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Scakk -> Lucian Artwork (9/19/2007 22:43:12)

This thread is to be used for all finished artwork done by the Lucian Clan. It can be used for signatures , avatars , banners or any other type of art you wish to make. All commentary of the art in this thread will need to be done in the comments thread in your own sub forum.

Comments Thread

Omega Meckberg -> RE: Lucian Artwork (9/20/2007 14:42:35)

I'll post my design of the clan armor Un_n (my dream)

Lucian Clan Armor

And I'll post my 2 numbers of my original comic strips: Lucian Clan Randomness.


Joshuatks -> RE: Lucian Artwork (9/23/2007 10:02:21)

Lucian Army

redmoon3580 -> RE: Lucian Artwork (11/3/2007 21:10:00)

A sig I made a while back

SIGMUND -> RE: Lucian Artwork (11/11/2007 22:45:26)

Here is the Free Lucian house.

LINKTHECHAMPION -> RE: Lucian Artwork (11/24/2007 20:29:11)

Lucian Animation
(95x95, 19.2 KB)

Joshuatks -> RE: Lucian Artwork (12/4/2007 20:36:25)

I made a Lunum sig, but its Probably looks not good

jimbo32 -> RE: Lucian Artwork (12/7/2007 5:08:32)

Jeez, we're a little lacking in artwork aren't we?

Anyway, here's a collage sig I made quite a while ago, which includes a bunch of the light element pets/guests (gotta love Snootch!).

Lucian collage sig

Since this was done months ago, it doesn't include the newer pets/guests. I may add a few of the newer ones (Keeshish-Kin, Dragonkitten, etc.) at some point if I get the energy.;)

SIGMUND -> RE: Lucian Artwork (2/25/2008 19:38:11)

Here is a picture of the Embassies of Olympus Lux.

The First Lucian Palace which is SIGMUND's

The Latest Lucian Palace owned by Fenrir (Silver Dragon).

Zogish -> RE: Lucian Artwork (4/17/2008 0:57:39)


attempt for the paxia clan banner competition :D

SIGMUND -> RE: Lucian Artwork (4/21/2008 16:38:58)

Sagris -> RE: Lucian Artwork (5/9/2008 20:34:45)

Something I made really quick when I found this thread[&:]
Image Here

DigDog -> RE: Lucian Artwork (1/21/2009 9:21:36)

I made an animated version of our clan flag some time ago...

Click here to see it.

I heard somewhere that double posts are bad, so I'll edit this one.

Made a banner and a sig for the Operation Blazing Light.



SIGMUND -> RE: Lucian Artwork (4/13/2009 11:33:49)

Lucian Kingdom of Sigland

Stratos leads the fly past on Dracomancer Day as the Half-Dragon Lucian's parade.

A new Palace

Der Katze -> RE: Lucian Artwork (5/9/2011 22:02:19)


It's mah siggie..feel free to nick it if you like corn...peg-a-corn that is! Ha!

Exodus Winter -> RE: Lucian Artwork (10/14/2011 19:42:34)

Here you go Lucian.

I call it" Lucian Clan Armor " fresh from the smithy version.

Here it is Weathered Lucian Clan Armor. I actually added a monocle and it looks alright if I say so myself. hmmm, yes indeed.

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