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RE: =Elemental Championships 2022= OOC & Tournament Signups

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7/16/2022 23:58:49   

Arena Threads have been revealed for flavor, although rosters / OOC thread will not be posted until tomorrow morning to account for any last minute bios coming in today.

@Anastira - And the whimsical Wister looks good to me! Approved!

@Synthe_ - Glad to see you squeaking by at the end! Two points:

First, I am going to require a specific height for your dark elf; specifically because I'm assuming the length/size of the halberd is proportional to his own size.

Second, the holy-light emission from the halberd, specifically the "barrel of gunpowder" directed blast. If this is merely a physical, staggering force, is this meant to shatter objects/bones, or merely to create distance? In the former case, or if there are additional burns that are include in the energy dispersion, the power needs to be scaled back. Additionally, at its current power there needs to be a limit on how often the ability can be used. I would assume there's some sort of limit to how much holy light the spear can store, so let's add a rough estimate of how many full-force blasts you believe Ambriel could obtain. As a character with a limited kit, my inclination is a dozen or so to allow for full usability without enabling spamming.

If you wish to keep the initial power level, then you can scale such that he can make a fewer number of blasts at a stronger level, or many blasts at a limited level. Up to you! Round two up sometime in the next day please!

@Ronin Of Dreams - Hope that you feel better before intro posts are due, because the MJF is Approved!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 51
7/17/2022 9:05:28   

Couple of good notes to be sure, so let's see if we can't rectify this thing in time (NGL a couple of things mentioned I simply forgot to include. It's what I get for waiting until last possible minute to start working, easy to miss some things)

Key changes in brief:
Split "apparitions" into two categories, mostly for flavor vs combat impact
Clarified apparition behavior and appearance as well as setting hard limitations
Added Walking Nightmare as an in-between state between full wake and full dream
Clarified Creeping Dread as well as set maximum distance depending on state
Took the advice of using Blackout as a wake up mechanic
Gave the poor Dreamer the weapon I forgot to include last time

“Just… Just stay awake a little longer. Don’t let them through.”

Name: Alderbaran The Dreamer
Element: Darkness
Age Range: 29
Race: Human
Appearance: Alderbaran stands at a slender 6’4”, although with their slouched posture could easily be mistaken for less. Long gangly limbs show little in terms of muscular definition, gaunt face and sunken eyes with deep rings around them give an appearance of a person who hasn’t slept in years. Ragged shoulder-length black hair matches the scruffed and patched loose fitting simple outfit that they wear, sleeves of their undyed linen shirt flowing past their hands, wide pants trying to add some mass to their gangly shape but ultimately fail. A heavy midnight blue cloak with golden threads dancing throughout, giving it the appearance of a starlit night sky hangs from their shoulders. It wraps around their neck and covers the lower half of their face, drawing more attention towards those sunken, bloodshot blue eyes.
They move with a strange sway, seemingly stumbling over their own feet as if constantly on the brink of exhaustion.

Armored Cloak: While mostly offering its services as a comfortable blanket or a makeshift pillow, the thick heavy cloak they wear is inlaid with metallic thread, offering some moderate protection from cuts, although barely any from blunt attacks

Reinforced Staff: Seemingly an old, worn six and a half foot walking stick which Alderbaran leans heavily upon while walking to keep themselves somewhat upright is in actuality their favored weapon. Its ends are littered with metal studs to give them more striking mass as well as some protection from edged weapons.

Narcoleptic Fear: Alderbaran suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy which causes them to fall asleep during moments of high stress. However they suffer from mind-rending nightmares and therefore fight tooth, nail and claw to avoid sleep at all cost. This leaves them in a state of constant sleep deprivation.

Sway of the Sleepless: After living many years with minimal sleep Alderbaran’s body has adapted to the constant exhaustion, allowing them to move erratically and unpredictably, letting them stand their own in close quarters combat. Although offering limited offensive potential it allows them to dodge and redirect mundane attacks they are aware of, of course limited by their human speed and slightly below average strength.

