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Ballyhoo's Shop

Location: Ballyhoo's Zone -> Ballyhoo

Crossbones Cap
Crossbones Hat
Monkey on yer Back!
Ninja Head Mask
Ninja Mask

Ballyhoo: Whoohoo! My name is Ballyhoo! Do you want to open the Magic Treasure Chest? I will be bringing new free prizes often.


By viewing an advertisement by one of our sponsors, you earn one chance to open the Treasure Chest! The current prize is Temporary Pirate Hats that increase your chance to score a critical hit!

Click the buttons below to equip your temporary Pirate's hat and... woah, what is a "Monkey on yer Back!?"

Ballyhoo: Great! Which hat will you choose? They will help in leveling up your armour. You can always visit me again if you need another!

Other information
  • Only available between September 4th-30th, 2007.

    Thanks to
  • Niki for entry rewrite.
  • Jay, Karika, Tag, and Voodoo Master for information.

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