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=DF= January 17th Design Notes: What's Mine is Yours!

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1/17/2020 22:56:44   


What's Mine is Yours!

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, visit your favorite Boxcat in Book 3 Amityvale for a little chat. Turns out your fuzzy friend may be in some legal trouble! Oh no!

It's time for the hero to play... Politics!

Also this week, Underworld Epoch is finally ready for its first iteration!

Changes from Base Epoch:

  • Underworld Epoch gets double turns whenever it starts a turn with over 3 momentum.
    • Timeshift
    • Now maximizes your Momentum.
    • Starts with a 5 turn cooldown.
    • Cooldown now persists across battles.

  • Final
    • Now does set 450% damage on use, independent of Momentum.
    • Has new Death Note animation!
    • Momentum increasing attacks now only increase momentum by a maximum of 1.

Some known issues:

  • The foreleg of female Underworld Epoch is not correcy.
  • Final has the wrong description when first entering battle.

As always, your feedback is valuable when iterating these classes! Let us know what you think on the forums and on Twitter!

Finally, a couple of bug fixes and a change:

  • In the quest: The Last Chapter: Aspar, you are now switched to your saved class instead of your base class after the first half.
  • Monkey Ninja's Defense skill no longer freezes after use.
  • Corrupted Doom Epoch now starts with 6 Momentum, up from 3.

Have theories about the story? Have feedback about today's release, or the game? Having trouble with any fights? Want to discuss all things DragonFable?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

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< Message edited by Cronomancer Callum -- 1/17/2020 23:00:27 >
DF  Post #: 1
1/17/2020 23:06:32   

Will there be a testing option open for all DA holders (like for chaosweaver and most other classes)? I would like to see how the class plays before I decide if I wand to buy the calendar.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
1/17/2020 23:17:46   

Yeah a testing option for non Underworld Epoch owners would be good. Gatekeeping testing to the 1% of players who already bought the calendar wont really result in a wide range of feedback either.

< Message edited by Cronomancer Callum -- 1/17/2020 23:19:13 >
DF  Post #: 3
1/18/2020 4:22:25   

Nice colorful backgrounds in this quest.
DF  Post #: 4
1/18/2020 5:09:49   

I do enjoy these quests. The story and challenges are great, but it is a good change of pace to slow down a bit every now and again.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
1/18/2020 6:19:13   

is whateverpoch now the main focus of development?

but nice filler quest, although a bit laggy bg, appears we will have an entire Verlyrus ''saga''.


immediately realised who that house belongs to, which means, the Hero might as well keep it, till they are on their last breath

DF  Post #: 6
1/18/2020 7:07:42   
saber the ultima

when epoch does come is it possible that fleshweaver might be placed in testing next. just asking out of curiosity


DF  Post #: 7
1/18/2020 7:49:41   

Enjoyable quest, like @Flagabast said, these slower little quests are a good variety for main story.

As for Underworld Epoch, it is definitely more interesting one. As a vivid -Epoch user, this really makes you choose what skills to use so that you can keep your double turns. Animations and looks are great! I do have to use it more, but for now it looks good.

And for all of you who want DA-testing for Epoch, it did happen in 2018. And I don't know is it possible to test these classes with Artifacts, as they aren't a new class. It's like asking to have DA-testing for Baltael's Soulweaver without owning Baltael's Aventail.

< Message edited by Dratomos -- 1/18/2020 7:54:35 >
DF  Post #: 8
1/18/2020 9:52:10   

"I'm (hero name), I'm pretty pretty sure I have enough 'exposure'..."

Ahahahahaha. Love this.
Ah. Do we get to test the epoch? I cant find the button for it in the Book is why I ask.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
1/18/2020 11:31:51   

First of all I gotta say, love the art for Underworld Epoch! There are two questions I want to ask though.

1. Is anyone else experiencing a bug with the leg of the male version?

And 2. Would it be possible to have the glowing bits be color custom?
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
1/18/2020 13:36:29   

eeeee, the art is freeeaaakyyyy.
Not that it's bad.
My favorite appearance-wise is still Doom Epoch though

I actually really like the gameplay changes as well. I'm wondering though, does "first iteration" mean that there might be balance changes, or that they have more ideas for skill alterations from the base skillset to come later? or both?

