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=MtAK= The GD section in DragonFable Catches Fire

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2/24/2018 23:15:29   

Top of the evening, inquisitive and curious minds exploring the world of DragonFable and sharing your thoughts on the events that you've experienced. My name is Occavatra, but my most of my friends call me Occa. For those who aren't familiar with me, I am currently a moderator on AdventureQuest Worlds and I assist with keeping the DragonFable Encyclopedia up-to-date on in-game content and information to the best of my ability. Now I have my Inferno Sword of Igneous polished and I am ready to expand my duties on the General Discussion. Feel free to ask me anything you like as long as the questions are under several conditions;

1) All Universal Rules apply before posting anything.

2) If you have an issue with your account, the Player Support team is there to help you.

3) I will answer up to seven questions per user.

Anyway, have fun and go crazy. I'll answer every question as soon as I get to them. ^_^

I'll be answering your questions in this font, size, and color.
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2/24/2018 23:29:53   
Chaosweaver Amon

Hey Occa!!!
Good evening, Amon.

Congrats on the new position!
Thank you so much. The praise from my friends means so much to me.

It's been way too long since we've had a good chat :/
Indeed, it has been ages and I miss that a lot. Hopefully, we will be able to catch up soon.

Who designed that awesome avatar?
Crulon drew it as a birthday gift to me earlier this month. It was thoughtful of him to draw this portrait so I decided to use it as my avatar on Twitter and on here as well. ^_^

I can't really think of any real questions, considering how well I know you. Just wanted to express my congratulations!
It's quite alright. I'm only happy you came by to express your support and hear from you again.

Good luck! (Hopefully the chains aren't too tight)
Thanks, man. And no chains on Lore can keep this scythe that will reap all corruption and sorrow shackled.

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2/25/2018 0:59:03   

Hello Occavatra
Why, hello there.

Good luck with more responsibilities
Thank you. I like to keep myself busy and stay hard-working both in and outside of AE.

What do you think of DF community so far?
I think the DF community is filled with players who are open-minded, friendly, helpful, and love a good story. I like how in the general discussion threads that they analyze the main storyline quests in ways that remind me of one of my current classes in game studies in college. If these types of players didn't exist, the DragonFable side of the forums would've been a less interesting place and assisting with the DF Encyclopedia would've been more difficult for me.

What is your favorite NPC in Dragonfable?
I'm fond of Ash Dragonblade if I have to narrow my favorites down to one, but I generally don't have a particular favorite. I enjoy his character development on ArchKnight and his supportive personality toward the Hero.

How strong the Hero is in Dragonfable?
The Hero is what the player makes of him or her. My interpretation of the Hero is that there is always room for improvement whether it's leveling up or learning their lessons from things that go wrong no matter how far along the players are in DF's main storyline. A huge chunk of the Elemental Orb Saga, The Calamity Saga, and the Six Heroes chain so far has proven that the Hero is both a student and a teacher with never enough knowledge to aid them.

What is your favorite storyline in Dragonfable?
The Elemental Orb Saga, more specifically, the Final 13th is my favorite storyline in DragonFable. I believe that the events that transpired that led up to the climatic battle against the SMUDD has proven that no matter how powerful or influential the Hero's foes become, there's always a small weakness that they have that ultimately becomes their downfall. As an old saying states, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." The Hero's perseverance in that saga is also one of my favorites from playing through it and discovering the colorful elemental orbs along the way.

Thank you an lot for your hard work in the pedia I use it an lot as an reliable source.
You're absolutely welcome, dragon_monster. I truly appreciate your kind acknowledgement for the DF Encyclopedia and DragonFable altogether is like a second home to me.

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2/25/2018 1:18:44   
Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

If you know me I ask the same questions on every mtak thread so prepare yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, if you say so. Bring it on, Nix!

Wait a second...I've already done this before.
I know. For me, it's like deja vu doing this again as well.

MINION!!!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE!?!!?!?!?!
I'm not a minion. I'm a pyromancer whose purpose for right now is to reap the thorns of the Rose like the weeds they are. Gingkage offered me a chance to assist her and the other ArchKnights here to make sure the everyone in the DFGD are well-behaved and getting along with each other. It's not too different from being an AQW moderator.