The Dreamer: While mostly seeming like just an average, tired, scruffy looking human, the true horror of what Alderbaran is, is the Dreamer. When falling asleep, their dreams infect the material world. These things appear in the form of illusory visions and sensations generated from the Dreamer’s mind. These can be split into two categories; Minor illusions and Major Apparitions.
Minor illusions: Minor effects that have little impact other than to unsettle. Things like ghostly sounds, translucent visions of scenery like swaying grass or crumbling ruin fragments
Major Apparitions: Visions of creatures drawn from Alderbaran’s twisted mind, warped approximations of the beings or people the Dreamer most recently saw before succumbing to sleep. While not actually possessing a physical body they are life-like enough to make people believe they do and can affect them. These creatures are seemingly mindless, shambling without purpose until something comes into their realm of influence.

Nightmare Reality: If allowed to fall into slumber the true horror begins. Alderbaran’s body begins to toss and turn, audibly grinding their teeth, talking in their sleep and occasionally letting out blood curdling screams of terror. Up to three major apparitions and six minor illusions start to manifest as far as 15 feet away from the body of the Dreamer. At the very edges of this range only manifesting as transparent visions, trying to scare anyone who attempts to approach away by whatever means they can. The closer to the host one moves the stronger and more vicious they become.. At ten feet, visions appear semi-solid, the sounds as loud as normal speech and the sensations of touch convincing enough to leave phantom bruises. This is where the apparitions will begin to attack the intruders, striking clumsily and without strategy. Closer than five feet and it becomes near impossible to distinguish what is vision and what is reality, sounds scream and the apparitions can create sensations of rending flesh. Within this range, apparitions are savage, attacking ferociously like cornered animals to protect their host.
Of course, none of the dreams are truly physical, all pain is only perceived and not real. If the one affected does not believe themselves to be hurt, then they are unharmed. An illusion swiping a claw at a fully armored knight who believes their armor will allow them to pass unharmed will cause them to take no damage simply because they truly believed they would not. Likewise someone who believes their heart pierced by a ghostly spear would cause their death might make their mind believe it enough for it to become true.
Waking the Dreamer through any means immediately ends the Nightmare Reality, though because of their constant sleep deprivation this takes considerable jostling.

Walking Nightmare: Years of walking the line between sleep and waking, Alderbaran has gained some measure of control of the realm between sleep and waking. When feeling the dread of sleep overtaking them, they are able to keep themselves in a state of sleep-walking lucid dreaming for a few moments. While not as powerful as the full Nightmare Reality it bridges the line to the dreams enough to give Alderbaran some measure of control of the nightmares. Alderbaran’s movement is greatly slowed in this state, but they are able to direct the apparitions of Nightmare Reality to perform simple tasks (i.e “Block”, “Attack”, “Move there”) However in this state Nightmare Reality is limited to five feet from Alderbaran’s body, and unable to manifest more than semi-solidly. As well as being limited to one greater apparition and two minor illusions. Maintaining this state however is quite mentally taxing. If only utilizing it for a few moments the Dreamer is able to rouse himself from sleep and return to waking state. However if pushing themselves for much longer than 10 seconds, Alderbaran will fall into full slumber.

Creeping Dread: The Dreamer never dreams of pleasant things, and the state of sleep sends a chill through their surroundings. Alderbaran clutches their cloak tightly around themselves and shivers as if cold, and an urgent sense of impending doom spreads. While in Walking Nightmare anyone within 15 feet of the Dreamer has an eerie sensation that allowing the Dreamer to fall into slumber will lead to terrible things. At the edge of the range it’s simply the barest sense, while up close it becomes an urgent concern.
While in Nightmare Reality the maximum range is increased to 25 feet and the sense of doom to allow the Dreamer to remain sleeping becomes more urgent.

Blackout: The Dreamer does not wish to be disturbed. As soon as someone enters within ten feet of Alderbaran’s sleeping body a ten foot radius dome of darkness forms around Alderbaran’s body which lasts for ten seconds, after the first five of which the Dreamer stirrs into waking to protect them from being killed in their sleep. It seemingly diminishes any light within the area. A torch barely provides any visibility except for the ability to see your own hand in front of you, while a floodlight might seem like a dim lantern. Thankfully for those unable to produce sufficient light, Alderbaran makes a lot of sound while dreaming. Notably, the apparitions of Nightmare Reality are still visible through the darkness.
Creatures able to see in perfect darkness would be unaffected.

