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Berserker Class

Location: Travel Map > Berserker Class OR Eselgee Portrait
Requirements: Level 5 Fighter

On the north slope of the Dwarfhold Mountains
and into the frozen north, outside the realm of
civilization where the cold winds blow... there
live wild men and women who have honed
their ability to tap into a primal rage, gaining
the strength they need to survive in the
frontier. They call these people...

  • Skip

  • Eselgee: Who are you and why are you in Eselgee’s lands?
    Eselgee: Get out! Go!! RAWR!!!

    Fight Eselgee

    Eselgee: You are… strong. Have earned respect. Eselgee will teach you to make stronger!
    You’re now a Level 1 Berserker

    Eselgee: Berserker skills passed down from tribe elders to youth. Now from friend to Friend.
  • Quest!
  • What is a Berserker?
  • Eselgee’s Shop
  • Back to Town

    Eselgee’s Shop
    Bad-Axe (30)
    Advanced Chain Axe
    Lightning Grip Axe
    Guardian Trench Axe
    Dire Black Axe
    Bad-Axe (65)
    Bad-Axe (75)
    Berserker Hides
    Chieftain's IronThorn

    Eselgee: Good stuff in shop for help with enemy beatdowns! Grar!

    What is a Berserker?

    Eselgee: Secret to berserker’s power is anger. And nothing makes anger like being hurt.
    Eselgee: We learn from nature’s fierce warrior animals, and from tribal elders.
    Eselgee: We get angry and smash!

    Quests 2-10

    Eselgee: Eselgee has some revenge to do. Help beat up and Eselgee teach you something new!
  • Beat up monsters!
  • No beat up monsters!

    Quest Accepted!

    In his travels and training, Eselgee ran afoul of some rough monsters. Help him settle his score with them and he’ll teach you a new skill!

    Use the Random Adventure list to choose your encounters.

    You have been tracking this monster for days! Do you have enough strength left to make a quick attack before it gets away?
    Difficulty: XX
    Stat Used: Strength

    Ol' Scarface

    You have learned a new ability from Eselgee, and are now a more powerful Berserker than before!

    The Final Mission

    Eselgee: ...Uh-oh. See smoke in distance. Badger tribe wants to take warmth and food from weak things. They go to wood-tents.
    You: Wait...'wood-tents'? What do you mean?
    Eselgee: Place with many big wood box tents where people live.
    You: 'Wood box tents'...Buildings...A city? Oh no! Which one?
    Eselgee: .....
    Eselgee: ............
    Eselgee: ...ARGH! Have heard name before, but do not remember. Eselgee only pawn in game of life.
    Eselgee: Is... bendy tree!
    You: Bendy... Willow Creek?! Oh no! I have to stop them!

    Eselgee: Badger tribe goes to war. Very fierce!

  • Stop the Badgers!
  • Eselgee's Shop
  • Restore Berserker Class
  • Back to Town

    Stop the Badgers!

    Eselgee: You make Eselgee proud! I make you much strong and hardcore BERSERK, yeah! You go beat up Badgers now!

    Battle your way down the mountain
    to the plains!
  • Go!

    You fight 2 monsters

  • Heal HP/MP Full
  • Heal HP 75% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 50% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 25% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 0% / MP Full

    You fight 2 monsters

  • Heal HP/MP Full
  • Heal HP 75% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 50% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 25% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 0% / MP Full

    Defeat every Badger Berserker you
    find on the plains!
  • Go!

  • Heal HP/MP Full
  • Heal HP 75% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 50% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 25% / MP Full
  • Heal HP 0% / MP Full

    Give the Badger Berserker Chieftain
    a beating that he won't soon forget!
  • Go!

    Boss Fight
    Badger Chieftain

    Elder: Thank you so much for saving our town!
    Elder: The Badgers have never come down from the mountains like that.
    Elder: They have always left us alone.
    Farmer Eastman: It must have been that new chief...
    Eselgee: New chief must always prove power. But FRIEND prove better power! Badger chief not come back.
    Eselgee: Willow Creek people funny looking. Eselgee feels good self-esteem!

    ........... Did Eselgee say that or just think it?


  • Replay Badger Quest
  • Eselgee's Shop
  • Back to Town

    Some of the Entry thanks to ZzlzhtT. Brighteye link from Dragonslayer John.

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