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RE: =Elemental Championships 2021= OOC & Tournament Signups

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7/24/2021 20:03:26   
Ronin Of Dreams
Still Watching...

Clarifications I can provide! Especially since you know this compromise bio was basically the product of an under-rested mind staying up veeeeeeeerry late.


You reference a couple times throughout the bio about setting various gear on fire, specifically the Meteor. I'm going to guess this is possible due to the use of something called embersilk. Silk itself is fairly flammable, so please clarify if the actual cloth are burning away, able to hold flame but remain unharmed, or some other combination that allows for the on-fire gear.

This is mostly covered within a combination the umbrella of My Fire? No Problem and Fuel for the Fire specifically, and a callout to what embersilk is from Shirt of Chainmail, or at least it was intended to be so. I can see how there's enough ambiguity in how they wound up written that I've failed to explain thoroughly enough. (Perspective of the bio may not have helped here, I'll also admit.) Anyway! The "disguise" elements are meant to be burnt to give him plenty of fire in the Paragon stage. Rather explicitly an occurrence that will happen either post 1 or post 2 for obvious reasons with alot of theatrics.

As for embersilk, I'll hand-quote a key line then elaborate for clarity: "No, scraps of embersilk clothing don’t really count. It really is just silk made from fire instead of insect byproducts, okay!?" There is nothing distinctively different from normal silk. It is not providing Con any forms of fire resistant clothing. The material doesn't tend to blacken and scorch, just release back into flame, but that's purely aesthetic trappings. I.e. no little tiny black brittle beads of burnt silk nor ash, nor the smell of burning hair. Aesthetic. And just like silk, it burns in contact with flame real easy, but doesn't catch on fire to transmit it along the rest of the clothing. That's a trait of pure silk, and used as a burn test for real life authenticity of product.

Which, yeah, I can see why you bring it up for explicit clarity all the same.

If he sets himself on fire, it'd be with his fire. Heat within the bounds of his control. This was meant that My Fire? No Problem applies to his gear. A more verbose discussion on how his style of pyrokinetics work - and granted, rant style given the presentation I chose for the bio - was actually planned. But left on the sleep-deprived cutting room floor given lack of time remaining to submit, though I had hoped the Pyrokinesis section that did make it would suffice. The fire itself comes from there being sufficient heat energy causing combustion with the air itself, in physics technical terms, shunted around or contained by his will (i.e. the psionics part of pyrokinesis). So he's pushing heat along his clothing, containing it near, and as per lesson #1 always with the emphasis of pushing away.

Microversion: Embersilk acts like pure silk. Orichalcum is a metal that doesn't burn. The clothes meant to catch fire and burn of his own doing are meant to do so by his own will and action, while the rest is meant to be protected by his own will and action from his own abilities. And in no way are protected from any other fires, flames, or otherwise from acting as pure silk naturally does, some purely aesthetic details aside.

If you want an edit to make that an explicit addition to the immunity of My Fire? No Problem I would understand. Cutting room floor oversight and all. But also consider: This is also to prevent him from winding up running around totally stark raving nude from any of his abilities being used. And I really do like the whole self-immolating psychological warfare moment of him creating his reservoir of heat-fuel in a flashfire moment.


I'm also assuming then that the pyrokinetic abilities require heat drawn from your own fire/fuel, with the exception of Firebolt that references pulling from ambient heat. If that is not the case, let me know! In either case, I'd like to know how that ability (and any others that end up pulling on ambient temperature) is impacted depending on the environment - dry vs. wet, hot vs. cold, etc.

Mostly self-enforced limitations in the trappings of intent and for ease of balance. Firebolt is almost pure Will in nature - flame doesn't normally have kinetic impacts akin to sling bullets after all - and very little required heat. The mention of ambient is here given how trivial a heat cost it is. (And the slinger reference? Slingers normally carried about 80 'glands', or shot, or bullets depending on which era/culture into battle. Not kidding about balancing by comparison, ammunition is a non-issue, but I tied in a lag time matching the comparison to prevent rampant 'Pew Pew Finger Guns!')