*casts a spell to force you to get back to the DF Pedia*
Your spell is futile because I'm still at the DF Pedia. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm not a big fan of ice-crazed villains that desire to turn the world we live in into a giant icicle in space. And any enemy of Eric Greydawn is also an enemy of mine.

Freezing the world can be a difficult task with that Sword of Igneous...can we work something out? Team-up?
Have you heard of an ice-based replica that can be forged in the Frozen Northlands? We can go on a conquest with Europa to gather the necessary resources from the Ice Elementals and KhyRhian in addition to having a basic long sword in hand to make such an ice-based sword that can match the power of mine.

Our releases cannot be completed if you are not around. Don't ever leave us...we need you. XD
I'm not going anywhere without my fellow pedia ArchKnights and DragonPedia Masters nor am I leaving the encyclopedia to gather dust so I'm sticking around for as long as there is air in my lungs to breathe and fiery passion in my veins.

In all seriousness, you are doing a fantastic job with our pedia. Keep up the good work...
Thank you so much, Nix. Like I said, I'm going to be sticking around for a long time to keep the pedia up to date and accurate as possible.

...and maybe once I freeze the world over into a giant iceball, I'll THINK about sparing your life.
Suppose you do, how are you going to know I'm still alive? And what you are planning once you discover me is relatively uncertain, but hopefully, the Felonious Five isn't going to go that far.

May the undead penguins eat you alive!
Challenge accepted to stay alive and fight off the undead penguins if Sally still doesn't keep you at her tea party, bird-brain. It has been almost four months since she roped you into it.

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2/25/2018 5:25:14   


Hiyas, Occavatra!
Oh, hello, DragonUltraMaster. It's good to see you again.
Good luck with your new board! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
Thank you. I'm still trying to adjust to the new role, but it'll come naturally to me as I learn more about the community here.

I'm not much for questions usually and this post is no exception :P
It's okay. I still appreciate your congratulations. It means a lot to me, man.
I'll install the ticking colorbomb instead. See if you can figure it out. If not, you might end up like my avatar. A very colorful moglin, oh I'd love a new one!
Alright, let's do this. I'm ready for you this time.

10, 9, 8, 7... and so on
Phew, I did it. I disabled the colorbomb and now, you'll have to see Eonaleth to find your own colorful moglin.

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2/25/2018 9:12:04   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Occa!! *tacklesnugs*
Hi, Starflame. *snugs you right back* It's nice to know that we'll be working alongside each other in this section.

Huge congratz, you've definitely earned it and you'll do an amazing job.
Thank you so much and I'm sure that working here will be an absolute pleasure after some getting used to.

I'll go easy on questions :P
Hehe don't worry, Starflame. It's alright if you don't have much to ask. Ask away!

If you could have any animal as a pet, with the knowledge that it came trained, what would it be?
It would definitely be a cat. It's not too easy to imagine life without these mischievous, adventurous, and loving felines.

Which would you rather fight, 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
A horse-sized duck would be an interesting titan boss fight if it stole a bunch of a dragon eggs if it mistook them for its own eggs, but in a Normal Mode, I'd fight 100 duck-sized horses just for the farming experience.

All from me, congratz again!
Thanks again, Starflame. I'm looking forward to working with the other ArchKnights and moderators in the General Discussion section.

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2/25/2018 13:57:02   
Wolf Rider

*looks up from her books*

Oh, hi, Occ!
Howdy there, Ging. What type of books are you currently reading? The titles and storylines must be graspable.

No questions from me for now. Just wanted to welcome you aboard! Always good to have more pyros.
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm sure the experience working with you and learning more about the DF community will be wonderful.

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2/25/2018 16:35:46   

ArchKnight AQWorlds

*spots a wild MtAK*

Hey Occa! Congrats on the new board! I hope the shackles aren't too tight :p
Hiya, Laos. Thank you for the warm welcome and no, there aren't any shackles around me. No chain can hold this pyromancer still.

