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Ianthe -> The Crystal Blade (10/5/2007 18:31:29)

The Crystal Blade

Location: Summoned by clicking on one of the Signs ( Bronze Sign, Iron Sign, Fire Sign, Wood Sign, Water Sign, Stone Sign) while you have 4 or more in your inventory.

Attack Type: «See Below»
Element: Light
Level 0-24
...Damage: 2-14
...BTH: 5
Level 25-49
...Damage: 5-20
...BTH: 5
Level 50-74
...Damage: 6-24
...BTH: 7
Level 75+
...Damage: 8-28
...BTH: 9


  • This weapon's Attack Type is Melee (if summoned by the Bronze/Iron/Stone Signs), Ranged (if summoned by the Wood Sign), or Magic (if summoned by the Fire/Water Signs).
  • Once you select an Attack Type, you cannot change it until you get a new Temp weapon.

    TRIGGER: On The Black Rider
    Damage: 150% Base and Random

    This blade has excellent powers over darkness.


    Write-up thanks to johny_st. Image from gladiator hawk. Stats from dead_monster, azaz, Hagen, Windy, Cheese, lolilol, Kosefira, LightningBlade, Strong Bad, John Anderson Smith, and several other people. Note from John Anderson Smith. Estimated trigger from KD3. Rarity from Orich. Confirmed stats from Aelthai. New image thanks to Carandor.

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