Also, since there's never any certainties about environment, what he has via Fuel is what he gets. That's the plan, and that's less headaches having to go back and forth with you about certain otherwise eligible arena facets. Nor be an unfair potential advantage on the sunbaked sands of the Finals should Con make it that fair. Arena features are verboten. Both Whoosh and Too Hot to Handle explicitly have to draw from his fuel. Quote: "Aside from Firebolts, I probably only have enough for four or five uses of the other two Expressions." but since you asked, I'll still elaborate.

Humidity doesn't make anything harder. While actually producing fire in high humidity might be more difficult, I know you know water has a high specific heat itself, so it would be easier to draw heat from in "mass". No, I cannot claim I am apologetic for the pun this time. We'll chalk this a Net Zero Sum situation. Harder to pull from heat that isn't there, so colder environments would make that harder, but easier when it is in abundance. A pyrokineticist in a desert is a happy one with a largesse of fuel in normal conditions. Also, this style is quite comfortable there. Easy to push heat out, always more difficult to pull it in (as training intends, that's dangerous you know!), leading to arctic conditions being just as if not more naturally dangerous for the cold.

Now if there is an unattended source of natural fire burning around that wasn't a native arena feature? He can 'restock' as it were. Unattended is a key word there, mostly out of ease vs difficulty. While I doubt that will wind up being relevant given how combats normally go in the EC, I *did* foresee the possibility and made a clear note upon it. Again coming nestled from within My Fire? No Problem, with a tiny amount of F.E.R.R.E.T. grade snark given his upbringing. Quote: "It also means that, barring a hot environment, I’m best suited to bringing my own fuel. Which I have! And I’m planning on being limited by it rather than hunting for any non-arcane, non-divine heat sources wherever I wind up. Though if I make my own, that’s fair game to replenish from. Say by lighting abandoned gear on fire. Or corpses. Battlefield cremation is a thing, isn’t it?"

Would you like any further elaborations? And what aspects, if necessary, would you like to be added into a revised bio for ease of future reference, both for yourself and my fellow compatriot writers & competitors?

(I don't normally edit anything in an EC, not even OOC posts, but requested and gained permission to fix a broken tag.)

< Message edited by Ronin Of Dreams -- 7/24/2021 20:07:13 >
AQ  Post #: 51
7/24/2021 21:30:08   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

@draketh99 - Glad to see you made it in! Levanna is pretty straightforward; and we touched base briefly in PMs about how much blood it took to activate a ritual transformation.

The one thing I have to note is there is currently no end duration on the ritual transformations. I am fine with this in the case of the Thunder Jackal and the Struck Viper, but the ability to chain lightning with the Sky Keeper is a bit strong for an unlimited form. If you're ok with increasing the sigil reformation to 10 seconds, I think this will work! If not, we can try to work out other options.

Otherwise this looks good, so get the second version up soon!

@Synthe_ - Everything looks squared away, so welcome to Cassius! Approved!

@RoninOfDreams - Thank you for the clarifications! Given the in-character aspect of the bio, there were just those few things I wanted to make sure got spelled out in black and white, to save us from headaches later when people started interpreting Connen's ramblings in different ways. That said, I am satisfied with the explanations given here, so the Elder of Embers is approved!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 52
7/24/2021 21:50:57   

Changes and clarifications are underlined and in italics

Name: Ooaye
Element: Earth
Age: 28
Race: Crystal-Blighted Human

Appearance: Ooaye stands at 6 feet, leanly built and tanned from many years of working military service. Scars and various tattoos are apparent along the visible skin of his torso and face. His brown hair is long and falls below his shoulders, braided tightly together to prevent it from becoming unruly. A large unkempt beard covers a large area of his face. His eyes are a bright green and shine eerily in the dark. Crystal the same shade as his eyes has replaced his arms and legs entirely, shaped like the limbs and extremities they replaced. They appear to be roughly hewed with jagged edges and scratched surface. The crystal has also began encasing his chest and face, climbing up to the beginning of his shoulders, and encasing his abdomen. His chest, upper shoulders and head are all that remain uncovered by crystal. Ooaye wears no clothing, as they were stripped from him and burned when he was declared crystal blighted, and he was not allowed to cover himself so that others would know of his condition. The opaque crystals that afflict him cover any areas that would cause a breach in his modesty. The crystal on his arms and legs are warm to the touch, and given enough contact to other human flesh can begin to climb and corrupt it as well, though this process would require months of prolonged, continuous contact.


