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=BRP= Welcome to Bubble Roleplays

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10/14/2023 15:21:22   

Looking for somewhere to practice collaboration? Have half a character in mind, but not defined enough to build a bio for the Role Playing Academy? Ready to RP but not ready for the intensity of the Championships? Welcome to the Bubble Roleplays!

For people newer to roleplaying, or those who want to fine-tune the most important skill necessary, learning how to interact with other characters and practicing collaboration with your fellow writers is the next step. Bubble role-plays are role-plays that happen "in a bubble"; a single scene from a play, a single chapter in a story, without the greater world building required for the story-driven threads hosted by various forum members, or the intense focus on combat found in our annual events.

Similar to Yulgar's Inn, a strict bio is not required. The entire point is to determine who your character is so that forming a proper bio - for either the RPA or other locations - is a much easier process. Resources found in the RPA, like our Beginner's Guide To RP and the Character Background Guide , may be helpful but also slightly overwhelming as they delve into much greater detail than what we are asking for here.

So, what do you need to participate in a Bubble Role Play? Two things!

1. Character Name or Title
2. Physical Description

While names can shift and change and titles can be given or removed, you do want to start somewhere a little more defined than "Hey, you!" - and while I don't expect you to know the color of your character's shoelaces, things like clothing style, build, and hair/eye/skin color are helpful in referring to other characters and in solidifying a character in your mind.

Bubble RPs are limited to a maximum of four characters, similar to the Combat Training sub-forums. This is to help minimize the complexity of collaboration often required in RPs that can be any number of people, or the Championships which typically cap at eight characters in an arena.

Unlike Yulgars, which is a similar casual format and has a revolving door of characters, the setting for a Bubble RP is not fixed. You may choose from a list of suggested prompts at the bottom of this post, or suggest your own. If you suggest your own prompt, it must be approved by one of the RP AKs - we want you to have creative freedom, but we also want this to be simpler than a typical story-driven RP. Something that requires pages upon pages of exposition to explain would be better off in its own role-play.

Now, all of the standard RP Forum Rules apply, but the specific rules of Bubble Role-Plays are as follows:

1. No Combat. We have plenty of places to practice combat, including its own special forums and two dedicated events. This is a spot strictly for other interactions.

2. Share the Spotlight. The key is - as it always is - collaboration. You are the protagonist of your own story, but this is the point where multiple stories collide. Build your story off of others in your Bubble, and allow them to build theirs's from you!

3. Accept Change. This is somewhere where it is ok not to be consistent - if you find a better way of portraying your character, or suddenly feel they should look different, or have a dramatic realization that shifts their entire backstory, go ahead and incorporate it! Our characters and writing styles are often fluid, here is where we can embrace that before over-defining characters as is often necessary in other formats.

4. Don't Pop the Bubble. These RPs are isolated events, single chapters or scenes in a story. Once you find yourself writing a novel or building a world, it's time to head over to the general RP OOC forums and develop your own RP! Similarly, characters that have been used in other RPs already have a story well beyond the confines of the bubble. You can take a character here as the basis for someone elsewhere, but don't pull someone already fully defined into here. Use it as a chance to sound out someone new!

And have fun! This thread may be used for posting your character concepts, finding collaboration partners, and deciding on or suggesting a prompt for your setting. Once you have those three components, one of the RP AKs will create a thread for you in this forums for the In-Character interactions. I also highly recommend using the Discord Forums for OOC discussions! The Discord server may be found here.

Participating in a Bubble RP does not count towards the total limit of four RPs that you are allowed to participate in on the forums at one time, but you are limited to being involved in three Bubbles at a time.

Prompt list is below! Prompts will be added to over time as we receive suggestions, and multiple can be in use at the same time.

Available Prompts:
  • Festival of Fools: Characters gather to attend a grand festival complete with games, foods, and lots of costumes.
  • A Hunt Gone Wrong: Characters were part of a hunt for a great magic beast - and have had to abandon the hunt.
  • Coffee Order: Characters are in a coffee shop. With pastries.
  • Curses, Schmurses: Characters are in an antique magic items shop. Buyer Beware.
  • A Night at the Opera: Characters are assigned to sit in the same box during a premiere of a new play.
  • Recruitment Strategies: Characters show up at an open house day for the local adventurer's guild.
  • Sailing, Sailing: Characters are travelling on a journey across the ocean.

  • AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
    11/17/2023 20:17:15   

    First bio for the Bubble Roleplay! Hope that this goes well, and I hope everything looks okay. ^^

    Name: Lady Jaega, the Adamant Hide

    Description: To the uninitiated, Jaega the knight appears menacing. On the battlefield, she appears nearly 6 and a half feet tall and clad head to toe in thick steel plate. Not a single inch of skin is visible. The armor takes inspiration from that of valkyries from nordic legends, stylized with large feathers on the shoulder and intricate carvings that run down the silver and blue steel. While in her armor, her voice seems to appear much louder and a faint white light pierces through her visor. Various equipment is scattered across her form including several weapons and a shield.

    Off of the battlefield, however, Jaega shows her true humanity. Her knightly armor is magictech in design, akin to a mechanical exoskeleton. When she steps out of her suit, she stands around 5’8 in height (still tall but certainly not as imposing.) Her long ginger hair curls back and forth (often tangling much to Jaega’s annoyance.) Her eyes are a bright but icy blue. Across her beige skin are her “trophies,” various scars from her previous ordeals. Of note is the tattoo that is wrapped around Jaega’s throat– a continuous circle adorned with thorns. For her attire outside of her armor, Jaega prefers to dress practically. She's often found in a blue and black surcoat. On rare occasions you might see her fall back on her noble upbringing and dress up as a member of high society.

    Brief Backstory: Jaega is a former knight and noble of a distant empire. She had always felt the call to pursue justice and adventure. One day, she renounced her loyalties to her Noble House and swore to never compromise her ideals. While no longer a noble in title, Jaega strives to be noble in action as she wanders the world. Though one has to ask: how noble can she truly be with so much blood on her hands?

    Current Interests: Festival of Fools or Recruitment Strategies sounds like a good place for a wayward knight to appear!
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
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