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RE: =AQ= The War Between Shadows 5 - Shadowfall II

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9/26/2021 12:02:56   



A particularly relevant fact about Xilar of the Silari is that he is the source of the majority of rumor-based descriptions of elemental creatures.

When Xilar was rejected by each temple of the Elemental Lords, The'Galin took him in. The Elemental Lords were blind to the fanaticism and stagnation of their clergy, and Xilar's task to expose this - as with other corruptions - was to spin the story that the elemental principalities themselves were at war. Arguing that the natural interactions of the elements were proof of conflict between the Lords was how he fooled the common people.

However, his treachery ran far deeper than that, as was the case with the fall of the Brilhado and near-extinction of the Githari.

In spite of knowing that inaction would have led to certain doom, Xilar has nonetheless shown remorse -- albeit his loyalty to The'Galin remains unflinching.
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9/28/2021 9:45:10   


75% is out!

So this boss is actually quite tricky. It has two components, the heart and the minion. I would advise killing the minion first. The dragon attacks with darkness, but the heart can attack with either dark or energy (I haven't been able to figure out this yet). I have yet to find a consistent F2P strategy against the Heart yet that doesn't involve paladin, although having a dark/energy defense armor might be smart. In the meantime though, Mana Trap is quite effective against the boss as it uses MP for attacks and it attacks with magic type.

The after-dialogue is interesting. It seems that "Webb" is trying to foster a spirit of unity amongst the knight factions in order to stifle Entropy. Cerin seems to aware at least that although politics would normally favor disunity, the external factors makes what is happening amongst the factions right now possible. Though, I still feel like this spirit of positivity as Cerin suspects feels *too* good to say the least.

But if this boss is more or less designed around the use of Paladin, that is actually really problematic because the boss is extremely hard without it. The only armor I can think of that could possibly stand a chance defensively (and you need to kill the minion quickly) is Rust Raider with its specialized Dark/Energy secondaries. You probably want to equip a -dark misc, and then an energy shield.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 27
9/28/2021 23:22:40   

over the passed 40 minutes, ive gotten Tiam's Heart down to 1/4 health a handful of times and it instantly shoots up to max health. whhhyyyyy xD
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9/28/2021 23:50:35   


Do you want a cheesy bugged overpowered this works versus almost everything with MP strategy or something else?

Anyway, the heart monster was cake with Necromancer . But it had me thinking . It had a backlash effect. It makes me wonder if one of the war rewards or even the new MC set that's supposed to be tied to this storyline might have backlash...Hrm... Thoughts!! Questions!!

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9/29/2021 3:21:21   

Honestly, on my first try, I just coasted through with Panic. On my second try, I used PCO once, and then just beat it with Necromancer's absurdly powerful spells while keeping myself safe with Rend Mana's eleshield, which works absurdly well due to the Heart's mana regen meaning I could cast it over and over again and since reducing its mana prevents its nukes. On my third try, I used Paladin, which was really easy. I just used Paladin Armaments with Searing Radiance toggled. Daimyo and Fairy Godmother kept me healthy, and I just beat the Heart to death by repeatedly clicking the attack button. I even ended up finishing the fight with full HP/MP bars. That involved the least cheese and required absolutely zero effort, but I doubt this fight requires Paladin to be done since Cray has said so himself.

So, I was going through the Forums to find a way to do this fight "legitimately" without Paladin or cheese strats. I basically wanted to reduce energy and darkness resists as much as possible. I decided to go with Predator of the Night and Conglomerate Frankenshield. I also found Darkheart Mirror, which is absolutely perfect but unfortunately rare and costs Z-tokens (If anyone has it, please try it out and give me a reply! I'm grasping at straws here). I then used Murderator Gauntlet. So, what happened after all my effort? I almost got one-shotted (27 HP left after the first turn). I tried again with a subtractive darkness misc to bring both energy and darkness to <20%. I lost two-thirds of my health on my first turn. I'm guessing using low resistances is an inherently faulty route considering my results.
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9/29/2021 9:31:11   


Damage reduction, Barriers, DoT and mana denial were the main ways in which I beat it without Paladin in testing. Paladin wasn't a hard requirement, but it did make the first attack much harder to bounce back from.

Seeing it hit live, though, I'm making a note to suggest a cooldown on seeking spells like that in the future.

In the mean time, a useful tip: Seeking attacks can prove easier to deal with by using a healing misc than a damage reduction one - You can bait an attack into the lower element of the two, then equip a misc that heals half of incoming damage for that. Irt and Werepyre were one of my mainstays against Light/Darkness seeking enemies because of that.
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9/29/2021 10:53:06   

I defeated it without paladin. It is possible.

I used Dreadlord of Nulgath(backlash mode on), PCO, Mana Trap, and darkness and energy Neko armor.

There was some gambling though, you have to switch Toamoth resistance to darkness and wait for the dracolich to attack first.

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9/29/2021 11:44:18   

Thanks, Cray for the help as always. It's always great to learn directly from you a boss's mechanics and the intended way to beat them. I did think of those effects and used them myself on all my runs. However, I considered damage reduction and barriers rather cheesy because of their unsustainable resource use without certain items, and I know of very few mana denial items. Silk Screamer Staff and Warlic's Oblivion Orb provide Mind Lock. Archmage Research's Dissipate Mana attacks MP. Necromancer's Rend Mana also works, but that uses PCO, which breaks everything. Is there anything, in particular, I'm missing?