This Beautiful Disease: The crystal that is slowly encasing his body is both a boon and a curse. The crystal has the same consistency and hardness as common rocks. Blades will dull themselves on his limbs, and while the places that are merely encased can be broken away, it will quickly grow back to cover it's claimed territory. Apart from natural armor, his limbs are also stronger than most humans with similar builds to him, but not to a supernatural degree. Ooaye is constantly fighting the Blight as it advances along his body, and it constantly presses itself subconsciously on him. It is less of a sentient thought in his head, but an alien and ominous entity that slowly forces itself into more of his mindspace. That being said, he can exert his will on it as well, morphing his limbs into different shapes and weapons as needed, without sacrificing more of his body to the crystal. He is limited to one handed melee weapons on each hand or combined 2 handed weapon with both arms, and he cannot fashion ranged weapons. The crystal is however an infinite material that self replicates itself seemingly by magic.

The Stones I've Laid: Ooaye's blighted mind is able to exert itself telekinetically over earth that he is exposed to. He can lift and move stones around him using his mind and a gesture of his hand. However, there are difficulties in this ability. The size of the stone determines how much he must exert himself to move it, and applying any force to it to send it flying will cause him even more exertion. If this ability is pushed to its limits, the Blight claims more of him as it spreads across his body as his willpower wanes. As a rule, if Ooaye could physically lift the rock, it will not cause him negative effects other than general fatigue. The largest stone he could lift is twice his standard size, and would cause him both great fatigue and discomfort, as well as allow the Blight to quickly advance across his body. The farthest he can exert his will is within 10 ft of himself. Any piece of Crystal Blight that is detached from him cannot be influenced in this way, nor can it be reabsorbed by Ooaye's own blight.

Surrender of the Self: Ooaye is able to give himself to the crystal willingly; his blighted state is only due to a rare willpower and mental fortitude that has allowed him to outlast most. THis will allow him to become completely encased in crystal and seemingly impervious to damage. However, the full effects of the final stage of blight is not well understood and would presumably result in the very least his complete immobilization, and at worse a complete erasure of his Self and assimilation of his physical body by the Crystal Blight.
DF MQ  Post #: 53
7/24/2021 22:00:17   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

@Riprose123 - Changes all appear to be in order, so approved!

You have just over TWO HOURS to get new characters submitted. I am going to bed now, so they better be in this thread by the time I wake up.

The Arenas to be used this year have been revealed! You will be fighting in either Factory: Descent, Sky: Daybreak, or Fountain: Moonlight (the latter of which was the winning choice for the Arena Music Themes poll!)

Rosters will be revealed once all submissions are in, and arenas will be opened once all characters are approved or at 11:59pm EDT Sunday the 25th, whichever comes first.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 54
7/24/2021 22:57:55   
Purple Armadillo

Name / Title: Levanna, Mother of the Thunderstruck Plains

Element: Energy

Age Range: 60


Levanna is a tall and imposing figure, standing six foot four inches tall and weighing in at 240lbs. Her broad shoulders, powerful arms, and sturdy legs all demonstrate a life devoted to defending her home. These strong features are accompanied by a myriad of scars which snake across her brow, arms, and legs. Still not to be outdone by the scars are the murals of bright blue tattoos which preach stories of millenia forgotten. Her hair, long and graying from what was a rich and silken black, lies tied into a tight braid that ends at the center of her back. A tanned and suntouched complexion compliments two chilling blue eyes.

Her clothing bears brown and green tones, reflecting that of the plains. Atop her simple and pragmatic outfit lies a tanned hide armor. A brown leather vest, pauldrons, vambraces, and grieves adorn her outfit.

Armor - Her tanned hide armor lies thick enough to prevent a blade from cutting right to her skin, provided she’s not struck in the same place twice.

Ironwood Staff - Levanna wields a bo staff made of ironwood. Aside from being as strong as iron or steel, Levanna is able to use this staff to conduct and redirect the flow of electricity it makes contact with.

Ritual Necklace - A necklace made of leather straps lays around Levanna’s neck. Six long fangs are woven into the leather straps with what appears to be human hair. She must sever one of these fangs from the necklace in order to perform a ritual transformation.