Anyway, no questions from me. Best of Luck!
That's okay. I still appreciate your congratulations and blessing. Thank you.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 8
2/25/2018 17:10:57   
Flamehead 12

So what would your dragonfable in-game npc be (class etc.)?
My NPC started out as a caster in Book 1 until he found his sword, The Inferno Sword of Igneous, and became a pyrokinetic dragonlord with shoulder plates that consists of Dragonoid heads that survived the Reset.
What would the character look like?
I posted a couple of concepts of what my character would look like to my art gallery. One is an earlier design of what he would look like in Book 3 when I noticed some improvements in my Flash art back then and another is his Book 1 version that I drew last year based on a concept that Ergotth drew so I have him to thank for his help.
What would the character s background story be?
It's a long story that I'm still writing that explores his character development that I'll post sometime in the future.
What would the characters interaction with the hero be (boss fight, shop, small dialogue, overarching story quests, short story quest, etc.)
He has not met the Hero at all, however, he lives in a district in Falconreach that the Hero has not visited.

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2/26/2018 23:23:32   
James Lu

Hiya, James. Thank you.

What was your last memory before being assimilated into the collective?
I remembered passing the Monday morning by before class that afternoon when Gingkage approached me and offered me a spot here and I gladly accepted. I've had no regrets since then.

Would you like warmers for your shackles?
A warmer for my seat where I get to work would be nice, but no shackles for this pyromancer as usual.

That'll be all from me, I look forward to working with you! :D
I feel the same way, James. It would be joyful to work alongside you as well.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
2/27/2018 19:10:22   

Why hello Occa! Nice to see you getting to work on the best GD there is on the Internet!
Howdy, Azan. It's great to be there and I won't doubt that. I enjoy the community's insightfulness and an endless curiosity to explore the world revolving around DragonFable.

No question from me, I just happened to poof here to congratulate you.
Why, thank you. It's alright. I appreciate the congratulations nevertheless. ^_^

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3/1/2018 11:24:44   

Heya Occatrava!
Hello there, Shiny. It's good to see a familiar face.

I'm glad to see your duties now extend to merging double posts in the GD. Like @dragon_monster, I've often referenced your work in the encyclopedia.
It's nice to be here as well and I still have to train myself to spot double posts within the many threads in this forum, but it shouldn't be too bad. And thank you. I really, truly appreciate that my contributions to the encyclopedia are paying off because they are used as sources to back spectulations.

Earlier in this thread you quoted ye olde saying "The bigger they are, the harder they fall", as well as pointing out that there's always some small exploitable weaknesses in any powerful character. So, my question is... shouldn't this apply to the Hero themself, the ultimate example of perseverence (in-game at least)? How?
Actually, it does and Caitiff exploited that weakness. It hit the Hero right where it hurt by toying with what was deeply precious to them and relished in his/her suffering. For the Hero to overcome that weakness meant seeking out those that they trusted and fought alongside with in the past. Even if it meant finding an unexpected new ally along the way. *cough*Dove*cough*

One of my favourite questions, if you could have superpower that reflected your real life personality, what would it be? (For my usual example, some people's might be to obtain asymptotic levels of super-speed the nearer they come to a deadline).
It'd likely be teleportation or flight because I like to see the skies from a bird's point of view and I am almost always punctual. Suppose I had a class in one minute and I was running late. If I had the power to fly or teleport, then snap! I'd be there the instant the lecture begins.

Do moglins work as handy cleaning cloths for cleaning pyromancer armour? Or do they melt too quickly?
No, a moglin hasn't handled or tried out my armor/gear yet, I hope. >_> I normally handle my own laundry with some help from Irene's wand and a book containing spells that makes housework easier. (Don't tell her I said that, though. It's her only copy.)

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Post #: 12
3/1/2018 14:30:08   

Oh, shoot! Which house caught on fire? Please tell me itís not my hometown. >_<

Err, um, are you sure you're not gonna put that out? No?
Only if I know where the fire is, I can help put it out, but I donít have a water or ice-based weapon or magic on me right now.

*eyes the flame uncomfortably, proceeds to sit on the blazing chair anyway*
*feels guilt for not having adequate supplies or magic to put out that fire, forcing Irene to do so herself.*

Now, I guess we can get to the questions, yes?
That would be great. If weíre lucky, nothing else would spontaneously catch fire.

1. What's something interesting most people don't know?
Something about green shackles in a hidden outpost near a forest clearing. The revelation is still new to me and is a type of chain that people know very little about.

2. What's a trait or quality you value the most in other people?
Their smiles, sympathy, and their friendly personalities are what draw me to people if they understand me.

3. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
Someone who can be distant and quiet, but also someone who is brotherly and welcoming if Iím with friends.

19. Free association: what comes first to your mind when you hear the word "grandma"?
I had a dream about my grandmother last night so right now, what memory I had of it is what comes first to my mind when I hear the word.

23. And the word "unnerving"?
The possibility of the forces of darkness striking again even if the Valtrith family or the Shadowscythe would not be heard from again or will they? *paces to the drawing board*

27. Tell me the most random thing you can conjure with your mind!? < bonus question mark to make it technically a question
A castle located on a hilltop or an abandoned castle in the middle of Doomwood Forest.

99. Would you like some tea?
Sure, Iíd love one. Thank you very much.

*offers a cup of tea*
*sips the tea* Did you make dragonfruit tea? It tastes delicious and calming. Again, thank you, bro.

That's all from me! Congratulations on the territory expansion :) Looking forward to see you around here when I lurk c:
Thank you so much, man. Iím sure working with Gingkage and the other ArchKnights will be a rejuvenating, eye-opening experience.

*snugs you back tightly* :)

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AQW  Post #: 13
3/3/2018 2:02:26   

{DF / MQ}

Hi, Golden. I missed you so much.

No questions from me, just a congratulations! Welcome aboard the GD team. ^-^
Thank you very much. I appreciate the warm welcome. :)

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 14
3/3/2018 2:18:00   

No questions here, just giving you a welcome and a congrats on your first suggestion thread takedown, not many people are able beat Gingkage to them.
Thanks, Hermit. I appreciate the warm welcome and it won't be my last, unfortunately. Where I shelve these threads is a secret between me and the GD ArchKnights, but one thing's for sure, every town must have at least one library.

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DF AQW  Post #: 15
3/3/2018 3:39:38   

Ether-knight of DragonFable & EpicDuel


It's YOU!
Who, me?

You, Occa, shall answer my seven indomitable questions! OR ELSE!
Alright, then. Ask away, Caststarter!

Skipping melodramatics, what are your humble origins for Dragonfable?
I started playing DragonFable in middle school when my little brother was playing it not long after I discovered AQC. I created several characters to give it a try and I was intrigued by the exploration dynamics DF had to offer as well as its artistic style so on the following Mogloween, I made my first permanent account and I've been with that world since then.

Is there any event in the game you would like to have the pleasure to experience for the first time ever again?
Yes, it would be amazing to relieve the cutscenes that played when Ballyhoo promoted the film, "Shorts." They were hysterical while it lasted, but what I liked most about them was retrieving a random item from a set of beautiful rainbow-colored weapons. If it were up to me, I would have the weapons featured again in a main storyline quest with new names, new item descriptions, and might possibly be redesigned altogether.

Passing by DF, considering your artistic talents, what is your favorite method to implement in your drawings/flash creations?
I'd search for real life images in search engines or photography websites for pictures that I think would help me when I start sketching and vectoring. If I like the photo, then I'll save it so I can look back on it as a reference later. I also look at art that is used for AQ, DF, MQ, and AQW as examples if I'm stuck and even though that has helped me, I was taught to use real-life references because the method helps me interpret the environment around through what I see. That vision is a unique aspect of being an artist.

Bouncing off of that, what is your favorite creation so far?
It would have to be the Forbidden Room in Castle Valtrith where a copy of the Friday the 13th Seasonal Storybook is located. To this day, I'm still proud of the effort I put into the short animation and how much it demonstrates my passion for DragonFable.

Based on what you make, are you inspired from any particular form of media, ideas, or artistic movements?
I'm mostly inspired by anime-styled art because it is simplistic yet detailed enough to be graspable. It's a type of style that I follow most of the time both within and outside of Flash, but I oftentimes do more research and find more references if I'm weak in certain areas such as clothing, hair, and animals. As far as the lore I write goes, the adventure novels that I enjoy reading and The Last Airbender and Castlevania franchises respectively inspires me for personal reasons. When in doubt, I research moments in world history that I can draw examples from.

For the impromptu silly question, here is a scenario. A pirate is about to walk the plank for stealing his captain's pet goldfish. It is said the captain didn't take care of the goldfish but the pirate still broke the rules. Do you save the humble pirate and if so, how?
I would save the pirate and we would escape on dinghy before a riot would break out on the ship that could lead to getting tossed overboard. By the time the pirate and I reached shore, the goldfish returned to being in good health and remain happy since then.