I’ve Dreamed of Worse: Because of the sheer amount of mind-rending nightmares they’ve seen, Alderbaran’s mind has become steeled against fear. This does not mean they are unaffected by supernatural fear effects, simply that they are more difficult to shake than most

Post #: 52
7/17/2022 10:28:20   

Goooooooooooooooooood morning Writers! This thread is officially *closed* for new bios - just a bit under 14 hours for our remaining few to get balanced and approved.

@Grimm Jester - I appreciate your willingness to do a significant balancing overhaul in a short amount of time! We further clarified that any injuries believed to be real and received by the apparitions remain present after the Nightmare Reality fades; if, however, at some point the victim realizes the injury is entirely false/phantasmal, they will be able to will away most of the damage with significant mental force, leaving behind only faint phantom pains in the case of an exceptionally strong-minded individual. Approved!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
7/17/2022 11:05:01   

Rosters have been set and revealed with the currently approved bios! For everyone approved, now is a good time to remind yourself of all tournament rules in the first thread. If you are ever ensure, ask before you post!

Arenas will open either at 11:59pm EDT tomorrow, or when the last bio is approved - whichever comes first.

Now, two last things to be aware of for our entrants:

First, a quick note to those who are the only OOC competitor in their element: In-Character, there are still plenty of candidates to all the elements as we assume that their fights are going on in all of the arenas - not just the ones that you take part of!

Out of character, remember that in the case of being solo in your element, this does NOT guarantee you a one-way ticket to the finals. It most cases, yes, but if I feel that your writing or behavior is extremely sub-par compared to the other chosen paragons, I reserve the right to turn it into a wild card slot for a different deserving writer.

Second, every year, I get a handful of questions asking me what features are included in Bren and the surrounding area. Different directors treat this differently, but I have chosen to purposefully leave my descriptions of Bren and the surrounding area vague, so as to allow you, the writers, more freedom in crafting the entry posts. I care about you paying attention to the arena features, not if you make up a new name to an inn or say there's a mountain range nearby one year and a desert nearby the next.

As some guidelines: thanks to the Elemental Championships, Bren has grown into a fairly big city. You may assume there are plenty of inns, shops, town guards, streets, alleys, courtyards, people, etc. for you to create to fit your story. The Arena itself is on a hill overlooking Bren - so its safe to assume the immediate area is hilly, but I am not setting rules as to what is beyond. Previous descriptions have mentioned rivers (there is at least one that runs through town for the road/bridge leading to the Arena, called Supplicants Way), mountains, deserts, etc.

The Arena itself has a single main gate/entrance, but I have chosen to treat it as a shifting entity unto itself so if there is something specific about the complex you're unsure of, message me. This flexibility extends to the in-character "sign-up" process. While it's become common for people to sign up with a register in their intro post, I like giving writers the free reign to create what they need to enter it now they see fit, if that makes sense - and several people have taken advantage of this by entering through unconventional routes such as the sewer system, having the arena pull them to it while they're in Bren, or even just skipping describing Bren all together and starting their journey by entering their combat arena. Keep in mind that the Arena's 'range' of its power is concentrated in its complex, but does extend throughout all of Bren. Everyone in the City feels its mark.

To those unable to compete this year (or perhaps to those who want to revisit old friends and flames in the city of Bren), the Spectators Thread has been opened! As a spectator, you can enter Bren, explore the city, and witness any of the battles that take place this year while in-character! This will be treated similarly to the Yulgar’s Inn Roleplay, where characters do not need extensive (or any) bios, you can include as many people as you’d like in your conversation or simply just observe, and no fighting is allowed. It is entirely for fun (or for practice), and anyone can join in whether or not you participated in this year's ECs (and non-selected competitors are welcome to make their way over to watch as well once we've made it to Finals). Keep in mind: any conversations or activities here DO NOT IMPACT those fighting in the final arena. It is for the spectators' enjoyment only.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 54
7/17/2022 11:09:06   

Annnd made a typo myself, whoops! Arenas will open at either 11:59pm TONIGHT, or when the last bio is approved.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 55
7/17/2022 14:46:44   

>Execute -f Regi_Log.exe
Executing file: “Regi_Log.exe”

Registration Log: S.Y.M.B-01

Designation ID: S.Y.M.B-01 (Synthetic Youthful Militarized Being - Model 01)
AKA: Symbol
Elemental Core: Energy
Mental Age: The Core AI has enough data to be considered
Twenty Three years of age.

Time of Creation: Error!?@?