[I]Ritual Dagger - An eight inch long stone dagger with a crude, blood red hilt. This dagger is kept in a leather sheath at Levanna’s hip. Instead of expending one of the fangs from her necklace, she may use this dagger to draw her own blood to perform a ritual transformation.


Fruit of the Southern Plains - Levanna no longer ages beyond her current state, and is immune to any magics which might influence her age.

Strength of the Plains’ Mother - After centuries, perhaps millenia defending her title, Levanna has the strength, speed, and reflexes that rival most human athletes in their prime.

Ritual Transformations - Levanna, as Mother of the Plains, is able to call upon any one of the three spirits which carved the rolling plains out of the surrounding mountains. She is able to either expend one of the six charms from her necklace, or draw blood from herself with the Ritual Dagger to draw one of these three spirits into her body. She gains boons and strengths based on which spirit she summons.

Rasht’ya, the Thunder Jackal - Drawing in the strength of the Thunder Jackal, Levanna finds her strength speed raised to savage levels. A solid punch or kick would snap unprotected ribs. She also bears claws and long fangs in this form, both of which are as strong as stone. Sparks of lightning dance along her claws, strong enough to burn the skin of any touched directly by them. Her eyes shine golden when she holds this form.

Sive the Sky Keeper - Taking in the wisdom of the Sky Keeper, Levanna gains a new degree of grace and agility.She is able to leap up to 15 feet in any direction while she bears this form. Large, sparking sigils shaped like wings appear floating just behind her back. While at least one of these sigils still shines, she can cause lightning to strike a point within 10 feet of her. The ground below the point to be struck will bear a small golden glow for just a moment before the lightning strikes. Causing lighting to strike will expend one of the sparking sigils, which will reform after 10 seconds.

Visalis the Struck Viper - Bearing the mark of the Struck Viper, Levanna’s blue tattoos will begin to glow and spark. While in this form, her agility and reflexes are heightened to the point of being able to deflect an arrow or other projectile with her Ironwood Staff should she see it coming. This form also causes electricity to surge through her Ironwood Staff. A direct strike from the staff to the skin can cause burns or even slight numbness on the point struck.

Changed to 10 seconds for the lightning recharge!
DF  Post #: 55
7/25/2021 7:04:32   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

RelaxBleu sent me their Bio via PDF early this morning, as they could not log in to their forums account. I have copy/pasted it exactly below.

RelaxBleu - you have 17 hours to get this bio approved. I will have feedback up momentarily. Please try to get forum access in this time as well.


