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Joshuatks -> Lucian Clan Pets Thread II (9/3/2007 2:00:46)

~RoL Aprroved~

Here is Lunum,
Let him light the Way.
He flies to Lucian,
Come wind or rain.

Thanks to all involved.

I had made a website for both Lunum and Male'ikah profile:
If you want to see the whole info for the thread, including the "previously" part, go here: (Lucian Private Forums)

Stratos 4th stage Tokens needed: 2, 500, 000

Stage 6


1)Tail Slash -His Bony, scythe-like protrusions tail can slashes strongly
2)Quick Slash -With his claws and slash his opponent quickly with lots of Bth!
3)Illuminate Ultra -A strong spell that can learned by AQ players
4)Super Blow -One blow and you're gone!!!
5)Teleport -He can teleport to every place he went before, or told where it is
6)Blind -Blind his enemy to not attack for a while
7)Golden Claw -When he uses this skill, his claw glow golden and slash his enemy while having chance to heal himself
8)Sunshine -Make out a light like the sunshine that can blind the enemy and the enemy may possibly can't see for a long time!

Here's the story:
In a land far far away, where the prairie were vast throughout the land, a little egg laid silently on the ground. In a nice warm day of April a hunter of Lucian found this egg near the Golden Palace. During that time, he stated that a hawk flew by and he was quite sure that it was the hawk who stolen it and left it there. Soon many people of Lucian examined this egg and did discovered that as more tokens are donated, the chance of hatching is much higher. So the people of Lucian started to donate tokens, hoping a wonderful pet would hatch.

Time passed by day by day. The Lucian members worked hard to keep the egg warm and safe. Every member contributed tokens. Each morning, Lucians would go out and kill monsters to get their token loot to feed their egg. Soon, all the hard worked paid off and the egg finally hatched one night. Lucius and his clan representitives was sitting next to the egg, watching its every move. Suddenly, the egg started to jiggle and move. Ever so gently, the egg cracked. Little feet popped out then next the arms, then the wings and the head. Everyone was so blessed to have such a cute little dragon come to this world. And from that day on, the little dragon was named Lunum.

Before anyone knew more things about Lumum, he grew bigger and bigger at a much faster rate. Soon he consumed more and more dragon food until he was a full size dragon. His wings gotten bigger and much tougher. His muscle enlarged giving his body the strength of a 1000 dragons. His color slowly turned from golden yellow to a metallic silver shade. He was the biggest and the brightest pet in Lucian. And now he's ready for training and protecting the civilians.

Meet LIORA, Lucian 2nd clan pet, also Lunum's sister!However, unlike Lunum, she is good at magic, BEWARE OF HER MAGIC!!!

Liora is now back safely, she said she need gold and tokens for her nest, for further information, find at HERE !

Stage ?, similar to Lunum stage 4


1)Rays of Light -Beams out strong ray light that make people blinds
2)Illuminate Uber -A spell that not even AQ players can learn, its a very strong spell
3)Light regen -With this power she can regen her hp/mp with any light nearby
4)Supernova -A token spell that can learnt by AQ players which is very strong
5)Light waves -Can done random times of light waves, from 7 to 11 times

STR :50
INT :75
DEX :65
END :60
CHA :70
LUK :70

Story: A group of Lucian Scouts were travelling the mountains near the Skraeling Desert. There, when they entered a cave, a dragon similiar to Lunum appeared to be resting there. They were first startled by it, but then had a thought. They informed the RoL about their finding and so, Lunum was sent to them, to make contact with the other dragon. The other dragon, which appeared to be a female by the dragonology learned by Beta Dragon Rider, woke up as Lunum teleported outside the cavern. They came in contact and it was soon discovered that the two of them were siblings, brother and sister to be exact.
Lunum persuaded her to come with the Lucians to the Lucian Palace, so that she could help the clan with her powers. She is more mature than Lunum, and thus has a good skill in magic, but still packs a punch in her claws and teeth. She is still new to the Lucian clan and needs Z-Tokens, much like Lunum, to grow more powerful AND to persuade her to stay for a longer time.

Stage 4!
His mother is Liora, but we don't know his father, Liora would not tell. Stratos will grow like Lunum, but of course, again taking tokens. To see how many tokens he need, go to the NEWS section.

