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xXxChriscorexXx -> Nocturan Grimoire of Awards (8/9/2007 10:42:59)


(Ok so im gona try this again)
Note: Can I make them all into images :P

Sidenote: These are unofficial and can be used at your own will no need to ask, to be made official we must be blessed by the council :D)
(all images belong to there rightful owner for who i completly forgot)

Welcome Fellow nocturans to the Nocturan Grimoire,
Here we keep stored our awards gifted to certain members,
of Nocturu should you achive one of these awards feel proud,
there are a few guidlines however and rules you must follow to earn one,
of these awards.

Guide to Optimal Stats


Build Awards
Build Awards are achieved when you have certain builds which basically means you have
certain stats trained to what makes you powerful in a caertain way such as mages would
have High Intellect.
Note: Could Someone get me a guide to this i cant find any >.>

Class Awards
Are obtained if you become a certain class not that hard however

Healing Awards
Are achieved as you heal our castle which must be done at the Almost Black Hole(?)

Rank Awards
Are achieved by your Level

Z-Token Awards
Are achieved by donating Z-Tokens to the clan


Why Get these they have no use on the Forum?
Indeed, but it shows you are proud to be a nocturan!! what more could we ask
It also shows your achievements.

How can I prove I did this
We trust you ^_^ we are a very trustworthy clan just dont lose our trust


Build Awards
Fighters Build
Rangers Build
Mages Build Hybrid Build

Class Awards

Necromancer Class
Paladin Class
Rouge Class
Fighters Class
Knight Class
Ninja Class
Dragon Slayer
Vampire Slayer Class
Mages Class
Wizards Class

Healing Awards

Healing Castillo veda Negra 20 Times
Healing Castillo veda Negra 100 Times
Healing Castillo veda Negra 200 Times

Rank Awards

Nocturu Lieutenant
Nocturu General
Nocturu Warlord

Z-Token Awards

Donate 100 Z-Tokens
Donate 500 Z-Tokens
Donate 1000 Z-Tokens
Donate 2500 Z-Tokens
Donate 5000 Z-Tokens

Misc Awards

iActive Award

ZombieCookie -> RE: Nocturan Grimoire of Awards (8/13/2007 14:38:46)

Here's the iAward I made, if you want me to make some changes please ask, I hope you like it!


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