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Tsunami Edge

Location: Adder's Forge Shop Yulgar's Intermediate Shop
Level: 80
Price: 550,000 14,814
Sellback: 300,000 7,407

Type: Melee
Element: Water
Damage: 9-30 12-40
BTH: 10%

Hits: 4
Attack Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Special rate: 15%
Level 80-89:
...Damage Per Hit: 150% Base and Random (total of 600%/600%)
...B2H: +32%, +32%, +27%, +27%
Level 90+:
...Damage Per Hit: 187.5% Base and Random (total of 750%/750%)
...B2H: +35%, +35%, +30%, +30%
Effect: If all the special's hits connect, the monster becomes " Soaked!"

Monster Category: "Metal" , "Metallic" , "Armor"
If all special's hits connect:
Effect: Monster will rust. Defences will go down -4/-3/-2 for Melee/Ranged/Magic respectively (Caps at 5 nerfs)

One of the sea's most devastating forces, forged into a weapon. This sword can unleash mighty waves that will pummel your foes and leave them soaked to the bone. (Hahahaha WIPEOUT!)

Old Image

Entry thanks to TheKholdOne. Old image from Teuvi (via ubear). Soaked link thanks to Aquapyre. Image thanks to Carandor.

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