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The Zard of War

Location: Travel Map Zorbak's Hideout The Zard of War

Zorbak: (Your character name)! Glad you could make it. I seem to have a little problem.
You: YOU? Have a problem? NOOOOO. You never have problems.
Zorbak: Alright, alright-- I MADE a problem.
You: What is it this time, Zorbak? And what do you need me to do? And, uh, WHY exactly would I WANT to do it?
Zorbak: YEESH, you're TOUGH!
Zorbak: Well, I saw what the Zardmaster has been up to, with changing normal Zards over the years into mutant Zards, and I have to say-- I am unimpressed.
Zorbak: So I decided to take matters into my own hands--
You: --stubby as they may be--
Zorbak: --stubby as they ma--- HEY! Raise your hand if you to add something next time. As I was saying...
Zorbak: I had made undead Zards before, so how hard could making MUTANT ZARDS really be? So I tried, and, um, made my little problem.
You: Where IS this little problem?
Zorbak: Have a peek around the corner.
You: That doesn't look so threatening. Just a Zard. That's red. With big horns and oversized teeth. And cloven hooves.
Zorbak: Look closer.
You: Hmmmmm.... He appears to have a serious gastrointestinal issue. Perhaps a visit to the *CENSORED* doctor is in order.
Zorbak: The *CENSORED* doctor will not be able to help my ebil creation. It must eat pets to survive. It seems to have a limitless ability to do so.
You: To eat pets?
Zorbak: Yes, to eat them and then *CENSORED* them up after a little while. It is quite disgusting.
You: So what do you want ME to do?
Zorbak: Well, my Ebilzard won't LISTEN to me. He won't do anything by try to eat me.
You: Why is he trying to eat YOU?
Zorbak: Because, for some inexplicable reason, the POWERS THAT BE have made me as a mere PET to many adventurers. And my Ebilzard eats pets.
You: That is true, I almost forgot. Well, you can't blame the POWERS THAT BE-- you ARE kind of cuddly. You would make a good plush toy, too.
Zorbak: SHHHH! Don't give them any more ideas! They have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE!
Zorbak: What are you waiting for? Go get that Ebilzard!
You: Uh-oh! Where did he go?!
Zorbak: Go after him while the trail is hot!!

10 Random Forest Monsters

You: There it is!
Debilzard: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........


Zorbak: Did you do it?? Did you get rid of that highly annoying mutant mistake??
You: Yes I did. And yes, it was annoying.
Zorbak: EXELLENT! I have something for you to take with you...

DebilZard (6/18/42/66/80/92)
DebilZard Z (40)

Zorbak: You can have this slightly less annoying Debilzard variant to keep you company.
Zorbak: Thank you very much for your help. Now, please, leave me alone to mourn the loss of my creation... *sniffles*
You: Oh, of course. Um, I'm sorry for your loss...?
Zorbak: mehehehe... Now that me "friend" is gone, I can begin training the REAL EBILZARD!!!!!
Zorbak: Meh...
Ebilzard V2: Meh... heh...
Zorbak: Meh heh hehehhe

  • Quest again!
  • Leave!

    Entry courtesy of ~Cin~.

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