Considering we know each other a bit and like to think of tactics every once and awhile, have particular favorites?
I had a US History teacher when I attended community college that mentioned tactics while the course was on a unit in the American Revolution and George Washington's biography. He told us that if plans are made to attack an enemy outpost, the best time to do so is at night. Counter-attacks after catching an enemy off-guard is also a personal favorite because it gives combatants a brief advantage before their opponents regain their stance.

And... that is it. I guess back to the shadows I go then. Ahh well. Good luck! Maybe. I don't know. Maybe you shall be consumed by the DF GD. Who knows. Have fun and take care!
Thank you very much and don't worry about me getting consumed. The DF Encyclopedia beat the GD to it and forum users here are typically well-behaved and friendly. I like that about the community on here.

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DF  Post #: 16
3/3/2018 10:46:28   

Hello, Occavatra, congratulations on your promotion to AK, and thank you for all your hard work up 'till now. I'm pretty sure I and many others would have floundered quite a bit if it weren't for the DF Encyclopedia entries(especially when it comes to trying to find certain bits of equipment for the Inn challenges....).
Hiya, Greyor. Thank you very much for the warm welcome, though I have an ArchKnight on the pedia since last year. And I apologize in advance if the information is still incomplete. Most of the time, I can't even finish the challenges due to the difficulty level.

Now, onto my questions:

1. What is your favorite real-life animal, and why is it your favorite?
My favorite ranges from cats to guinea pigs because they are typically playful and adorable at first sight. I also like the companionship that most of them provide for those who are less social than others. If some are grouchy or mean, their appearances then become deceptive.

2. What is your favorite mythical creature, and why is it your favorite?
I don't have a particular favorite, but it I could pick, it would have to be a pegasus because I always wanted to ride one and see the world from above besides taking an airplane. Alas, riding a pegasus would be even more intense, but the flight would be worth it. ^_^

3. If you could perfectly master any spell(or bit of technology) from any work of fiction you've read or game you've played, to the point where any drawback it could have had are completely removed, what would it be?
It would be fantastic to be able to take control of the elements as seen in the Last Airbender, but I would more importantly narrow it down to fire if I can't pick all four.

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DF  Post #: 17
3/11/2018 12:33:28   

Hey, Occa! Now that weíre friends, I could just ask you by PM, but Iím BluuHorseOfficial, and some things have to stay that way.
Good to day to you, BluuHorseOfficial. *waves to you from afar.*

First of all, Congrats on the new Post! Hope its something you thoroughly enjoy doing!
Thank you so much. It's been a fantastic ride so far.

Okay, on to the questions:

1) On the scale of cute woodland bunnies hopping to Stephen Nix, what is your favourite colour of the alphabet?
Anything from red As to golden Ms is my favorite color of the alphabet.

2) Okay, serious question: Suppose, theoretically, the world was being invaded by cheese, and you have only one option to save it, (and, no, its not get San Robin to do it by eating the ebil cheeses); and that option is to sacrifice the DF encyclopedia but be unable to remake it, would you?
No, actually. I'd find another way save the world from a cheese invasion by heading to a cave made entirely of cheese. It is where San Robin found answers last time he went. The pedia is too sacred to sacrifice.

3) Name one (or more) DF moments that made you cry (could be happy or sad crying).
The finale of the Tomix Saga in Book 3 had an effect on my heart strings the first time I played through it. It was admittedly agonizing for me to watch and it still does to this day. Not much scares me more.

4) Would you eat your Vengeful Gourd Mace if it was the last thing left on Lore to eat?
The gourd itself isn't edible and should never be eaten. It houses a vengeful spirit that terrorized Doomwood Forest 247 years ago. If eaten, the spirit would possess the individual.

5) What kitchen utensil/piece of cutlery would you be in a serious relationship with?
A spoon would be a personal favorite since I commonly use it when there's gelatin dessert nearby.

6) Which is faster: the speed of light or the speed of Gingkage running to the call of duty with her wolf to maintain order and check if people are violating rules, like the spirit of justice she is?
Both can move remarkably fast for her canine senses tingle whenever there's the slightest hint of trouble nearby. I'm still learning how she does that so swiftly.

