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Nemi133 -> Irate Pirates (8/17/2007 20:21:24)

Irate Pirates

Location: Osprey Cove -> Rhubarb -> Random Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 17th, 2007

Objective: Rhubarb the pirate has asked you to stop the Ninjas trained monkeys from stealing the chest of maps from one of the ships in Osprey Cove.
Objective completed: You have stopped the ninjas' trained monkeys from stealing the navigational charts from this ship, but there are many more ships to protect.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Shadow Monkee
(X) Shogun Monkee
(2) Monkage - Boss


Black Pearl
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle (#1-10)

Rhubarb: The ninjas have been trying fer months to steal the navigational charts from all the ships in the cove... using trained monkies...
Rhubarb: If ye want to proove yer loyaty to the pirates, get on those ships and STOP THOSE MONKIES! (*sigh* I can't believe I just said that.)

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