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Scakk -> =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (9/19/2007 23:01:12)

This thread will be used for comments on the artwork in the Paxia Gallery thread for Nocturu.

Nocturu Artwork Thread

xXxChriscorexXx -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (9/21/2007 16:11:38)

I like the new thread but scakk i wasnt able to finish my updates on the Sig Archive :*(

Scakk -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (9/21/2007 18:51:18)

DarkChris76 If you need something from the old thread let me know and I can get it for you.

xXxChriscorexXx -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (9/21/2007 18:59:03)

Not riht now but I was just labeling all the sigs to make things easier to find ^_^

But dont worry ill PM you or Rico if I get done with my "project" :D

Mortis Angelus -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (12/17/2007 8:35:15)

Hmm... The Sig archive needs updating...

Sir Gnome -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (4/6/2008 14:51:52)

You can now discuss the Design Contest - Clan Banners! here. I'll edit in answers to any questions you have about it too.

DreadShadow -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (8/5/2008 8:28:41)

The Nocturu - Deathbringer link doesn't work.

Helixi -> RE: =Nocturu Artwork Comments Thread= (5/5/2011 12:12:05)

I asked Pie to lock the old gallery so I could start a new one as the new Scion of Art. Here's the new gallery. The old one is linked so the artwork is not lost. However, the new gallery is in the Nocturan forum at the moment. Moved by Pie.

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