Legna the angel dragon
Age; 30 years old
Elemental power ; light
Species; dragon, angel, shapeshifter; human
M/F ; female
Accuracy of attacks 90% till 100%
Defense : 70%till 90 % at start of battle defence get up by using stealth light shield from
80% till 100%.
When Legna where born she was different from the other. Dragons instead of normal fire
she breath light beams and Arora light.
So when she went to the school she studied hard became stronger wiser and the day that
she became already the turn to shapeshift she learned some extra breathing skill to use the
light of the sun. In her advantage. At that time she just became 12 years old. She get
interested in all kind of art with her light beams she made portraits of her parents her
younger 2 siblings etc. A year later at the age of 13 her wings should grown ( her kind don't
get born with wings they grow at the age between 13 till 15 years of age) but instead of that
she got leather kind of wings she start to grow feathers kind of wings. Her parents where
proud. because their village known a legend a dragon wil be born different from others in
breath and different in wings will bring harmonie to all dragon kind. So her parents given her
the name ment for her legna the angel dragon
( legna was the turned word of angel.)
After legna got finely her name her parents and her 2 siblings became killed by some greedy
dragons and legna just came back from her training when she saw that happening she
shape shifted as a human girl and escaped for some years she felt herself lonely and start to
become a beautiful angel and a angel dragon when she realized that she was ment to keep
safe her kind and the humans to she was in the mean time 18 ful grown-up she never give
up her training learned even to use her wings for different kind of attacks shields and there
where always light based attacks; Arora beams light heating by use of the sun and light
waves could be used as attacks and defence. Legna made the i possible posible between
all kinds of dragons and that was peace so the legen of her village told from generation to
generation , after Legna
Did she knew her parents could be proud. And her 2 siblings too but than she heard from of
the arena. Fight and the explosion of some kind of planet and she want to fight to have
some fun. But when she game there as her angel dragon form. And have traveled a long
distance. She could only. Join as she turn to a human form. So because it was 5 years
back when she last shapeshifted to her human form. She did so as told and by luck she won
the training fights. So she knew she had to train hard and to use her wings in her advantage
in the upcoming fights. She not needed to winn just want to reach the top not for a wish but
just to learn. From the new found experience.
In her first baatle she used her defensive stile of battle with attacks of. Stealth shield of light.
( her defence went up. As some one hits her after that attack they get. A recoil of 10%till 30
% damage recoil she let by this attack goes around with her wings what light up her wings
what turn her movement into a shield endurance of the stealth shield of light. 3 attacks after
need to redo that attack) and aurora beam (hit rate 80 % damage of the opponent last
attack) so she won. Her first battle ) her winning was more luck . After her battle she know
as she wants to winn than she had to Train her other attacks and defensive so she trained
her movements speed her strength and her aurora beam he light charm. Attack what makes
her light up and stun the. Opponent for a few moves because) her light beam attack (where
she flew up and race with the speed of light as a light bolt. Into her. Opponent chance of
succes. 70% till 100 % damage when succeed complete knock out of her enemy recoil
damage of 10%) her healing light attack makes her heal 50 % of the last damage she took)
She practiced. Her stability of her human angel form. When she done. And between battle
she learned. And. Did up different experiences than she had. When she did by bringing
peace between the dragons. She balanced her attack and defence and she started with
defensive attacks followed up by attacking with aurora beam light bolts and healing and
responsive to her opponent her wish is just to have fun and grow in knowledge.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 56
7/25/2021 7:49:25   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Good morning forums! One last bio *squeaking* in just at the end, but I am officially awake and new bios are no longer being accepted! Let's get these last two balanced.

@draketh99 - Simple and straightforward edit, so Levanna is approved!

@RelaxBleu - Welcome, welcome! Well, we had a vampire dragon last year, so only fair that we have an Angel Dragon this year! That said, we have a lot of balancing to get through and not a lot of time, so I've been fairly strict about what I need below.

Including a backstory is nice, but I need the category headers that I linked you in PMs included in the post. They are also in the initial thread opening, and quoted below. The one's in bold are the ones I need you to pull out from the backstory and clearly describe. Please see the other bios in this thread for examples.

Age Range

For Appearance: I know you shared a picture over Discord, but let's still write some things out here. Give me her height, weight, build (skinny, muscled, plump, etc.), as well as a hair color and eye color. As she is in her human form, give me the size of her wings as well. If her dragon blood changes anything about her human form, tell me that as well -is she stronger or faster than a human? Can she see or hear better?

For Belongings/Equipment: Legna would have had time to purchase items after coming to Bren and getting used to her human form. What kind of clothes or armor is she wearing? Does she have any physical weapons outside of her wings? I would suggest giving her a staff or similar.

For Skills/Spells/Abilities: Let's split this into physical abilities (fighting skill and her wings) and magical abilities - which I have pieced together the following from your bio. Pull these out into their own section. You'll notice I did some balancing in the process, such as lowering the speed of Aurora Beam and clarifying a slight cooldown for Shield of Light. I also added in mana terms: while we do not need to track numbers, something like Shield of Light should take more mana to use and exhaust Legna more quickly if she continues re-casting it than something like Aurora Beam.

Physical Ability: For this character, having some skill in unarmed (hand-to-hand) combat would also be a good idea, so let's give her average skill in that. If there are any other weapons you want to add in (for example, the suggested staff) - you can choose one weapons for her to be highly skilled in, and one or two others where she is okay.

Wings: How exactly are the angel wings used in battle - are they basically magical shields, or can they also be used for offensive attacks? I already noted to you that flight was not something we could balance in the time remaining, but if you want to add in they give increased mobility or allow for long jumps, you can.