1)Holy Bite - Like every else dragon, it know bite, but a little bit different, the bite shine and attack with element light.
2)Purity Wings - Flap his wings with purity light at his opponent.
3)Dragon Heal - Heal with holy light!
4)White laser - A laser from his mouth that can made his opponent stunned.
5)Strengthen Light - Increase his Intelligence and Strength by sucking the light of sun.

Credit to Nocturu for the inspiration for this idea.

While experimenting with Manasplosion SIGMUND opened a gateway to the Light Realm. Initially blinded by the ambient light, his eyes soon adapted and he saw this creature.
He spoke to SIGMUND and said his name was Glarion.
He offered to become a soldier for the Lucian Clan.
Then he brought SIGMUND back to Lore and awaits our decision.
SIGMUND put this proposition to the Clan~
Should we accept his offer?

The inital response was sceptical. Hawk said~

... Demonic much? I'm going to take this opportunity to step back into my old role of Lucian's skeptic and point out that being from the Realm of Light does not mean following Lucian's beliefs. Case in point, the Brihaldo - very much Light, not at all Lucian. And Light Demons? Yeah, that argument makes itself. Much as I hate to judge on appearances, the guy's got horns, big creepy claws, and wicked looking eyes. Nothing's known about him except where he's from and this one offer, which could very well be a trick of some sort. For example, if it's the only way to get him out of the Light Realm, yet leads to consequences we'd rather not want to deal with. Skepticism dictates I vote "No, we should not accept this shady offer from a creature we know nothing about."

... Of course, if the Lucians are still much as they were back then, most of you are still much more trusting and optimistic than me, and I'll be outvoted, but we'll see.

After some more debate a few tests were devised to test Glarion.

SIGMUND and Glarion responded to the test.~
Looks can definitely be deceiving. We all sometimes wear Obsidian Cloaks, or Shadow Cloaks. Some of us are also Vampires and Werewolves. Does this mean we are evil? Certainly not.

Glarion thought about the test for a short time then said "That child is no threat. He has done no harm. I will not kill him."
Looking at Wolfbrother he said "If you represent your Clan by your request? I withdraw my offer of service."
Sigmund intervened at this point and told Glarion it was just a test.
Glarion replied "A strange attitude to an offer of help. I agree that caution is a wise approach, sometimes."
Looking at Wolfbrother again Glarion said "I am not offended."

Silver Dragon responded by saying ~

he gives off both a kind feeling, and a powerful nature, he does look like a demon, but not all demons are evil either. there are often some virtuous demons who come to fight with us agianst they're (more numerous) evil kin. like the Brilhado Gilaria, Diviria, and Amiliara. they are Brilhado, greater Light demons, but they go (or went) agianst they're people who submitted to the Devourer. i think every creature who wishes to fight for Lucian should be given a chance. if it turns bad, we have numbers on our side.

Shayde Fenris Ravenwing then set the Golden Sentinels of Lucian Clan into motion ~

Well, you see, while I'm as paranoid as anyone else, I don't think its very Lucian-like to have 30 odd people watching one person/demon/light creature/whatever he is. Its sort of insulting to Glarion. Thats why I suggested the Sentinels. We are a small enough amount that, not only can we keep tabs on him without making it seem too intrusive, we can also use the help he could offer. Cause if he is what he says he is, he shouldn't have to suffer being watched like a prisoner. Also, we are the elite members of the army...if he causes trouble, believe me, myself, Link, or Amras could easily overpower him alone, much less together.

This is also the perfect time to unveil the newest addition to the Golden Sentinels...the Spysong. A network of persuasive and shadowy soldiers make this branch up. Thus I've sent them into action in the Light Realm to discern the history of Glarion. They are ordered to report to the Generals and RoL together, so they will not be reporting to me first, but to all of us available at the time of the report. I'd rather not have to hear it from them then tell all of you one at a time heh...much easier to have them say it once and be done with it. They are due back with the first reports in 2 days. Since Sigmund was the first to discover them, I recommend he be the one to debrief us all on the reports they give.

We found out some more information ~

Glarion is from a race called "the people". They seem to be pretty much like the Human race of the Light Realm. They used to be exclusively Hunters but have developed farming technology. Now they maintain a Warrior caste, something like the Vikings and have a Religious Caste who look after the spiritual needs and a Farmer Caste who also seem to trade with other light beings. There is movement of individuals between Castes, although a Caste Position is usually hereditary.

