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Tolkienfanatic -> Vend-tron 3000 (All Versions) (9/7/2007 21:40:49)

[image][/image]Vend-tron 3000

Location: Ruins of Kordana, Sho'Nuff Havoc

Elite Mech Pilot Helmet
CorDemi Battledrone


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  • Niki -> RE: Vend-tron 3000 (All Versions) (5/9/2011 2:18:38)


    [image][/image]Vend-tron 3000

    Location: The Hunt Begins!

    Arbitrator's Helm
    Depleted Jump Pack


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  • Niki -> RE: Vend-tron 3000 (All Versions) (5/9/2011 2:21:11)

    Other information
  • Must have a CorDemi Codex in inventory to access the shop.


    ORIGINAL: SlyCooperFan1

    If you have any version of the Codex in your inventory (you don't need it equipped), you can unlock 2 different shops, both found in the Ruins of Kordana. You can go there using either the Ninja or Pirate quest. The egg thing near the hilt in weapon form looks like the top of the entrance in the Ruins.

    The shops/items DO NOT CHANGE if you use different versions of the Codex, meaning if you use the Basic Codex to get in the shop, and then you use the Master, nothing would change.

    And one last thing, no CorDemi Codex found as a drop after February 2008 will open this shop. You must buy one with DCs, then unlock the shop.

    Thanks to
  • princeof, brotherbeast, Shadow of Chaos, and SlyCooperFan1.
  • Tolkienfanatic for the original The Hunt Begins! shop.

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