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The Harvest Festival!

Location: Event > Harvest Festival

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering to crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessing. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight..
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  • Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, «You»! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
    Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
    «You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
    Doofus von Strudel: That i am! We Ledgerhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
    Kosefira: So what are we going to call this holiday? Festival of the Harvest Goddess could work, but it's a little long.
    Doofus von Strudel: How about MOGTOBERFEST! My fellow Ledgerhoglins and I really like that name!!
    «You»: But Mog-Toberfest doesnt make much sense. It's November, isn't it? It should be Mog-Vemberfest then.
    Kosefira: I got it! How about Autumnival!?
    «You»: How about we just hold off on the whole name idea until next year?
    Doofus & Kosefira: Sure

    «You»: Hi there, Truffle! How you doing today?
    Truffle: Durrrrrrrr! weeeet!
    «You»: Why yes, I would LOVE a mug of cider!
    Truffle: Meep! rrrr.meepity meep, meeping meepness!
    «You»: Whoa, you need to slow down a bit. Let me put on my Truffle Amulet so i can understand you better.
    «You»: Okay, go ahead-- say that again.
    Truffle: I hope you didn't forget about collecting you offerings for Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!
    «You»: Offerings? Why do we need to do that?
    Truffle: To give thanks for the bounty of Nature throughout the world! The last harvest of the year is needed to carry us through the winter.
    Truffle: Go out and gather your offerings, but beware the dangerous Turkeysaurus Rex! It wants to eat the things you need to collect!
    Truffle: When you have enough, you might see Serenia soaring in the skies as she replenishes the land of our last harvest! rrrrrrutttaa meep meep!
    «You»: Uh on--my Truffle Amulet batteries died. Okay, little one, give me that cider to go! I'm off to gather some offerings!

    1 Battle
    Chance of a second battle: Velocigobbler

    Doofus von Strudel: Keep looking for the rest of your offering! Don't leave this quest or you will lose all of your fregetables.
  • Search on! (Repeat as above)
    After collecting the five offerings (Orange, Sqrapple, Graplant, Bluestar Flower and Bread Fruit):
    Doofus Von Strudel: You have found everything you need to make an offering! Go on out to the fields and present your items to Serenia.

    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!
    Bystander: It's a Cloudzard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    «You»: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter..
    Serenia: You have shown your gratitude, «You». You have also proven that the good deeds of one person can help the many.
    Serenia : I tell you this now, as a small favor. Beware the Nightmare Queen! As Frostval approaches, so does she..

  • N00Blet Horn of Pwny
  • N00B Horn of Pwny
  • 13553R Horn of Pwny
  • Horn of Pwny
  • 1334 Horn of Pwny
  • 1337 Horn of Pwny
  • Smoked Drumchucks
  • Teriyaki Marinated Drumchucks
  • Cajun Spiced Drumchucks
  • Orange Glazed Drumchucks
  • Boiled Drumchucks

  • Velocigobbler (2/14/28/54/74)
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