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Fearsome DuaLight

Also see DuaLight Sword, King's DuaLight.

Level: 38
Price: 2 000 211
Sellback: 1 000 1 500 105
Location: Werewolf Shop

Element: Light
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 4-19 5-20 7-27
BTH: 7

Hits: 1
Element: Harm-MP Damage
Type: Magic
Damage: 132.3% Base and Random
Stats: No
BTH: +22
Effect: You heal HP & MP, each equal to 40% of the damage dealt.
Rate: 24%

Hits: 2
Element: Light, ElementX MP Drain
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 100% Base and Random; [50% of monster max MP] damage
BTH: +15; [Set at 300]
Stat Bonuses: No
Effect: You heal HP and MP equal to 80% of the damage done on the second hit.
Rate: 20%

This double-bladed light weapon will clear some cobwebs from the heads of undead enemies! Can replenish some of your MP and HP.


Image thanks to Minion of Poelala. Special updated from SLC. New image thanks to Mystical Warrior. New in-game images thanks to Trans21. Update from westwind and Scakk.

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