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King Tide Reaper

«Ranged Water Scythe.»

Also see other Scythes and Reapers: Kelp, Seaquake, Barrrnacle, King Tide, Great Blue, Maritime Terror, Megalodon

Location: TROBBLE ON THE HIGH SEAS!, Talk like a Pirate Day
Level 	90	
PowLvl 	93 G	
Price	42016	
Sell	21008	

Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage 	11-36	
BTH 	12

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
B%	1588.57	
R%	635.43	
LS%	740.12	
+BTH	36	
Rate: 15%

  • All normal player attacks (no weapon specials) receive -2 BTH and deal *85/83 damage. (Not Factored In)

    Captain Rhubarb discovered these scythes in a sunken ship, their time underwater has infused them with command over the waves.


    Picture thanks to ZzlzhtT. Info thanks to TheKholdOne. Non rarity and new location thanks to Solar Boy. Link correction from demonkid990. New picture thanks to Trans21. New Number thanks to In Media Res.


    Special Starts out with:
    BR%	1226	
    LS%	714	
    +BTH	39
  • Half the Random damage is transferred over to Base. So NewBase = Base+Rand/4; New Rand = Rand/2.
  • Special receives -3 BTH and deals *85/82 damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the numbers above.

    September 19, 2007: Weapon was Released.

    ??/??/2007: Weapon became rare.

    ??/??/2010: Weapon is no longer rare.

    April 20, 2010: Weapon damage updated. Old Stats were:
    Damage	10-27
    June 7, 2012: Price and sellback updated. Values before the update:
    Price	160000	
    Sell	80000
    September 25, 2013: Weapon was updated with new stats. Old stats were:
    Damage	13-36	
    BTH	10	
    Hits	4	
    B%	200	
    R%	200	
    +BTH	40	
    Rate%	8

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