Shield of Light: Legna's wings glow with light and increase her defense. The light absorbs the majority of the damage taken in the next few physical attacks - leaving bruises instead of broken bones and scratches instead of gaping wounds. The light vanishes after absorbing the next 3 attacks - and it requires Legna to be able to focus for a few moments in order to recast. It cannot be used at the same time as Light Healing, and it take significantly more mana to use than Aurora beam.

Aurora Beam: Legna open's her mouth and lets out a breath attack of dazzling rainbow light. The light travels in a straight line from where it was emitted. The light travels quickly - about the speed of an arrow - and for 40 feet before dispersing. The light strikes with enough physical force to bruise through armor, and successive hits can leave the target dizzy and disoriented due to the changing intensity and frequency of the light beam.

Light Healing: Legna can focus her inner light and direct it towards her injuries. She has a limited pool of inner light that can be used in this way before she must rest in direct sunlight. The healing is enough for her to heal one life-threatening injury, two or three relatively severe ones, and upwards of 10 minor scratches. She can only heal herself.

Try to get the next revision of your bio posted as soon as you can, with the abilities and skills formatted such that they are easy to tell apart. Again, look at other bios in this thread for examples. This is a lot to get balanced - if we don't make it in by the deadline, I would love to have Legna enter in some of the other non-event RPs, so keep her around!

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7/25/2021 7:59:08   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Rosters have been set and revealed with the currently approved bios! The final pending bio will be added to the Sky Arena if it gets approved in time.

Rosters by Arena

Factory Arena
Darvey, created by TripleChaos!
Krehgor, created by Necro-Knight!
Auric Au'Mydas, created by Meepsie!
Lukhan, the Dawnlight, created by deathlord45!
Albus Gwenyth Servo, created by Dragonknight315!
Elder of Embers, created by Ronin Of Dreams!

Sky Arena
Pietersite, the Shimmering Breeze, created by Roseleaf320!
Crail, created by Apocalypse!
Levanna, Mother of the Thunderstruck Plains, created by draketh99!
Rey, created by markthematey!
Adam Naymer, created by San Robin!

Fountain Arena
Milo, created by Sylphe!
Ooaye, created by Riprose123!
Mizzleteran the 37th, created by nield!
Cassius Pallu, created by Synthe_!
Jacklin Elizabeth Smoke, created by Chewy905!
viterbi04, created by Anastira!

One other thing to note is that, as several people have pointed out, there are no Water entrants this year. In-Character, there are still plenty of water candidates as we assume that their are fights going on in all the arenas - not just the ones that you take part of!

Out of character, what this means is that their is a guarenteed Wild Card spot. The best writer of each Element will be chosen for that element's Paragon - and the best writer NOT chosen will be selected by Water and get to compete as their Paragon. I will work with whoever receives the wild card to determine how best we can handle them receiving a new Paragon In-Character when the time comes.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 58
7/26/2021 0:00:13   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

And registration is officially closed!

@RelaxBleu, I am sorry that we weren't able to balance Legna in time for her to participate in the Elemental Championships. But, do not despair! If you want to keep working on this character, she can join in either the Role Playing Academy - which will give you practice with collaborating - or in Combat Training - which will give you practice balancing for combat!

If you would rather see her in a purely story driven format, consider posting her story in the forums Legends & Lore section!

Hoping to see you back in another event, whether with Legna or a different character!

To those who are spectating this year, a Spectators Thread purely for your enjoyment will be created shortly! Keep an eye out for details.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 59
8/4/2021 21:30:57   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

To those unable to compete this year (or perhaps to those who want to revisit old friends and flames in the city of Bren), the Spectators Thread has been opened! Rather than reserving this for Finals, I have opened it part way through the Paragon phase so that anyone can enter Bren, explore the city, and witness any of the battles that take place this year while in-character! This will be treated similarly to the Yulgar’s Inn Roleplay, where characters do not need extensive (or any) bios, you can include as many people as you’d like in your conversation or simply just observe, and no fighting is allowed. It is entirely for fun (or for practice), and anyone can join in whether or not you participated in this year's ECs (and non-selected competitors are welcome to make their way over to watch as well once we've made it to Finals). Keep in mind: any conversations or activities here DO NOT IMPACT those fighting in the final arena. It is for the spectators' enjoyment only.

2021 Spectators Thread: https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22394433
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