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Water Sign

Location: Ballyhoo - The Seeker
Level: 0
Price: 100
Sellback: 100 1 000 3 000
Element: Water

SP Cost: 40
Activation: 1 Turn
  • Adds INT based on the following:
    ... Level 0-29: +2 per sign in your inventory
    ...Level 30-59: +4 per sign in your inventory
    ...Level 60+: +5 per sign in your inventory
    Note that it only counts signs in your first eight slots; ones in storage don't count.
  • Restores MP equal to amount maximum MP was increased by INT boost. This only occurs if the gain is less than your current MP. Unequipping the item causes you to lose MP, to a minimum of 0.
  • For every succesful weapon attack, you gain HP equivilant to the amount of signs in your active inventory plus one. If you have all signs you gain an extra point of HP making the total 8. (Guardian Only)
  • If you have 4+ signs in your inventory (not storage), you can summon The Crystal Blade.

    The Sign of water will increase your INT and MP. The bonus increases based on the number of Signs you have collected and your level! (Costs 40 SP to use)


    Thanks to Krosa. Second sellback from rookbeer. Third sellback from Anish. Updated image thanks to Bu Kek Siansu.

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