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Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive

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I would make this a bit more organized but I think im required to do it this way. I am in control of this now and am going to get the quote <.<




From: Legault the Assassin
To: DarkChris76
Date: 8/5/2007 22:56:47
Subject: Official Permission to take over the Nocturu Archive

I, Legault the Assassin, have given DarkChris76 permission to take over the Nocturu Archive due to my inactivity.



Also anything that has nothing to do with nocturu or anything that isnt even close to it will not be accepted unless I say so



Alright buddys im going to do this and see how it goes Please! When you post your sigs or Avatars try to put a code under the picture it makes my life easier




Anyway, you might want to add a title to each of the sigs, so people don't have to scroll through each one...I'd recommend you recruit a few people with fast internet to look at the pics and give each a somewhat descriptive title.



Nocturu Signatures Tutorial

50 KB filesize MAXIMUM.

500x100 pixelsize MAXIMUM.

Have some relativity to Nocturu or AQ.


You are submitting these by your own free will, you will not be credited. If you want people to know you made it, please put your name in the signature.

If you do not know how to add a signature (to your profile), than read through this detailed guide by Pae.

Also, do NOT post here if you are not adding a signature or avatar. (I am the Almighty Dark Inquisitor of Nocturu and will smite all spam
Feel free to post, I'll update atleast once a week.

Useful Stuff

Image of Nocturu.

Image of Nocturu. (Slightly smaller but more complete)

Rating Center

Rating Center Open

Rating Center Closed

Rating Center Waiting




Red-Avatar of Doom


Left statue head.

Right statue head.

Nocturu AD Avatar

Non AD Nocturu Avatar


Join the Dark Side

Noctros Grins

Castle Nocturu

Paxia Sleeps

Igneous Beware.. The Nocturu Popcorn

Nocturu Consume


Seriously... Join Nocturu

The Sands of Time

A Toast

Team Nocturu


Corrupted Garden

Bring it!

Icecream and Pie

Were Watching

The Color Drains From You... Our Swords Slide Into You

Keeping the Blade

From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

The Grey Mist

Book of Frozen Memorys

Join Nocturu we have cookies


Walking in Darkness

Drop In Ocean

Marvolous Landscape

Light in Darkness

Garden of Twilight

Night Claims Day

Paladins What?

Splendid Grace

Thorns in Darkness

Watchers of the Night...

For Drells Sake...


Nocturu FTW!


The Reaper of Nocturu

Black Nocturu Reaper

Japanese Nocturu Reaper

White Nocturu Wolf

May Darkness Consume You All

May Darkness Consume You All2

Nocturu Grimace

Nocturu the Clan of Darkness

Nocturu Motto of Shade

Nocturu Black Puddle

Nocturu Jade Puddle

Nocturu Jade Portal

Blood Red Wall of Nocturu

Nocturu Glass Wall

Nocturu Motto2

It's a Nice Night


Its only a Flesh Wound

Matching Signature

Matching Non AD Signature

Nocturu Itchigo Dark Hallow

Darkness may await us... but death awaits you

Come to Drells Kitchen

Feel the Power of the Darkside

Im having a friend for dinner...


Nocturu Clan

Nocturu Assassin


1000 Z-Token Award

500 Z-Token Award


Build Rewards

Nocturu Ranger- Ranger Build

Ranger Build Format

Nocturu Warrior- Warrior Build

Warrior Build Format

Nocturu Spellcaster- Mage Build

Mages Build Format

Nocturan Hybrid- Hybrid Build

Hybrid Build Format

Healing Awards

Nocturu Newbie Healer- 20 Heals

Newbie Healer Format

Nocturu Druid Healer- 100 Heals

Nocturu Druid Format

Nocturu Elder Healer- 200 Heals

Nocturu Elder Format


Nocturu Rank Labels

Nocturu Lieutenant- Level 60

Lieutenant Format

Nocturu General- Level 80

Nocturu General Format

Nocturu Warlord- Level 100

Nocturu Warlord Format


Class Awards

Nocturu Exiled Light- Paladin

Paladin Format

Nocturu Deathbringer- Necromancer

Necromancer Format

Nocturu Cutpurse- Rouge

Rouge Format

Nocturu Fighter- Fighter

Fighter Format

Nocturu Dark Knight- Knight

Knight Format

Nocturu Stealth Hunter- Ninja

Ninja Format- Le Broken :*(

Nocturu Dragonslayer- Dragonslayer

Dragonslayer Format

Nocturu Dragon Master- Dracomancer

Wierd Dragon Page Format?

Nocturu Vampric- Vampire Slayer

Vampire Slayer Format

Nocturu Shaman- Mage

Nocturu Mage Format

Nocturu Druid- Wizard

Nocturu Wizard Format

Z-Tokens Awards

Nocturu 5th Warrior- 100 Z-Tokens

Nocturu 4th Warrior- 500 Z-Tokens

Nocturu 3rd Warrior- 1000 Z-tokens

Nocturu 2nd Warrior- 2000 Z-Tokens

Nocturu 1st Warrior- 5000 Z-Tokens

Runnerup Flags

Nocturu Wolf Flag

Flag of Darkness

Arggg Pirate Flag of Nocturu

Light-Darkness flag of Daemons

Five Stars of Darkness Flag

Mortis Angelus -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/6/2007 12:30:46)

Here's a few...

MyLifeIsRandom -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/15/2007 2:56:22)

Nocturu AD Avatar I made

Matching Signature I Made

Non AD Nocturu Avatar

Matching Non AD Signature

"Hope you like my lovely and ebil creations."

MyLifeIsRandom -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/16/2007 13:48:52)


"If the image won't show here is my newest Nocturu Warrior sig."

MyLifeIsRandom -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/16/2007 22:20:30)

"There is another Nocturu signature I made, where Ichigo uses his evil hollow abilities to gain power, showing basically what we do with darkness."

Mortis Angelus -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/18/2007 9:30:19)


Mortis Angelus -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (8/21/2007 8:19:38)


I can't believe no one did this...

Mortis Angelus -> RE: Nocturu Clan -Signature/Avatar- Archive (9/1/2007 9:46:59)

Dunno... but this in my new one for Drell's Kitchen...


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