!! Time of creation unknown, Please conduct time-oriented
synchronization and recalibration in the near future. !!

Model Description and appearance:
  This Unit is a male android designed to look as human as possible. From its skin to his hair, all look to be a standard male human in their mid-twenties. This unit’s designated height is 5 foot 2 inches. Its hair is short and
  a clean gray with a red strand that flows back on the right side. There are large metallic seams that line the ribcage and spine of the unit. It also splits down the center of its chest and stomach.
  These seams become very intricate in the unit's right arm. Large indents for pistons are in its back and joints in its arms and legs. Its Iris is a metallic sheen and the whites of the eye are a white metal shell.

  To maintain peak efficiency, it is suggested for the unit not to obstruct the back, chest, or right arm. As such, the unit is suggested to wear easily removed articles of clothing, or clothing that does not restrict
  functionality. With these guidelines and the creator's suggestion, Unit wears a removable collared shirt and black dress pants.

Functionality and physical capabilities:
  This unit is designed for combat and as such has been given heightened physical ability compared to the average human being. Furthermore, it has been given top-of-the-line combat data and statistics to properly be able to analyze
   opponents and conduct combat operations. Each weapon it has uses a different fighting style and the Unit has been given custom-made scripting for combat using its Electromagnetic Cylinders.
   The unit is paired with high-quality single-reflect lenses in its eyes which provides a keen sense of sight.
   Other senses are equivalent to an average humanoid.

  Its body is slightly resistant to damage, comparable to if it was wearing leather armor. This is so it can remain nimble and not be weighed down by heavier materials. The Unit should avoid taking direct hits from enemy
  attacks of all kinds to avoid permanent damage.

Main Tenets and Laws:
  The rules which the device must follow at all times. If all Tenets become compromised, the device will default to a failsafe, shut down, and control will be handed to the Assistant AI to run return to the creator.

  The Laws are:

File “P//:root//LawsAndTenats//Laws_From_Creator.root”
cannot be read without proper permissions!

Please enter Password:
Password correct, Display Tenets[Y/N]?

Tenets in order of importance:
1. Protect creator and client from danger.
| Status: Compromised.

2. Complete commands given by creator and client
| Current command: From client “I want to dance among the stars!”
Translation: Give client the ability to dance among the stars.
Status: In-progress.

3. Learn from the client and improve their happiness.
| Status: Compromised.

Warning: Two of Three tenets are compromised.

Complete the current command then return to the creator.

Combat Abilities:

S.Y.M.B-01 Core AI:
  The Core Artificial Intelligence is designed to pilot the body, conduct the main functionalities of the unit, and follow the commands given by its creator. It is designed to learn from its environment to better complete instructions.
  Authors Note:
    This is the pride and joy of my creation. It functions as close to a human brain as possible. This being so, I had to limit its processing abilities and also attempted to give it the capability to read human emotion.
    The results often vary but I believe he does try to express himself! Just like a newborn, he can’t articulate his feelings yet but I believe given the neural learning network embedded within him,
    he will learn how to soon enough. He’s growing, not as an android but as a person.

Assistant AI:
  The assistant Artificial Intelligence (AAI) is designed to lessen the load of extraneous processes from the core AI. The chip is limited in its function but can help process information faster
  than average humanoid specimens. It works by going through various pre-constructed commands. It shall also supply the core AI with suggestions based on the circumstances given. It has 2 modes:

    Passive: In this mode, the AAI uses the same senor information as the core AI but processes the information at a faster rate. The Core AI’s optic sensors will be highlighted to areas of importance
    that the Core AI’s limited processing ability may have missed.

    Emergency: If the core AI becomes inoperable or all tenets are compromised, the AAI will take complete control and attempt to flee
     then immediately return to the creator. If this isn’t possible and capture is inescapable, the body will be scuttled and the memory chip shall expose itself with a physical note for any passerbyers.

Multi-Weapon Holster Arm (MWHA):

  This Unit is outfitted with a MWHA concealment device that functions in its right arm. As such, its right arm contains a multitude of condensed weapons that can be
  deployed as per the unit’s discretion. When deploying, the unit's hand is condensed, concealed within the arm, and replaced with the designated weapon. Each weapon is made with an
  alloy that allows compatibility with the Electromagnetic Cylinder systems of the Unit. Each weapon can be detached as well while switching between weapons.

