish?
One wouldn't dream to crush my hat. It might fight back.

You have finally created your ultimate plan. But you finish it, you must either give up all your fish forever or doing an incredible good deed. You....
Eat humans instead. I'll forgo the fish.

The heroes have caught you and send you to prison. They weren't able to win a fight against you. How do they caught you?
An intriguing question, if I am defeated, then how were they not victorious?

How do you split up lore after we villians finally won against the heroes? (Be fair, or everyone will turn against you)
Regardless on anyone's thoughts or care, Dragesvard is mine, the rest take their own piece of the puzzle, while we each have dominion over Falkonreach with equal share.

*sends about hundred of his drones after you*
But as soon as I gain control, I don't hesitate to overthrow everyone else.

*....to help you in your next schemes*
Including a charlatan like yourself.

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 7/1/2017 1:06:00 >
DF MQ  Post #: 15
7/10/2017 1:23:44   


1. I must know, how did one of King Linus's chief advisers die??
I died in battle against Von Krieger in the 2nd ever Undead Invasion at Battleon. Not instantly however. I grabbed my 85% detached body limbs and crawled to Northern Dragesvard to seek refuge. I died inside my castle, but was revived from the Black Index (the object I fought Artix for but lost to obtain).

2. Would you say you like Aegis considering you guys have that ice thing?
No, he's a hero. I'm already thinking we should eat him.

3. What are you using to freeze the transgressors? Frozen claymore, what??
I have normal ice spells that I had when I was born. Every killguin has them. :)

4. This is serious. How did you get into DF and AE games in the first place??
Well, I was in AQ for the longest time I can remember. I was helping with the pedia and thought my efforts could be an assist to the DF game community. For AE, honestly it was a YouTube video. NO JOKE. I've never told anyone about that. It was the one where the werewolves are attacking Doomwood or Battleon I forget. The action in that one small clip made me want to explore more. Though watching the meter to be allowed to play as a free to play character was underwhelming, but man at 99% that was a thrill.

5. Finally, if you could choose between endless chaos in lore but you are the overlord, and being king Linus what would you choose??
I don't want chaos, I want to have all humans frozen and defeated, then to restart the world again with Killguins as the rulers of the world. I don't want to be King Linus either. My answer is neither.

6. Oh! I almost forgot! Who brought you back from the dead????
The Black Index did actually. It sensed my presence was missing so it remade me.

7. Ugh! I told my secretary *yes even people who appear out of nowhere have secretaries* I told it *it's unknown like me* to put a coded final question but I guess unknown secretaries aren't to good. But back to the point I told it to encode a question but now I have to write it my self: how do you become an AK?
You don't ask for it.

and I am offering my secretary if you want it
* and with that, he left. Leaving no trace behind*

I know I said good bye and all but what is this black index I keep hearing about
read my backstory to learn more, L&L

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 7/11/2017 2:11:56 >
Post #: 16
7/10/2017 1:42:55   
Lord Noonien Soong

Very nice to see the chief Penguinmancer getting his AKship shackles after all these years! And with that, I say congrats! :)

Onward with the inquiries, I suppose.

So, what keeps ya on board playing the AE games still or even just DF? Is it the community, devs, or the perplexing worlds the game(s) have to offer?
Honestly, all the above.

Does being a penguinmancer ever have its cons as well as its pros?
Yes, I have to get new body parts to replace mine every once in a while. Just replaced my neck bones last week, took me 10 hours to find the parts, but I got em.

How's the slow taking over the DFverse plan coming along?
*holds up a sniper rifle and aims it at the one who told you about the plan, docblade*.

Can I join :D (?)
No. I'm currently working on a project with my boss Nivalis. He's...cool.

< Message edited by Stephen Nix -- 7/10/2017 22:18:03 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
7/26/2017 17:42:35   
Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

The time has come to end these shenanigans as your questions have been answered. It was a pleasure getting to tell you more about myself. But alas, work is calling for me back in the Index. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to it. BE GONE!

*closes the thread and locks it away*
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
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