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Scakk -> Geoto Artwork (9/19/2007 22:38:52)

This thread is to be used for all finished artwork done by the Geoto Clan. It can be used for signatures , avatars , banners or any other type of art you wish to make. All commentary of the art in this thread will need to be done in the comments thread in your own sub forum.

Comments Thread

lifeman9 -> RE: Geoto Artwork (9/23/2007 15:12:56)

Hey Hey Hey,
Signatures: - _Chaos_ - alkiroth - Badger Boy - blazewild*** - Broken Dream - Dragonhunter589 - Evil Sashi - Halo0630 - Killerdoog - kr_mag - Kyuutaka - ONYX_007 - Osthato Chetowä - Osthato Chetowä - Osthato Chetowä - Osthato Chetowä - Skrye - SplinterClaw - trey_l - trey_l - treu_l - TarVanimelde - Valten - Valten - Valten - Venom Wabbit - Weapon_king - WolfWorshipper - Wolf Worshipper (Eiramis Feymoon’s idea) - dominic_r_monroe - Wizeman305

Avatars: - Dormedas - Dormedas - Dormedas - Dormedas - Dragonfire2427 - Osthato Chetowä - Osthato Chetowä - Osthato Chetowä - silent15420 - Sir Rascus (Animated)

Under banners (Userbars): - Dormedas - silent15420

[SIZE=6]Banners (sigs over 500 X 100 also):[/SIZE] - Arcturus Kaizer - cowe_the_chicken - Dragonfire2427 (Inspirational Piece(or at least i hope so)) - Dragonfire2427 - Dragonfire2427 - kr_mag[v] - montel

- silent15420 - silent15420 - stig!

Others: - (armor) Osthato Chetowä - (big pic(geoto owns)) stig! - (big pic(banner)) stig!

Hand Drawn Art miguelgalvez

Copied From Geoto Battleon Forum Created By: Wizeman305 Recoded From the PFs
Warning: Massive Production is Heading this way, I am Uploading all Rewards, Look out!!!


Credit To: Fire Mage277 for this beautiful banner

Because my last thread was locked by SCAKK due to Double Posting, SPAM and other things that are against the rules. Please keep to the rules that are general to every part of the board, I will post them for the new members:
1) No Spamming
2) No Mini-modding
3) No double posting
4) Not more then 3 smileys per post
5) No profanity (please keep this civil)
for more details ([link]

Monsterslaying is not how many monsters you have slain in Paxia but your total
monster slaying. You can check it on then enter your character
and go to battle record.

We cannot check if you have the requirments of the award but we just have to
trust you and you just have to be honest

I'm terribly ashamed of myself for forgetting this, i would like to thank
Findecano one of our dear old Clan Councillors for helping me in this thread and
helping everyone in this clan.

For additional questions, gifts or ideas email me or
PM (there is a bug so it's possible i won't receibe your PM so i suggest you
email me)

How to use the awards:
This question keeps popping up so please read carefully, as you can see under each picture there is a link (also known as an URL) if you want to use one of the awards you have to copy the URL, next yuo have to go to your profile (on top of the page between to Login and Help, you need to be logged in) there you scroll down to the part Signature (which is at this moment or unocuppied or you have another signature at the moment). To use the award type [image]here you paste the URL[/image]. you are allowed to use a maximum of 3 of my awards next to each other because the maximum allowed size is 500x100. That's how easy it is, enjoy.

Gold Donations: (these have no effect anymore they're basiclly just here)








Z-Token Donations:








Monster Slaying:

War Kills: (Credit To Findecano Nenharma For The Idea Of The Gems)

Additional War Awards: (Credit To Lost Angel And 123451234a For The Idea Of
These Awards)

Misc. Awards: (Credit To 0NYX_007 For The Idea Of Geotal's Defender)

credit to 0NYX_007 for this idea

Build-specific Awards:

Class-specific Awards:

Personal Awards:
For Neo_manni, for starting the idea of the "Geoto Vow" which is giving life
till death to Geoto only using Clan equipment and donating everything he posses
to Geoto.

For dollerboy2000 the creator of "Geoto's Wrath" (newspaper) who is doing so
much good work for the Geoto Clan. Even if you run out of ink you can continue

For blazewild***, the creator of the Geoto Clan Story in which he tells us much
about the history of geoto

For Lost Angel, for seeing the small details

For Fire Mage277, for creating the best Award Banner ever

For Necromancer Verina for all her huggling around this place :D


Thanks, Sir Rascus for giving me this award

Thanks, blazewild for this award

I'll upload The Pictures Later, I'm a busy Clan Head....

xXJ0N0Xx -> RE: Geoto Artwork (6/21/2008 16:00:42)

heres a little try at a geotal picture

Erason -> RE: Geoto Artwork (5/10/2009 10:45:08)

Two Sigs!


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