  The weapons within the unit’s right arm are the following:

  Primary Longsword
    Description: A standard-issued blade. It is only a blade and the hilt is attached directly to the base of the arm. It is deadly sharp and reinforced to not break easily.
    While using this blade, refer to the combat directive referred to as “To be Indomitable with a Blade.” This is equivalent to a master’s skill in longsword combat.

  Secondary Shortsword
    Description: A shorter blade that is a backup weapon if the primary longsword is lost. The shortsword has high compatibility with the Electromagnetic Cylinders.
     When using this weapon, use a combat directive referred to as “Rogue’s guide to evasive combat.” The data translates to roughly 5 years of training.

     Description: an extendable pole arm that has high compatibility with the electromagnetic cylinders but specifically for throwing and launching the device. Otherwise, it functions as a standard metal polearm.
     When using this device refer to data collected from observing the polearm training from a monk temple. In a unique style, the data translates to roughly 2 years of training.

  Energy-Conversion Device (ECD)
    Description: The ECD is a short-range cannon that can convert the core’s energy into a short-ranged, 30 feet, electric blast that can temporarily paralyze a limb if hit directly for a short period in
    optimal conditions. The shot has little to no area-of-effect and must be a direct hit to take effect.
     This device shouldn’t be used in quick succession for it can drain the CORE and require the Unit to reset. Cannot be detached.

Electromagnetic Cylinders:
  When engaged, pistons are extended and begin sapping energy from the core. While doing so the Unit can influence and control the weapons from its MWHA in its right hand. If the weapons
  are detached from the MWHA, they can be hovered and moved to perform offensive and defensive maneuvers. They cannot move farther than 5 feet from the Unit before the Electromagnetic
  Cylinders lose their effect. The higher the compatibility of the weapon, the easier it is to control and maneuver. It is not
  suggested to control more than one weapon at a time, the strain would drain the core at an alarming rate.

Energy Core:
  The core is located in the center of its chest cavity. The core will be drained to zero energy after 30 seconds of unrestricted use of the Electromagnetic Cylinders with a single weapon. Using more weapons will drain it much quicker.
  The Unit can reveal the core by opening the seams across its chest. This is highly un-suggested but in doing so it will increase the unit’s Electromagnetic capabilities significantly for a short period of 10 seconds before the core shuts down.
  As per the configurations set by the creator, this shall not be used in any circumstance without proper permissions.

*All author’s notes have been labeled as erroneous data and won’t be read by the Core Ai without direct instruction.
  Author’s Notes:
    S.Y.M.B-01 is the first of hopefully many more androids to come, or so I thought. The creation of this one will most likely be my first and last. He provoked questions I wasn’t ready to answer but by the time
    they were asked I had to see him through. I hope he finds himself in the future, whenever it is.

“Regi_Log.exe” has finished executing

Post #: 56
7/17/2022 15:01:01   

@markthematey - Much happier now with the balance between the Core and the Assistant AI, thank you! We further clarified via PMs that while Symbol's mentality would be to fight through any pain to complete the mission, he has been programmed to feel the same pain as a human would (and bleeds a blue-oil). With that, Approved!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 57
7/17/2022 15:35:34   

Added height and made the force of the explosion more descriptive.

Name: Ambriel, Arbiter of Light
Element: Light
Age: 28

Ambriel exists in this realm for no purpose other than to exhibit His will, to be His hand in the physical world. Just as the priest in your local church exists to spread His will across the land, so too does Ambriel. The only thing you must understand is that some problems require solutions rooted in understanding, from ideas shared between mortals. The judgments that Ambriel brings are no spoken word, but rather the most pure of adjudications. Free from subjectivity, the sharpened blade rends away corruption and leaves nothing but His will. The evil that resides in the darkest corners of our land cannot be reasoned with, but even the most ignorant cannot turn away from his halberd.

Ambriel is a dark elf, his skin only a shade lighter than the armor that conceals it. While normally hidden by his faceplate, a bright light reflecting through the visor slit reveals his blood-red eyes that always seem squinted in concentration. In terms of actual differences from a normal human, Ambriel has noticeably better sight in dark areas and is slightly more agile. Otherwise, he is on par with the average person.

