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Darkovia Stone Cottage

Also see Forest Stone Cottage, Frostvale Stone Cottage, & Frostvale Cottage Estate.

Level: 25
Price: 7,500 Z-Tokens 5625 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 6,750 Z-Tokens initially plus 1% of the price (75 Z-Tokens) per week (updated daily). 5062 Z-Tokens plus 1% of the price (~56 Z-Tokens) bi-weekly (updated daily).
Location: Higgins Real Estate Shop
Element: Darkness

  • Provides a picture frame where you can view close ups of pictures.
  • Provides a Battle Log Viewer Parchment.
  • Provides a guards hut.
  • Adds 10 slots for each equipment type.
  • Refills owner's potion stock to 20.
  • Refills visitor's potion stock to 10.
  • Increases the number of house item slots to 43.
  • Provides the Magic Sharp Axe and Melee Sharp Axe as temporary weapon to the owner.

    Buy this home to own a small two-story house made of stone. It is located on a plot of dark forest land near Darkovia. Gives 10 extra storage slots for every item category.


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    Images and write-up from .*..*..*.. New weapons from etching. New picture viewer from Sigfrid0, blex12345, and beerke. Sellback change thanks to Man of the Lake. House item slot increase thanks to In Media Res. Equipment item slot increase thanks to Static Wolf. New price thanks to Immortal God.

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