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Wallo -> Golden Plate (11/4/2004 17:59:27)

Golden Plate

Also see the Golden Set ( Shield, Axe)

Level: 105
Power Level: 105, Mastercraft
Price: 1,000,000
Sellback: 1,000,000
Location: Rare
Element: Light

Melee: 37
Ranged: 37
Magic: 37

Fire: 68%
Water: 68%
Wind: 68%
Ice: 68%
Earth: 68%
Energy: 68%
Light: 49%
Darkness: 71%

Hits: 2
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 166% Base, 166% Random, and 317% Stats each
BTH: +13 plus Stats each

MASTERCRAFT BONUS: Gets +4 BTH on all its armour attacks.

This plate was forged deep underground by skilled smiths loyal to the paladin-lords of Lore in days long past. Combining pure gold with the fragments of a rare magical artifact, it allows for a double attack and provides legendary defense to the wearer.


Picture and new sellback thanks to Legasee. New modifiers thanks to Ninja Paladin. Element and 4th sellback from Legasee. Corrections from Deadeye Cupid. Links from Nex del Vida. New Basic Stats thanks to Guardian Patrick. Update thanks to In Media Res.


August 24, 2004: The armour was released.
December 8, 2012: The armour was updated to the most current standards. See revision for older stats.
February 26, 2014: Name was changed from Golden Plate of Legacy.

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