...Suddenly I had the thought that it would be nice if you could like, "Show" any one version of the armor while having the skillset of any other, as long as you have the proper artifacts for them. Though it'd totally make sense if that's not possible and/or the devs simply don't want that as a feature.

The Death Note animation is pretty cool, although I think I prefer the awesome huge energy beam...
Also just an idea: I think adding a sound effect to it could be pretty cool... maybe the Mechquest battle victory fanfare?

< Message edited by mds2006 -- 1/18/2020 16:50:41 >
Post #: 11
1/18/2020 15:59:43   

My idea for the testing phase is that there could be a button in the Book of Lore that added the Eraglass to your temporary inventory (with a button to equip Base Epoch in the Book of Lore as well) so that a lot more people can test it and give feedback, as well as decide for themselves whether or not to buy the class instead of relying solely on the general consensus on the class ^^

Personally, I really like the idea behind the class, the only issue I have with it is that there are no real places for you to burn your momentum (aside from Gunburst), so once you get there, retaining that 3+ momentum isn't really a challenge. My idea is to either remove the momentum gain off of some skills (such as say, Combo 1 and 2) or make certain existing skills (like Fade) consume some additional momentum for the same effect (like ShadowWalker's Shield) so that it becomes more of a struggle to keep up the momentum, or your choice of skills becomes more of a gamble. Of course, the reward may have to be increased to compensate for this, such as increasing the base power of Death Note.

As for the Accessories, it would be really cool if the Eraglass Cape (currently unreleased) would fill up based on how much momentum you have and rotate every time you gain a double turn as the pop-up says. Most people would probably have it hidden in case of lag but it's just one of those small things that would feel really nice imo.

Ofc, anything I said is completely just my opinion, feel free to argue with me if you think I got something wrong or said something illogical ^^

On the topic of the release, I really enjoyed it. The Verlyrus Saga, although not the most serious, is a saga I love seeing new additions to for some reason I can't really explain. Can't wait for when it all ties into Exalted Lore and suddenly Book 3 ends with the end of this quest chain.
DF  Post #: 12
1/18/2020 20:55:57   

Corrupted Doom Epoch was also buffed by starting with 6 momentum. What does everyone think about that? Does it help solve some of the issues with it or is it too little too late.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
1/18/2020 22:06:26   

Liking Deathpoch so far, feels kind of like a hybrid between Ranger and Eternal Epoch. Doesn't really feel like it differentiates itself from Eternal Epoch too much, though; you get to your necessary momentum requirement faster but your maximum damage potential is much lower; except for Timeshift the skills are essentially the same as well. Like others have said, it doesn't feel like Momentum management is an issue at all; maybe if you're at max Momentum Final could consume stacks but also do more damage, or something.

Also really liking the art/fashion for Deathpoch, as far as black and blue goes there's certainly a lot to work with haha. I'll probably post some of my fashion sets here later.
DF  Post #: 14
1/18/2020 22:31:25   

What would the niche of this class be, if it has one? In theory each version of epoch has a different playstyle (eternal for boss battles).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
1/18/2020 22:40:04   

Its basically Eternal epoch except it trades off EE's fullest potential to beat mooks in a timely manner. I guess it'd be more suited for inn challenges in which you fight multiple enemies consecutively except the only ones which fit that description are sentog which is easy and doesnt matter and challenger gauntlet which is a huge mess and and only chaosweaver is suitable for. Maybe in the future a challenge like that will appear.
DF  Post #: 16
1/19/2020 1:05:38   

Seems like a really good class, Im thinking about buying this or Eternal Epoch, for inn challanges only. if anyone has an explained recommendation, feel free to pm, or replay ( I don't mind about the abillity to win bosses fast, Im looking for the one with a better potential to beat harder challanges).

I think the devs shouldn't nerf it's turns abillity, and boost its other aspects, else the devs will create another EE, which makes the new Epoch pointless.

< Message edited by FMan -- 1/19/2020 1:08:13 >
Post #: 17
1/20/2020 0:50:16   

The class feel very similar to Eternal Epoch. Maybe there could be some things added to differentiate the classes?
Post #: 18
1/21/2020 18:51:02   

How long will the test period be? I want to see the final version of the class before deciding to buy or not.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 19
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