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Tuleran -> Mecha-Roni (10/26/2007 14:59:28)



Level: 3
Price: 3,000
Sellback: 300

Location: Pizza Mecha Shop

HP: 120
EP: 60
EP Regen: 6

Resistances: N/A

Description: Mecharoni's custom delivery mech. This mech is very cheesy.
Image: Mecha-Roni

*Thanks to Rambo55 for price/sellback update, Mnemeth for EP Regen, The Person! for the new image, and Yagno2000 for default and location links!*

Ello -> RE: Mecha-Roni (7/16/2011 5:13:30)

Pizza Slicer

Equip Slot: Front Arm
Damage Ranges: 15-19
Damage Type: None
Hits: 1
Energy: 10
Cooldown: 1
Bonuses: None
Special Effects: None

Combos: None

Description: State of the art friction-less pizza slicer! Guaranteed to slice through metal... and cheese!
Pizza Slicer

*Thanks to Mnemeth and Demented Lies for info, Azami for reformat!*

Cheese Gun

Equip Slot: Back Arm
Damage Ranges: 3-10
Damage Type: Laser
Hits: 1
Energy: 20
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: None
Special Effects:
  • Chance to stun enemy for 1 round

    Combos: None

    Description: Causes your enemies to be gummed up by gooey cheese!
    Image: Cheese Gun

    *Thanks to WerWolf for original entry and image!*

  • Ello -> RE: Mecha-Roni (7/16/2011 5:15:26)

    Freshman Laser Pointer

    Equip Slot: Front Shoulder/Back Shoulder
    Damage Ranges: 6-10
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 2
    Energy: 10
    Cooldown: 2
    Bonuses: None
    Special Effects:
  • 100% chance of 'Diluted Pulse - Extra Shot at Half Power!' - extra hit but half damage

    Combos: None

    Description: Low damage and cool firing Laser. Very reliable.
    Image: Freshman Laser Pointer, Attacking!

    Thanks to Ghostbear5 and Era for image and Ricobabie for info.

  • Ello -> RE: Mecha-Roni (7/16/2011 5:17:31)

    Cyber Head

    Equip Slot: Head
    Damage Ranges: N/A
    Damage Type: None
    Hits: N/A
    Energy: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Bonuses: Dodge +1
    Special Effects: None

    Combos: None

    Description: A standard head style popular amongst the technorati. +1 to Dodge. It's also the default on Battle Hammer v1.0 and the Mecharoni mechs.
    Image: Cypher Head

    Thanks to short dude of doom, Bballman23 and xpocalypse. Thanks to #13 for reformatting and Vaseline28 for original post and info.

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