Glarion is from the Warrior Caste and if we accept his offer he can bring several dozen Warriors to aid us. Maybe hundreds, if we need them and the Religious Caste back our cause.

A vote was then taken and the RoL decided to accept Glarion's offer.

We now have a Soldier of Lucian.
He stands guard outside the gates of the Lucian Palace.
Awaiting the next threat to the Clan Base.

Meet Male'ikah, Lucian Clan Mascot!
Origin: ~By Amras
INT- 60
DEX- 65
END- 65
CHA- 70

Thanks to:

Joshuatks for starting this thread
Ricobabie for the story and the code from first thread
ZombieCookie for the name of dragon and dragon stage2

Master Guardian for the banner
Omega Meckberg for the new banner and repaint the old dragons pic
Amras for dragon stage 4 and 5/Male'ikah pics
Beta Dragon Rider for story for Liora
SIGMUND for supporting the tokens project and helped making it
Everyone in Lucian for the tokens

Serbitar -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 4:32:35)

Ooo! He's cool.

[whisper]There's a tag left in at the end. "[/code]"[/whisper]

Roninshinobi -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 9:05:51)

They grow up so fast. [:(]

Ricobabie -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 10:28:25)

Woah !!! He's 3-D now ! amazing!

GoldenSlayer -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 11:30:47)

It seems like it was only yesterday when he was a Stage 1. [:(]

wolfbrother -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 12:03:21)

Did your topic realy reached a second already,Josh.Good you made it(afcourse thanks to all who helped him)

Emblem810 -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 13:21:12)

sniff, they grow up so fast don't they

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/3/2007 13:21:50)

They sure do... they sure do...

lordofthenecrodragon -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/5/2007 21:15:02)

*sniff*it seems like only yestarday I held his bottle[:(]

tauguy -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/6/2007 13:50:50)

Hey guys, why not bring your dragon to a holiday home at the PPFs where it can have sagas and enjoy time with other clan pets, as well as possibly competing in tournaments for fun. You dunno what your missing., go to paxia and look for the pets sub-board.

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/6/2007 14:02:58)

Just thinking, should we also get another, female pet? With Igneus having Eddie and Ellenna, and Aerodu having Aero and Skye.

masterwolfie -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/6/2007 15:03:46)

well i say stage 3 looks the coolest lol


SIGMUND -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 6:42:10)

This is a little bit harder.

Where did I put those 520,000 Z-tokens?

Emblem810 -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 15:16:42)


ORIGINAL: Beta Dragon Rider

Just thinking, should we also get another, female pet? With Igneus having Eddie and Ellenna, and Aerodu having Aero and Skye.

just an idea for a name how if you do that how about illuna

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 15:21:42)

Or Lucy could work too...

wolfbrother -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 16:28:16)

I like Lucy

Ricobabie -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 16:32:42)

I did some research and I found one for a girl ^_^

How about Liora ? [:)]

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 16:40:51)

Hmm... That mean anything?

Joshuatks -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 19:17:39)

First of all, do we want a female dragon or female other thing??

SIGMUND -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 19:46:12)


ORIGINAL: Joshuatks

First of all, do we want a female dragon or female other thing??

Lunum came from an egg.
What laid the egg?
I think we need a female Dragon.
Unless Lucius created the egg by magic?

Joshuatks -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 20:33:29)

I actually forgotten to make who laid Lunum, but if there's the dragon who laid Lunum, its his mother, so we need a mother or another female dragon??

Ricobabie -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/7/2007 20:44:37)


ORIGINAL: Beta Dragon Rider

Hmm... That mean anything?

Liora means light ^_^

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/8/2007 3:00:58)

I say a mother! But she'll have to be a dragon too, so... well, Igneus has two lizards, so why can't we have two dragons? ^^'
Liora... light... hmm... I dunno. Could work. *Whisper* But I'll still stick with Lucy *whiper*

Joshuatks -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/20/2007 5:47:18)

Igneus one are lovers, anyway, Aerodu's is different too, I don't really know what to do, only you guys can make the decision

Beta Dragon Rider -> RE: Lunum the Lucian Dragon II (9/20/2007 10:32:33)

Something original would be the mother-thing.

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