Ambriel holds an imposing, powerful figure that seems to appear wherever there is conflict concerning His Light. Entirely covered in a set of onyx-black armor, the metal lacks any sort of sheen and looks more like smooth stone than steel. A brilliant golden trim adorns the edges of each plate, brightly contrasting the monochrome that fills the rest of his figure. Sharp, aggressive edges evoke an intimidating aura from all his equipment, clearly built with the intention of being used together. His helm fully encases his head, leaving only a small horizontal slit to see through. Overtop his armor sits a plain white surcoat, bearing a strange star-shaped symbol inked in the same black as his armor.
Ambriel’s weapon is a long, heavy halberd of the same material as his armor. Rather than a smooth slicing edge, the blade of the large ax-head is serrated such that it can be pulled across a wound to cause additional injury. Its spearhead is also nearly twice as long as a normal halberd, creating a smaller point of impact for better armor penetration. Both these additions make the weapon much heavier, and normal polearm fighting styles do not lend particular efficiency to using this slightly unorthodox weapon. Instead, Ambriel opts to use a fighting style not too different from a claymore; relying on momentum and inertia to turn the increased weight into an advantage. Wide sweeping slices and circular movements keep the blade constantly moving, optimally only slowing when colliding with his target.

The metal that makes up Ambriel’s equipment is a type of vanadium-alloyed steel, though the specific additives that give it a uniquely flat reflectivity are not well known. It is capable of not just deflecting attacks, but absorbs a lot more energy than most full plates would, transferring less force to the wearer. The metal also has significantly better thermal tolerances, meaning his armor and weapons will not become brittle or blunt in adverse temperature conditions (though Ambriel himself will still be rather uncomfortable).
Ambriel’s equipment also carries a remarkably dense amount of holy energies, causing a faint wisp of white energy to follow in their wake. When his halberd collides with something, he can cause some of this energy to be released in a powerful burst. This is meant to be used against tough targets that can defend effectively from bladed weapons, heavy armor and shields for example. Rather than cutting into the enemy, this explosion of energy fires a directed blast along the direction of impact. This is enough force to crack steel armor with a direct hit, though bones tend not to break as bodies are significantly less rigid. Against an average opponent, a perfect hit can easily knock them off their feet. After about 5 uses of this ability, the energy held within his halberd will be depleted and need several days to recover.
Ambriel’s armor will release some of this energy when struck in combat, falling to the ground as a thin layer of tangible light. This acts as a very viscous liquid that coats any surface it touches and releases a faint cloud of ‘mist’ above itself, further refracting the light emitted from the liquid. This ‘liquid light’ doesn’t really impede opposing fighters at all, as it does not cause the surface to behave any differently and acts more like a layer of very dense gas rather than liquid. However, Ambriel is noticeably invigorated when standing fully in the light, becoming around 50% faster and stronger than his normal self. Essentially the more damage Ambriel takes, more ground is covered with energy and his combat potential increases. However, when energy falls from his armor it only covers a small circle (About 10ft radius) so a sufficiently nimble opponent can drag him out of an advantageous position. It will remain on the ground until it evaporates several hours later or is dissipated by outside forces (Very strong wind pushing away the mist, coating itself being removed, etc).
Post #: 58
7/17/2022 15:48:33   

@Synthe_ - Everything looks good! I'll make one additional note for his armor that I'll assume around the amount that would give Ambriel the maximum boost in one spot is the total amount shed, i.e., if Ambriel is moving about the arena as he drips the excess holy light, he won't eventually cover the entire arena. Approved!

And that looks like the last of the bios we were waiting on, WhooHoo! Arenas will be unlocked momentarily, but your 4 day time limit will not start until midnight tonight. Write well, fighters!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 59
7/29/2022 20:27:58   

Wonderful job to our writers for nearing the completion of the first two weeks of the Championships! I am very proud of the collaboration and the writing thus far.

Now, an update to the schedule: The Paragon Phase will be extended a full day from the originally predicted close date from Saturday, August 6th to 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, August 7th. I will likely take a full day to determine the Paragons and reveal decisions, meaning that the Finals Arena will open at some point on Tuesday, August 9th. REGARDLESS of what time the Grand Arena is opened, any timers for the Finalists will start at 11:59pm ET that evening.

This is a slightly different schedule than previous years, but hopefully it will allow people a bit more flexibility writing their final Round One posts and their Finale Introduction posts by stretching over the weekends.

Let's some some action.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 60
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