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Scakk -> Aerodu Artwork (9/19/2007 22:37:52)

This thread is to be used for all finished artwork done by the Aerodu Clan. It can be used for signatures , avatars , banners or any other type of art you wish to make. All commentary of the art in this thread will need to be done in the comments thread in your own sub forum.

Comments Thread

ShadowWrath -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (9/20/2007 16:58:22)

The Mighty Glare Monster: which awarded us Aerodians a winning title in the Aerodu-Glacius Art-off !!!

Teh Frozen Moogle: Originally drawn by Hansuke (formerly known as Arthur_R2X) and flashized by me :D

Also, Scakk, do we post multiple times ? or do we post once and sortof make it the poster's area of art within the thread ?

Edit your post with new items. ~Scakk

fericon -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (10/6/2007 20:05:43)

Aerodu Assassin

Jerty -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (11/2/2007 20:50:02)

hey guys can i join the creative arts? i have lots of sigs but they're for my clan(the forum clans) and i'll show you my creativeness

ill be working on some aerodu sigs

Nightly -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (4/1/2008 18:21:43)

Just made some new ones. It has the new motto we voted for.

if you can see it sorry, didn't turn out to well.

bojjenclon -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (6/6/2008 12:26:33)

Here's one I threw together in about 2 minutes.

Masasume_Dragon -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (6/9/2008 15:26:53)


Insane Aerodu soldier oh shi-

Hm. I have a pretty hasty pic I scribbled on Photoshop...

Dragon-ish Thing? :P

Oh and... :3

Chibi Aerodu Soldier ;3


Chibi Dragon-ish Thing?

Oh, and this, after a poem I made.

Do you hear the wingbeats of angels nearby?

Segamen -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (6/11/2008 11:38:38)

I got one drawn months ago:


Or how about this that I drew on 19th June one???

RoninSaint -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (6/27/2008 6:40:31)

I got bored and have Photoshop.... These are some doodles.

Large logo like thing: (Don't think "Warbirds" was really mentioned anywhere, but I liked it.)
Blue Hue
Goldish Hue
Purple Hue

Very Simple Sig from above images:
Red Hue
Light Blue Hue

Original feather and some text:
Blue Feather

Uberdog -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (7/3/2008 17:16:51)

hehe just something i wanted to do:


eddywardster -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (6/26/2009 11:06:39)

My first handmade drawing to be uploaded in the forums.

I call it.....Aerodu SkyLord.

lonewulfy -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (2/1/2010 18:05:14)

Well, I recently made a series of smiley sized dragon heads, based off of the current green one we have.

I made one of each element, and here they are:

And of course, I had to make one of the wind dragon, and it's my personal favorite.

Thanks to whoever made that green dragon head, as well as the creators, who made this possible by making all the different types of dragons. :P

[image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image][image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

You don't have to ask permission to use them. Just copy the link with image tags.

Exodus Winter -> RE: Aerodu Artwork (4/12/2011 9:48:57)

This thread needs some attention.

Art Pieces
Aerodu High Councilor Armor

Aerodu Champion Armor NEW

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