All of the above words look exactly alike. Maybe the odd one slipped out.

Did you actually go back and look?
Yes depending on what are you having me look for and for what purpose.

Again, congrats on the new post, and remember, you have everyoneís support in whatever you do. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, BluuHorse. I'll keep trying to remember that I'm not alone in my endeavors. :)

Fare thee well. I'll see you around.

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DF  Post #: 18
3/22/2018 4:04:43   

*kicks down door
It's Shiny, back to ask the remaining questions!
It's good to see you are a fellow cat-lover! With that in mind-- and in regards to cats-- on a scale between mad cat lady from The Simpsons, and Sally, where do you stand?
Welcome back and you're just in time for herbal dragonfruit tea that a housekeeper named Johanna brewed before she goes back to folding sheets. It's a tough decision because both have a deranged fondness for cats so part of me wonders if the crazy cat lady might be Sally's grandmother and has a second home in Moonridge that contains a dimensional portal that she uses to travel in between timelines just in case her home becomes too crowded (She is a hoarder after all).*

What are your favourite types of rocks and/or gemstones?
My favorite types of gemstones are amethysts, opals, and bloodstones because not only do their colors stand out, but their supposed magical properties intrigue me whether they're all in our heads or not. I'm a February baby so an amethyst is my birthstone. I keep a few back at home.

Another question I generally ask (this being my second MtAK...), what are your three favourite non-AE videogames in terms of storyline, gameplay, and immersion respectively?
The Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Castlevania franchises win hands-down as my favorite non-AE video games. I could never tired of the gameplay and music that they have to offer. ;)

And your favourite book?
I enjoy all of the thirteen books in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and I commonly read a book in that series when I'm on a trip. I know that happy endings are scarce, but they're the first kind of gothic literature that helped me understand that things are not always what they seem.

Is it forbidden to answer this question? D:
It depends on if it was hexed after you asked the question.

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Post #: 19
3/22/2018 22:02:58   
Shadow X Ascendant

Congratulations, and.... i think i have no questions for now hehe.
That's okay. The congratulations is much appreciated anyway. Thank you, Shadow X.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 20
3/25/2018 2:18:34   
Gone with the wind

Hey Occavatra! Congratulations on the position!
Thank you, sir. I'm happy to be here.
Favorite mythical creature?
This one is quite tough, but I can pick just one, it would be a pegasus. Riding one would be an enjoyable experience.
Answer to everything?
The more you know, it's still not enough. To find the answer to everything would be to never stop learning.
Is "technically correct" the best kind of correct?
I would say that it could be the best kind of correct empirically based on how "technically" is defined.
What's better...fire or ice?
Fire all the way, Icy. One of the well-known symbols of hope and passion in our world.
Think that's it. Cheers.
Thank you. It's nice to see you around here.

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MQ  Post #: 21
3/25/2018 20:13:45   

Hello Occa!
Hi, Gianfar. It's good to see you around here.
I wish you a good start for this next week and the best of the best :) !
Thank you very much. That's nice of you to say.
What's your favorite food?
I enjoy a toasted bagel with cream cheese or a plain cheese pizza that's incredible to my taste buds. If I could pick a beverage, it would be a shirley temple.
Would you rather: a slice of Lasagna of a slice of pizza?
Definitely a slice of pizza especially with vegetable or pineapple toppings. ^_^
Would you share one of your happiest moments of your life?
The time when my former substitute teacher signed my yearbook before I graduated high school was one of my happiest moments of my life and it carried me through tough times.
Do you own a pet?
I don't own a pet, personally, but my family owns around several cats, two dogs, a dwarf bunny, and maybe a small fish.
what's the nearest holdable thing that's in your left?
A bottle of lavender scented oil is the nearest liftable object to my left.
What has been your last song that sticked in your head all day?
"Video Killed the Radio Star" got stuck in my head last night while I was sketching a dragon fruit for an NPC I'm working on. Both the message and the tone was catchy.

With love
Gianfar :)
Thank you for the kind acknowledgment, Gianfar.

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It's been a thrill to greet everyone who posted here and answer your questions, but now's the time to shelve this thread. Thank you so much for the warm welcome to this enlightening forum. ^_^
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