Is there any reason a healing misc would perform better than an equivalent damage reduction misc?
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9/29/2021 12:21:51   

@RobynJoanne, unless you use a dual element resistance misc which tends to have a slightly weaker resistance than single resistance misc, it would be better to use Irt to heal 50% of the backlash damage you received from attacking using Light element.
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9/29/2021 13:01:24   


No resource loops were involved in testing, so I couldn't sustain the barriers. I had to use them at their lowest cost save for at the very start of the fight. Healing miscs aren't inherently better than reductive ones outside of specific strategies, so I was imprecise in my prior post, but Darkness does have a recent-ish gold-costing one in the Eclipsed Dragon Amulet.
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9/29/2021 13:42:27   

Right, but I'm trying to do it without something like PCO, which breaks boss mechanics. If we're not intended to beat Heart of Tiamoth with darkness damage, I'd like to avoid doing so.

I'm not really having trouble with backlash. I'm having trouble with surviving both its energy and darkness attacks without relying on Paladin or overpowered damage reduction and barrier skills. Also, isn't the backlash damage in darkness? Paladin gets around that, but I'm also trying to avoid using Paladin.

I realize I'm probably placing too many restrictions on myself at this point. I was finally able to do it by using Space Gauntlet's Eleshield and Mana Trap, which is probably pushing it, but that was a lucky run where the Heart never resurrected its minion. In a less fortunate run, I was able to win with a couple of HP potions. Baiting attacks in the weaker element as Cray recommended really worked, and Mana Trap was the MVP. My damage output was minuscule compared to the backlash damage of Mana Trap.

Thanks for the help! I'm sure this would have been much easier if I used the Dragonlord shields. Is there a gold-costing darkness misc that heals? I only know of Shattered Horizon, which costs Z-tokens, and Haunted Dragon Amulet, which is for wind.

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9/29/2021 17:14:25   


Eclipsed Dragon Amulet is the Darkness variant from Obsidian Roots.
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9/29/2021 17:28:32   

Is that a relatively recent addition? Obsidian Roots didn't have a misc item when it came out. I just checked Korriban Gaming's video on it.
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9/29/2021 17:39:21   
OG Ranger


Seeing it hit live, though, I'm making a note to suggest a cooldown on seeking spells like that in the future.

I like the monster the way it is. I know many others do as well. If multiple people find monsters of this level challenging you could fall back on the "challenge monster" option. The original is the challenge and suggestions like cooldowns could be the "normal" monster.
AQ  Post #: 39
9/29/2021 18:24:11   
Aura Knight

That fight wasn't too bad. Remember, you have 5 ally assist uses per day and this is an undead target. The thing which caught me off guard was taking random energy damage when I expected darkness.

I'm sure there's a way without using that but I chose the way of least thinking.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 40
9/29/2021 18:39:06   

The fight probably doesn't need a nerf. It's very doable with Paladin, and there are multiple ways to beat it even without Paladin. I realize my many posts may come across as complaints about the difficulty, but I've beaten the Heart over six times with at least some different items each time.

If anything, the fact that it's a 75% fight with no reward means that it'll probably be forgotten as is, which would be a true shame. I seriously hope this interesting fight will get a more prominent showing, perhaps at the end of the war, so future players will also experience it. Otherwise, I believe most will just skip this fight to get the war rewards instead.
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9/29/2021 18:45:32   

I am surprised that this is not the final boss. Because it most definitely feels like one.
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9/29/2021 18:57:40   

I am sad that the Twilight set counts as shadow armor, and makes the dragon use void damage. That's my go-to for darkness.

I blew through all the paladin quests after I saw this thread... Artix was a jerk! I was level 5 paladin, but suddenly I'm not allowed to quest until I did some knight junk. Oh well.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 43
9/29/2021 19:14:16   

There is an eclipsed version of the dragon amulet? Since when? I bought the shattered horizon, which I'm guessing does the same...and in fact, I am beginning to wonder if that's actually what Cray is referring to? It's z token. If not, again, there's an eclipsed version of the dragon amulet?
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9/29/2021 23:12:53   

I redid the quest for the eclipsed dragonlord set, out of curiosity. There was no misc
DF AQW  Post #: 45
9/30/2021 12:17:52   
OG Ranger

Thank you staff for a fun war, a good boss in between, a nice story, and good functions items. Looking forward to future releases.

@Cray This is the third questline that I've liked in AQ. Usually, I'm neutral. Looking forward to reading more stuff.

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AQ  Post #: 46
9/30/2021 12:34:04   


This is going to be a really weird and awkward egg on face moment if I'm just remembering wrong. Going to do some digging, my apologies in advance if I was in error.
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9/30/2021 12:42:22   

War's over!


Sword gives you dark elemental empower for each hit you land. At level 150, it's 3.1% per every hit. Should complement well with multi-hit armors and other strategies that boost dark damage.

For the shield, it looks like we've finally got a suitable replacement for Cutting Edge Guard! Every time you dodge, you deal harm damage. You can click the shield and spend 15% melee to boost your counter damage. The more you dodge, the more damage you'll deal.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 48
9/30/2021 14:02:18   

I wonder where this questline will be placed after it leaves limbo.
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9/30/2021 14:57:54   
Lv 1000

Info for the sword: Titan's Mournblade / Tiamoth's Vengeance
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